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Author Topic: Ivriniel's Family  (Read 188 times)


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Ivriniel's Family
« on: December 19, 2020, 08:24:09 AM »
An encyclopedia of info I was going to tack onto Ivy's tracker for reference, but on the off-chance that someone would be interested in playing them, here are several members of Ivy's family up for grabs.  Nevermind my ramblings, getting carried away in some of the character descriptions.  All face claims and character histories/personalities are negotiable.


Name meaning:  (ivor = "crystal, crystalline, glassy-like")

Ivriniel's father.  Born of Silvan and Avari descent, in the First or early Second Age.  His older brother, Dúnaer, moved away from Greenwood to raise a family in Rivendell, before sailing off to Valinor.  Unlike Dúnaer, Ivoron did not feel the sea-longing as much as his brother, remaining in Greenwood with his Woodland kin.  He and his wife Laerwen raised their three daughters in Thellant, a village in the southern region of Mirkwood, facing the first waves of spiders that emerged from Dol Guldur.  He was deeply shaken by the loss of his youngest daughter Aerlinniel in T.A. 1638, becoming all the more somber and reclusive after his wife's death.  After Thellant's desertion, Ivoron's depression and despair prompted him to flee with his daughters to Ninoris, a Man settlement just outside the southern border of Mirkwood, where they lived in isolation for a time.  Eventually, his daughters would persuade him to return with them to Mirkwood in T.A. 2414, reuniting with his people once more.

A gifted healer with a green thumb to boot, Ivoron lost interest in both passions after his wife's passing, only to restore them once he returned to Mirkwood, finding the remnants of his kin in desperate need of healers.  A newfound sense of purpose in his work helped alleviate Ivoron's sorrow over his wife's absence, along with joy in the light of his grandchildren.  However, his grief could not be consoled completely, and it was this loss that drove Ivoron's interest in studying death and dark magic.  Among healers, he holds esteem as a mad scientist of sorts, conducting experiments on foul creatures such as spiders and orcs, testing the efficacy of poisons and antidotes.  Questionable practices at times, but not without a measure of success that has earned Ivoron respect, if not an ounce of fear, for his work.

Despite his unusual branch of study, Ivoron is deeply invested in the well-being of his family and is no less efficient in his profession as a healer, devoted to giving the best possible care to his patients.  He wishes nothing but the best for Mirkwood, but life is truly not complete without his significant other by his side.  The only thing keeping him in Mirkwood is his daughters and grandchildren, who are not yet willing to leave their homeland.  Else Ivoron's weariness of Middle-earth would prompt him to follow after his brother's footsteps.

He and Ivriniel have a close relationship.  As the eldest, Ivriniel coveted her father's attention moreso than her other siblings, growing up.  She looks up to her father's work, and eagerly helps him tend to patients when she can, but is more often useful in being dispatched to the woods to gather ingredients for Ivoron's potions and experiments.  As part of the Woodland guard, Ivriniel has no shortage of injuries while on duty, often turning to her father for healing.  As a gardener, Ivoron grows medicinal herbs and is a breeder of exotic plants, particularly poisonous ones.

Face claim:  Tan skin, brown eyes, dark brown or black hair.  Asian features.  Lembas points for anyone else that better captures the gothic flair of Atsushi Sakurai, though I can't seem to find a good quality colored pic of him with long hair.

Deceased as of T.A. 1708

Name meaning:  "song maiden"  (laer = "song" / wen = "maiden")

Ivriniel's mother.  A Silvan Elf of Mirkwood, born in the First or early Second Age.  As a seamstress, Laerwen took great pride in making her own cloth from scratch, raising sheep, cotton, silk worms, etc. for fibers and weaving them into fabric, fashioning garments to sell to rich and poor alike.  She instilled Ivriniel with a hard work ethic and compassion for the animals she raised on her farm, and though her hands were not so gifted with the paintbrush as they were with the needle and thread, Laerwen had an eye for color and appreciation for the arts that motivated Ivriniel's passion for painting.  She was a warm and charitable soul, bubbly and sweet, and had a beautiful singing voice (which one of her daughters just had to inherit! *wink wink at Ginger*).

Though she loved her daughters equally, Laerwen was particularly close to her youngest, and so took Aerlinniel's disappearance the hardest, believing her daughter -- so young, barely more than 30 years of age -- had been killed, perished so far from home.  Aerlinniel was not the only loved one Laerwen had lost in the past, but the loss of her own child snuffed a light from her eyes, no longer full of joy as she had been.  The number of friends and family taken from her would only increase as the armies of spiders tightened their noose around Thellant.  Sinking into a spiral of depression, Laerwen could not see past the doom that she believed would be Mirkwood's destruction.  Quietly, she would slip away, for her body to be found lying peacefully in her husband's garden.  The discovery would be painful, but at least there was comfort in closure, rather than had she disappeared into the woods without a trace.

Face claim: Eurielle.  Fair complexion, medium brown hair, green eyes.

T.A. 1539–

Name meaning:  (lath = "string, thong of leather" / iel = "daughter"),  but for the sake of the seamstress theme, let's call it "daughter of string"

Ivriniel's younger sister.  As the middle child, Lathariel neither sided to one parent or the other, preferring the company of friends rather than family, when she was younger, though she and Ivriniel grew closer together, following the events of Aerlinniel's disappearance.  She wasn't entirely pleased by her father's decision to flee to Ninoris, missing her friends more than anything, but adjusted to the new customs and found her own social circle among Men.  Returning to Mirkwood, she married Thanastor in T.A. 2459, and despite Elves preferring to have children in times of peace, Lathariel was rather stubborn about having a brood of her own at rapid-fire pace so the four of her children could grow up together, even with the spider infestation going on.  Family life mellowed her partying down some, though Lathariel is still much of a social butterfly.  She picked up her mother's profession as a seamstress, sewing a variety of clothes, including Ivriniel's uniform for the Woodland guard.

Her son and husband's deaths didn't waver Lathariel's resolve in caring for her surviving children as best she could.  Now familiar with the hollowness of grief, same as her father and aunt in being apart from their spouses, Lathariel is likely to be swayed to accompany her father to the Undying Lands (especially after some intense conversation with Vestele behind the scenes HERE).  Should her children wish to remain in Eryn Lasgalen while she Sails ahead, Lathariel has put her confidence in Ivriniel to look after them.
Face claim: Victoria Justice.  Dark brown-black hair, brown eyes.

Deceased as of T.A. 3019

Name meaning:  "loyal shield"  (astor = "loyalty" / thand = "shield")

Ivriniel's brother-in-law, Lathariel's husband.  Born in the late Second Age.  One of the elite members of the Woodland army.  Whether Thanastor took notice of Lathariel before or after his first interaction with Ivriniel, he may have pulled a few strings for Ivriniel to join the guard, in order to secure favor with Lathariel for being on good terms with her sister.  He and Ivriniel got along well together in their line of work, Ivriniel respecting him highly as a mentor, and were fairly close as far as in-laws go. 

Loyal to his King to a fault, Thanastor partook in many battles, including the Battle of Dagorlad.  He fought alongside his kin in the Battle of the Five Armies, in which his eldest son was slain.  With so little of the Woodland army remaining, he devoted himself tirelessly, weeks and months away from his family at a time, to keep the Realm safe.  Thanastor's life would be claimed in the Battle Under the Trees, fighting on the forefront to defend his people.  Fortunately his body was recovered before the great forest fire could consume it, and then laid to rest beside his son. 

Face claim: Ed Marquezini.  Fair skinned, golden hair, gray/blue eyes.

T.A. 2480–2941

Name meaning:  "son of day star" or "son of morning star"  (aur = "day, morning, sunlight" / el = "star" / ion = "son")

With few Elves being born in the uncertain future of Mirkwood, no doubt Aurelion and his siblings would have received lots of coddling and attention as children, especially from their aunt Ivriniel.  Of course, the highest expectations were placed upon the firstborn son.  Strongly influenced by his father's profession, as well as inheriting Thanastor's battle prowess, Aurelion joined the Woodland guard at an exceptionally young age.  His career was short-lived, being slain in the Battle of the Five Armies, yet one could say he was already fulfilled in life, having earned far more recognition for his feats than most seasoned warriors could have hoped to achieve at his age.  Had selflessness and compassion not been his only faults in sacrificing himself for his kin and the Men of Lake-town, perhaps he would have lived to become one of the legendary greats in battle.  No less of an inspiring hero to his family, who buried him in Mirkwood.

Face claim: Konan Hanbury.  Looks like his dad.

T.A. 2613–

Name meaning:  "daughter of healing"  (nestad = "healing" / iel = "daughter")

Ivriniel would try her best to be an inspiring role model for Nestariel and her sister, in terms of broadening the horizons of gender roles.  Perhaps one of Ivriniel's nieces would follow after her footsteps?... That is, if their mother didn't have anything to say about it, especially after the loss of Aurelion.

Face claim: Katharina Rembi.  Any shade of brown or blonde hair (likely darker-haired).

T.A. 2739–

Name meaning:  "day woman"  (calan = "day" / eth = "woman)

(Oh look, a blank canvas, open to ALL the imagination!)

Face claim: Julia Saner.  Any shade of brown or blonde hair (likely lighter-haired).

Taken by Archer, weeee!

T.A. 2877–

Name meaning:  "many trees", kind of a spin on "forest"  (lae = "great number" / orn = "tree")

One of the quieter and sweet-natured types.  Laeorn has the natural makings of a healer (maybe even his late grandmother's beautiful singing voice), but feels an immense pressure to become a warrior worthy of recognition like his father and brother, and is deeply ridden with guilt over their deaths, ashamed that he was too weak to save them.  Torn between upholding his father's and brother's legacy (if anything to avenge their deaths) or pursuing a more peaceful path, Laeorn tries to fill his father's and brother's shoes and become the protector of his family.  A troubled youth in need of guidance, he could use some wiser Elf's counseling.

Face claim: Egor Chernov
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