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Author Topic: When One's Already Asked Too Much...  (Read 680 times)

Bilbo Baggins

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When One's Already Asked Too Much...
« on: April 23, 2020, 06:54:50 PM »
The idea had been a semi-cracked one, and one Bilbo had fretted over time and time again. Of course, Cracked fit him these days...despite being able to pull enough responsibility credibility for Saradoc Brandybuck to agree to pass young Frodo Baggins over to his care.

While the lad was a Baggins through and through, his mother, Primula, had also been a Brandybuck and...perhaps Saradoc had more of a case towards the lad's welfare, though the influence of Meriadoc Brandybuck and Peregrin Took seemed to argue otherwise. Or...was it Frodo's influence on them? The three seemed to make an evenly matched pair of troublemakers, if Farmer Maggot's stories of ruined crops were to be believed; and Bilbo did believe them!

It was part of what he liked about his young 'nephew' (as he called all of his young cousins, though as an only child he had no true nieces and nephews) and young 'Merry' and 'Pippin' as well. They had...well Bilbo always just referred to it as Spirit.

A sense of going against the norms of the Shire, though it wasn't only that and wasn't only about making trouble. There were lads Bilbo also knew of who caused trouble but had no Spirit, just going along with peers or only doing such for the sake of spite against someone who had wronged them, and in a childish bid of not knowing how else to make their point known. No, no, Chaos was not Spirit.

Bilbo realized how biased his defining of it was, in that his main test of the term, and how one fit, was how much one matched (when using the example of very young Hobbits) to how he had been as a young lad. Poking Wizards and seeking fireflies and Elves did count.

That Spirit that young Frodo, and his cousins, had and represented was refreshing, and banished the drudgery of things like dealing with the Sackville-Baggins and staring out a window where nothing could be seen but Hobbits going about their respectable lives.

It had been ages since he'd seen Gandalf or any of the Dwarves.

All of this had no doubt culminated into Bilbo's main Cracked-Idea, and taking in, and taking over care of, Frodo in the first place, so that at least one Spirited youth was always around and didn't just go home after Tales, leaving Bilbo an empty, quiet, house and chest of memories.

But it might have helped his other Cracked Idea he now executed.

It was the simple matter of a nightmare had by young Frodo, and little wonder with his change in scenery, which could have reawakened an unsure feeling and thus memories of his parents' death. Bilbo had soothed as best he could, and probably not failed at that, but still felt overwhelmed within the lad's first week here.

What if he was wrong, and Frodo suffered for his selfish desire of breaking up the mundane? Not to mention the vague idea of an Heir situation, that Bilbo told himself had nothing to do with taking in the lad, but which wouldn't go away.

As he did when struggling with thoughts, Bilbo had gone to his chest of memories. Upon opening the wooden lid, he'd been greeted by the artifacts of war and peace both, among them a set of twin swords...

Before returning to Bag End, Bilbo had inquired of Balin on Thorin's family back home. It perhaps made sense to then inquire of the swords left as tokens of young Prince Fíli with his and his brother's mother, Thorin's sister, Dis, yet...maybe because a younger Dwarf somehow seemed less intimidating, Bilbo had found himself penning his request to Fíli's young betrothed now left in a position Bilbo also couldn't imagine, though he also couldn't that of a parent grieved.

Her written response back had floored the Hobbit, and not because she demanded the artifacts returned, as he would imagine of proud Dwarves, but for her argument to his keeping them! For all he'd done along the way for the princes and Thorin...and she begged he not think his efforts futile just...for the ending tragically reached!

He'd of course had to reach out more personally after such a reply, inviting her to Bag End, and finding her in person character just as warm and pleasant as the pen gave hint to!

Bofur had also mentioned the maiden, and her art, back in Rivendell, when Bilbo admired some of the Elves' own, and the Hobbit had tried to to reconcile the notion to a battle-hardened maiden, as he imagined Dwarven females must be. He got a better picture of that also, meeting Dagmar in person; though he imagined the throwing knives she mentioned, and showed, when asked about her travel safety would faint half the neighborhood if given occasion to be drawn out, painted handles or no!

Bilbo didn't constantly bother Miss Dagmar with letters, but they'd kept a steady enough correspondence, and in one of the last few she'd mentioned a surprising fact and that she'd adopted in a young Dwarfling. Just the year prior, it would be now.

As he examined Prince Fíli's swords, Bilbo bit his lip slightly. Maybe the 'also sudden guardian' had insights she could share...

At any rate, Frodo would no doubt love to at least say hi to the sunny female, and she would enjoy meeting him perhaps, though they wouldn't ask the lad to stay for a boring tea session, nor make him watch a child as young as Tuuli sounded, whom he would no doubt not have interest in being saddled with. Still if he could get a moment where both were entertained...perhaps he could ask Dagmar's guidance, the Dwarven female still younger than him by stages or no.

Bilbo went to pen his letter, admitting to his double purpose of hospitality and assistance needing!


Dagmar of course answered favorably (to both!) so when the day of the visit dawned, Bilbo scavenged up what toys he could, that were too juvenile for Frodo and so had been in one of many corners where trinkets invariably went in Hobbit Holes, and put the kettle on



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Re: When One's Already Asked Too Much...
« Reply #1 on: April 25, 2020, 04:07:02 PM »
For being so close, and one the sort of gateway to the other (or from the directions of the Blue Mountains anyway) Bree and the Shire made such a contrast. Dagmar had noticed it on her last trip to the Shire, and to visit Mister Bilbo Baggins. Many years prior, shortly after the Company's return. Of course now, before she and Tuuli passed along into the rolling gardens and quaint picket fences, she stood a bit longer in the gloomier atmosphere of Bree, the clouds overhead hinting at rain, as they seemed to do, but not giving it presently, and smiled to her youngest brother who was setting up his stall to sell Dwarven steel, which always went well and especially here.

"Just because I didn't state you explicitly, I'm sure you can come...", Dagmar said. Fritz had accompanied his sister and niece on their travels, but made it clear that he would wait just at the end of their path, all but, in Bree, until they were done and the three made their way back home. Perhaps spending a night in Bree depending on how the timing went and whether Dagmar and Ti got roped into the Hobbit's hospitality, which she was by no means counting on and would have to be coerced into if it came up at all.

Fritz glanced up, "Dwalin says he almost fainted on the doorstep when an unexpected Dwarf showed up"

"That was when said unexpected Dwarf was Master Dwalin", Dags grinned.

"No, no, I will not make that poor Hobbit scramble for another tea cup, besides, I'm quite sure I'll have a better time here", Fritz stuck to his point, and just felt intuitively that even selling off swords in the rain was better than watching out for the doilies as he sipped tea in a Hobbit Hole.

Tuuli peeked her tiny head over her youngest uncle's stall at him, "I'll sneak you a scone...", she whispered. "You'd better", Fritz leaned over to whisper back with a wink, which had the girl giggling.

"Alright", Dagmar conceded with a sigh, taking Tuuli's hand as they started off, "Well, stay out of trouble". Even if her brother was married, with his own small child, she would add this directive.

"I make no promises!", Fritz called after them.


Their slowed pace over towards Bag End didn't bother Dagmar in the least. One just couldn't hurry when walking down such lovely pathways, or Dagmar and Tuuli couldn't. Perhaps it hadn't struck the Company in the same way. Dags shied from this thought just to shy from any shadows though, meeting back up with Master Baggins, she was sure they wouldn't be far away unfortunately.

She kept a careful eye on Ti as the girl scrambled through unclaimed pastureland, and to ensure she didn't trespass unwittingly as the girl startled off a rabbit and made faces at a goat behind a nearby fence before coming back with a bundle of wildflowers in her hand. "For you!", she presented them up to her mother.

"Oh they're very nice, and I will keep this one...", Dagmar tucked a violet behind one ear, "But why don't we give the rest to Master Baggins for his table?". She hoped to not insult her girl's offer of a gift, but saw she didn't as Ti's face lite up with the suggestion. "Yes! Let's do that!", the tiny Dwarfling agreed, hopping.

Pleased her suggestion met with approval, Dagmar smiled again as she took Tuuli's hand and they continued the rest of the way over towards Bag End. She and Ti passed through the charming gate, and she gave a light tug on the bell.

"These are for you! I didn't steal them out of any gardens!", Tuuli declared cheerfully, holding her bouquet out once Mr. Baggins opened the door. Dags curbed a smile, just at the bold honesty of children. She then nodded towards the Hobbit. "How are you, Master Baggins? Thank-you once again for the invite", Even if the Hobbit admitted it was half a plea for help, "As I'm sure you've been able to guess, this is Tuuli".
« Last Edit: April 25, 2020, 09:14:48 PM by Dagmar »


Bilbo Baggins

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Re: When One's Already Asked Too Much...
« Reply #2 on: June 04, 2020, 05:29:22 PM »
Bilbo had already been given cause to at times wonder over the timing of Dwarves, yet hearing the ring of his bell this time, as he took the kettle off, did not cause the perplexity Dwalin's visit had all those years ago. "Coming!", he wasn't sure if Dagmar heard him (and hopefully it was the sunny Dwarf and not a neighbor!) but the fear of being taken for rude made Bilbo take the risk and call out, though if it was a neighbor he would rather not speak to he now had a harder time of it to back out...

Setting the kettle aside, after tossing in the tea leaves, Bilbo walked over to the door and gave a checking peek. Next smiling and swinging it wide as his assumption was proven correct. Bilbo was given a whole new experience in that he had yet to meet a young Dwarfling before this moment, same as meeting her mother had been his first run in with a female of the race.

"These are for you! I didn't steal them out of any gardens!". Bilbo smiled to the young girl and, leaning down to take the offered flowers, winked, "Well if you took them off the Sackville-Baggins, that's quite alright and we just won't tell. Oh but forgive me, I'm being a horrible influence", he straightened to shoot Dagmar an apologetic smile.

At this rate she was going to doubt his guardian qualities farther than just a pointer or two!

"How are you, Master Baggins? Thank-you once again for the invite. As I'm sure you've been able to guess, this is Tuuli". Bilbo nodded  "My pleasure, I assure you", as she well knew! "So nice to meet you Miss Tuuli! Won't you both come in!", Bilbo gestured to them both.

"My young cousin, though we might as well as just title him my nephew, Frodo's, out at the moment", he went on as he closed the door behind them. Dagmar had already been told all of this information in the correspondence between the two, but he explained partly for Tuuli's benefit as well. "Though if he stops by, I'll make sure to introduce you of course. Please have a seat", Bilbo gestured to the front room, where he let natural sunlight from the windows cast most of the light, it being still too warm for anything but the kitchen fire.

"I took the liberty of putting a few trinkets I own on the table, feel free to investigate them", he told the young girl, giving her a friendly pat on the back and pointing to a low table he'd moved out of another room and plied with the toys he'd gathered.

"I have chamomile, and milk for Miss Tuuli if she'd prefer", Bilbo went on, walking to the kitchen to get the kettle once he was sure his two guests were settled. "So. I trust you found the trip not too strenuous?", he asked, as he came back into the room with the pot, mugs, a small pitcher of milk and creamer.

He couldn't claim to understand children too much better than he had before, adoption of Frodo aside and part of that insecurity, but the small pitcher of milk and her own mug Bilbo set before Tuuli at the table. It would possibly make a mess of his table, but Bilbo was far past minding Dwarven messes at this stage in life, and after another smile to her took a seat across from Dagmar in his comfy chair he'd thankfully managed to get back after returning all those years ago.



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Re: When One's Already Asked Too Much...
« Reply #3 on: September 02, 2020, 05:21:53 PM »
Bilbo Baggins was of course as cordial and accommodating as ever! Dags sent him another grateful smile as she lead Tuuli inside, and of course neither of them mentioned the years or graceful aging, probably because neither felt it really. Dags only recalled how long it had been since her last visit, shortly after the Company's return and Bilbo's first letter, by how different the inside of his Hobbit hole looked.

She of course made sure both she and Tuuli wiped their feet on the charming mat by the door.

It was still amazing how two Races known for living underground could execute such so differently. Dags would say there was a charm to the inside of a mountain, and the whole civilization possibly, that it took Dwarves to recognize and appreciate, but one would be blind to not also notice the quaintness of a Hobbit hole as well.

Her thoughts running ahead of her, though recalling to give the tie-in to her own thoughts not always forthcoming during such times, Dagmar spoke without thinking, but to her own detriment more than his, perhaps, "The charm of your dwellings never ceases to amaze me, Master Baggins. Have you ever seen our Dwarven halls in the mountain...oh".

Sudden realization came almost as soon as the words left.

Erebor. Or course.

Dags smiled softly to show he didn't need to answer that, and turned her attention to watching Tuuli investigate the table of trinkets.

"I have chamomile, and milk for Miss Tuuli if she'd prefer". Ti turned towards the nice Hobbit, "Oh yes please!", she said, and Dags smiled her own gratitude at Master Bilbo Baggins.

He settled once he returned with the items.

"So. I trust you found the trip not too strenuous?"

Dags smiled again as she watched Tuuli sip her milk with a mother's concern for Bilbo's table, even if he himself didn't seem bothered by the threat inherent in small children and mugs. Taking his cue, she let up (just a bit though) and glanced back to Bilbo, "No, thank-you, the road from Ered Luin  to even Bree is easy enough, and my youngest brother has traveled it many times to sell his steel, and walking through the Shire can hardly be called traveling, I feel, it's so...grand", she settled on for a description.

"I tried to convince him to come with me, by the way, but I think he also enjoys the praise Men give when buying his swords too much to be pulled from it, even for homely comforts", she smiled brightly, before going on.

"Well and how have you been since my last visit, Master Bsggins", she didn't just mean the reason stated in his letter, and the aid he'd requested, though she did go on to mention it, and gave a lead in if he wished one, though she was just as happy to enjoy the Hobbit's company before launching into 'business'. "You mentioned your nephew in your letter, though I'm sorry to hear of the tragedy that lead to it and your cousin and his wife", she went on softly, and only because Bilbo had said Frodo was not about to overhear. She also glanced to make sure Ti wasn't too interested in what she meant and she didn't break into her girl's play with too morose.

True, it had been a few years at this stage, but Dagmar understood years never truly dented pain, and even her own experiences aside had seen in Fíli how a son would always feel keenly the loss of a father.


Bilbo Baggins

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Re: When One's Already Asked Too Much...
« Reply #4 on: January 13, 2021, 03:52:55 PM »
It was a shame that Dagmar brought upon herself the recollections she did by way of her compliment, since Bilbo could see how very unaware it had come out, and the compliment was so well meaning and far reaching.

Oh sure, in his subsequent visits, Balin (as well as some of the others) had tried also complimenting Bag End, in a way they had been too busy to do before setting out upon their Quest, but there was something so fully pleasing in the young (younger than him still) Dwarven female's compliment.

He smiled, soft and sympathetic, and...wanted to say something, and actually comment upon Erebor...but wasn't sure which between the two was the right response, and by then of course, too long had gone by and so he just let it go.

For now.

They instead fell to typical talk of travel once Bilbo had settled them all with refreshments.

"No, thank-you, the road from Ered Luin  to even Bree is easy enough, and my youngest brother has traveled it many times to sell his steel, and walking through the Shire can hardly be called traveling, I feel, it's so...grand". Bilbo looked intrigued by her answer. A bit about family had come up before, or Dagmar had told him she had quite a few brothers and he shared how unusual it had been for his own parents to only have himself, though he was arguably spoiled for it.

"Ah yes, you mentioned your youngest brother was a Smith, I believe. I don't doubt he's been kept quite busy, with what I've heard of Dwarven steel". They were cycling back to the topic in the back of Bilbo's mind, to ask if Dagmar might want to see Prince Fíli's swords--his own father's swords--which she had so graciously allowed him to keep in token, starting off this friendship.

Yet Bilbo didn't want the topic come to quite so quickly, and after Dagmar had already reminded herself, and sought something else to turn the direction of conversation towards. Dagmar did that herself, though her own acknowledgement of Frodo required also mentioning hard facts.

As delicately as Bilbo had ever heard them put though.

He smiled softly, "Yes, yes, I...can not say we were close, my cousin Drogo and I, in fact after news of the tragedy reached me I only thought of how many times I had not invited him over, merely for being busy...but he was one of the few who were good enough not to laugh, whether he fully believed my fantastical tales or not of what all had occurred".

Bilbo cleared his throat and moved on from the Quest specifically, though.

"Still, it was not a decision I jumped into lightly, whatever the rest of the Shire may think, to take in Frodo, though many would say he was just fine with the relations he was with. Well, and as you know, and I admitted, self-doubt has not been too far at times but...I feel the lad needs something Saradoc, for all his good and bless him, can't provide", Bilbo surprised himself by stating this thought that had only before lived in the back of his mind.

And which could be wrong.

"Though I'm...aware of how that sounds...", he went on.


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