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Author Topic: [Hobbit] Thorin II Oakenshield  (Read 4540 times)

Thorin Oakenshield

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Thorin II Oakenshield
« on: January 19, 2013, 09:42:00 PM »

Name: Thorin II Oakensheild, son of Thráin, son of Thrór, King Under the Mountain
Age: 195, roughly
Gender: Male
Race: Dwarf
Birthplace: Erebor
Current Location: Ered Luin, Traveling with a company to take back Erebor.
Weapon(s): Silver-hafted axe and, a little later on, the Elven blade Orcrist

Facial Appearance: Thorin’s dark brown hair ends around his shoulders and is slightly longer in the back. Thorin isn’t a big fan of the grey streaks of hair, but it gives a distinguishable look about him one that all Dwarves can respect. Also notable are the two braids on either side of his head, kept in place with two decorative silver bands. When it comes to his beard, Thorin likes it thick and short. No idea why, perhaps he feels it won’t get in the way? As to his facial features, Thorin is rather handsome for a Dwarf. Not a face that would launch a thousand ships, but a face that would launch a thousand Dwarf armies? His nose is particularly striking, but it doesn’t take away from his lovely blue eyes, which if you look close enough are brown near the pupil. However, they are most notably blue when you first glance. The way his hair goes back it gives the effect of a long forehead, but it is really quite average for a dwarf. As to his teeth, they are straight pearly-whites.

Thorin’s voice is deep and seems to demand respect as well an ear. To his singing voice, the baritone is one anyone would call commendable. At least among his people! Elves might not like it very much.

Build: Standing majestically at 4”10’ (and 5 centimeters), Thorin is the picture perfect king in a not so picture perfect world. In speaking of the world, it has made him hard. Like most dwarves he is well muscled and has a slight bulky frame. Although he isn’t ‘slim’ he isn’t going to complain about being bulky either. He likes the attention it gets him, since we aren’t going to lie. The years in exile have turned him into a great warrior figure, strong and supportive (along with other common Dwarvish traits).
Distinguishing Marks: Grey Hair. [other than that, none that I am aware of]
Face Claim: Richard Armitage

Personality: - Proud with the heart of a warrior, Thorin is very much a proud Dwarf, like all Dwarves. It runs through his veins and can be seen upon his face. But don’t offend or mock! Thorin takes his pride very seriously and being from the line of Durin he has much to be proud of! Though, don’t misunderstand his seemingly cold way of treating his nephews, and sometimes his cousins. Deep down he loves them and is, well, proud of them! He couldn’t ask for better relations, nor would he ever do so. Thorin is said to also have the heart of a warrior, which is more or less true.

- Grumpy, like most of his kin Thorin can often come across as grumpy! But this is hardly displayed and a rare emotion for him to act upon – but do not underestimate Thorin’s ability to occasionally do so! This usually comes about from lack of sleep, or frustration with others.

- Resourceful, is another one of his, er, lesser known traits. Thorin is a king and to be a king means to have to be a reliable source or resourcefulness for your people. Before he acts upon anything he seeks the advice of his council and is only interested in what will work best for his people. Thorin is also a stiff-necked, stubborn Dwarf! If he likes an idea he’ll see to it till it is complete. He likes Dwarves with vision, and likes for the members of his council to be wise and resourceful as well.

- Strong willed and highly opinionated, it is no secret! Thorin is very highly opinionated! He has an opinion for everything! Most of the time he keeps it to himself, or mutters under his breath about it. It isn’t uncommon for something to slip, whither it was meant to be heard or not. However, if Thorin can give an opinion he will! Helpful or not. Another trait that is common of Dwarves is that they are strong willed, as also mentioned above. If they have their minds set on something, well, they have their mind set on it! It will take another strong willed individual to change Thorin’s mind.

- Smart with a side of Serious, Thorin is no fool… well, sometimes anyway. Push him hard enough and he’ll push back if his mind is made up. (See above) He is very serious about all the choices he makes, his actions, his purpose and how he plans to execute things. So the side dish of serious might be a whole lot more like a main course than a side, beware. He also likes for others be serious about what they do and that they do. He might not be the brightest Dwarf in the box, and that is why he relies on counsel.

- Hates Elves just as much as Dragons, oh how he loathes both!! And he knows that both feel the same for him, and all his people. Thorin despises Elves! He can hardly put into words how much he hates them. That is why he doesn’t try. If he does come across an elf they will be met with a cold-hearted Dwarf (and he would expect the same of them). As far as he is concerned they are like dragons, detestable creatures that inhabit whatever they see. Dragons, on the other hand, are treated the same way. If only Thorin knew what was headed his way…

- Silver & Gold means so much more when you sing! Silver, gold and gem decorations are the most beautiful of all. All Dwarves are greedy for it, all dwarves mine it! It is the root of their own destruction, it breeds like a plague taking over the heart and soul, it consumes all who lust and want for it. The greed goes deep, straight to the heart. If you long for it enough it will become you, you will be jealous of it and keep it dangerously close. It is an incurable disease, a sign of weakness…

- Loves his Nephews and Relations. Thorin indeed loves his nephews and cousins very much!! (And let us not forget his sister!) He loves them so, though he doesn’t show it. Fili and Kili are his pride and perhaps even his joy at times. He helped raise them, care for them and taught them. They are like sons to him, and he like a father to them. It is hard for him, sometimes, not to show his concern. But; he does it so that he shant spoil them so! When it comes to Balin and Dwalin, he tends to go more to Balin for advice and counsel than Dwalin – though he loves them both very much.

As we see, deep down, Thorin is a soft-hearted, strong willed, opinionated, proud, grumpy, loveable dwarf inside! You just have to see past all that he puts on the outside and look closer to his heart! Which I’m sure that if you look close enough, you will find not only a burning desire for Erebor resides, but the love of his kin in the very center.

- Thorin II Oakenshield, born to Thráin II King under the Mountain (T.A 2746) with the blood of Durin running through his veins, lived a happy prosperous life with his people. He also loved music and enjoyed the harp (it is said that he can play well, how well is up to the listener). It wasn’t until T.A 2770 that his home was attacked, conquered and inhabited by Smaug, the dragon. This caused much grief for not only were several Dwarves lost, but so was their home. Anyone who would try to take back what once was theirs would be… incinerated. They had received no help what-so-ever from their neighbors, (who traded often with this once proud and prosperous people), and forced into exile taking up work where they could. Eventually, after many bloody battles with Orcs and Goblins, they settled in The Blue Mountains, but for those who remember Erebor it will never truly be considered home. During his exile, Thorin grew into a noble warrior. He was hard and stern, perhaps to some even overbearing. He, like many of the Dwarves, never forgave the wretched beast that was dwelling in his true home.

- How Thorin came to be king was quite a mysterious one. As far as Thorin knew, his father Thráin had taken a group of noble dwarves to Erebor in an attempt to reclaim The Lonely Mountain. He had zero knowledge of had happened to his father until Balin, Dwalin and the others returned from their (obviously) failed expedition. He was told that his father had disappeared in gloom of Mirkwood. Distressed by this, Thorin took his father’s place as King under the Mountain, and Durin’s folk. Thorin did an awful lot of traveling during this time between The Blue Mountains and Bree. He also took very well to Balin’s council, find the dwarf wise and excellent with word craft. He also spent a good deal of time bring up his nephews, Fíli and Kíli. Training them in the art of battle and telling them stories.

One day, however, Fíli came to him with a mystery. Kíli was missing. In a moment of sheer panic, which shown explicitly on his face, Thorin set out with his nephew to look for Fíli. They searched high and they searched low. Asking for any leads on the young Dwarf prince. Then they finally got one. He had been seen going towards the more dangerous parts of Ered Luin. Taking hold of his nephew, one he hoped wouldn’t become his only nephew; Thorin followed the directions given to him. Along the way they gathered Balin and Dwalin, and went to go find their nephew. When they did find him, Thorin was filled with an over whelming desire to protect that which was close to him, especially since that which was close to him was surrounded by Orcs. Leading the attack, Thorin, Balin, Dwalin and Fíli, who was told to stay behind, managed to save the young prince. The fear of losing such a genuine heir made Thorin fight hard and tirelessly.

When all was said and done, Thorin gave Kíli a ‘what-for’, desiring to show relief that both were not eternally injured in any deadly way. Thorin failed to do so, knowing he came across as angry instead of relived. What the siblings didn’t see was later that night when he spoke to Balin and Dwalin. No, Thorin didn’t come to tears, but had the incident been terrible enough he just might have. His only sister surely would have had him for breakfast had anything of the kind been done to one of her boys.

It wasn’t until several years later that Thorin chanced upon Gandalf the Grey on a trip to and from Bree. The Wizard didn’t seem to understand who he was, but neither did the Dwarf King until he realized who he was. Thorin then set his mind to seek out advice from the old Wizard and tell him of his plans, and his desire to take back Erebor. Once Thorin took Gandalf into his confidence (unknowing that it was the other way around) he invited Gandalf to hear his story in the halls his people had built in The Blue Mountains.

- It was indeed Gandalf who had changed his battle plans, opting for something more secret and strongly wreaking of stealth. It was also at this moment that Gandalf suggested one of the little shire-folk accompanying them. Outraged by this remark (which for a Dwarf would have seemed reasonable) he argued with Gandalf for a brief moment before the others that were present cut in. In the end he gave and he would meet the Wizard and his… burglar… in the home of the creature called a Hobbit.

Thorin is well aware of the risk he runs trying to reclaim what was stolen from his people so long ago. He is grateful for the support of his long time friend and forever distant cousin Balin for agreeing to help him take back The Lonely Mountain. He is also thankful to the other eleven for their bravery and willingness to follow their king in this endeavor! (With the exception of Bilbo Baggins, their resident burglar, under the persistence of Gandalf the Grey.) There isn’t one that he wouldn’t take three times over on the same deadly quest. (And if he had the option of taking Bilbo he would strongly opt to skip the idea completely, a venture like this was no place for a Hobbit.)

As King of the Dwarves of Erebor, Thorin feels it is his duty to reclaim The Lonely Mountain and restore his people’s pride and dignity which has not all together been forgotten over the many years they have been in exile.

Roleplay Sample:
For several long years had passed since Thorin heard of his father’s disappearance. Upon the news he had surely wept a great deal, for he loved his father as much as his kin. There was nothing he could have possibly done to right this wrong, but it only surmounted to the other wrongs done to his valiant and noble people. Thorin knew this, he was also aware he could do nothing about it; not yet. He was king now, he had a great responsibility and his people deserved a good king, and a good king he was. He walked among his people and kept to the trade of being a smith. But ever his heart longed for the gold and halls that were stolen from him and his people by the wretched Smaug. Smaug, a vile name on the tongue of all dwarves who remembered! This longing turned to an indefinite passion, to hunger and then flowered into greed as longing often does, though Thorin would not admit such a thing. He hid his greed well, never speaking of Erebor except to those closest to him. He told stories of Erebor to his nephews when he could think of nothing else in their presents.

Now, when he looked at his nephews (Fíli and Kíli) his heart swelled with pride, but his face showed no sign of this. He loved his nephews deeply, and why shouldn’t he? He had help raise them. They were admirable dwarves, perhaps a bit childish at times (what young Dwarf wouldn’t be?), but admirable none the less. His heart also cried for them as he thought of what awaited them at the end of their journey; this he also kept from showing. Their bravery encouraged him, though they knew not. Tearing his eyes away from the duo he looked over the rest of his company. Thirteen in all and all them as brave as could be. At this particular moment they couldn’t have been closer.

Crowded around a table just long and big enough for all thirteen, plus one Wizard, he listened to their conversation and replied when spoken too. It was apparent by the nearly empty pantry that they had all arrived ahead of him. Dwarves were known for their apatite; at least these particular ones. (Bombur was the acception). The fat Dwarf could eat nearly endlessly! It was a true luck that he was also a good cook. Glancing at Balin on his right and Dwalin on his left, he ate his soup in silence. It was close to time; they would leave in the morning with or, preferably, without their burglar. When Thorin saw the small Hobbit his own doubts increased, but he didn’t allow it to show on his face. Gandalf had said he was a burglar, he had insisted he come to this small home, dine and rest there before their long journey.

“Give him the contract.” Thorin said, he was tired and wanted Bilbo to sign it quickly so that they could get on with the more important things. Looking at Gandalf he knew the Wizard understood the position he was in, Thorin need not to have reminded him. Being the Dwarf he was, however, he said, “I am not responsible for what may happen to him.” Gandalf showed he understood. The whole thing was silly; Bilbo was reading the contract in its entirety. Upon reading the death clause, Thorin seized in his heart all the comfort he would allow himself. Now they could get on to business! - - - -

Spick and span, is how Bilbo would find his household the next morning. Thorin had been sure that his company cleaned up after themselves before they left. Dwarvish apatite might not have been welcome at the dinner table, but they were also a very thorough people. It came from mining gold, silver, iron and mithril oh so carefully. Thorin was satisfied that he had seen neither feet nor head of Bilbo Baggins. Some in his company were obviously saddened by this, but many had made bets that he would show. Thorin hadn’t dabbled in that sort of thing; he held to the comfort in his heart that the fat Hobbit wouldn’t show himself.

“Wait!! Wait, I signed it!!” Shocked, Thorin spun around on his pony; surprise was evident upon his face. There was no hiding it and he remained that way as Bilbo handed the signed contract to Balin. “Very well…” He said coldly, “Get him a pony. We can’t linger any longer, daylight is precious.” He observed as Bilbo objected to this, but none the less he was seated upon one. Thorin would have seen it through himself if some in his company hadn’t taken care of it. So, he did decide to come after all. The fool…

Alias: Hades
Codeword: Hobbit
Experience: 5/6 years.
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Other Characters: Ginger Dúnhere
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Thorin Oakenshield

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  • Alias: Hades
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Thorin II Oakenshield
« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2013, 09:44:00 PM »

Could the name of my account be changed to: Thorin Oakensheild, I think there is a setup like Proboards to where you don't change the Login name but just the display name. If an admin could do that for me that would be great.
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