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Author Topic: With Great Power  (Read 2238 times)


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With Great Power
« on: March 04, 2015, 07:03:00 PM »
Okay so. Jo and I were talking superhero AU.

Clicking here will generate a random superpower.

 You can get basically anything from being a werejaguar to controlling a planet to... Changing eye colour. (Use it wisely.) First click is what you get; no retrying. Decide a character, click the button, hope for the best and then post the result below XD Plus a reaction of the character to gaining these powers, if it's noteworthy. Feel free to include a power you'd choose to fit them, if you had a choice in the matter.


Aurhin - planetary manipulation. Oh no. Putting him in charge of a planet is really not a good idea. He'd probably get any population off and then happily explore the universe. And love it.

 If I had a choice, he'd get flight (no really!) and possibly super-sight.

Bofur - Infectious Energy Manipulation (user can create, shape and manipulate form of energy that attacks the body like an infestation, having toxic or bacterial properties that can poison, sicken, and even decompose the target with a variety of symptoms attached). D: BOFUR DOESN'T WANT THIS IT'S AWFUL. Probably never ever use it except in the direst of emergencies, and absolutely hate doing so.

 If I (or he) had a choice in the matter, he'd probably get some form of earth manipulation.

Rian - Oneiric Physiology. User with this ability either is or can transform into an being or creature that is comprised of thoughts and dreams. You also might get wings on your head... Interesting. She'd be pretty confused and constantly put down the usefulness of something that only works while she's asleep.

 Some form of empathic telepathy would suit her better. She has a rough idea of what those around her are thinking and feeling (mostly it's insanely annoying) and gets a small amount of influence that she can attempt to calm people down with, or get them to trust her. (Other options included phasing through objects and shapeshifting for disguise.)

Kophas - Dimensiokinetic Combat YES. The user can combine using dimensions and portals with physical fighting to gain advantage enabling them to attack from every angle. KOPHAS WOULD ABUSE THIS SO MUCH. He'd love it. His fighting prowess comes mainly from being hard to catch and unpredictable; this would magnify it a hundredfold.

Given the choice, I WAS going to say super-fast healing but forget it. Line-of-sight teleportation or portals all the way.

Eskr - Werejaguar Physiology. It's exactly what it sounds like. Eskr would be confused as anything, irritated if the changes were involuntary - he wants HANDS, not paws, he cannot draw like this - but being Eskr he'd work around it and accept it grudgingly.

 The power I'd give him would look completely amazing, I'll tell you that much. Either powers linked to his tattoos (this one launches energy bolts, that one raises a shield, etc, think China Sorrows without the amazing beauty) or swirling ink out of the air to form weapons/tools with. Or some combination; the ink sliding from his skin and turning solid in the air. Think the Aether in Thor 2. YES LET'S GO WITH THAT.



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With Great Power
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2015, 12:28:00 AM »
I saw this. I clicked this. This is fun...

Caranor: Soul Carrier
"The power to carry/hold the souls of others inside themselves."
To give someone insane enough from his own soul this power wouldn't be exactly a good choice... Not only because he wouldn't be all that capable of utilizing it, but also because he'd most likely use it for the worse rather than the better. If you make him too angry, you won't be seeing afterlife any soon. And he'd hate having this all along!

Glorfindel: Black Earth Manipulation
"The power to create and manipulate the black earth. Combination of Darkness Manipulation and Earth Manipulation, variation of Dark Element Manipulation."
Giving Glorfindel this would be... A surprisingly good choice, since he'd most likely be able to utilize it to a much better extent than most people. At the same time, it would be a similar gamble as giving him a destruction-based Ring of Power. He might use it for the good... But a power that utilizes the destructive forces of Earth, while at the start used for good, could quickly turn into something bad and dangerous. It's worth the risk, though - orc armies would be crushed by earthquakes and consumed by the very earth, swallowed into nothingness1

Maerion: Wound Inducement
"The power to inflict both physical and mental wounds."
Did you just make a contract sword even more deadly? Yes, you did! -claps- Maerion is loving this, and enjoying it to the best extent. Spiders are bursting and dying instantly after he looks at them. Did you say you need some orcs dead? Say no more! And he'll get rid of waylayers on the way, too.
This was the most perfect choice of the century.

Svanr: Mechanical Limb Generation
"The power to create limbs from machinery."
Yay for fancy gimmicks that Svanr is loving; he can now scale all the mountains, and never get stuck in a place out of which he can't get. He can fight with more arms at once, too! And he's so happy about it.

Míla: Portal Interface
"The power to interact with portals (mirrors, lakes/rivers, mist/fog, energy, etc.)."
Elusiveness of this lass is over 9000! With the ability to use portals for travel and viewing distant location, there is no chance Míla can stay trapped in one place - unless you lock her in a crate and make sure she's carrying no mirrors with herself. And quite frankly, she's more than happy to receive a power, allowing her to travel and enjoy adventure even when she normally wouldn't be able to. Getting out of town had never been easier.

Kyra: Platinum Manipulation
"The ability to manipulate platinum."
Kyra just got rich, and your blades can't reach him. Say bye-bye to ever hoping to catch him. Not only has he increased his wealth by creating platinum, but by its creation and manipulation, he is no longer in need of any already-crafted weapons - or armor. He can now fly, too. And he's enjoying this more than what would be good, since encasing the head of a victim in platinum provides a slow and agonizing death by suffocation. It's almost as good as pyrokinesis would be.


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With Great Power
« Reply #2 on: March 05, 2015, 02:11:00 AM »
Elrania: Airwave Manipulation
The user can control the ratio between air pressure and sound waves, causing air molecules to vibrate at proportional magnitude of the ratio. This allows the user to create and control supersonic air currents. It also allows the user to transmit and control sound within the atmosphere.

She's very reliant on sounds in the forest, so I don't know if this is a good or a bad thing. Though I suppose if she can control sound, she could lure the spiders to a certain location, or get the guard running circles.

Ruairmli: Relationship Identification
The user can sense the relationships or connections people have to one another, identifying lovers, friends, family, etc. They can also see where those bonds are weak and use it to their benefit.

You see, this isn't all that useful to Ruairmli so he probably wouldn't use it at all; other than to tell people that love is a mistake and not all that useful.

Ruby Goodbody: Physics Powered Physiology
This is the ability to be powered and made out of scientific energy. The user also has full control over their Physiology due to this fact. Due to fact the user is an energy being they may accomplish transcendence by applying or absorbing divine or large amount of energy.

I find issue in this for Ruby. Realistically, what use is this to her? She wouldn't use it.

Adair: Time Perception Manipulation
The user of this power can control an individual's perception of time, they can influence the senses of the person to speed up insanely so that the body fails to keep up, making the person feel like everything is happening so slowly. The user can also slow down the senses to make everything to appear at a fast pace so that the person cannot react in time or even influence the senses to the point where everything appears to have stopped and which causes the person to be paralyzed and stop moving completely.

This would definitely suit Adair, especially in bar fights or whenever Lythil is trying to throw him out of the tavern. He'd probably even attempt to use it against the guards. Yeah. I think this suits Adair well.

Rosewyn: Existential Plane Manipulation
Like the Enigma Force, It searches for a host and whoever is chosen gains great power. They ascend from their physical body and become a being of pure energy. This is because the user gain a mental, physical, or spiritual connection to the several planes that make up existence. With this connection, he/she can use it to gain an ability from each plane. The meaning of this is that the user has the potential to gain abilities that surpass those accomplished with the power Magic, Cosmic Control, and Elemental Control combined. However, the level of power depends mostly on the willpower of the host.

I... don't have anything to say on this. This is ridiculous to say the least.

Lainon: Ice Exoskeleton
The user can form armor around their body or a shape it from ice for protection and physical boost. With training, the user could shape the armor into new forms for weapons, transportation, even constructs of the element.

Being a ranger, this could be handy in combat for him? Ice is quite... tough so he should be able to use it as armour instead of the leather.

Annis: Hope Manipulation
User can sense and manipulate the hope, including the virtue, of themselves, people, animals and other creatures, whether by increasing, decreasing, causing or otherwise channeling hope, even manifesting the emotional energy to physical level.

She could use this, because she would increase the hope of those around her; like a guardian angel. But she doesnt need a power to do that. She just does it.

Ioreth: Power Mimicry Immunity
The user is immune to attempts at copying or replicating their abilities and can render themselves singular in terms of power possession. This ability may be a result of a unique existence or trait on the user's part.

She thinks this is pointless... My characters dont seem to want super powers.

Sela: Elemental Absorption
The user can absorb the elements and utilize them in various ways.

Same as Ioreth.
Played by Pip!

Leander Boffin

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With Great Power
« Reply #3 on: March 05, 2015, 04:47:00 PM »
Ori: "Energy Beam Emission: User can project concentrated beams of energy for a destructive amount of damage. The result of the beam could be concussive, dispersive or explosive, and depending on what the beam is composed, it can posses a variety of abilities." Well, he would probably hide it and never use it because he detests damage and war and catastrophe and all of that. Though would come in handy in BOFA...or Moria...or whenever he's in danger.

Castamir: "Weapon Regeneration: The ability to reconstruct and repair one's weapons. User can repair their broken weapon via Elemental Transmutation, Magic, Physical Restoration or by simply transmitting their life force particles (magical or spiritual) into a part of the weapon via Weapon Infusion." Well, splendid. Cas will never stop taking advantage of this. He's a travelling mercenary! Spiders beware.

Pearl: "Chlorokinetic Shield Construction: The power to create shields and shield-like objects out of plants. The user can construct shields and shield-like objects out of plants to defend themselves from any attacks." Not that Pearl would ever find use of it, but if it help with her garden...

Leander: "Rage form: The user can channel violent rage through their body and soul to gain a new form empowered by their anger. The corruption usually manifests as burning the body/appearance of the user and grants improved versions of their original abilities as well as gaining new abilities that reflect the users' wrath. The user is invariably driven by/into incurable rage, although they may be able to control themselves enough to pass as normal, but given enough time the user may regain full control. The users' source of power may be their own rage and/or the rage surrounding them, possibly including vast areas, including the whole world." ...Not that Lee is often angry, but this might just be a problem in a peaceful land such as the Shire. One more reason why you should stop drinking, Lee!

Issa: "Electric Field Manipulation: The user can create, shape and manipulate electric fields, the force that hold atoms together within objects, machines and/or a field that surrounds and dwell in a person/being. They can generate electrical fields of their own to form tangible force-fields and many other feats or negate existing electric fields. Electric fields may exist as the bio-electric fields that form the aura of a person/being, flow through their nervous system and/or as an intrinsic field. If the user is strong enough they may be able to control the electric fields of all matter and being in the universe." Alright, Issa is out of action for now, but while she believes that holding back action is always more preferable...if it was not a smart choice to anger her before this, it is even more so now.

Anitra: "Pseudoscience manipulation: The power to manipulate a form of "science" that cheats the scientific method. With this power the user is able to perform feats that may appear to be science-based but it is not distinguishing from feats of Science Manipulation that involves the utilization of the physical laws while this power function similarly to Magic that defy the physical laws." This was NOT A GOOD CHOICE. Anitra will always find a clever use for this trick...and thank goodness she dies young, otherwise she might start to overuse this power.

Féren: "Virtue Empowerment: The ability to be empowered by virtues. User becomes stronger, faster, more durable, etc. by virtues (Chastity, Temperance, Charity, Diligence, Patience, Kindness, Humility, etc) of oneself and others, possibly unlocking abilities related to the affinity and enhancing the existing powers. Some users may be able to draw sustenance from the virtues or even slow or stop aging." Well, crap. This is a general we're talking about! He's always morally correct and he tries to help others to do the same! That's it. He's going to be immortal, basically.

Played by Jo


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With Great Power
« Reply #4 on: March 05, 2015, 05:11:00 PM »
For further random, I shall go alphabetical! Ok, here goes...

Bilbo: Animal Transformation
This could come in handy with Trolls and turning them harmless! Provided he does it right and doesn't just make them bigger things or such.

Bilbo has confidence in using this ability! The Company is free to disagree/worry XD

Dags: Nephilim Physiology
Something about demigod like powers...She does get the things like strength too right? She wants to help people with them XD

Fritz: Optimal Finesse
Oh, you had to didn't you odd site?!

Fritz is convinced I just said he's invincible and while I explain he's not he's having fun doing everything well and better than even he could imagine and wishes to keep this forever and ever. I'm gonna try and convince him to clean my house while he has this...

Gard: Digestive Shapeshifting
Shapeshift into someone after eating part of them...

You broke the young boy, Thankyou! Shaking his head vehemently saying he's never gonna use it

side note, Nyx is punching the wall because she didn't get it XD

Kargach: Binding
Power to stop objects. Karg is determined to have fun with this! I think he's gonna go "play" with an avalanche...everyone should take cover

"Or better yet, Karg, take Fritz with you to stop any trouble effectively!"

Líknví: Cryokinetic Wing Manifestation
Ice Wings!

Aww everyone's getting the wrong ones  XD She's just staring at me even after I let her read it so she understands. I don't think she's gonna take full advantage of this and the power of flight it enables even

Nauroval: Religion Embodiment
Embody and use any religious powers, basically you became a Jedi Naur

Naur: What's a Jedi?

*after explanations*

Yeah, I don't think this makes much difference to her either. I'd have given her super sight or such too XD

Nyx: Haemopotent Regeneration
Ok, Nyx is pacified now XD Regeneration by use of blood.

Basically, she can attack anything she wants and be regenerated by using it's own blood. She's a little unstoppable and we should probably all hide. XD

Saga: Child Prodigy
Ok, stop saying you already were one, Saga!

She's not a child but maybe this still applies. Basically she's just bragging more than she did already and says it so on point

Sofia: Mind Control
Ability to control minds.

Sof: So I can make the Master be nice?!

I don't think she knows what to do with this either, but she's a sensible kid so...maybe we'll all be fine



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With Great Power
« Reply #5 on: March 06, 2015, 09:34:00 AM »
This seems like way too much fun... and since I tested it out on my phone, I had to get on the laptop after BerBer's result. XD Here it goes~!

Nightmare Manipulation "The power to enter and manipulate nightmares"

Why would anyone give BerBer Freddy Krueger's powers? It would be a terrible day the day Beriadan can alternate people's nightmares to where he literally scares them to death... Though, he could also use this to his advantage, if he were able to take away his own nightmares... Maybe that could... give him some sort of... peace?

Plasma Attacks "The ability to release/use plasma to various attacks"

This... seems interesting... I would pity anyone who actually would manage to get her upset enough to where she would have to use this. XD

Bio-Tech Manipulation "The ability to control living organic technology and manipulate it to varying effects"

This one seems very cool, though not too sure if Daechir would be very... pleased to use this. XD

Uncertainty Manipulation "The ability to manipulate uncertainty"

LOL! This is quite the coincidence! XD I'm sure that this would be something Merilin could abuse... She could make the world somewhere where she can actually control how she wants things to go. I don't think this would be a good thing for her to be able to have...

Summer Embodiment "The power to become embodiment of the Summer"

To be able to control the weather in Summer? I WANT THIS ABILITY PLEASE! Lol, I can see Thengel using this often to his benefit. If the weather seems to be ruining what could be a perfect day with Morwen, he'll just make it all beautiful once again for the woman he loves! And to be able to ripen fruit to his liking? Yay for delicious, ripe fruit whenever he pleases!

Sound Immunity "The power to be immune to the effects of sound waves"

She already has selective hearing so this only makes it easier for her. XD Other than that... it mainly seems like a minor ability, no?

Time-Space Synesthesia "The ability to transform musical notes and sounds into visions of the future"

Ohohohohoho.... OHOHOHOHOHOHO!!!! I don't see how he could end up with something like this since he isn't very... musical? He doesn't hate music, wouldn't mind listening to people sing and play instruments but he can't sing and doesn't play instruments... XD BUT! To be able to see the future? OMG will this be abused in so many ways...

Giant Weapon Proficiency "The ability to understand and use any and all giant weapons with the proficiency of a master"

Lol this is one of the most random abilities I can think of... and not something I can see Elle using or really wanting. She prefers light weapons she can strike with quickly and not slow her movements down. XD Though... at least it'll give her variety when it comes to weapon using? XD

I am tired and feeling a little sick... cannot concentrate enough to continue so I leave you with these characters. XD Enjoy~


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With Great Power
« Reply #6 on: March 08, 2015, 08:05:00 PM »
Ilfirinder: Earth Manipulation
Firin's got a strong but humble power in that. He's basically an Earth Bender.

I'm putting Barin and Caelin'll find out why.

Barin & Caelin: Omniversal Manipulation and Unimind respectively

Gloin: Werewolf Physiology
He got more hair...dandy...


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With Great Power
« Reply #7 on: August 23, 2015, 09:34:00 PM »
Shyu Tor Scathas got Magic Negation...

Well, this is pretty random to say the least. Shyu has pretty much no thoughts on this considering he doesn't really need to fight any sorcerers often enough for it to be a problem. I guess it could be useful in super unlikely situations, but... not really... effective.

If I had to give him a power, I honestly don't know. Maybe something based around courage as he lacks that at times?

Jade Took got Famine Inducement...


No, no, no, it cannot be... THAT'S EVEN WORSE!

Jade Took got Sex Magic...

Raven: *is laughing her ass off*
Jade: ...
Raven: Oh my god! XD
Jade: ... *clicks furiously*

Raven: *dies of laughter*
Jade: ... *rage quits*

If I had to choose a power for Jade, it would be centred around knowledge or wisdom I think. Or healing the sick and wounded because she is lovely and kind like that. <3 Just anything that isn't the previous four superpowers honestly! XD


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With Great Power
« Reply #8 on: August 24, 2015, 03:43:00 PM »
Vaewolf Physiology

Aesa is horrified at this prospect!  Half vampire, half werewolf?  A near unstoppable and blood-drinking force of nature?  Personally I find it rather amusing that such a demure and softly spoken girlie can have such a ferocious power.

Telepathic Language Instruction

This allows Andar to psychically relay the basics of a language to another person.  He's a bit bemused by this, given that he never travels far from home and so has no issues with language barriers.  The only communication issue comes from his stammering and mumbling, which this power doesn't help with.  Poor boy.

Lunar Manipulation

This makes me feel strangely sad, given the moon's links to fertility and Ástir's inability to carry a child to term after Kvasir.  Still, she's happy.  This makes her a powerful lady - you don't mess with a woman who controls the moon.

Gravitational Upforce

Floating.  Lots of floating.  Might even save any of his glass pieces from smashing should they slip from his grasp - if he's quick enough.

Spell Immunity

This actually works.  Damel is a very regimented, unyielding sort of person so it makes sense he'd be immune to spells and resist being manipulated in any way.  He's happy with this. *nods*

Empathic Hearing

The power to hear through another's ears?  Ehhh, not sure that the prince would use this wisely.  Some things are best not being overheard!

Butterfly Physiology

Pffft, the power to turn into a swarm of butterflies?  Oh Haleth... so pretty. ~

Body Shedding

This involves the ability to shed your body and regrow limbs.  A pity Vex didn't get this one, eh?  At least Ivorak can get rid of his scars.

Alcohol Manipulation

Believe it or not, Kvasir was distinctly displeased with this result - at least to begin with!  Then he realised he can use it to open a successful brewery and retire at a young age.  And also to tinker with the alcohol content of other people's drinks, to send them into complete inebriation so he can pick their pockets clean.

Earth Shield Construction

Liv will use this to build a wall of mountains around her children and keep them safe.  Just you watch and see.

Supernatural Smell

Ugh, the creepy man gets a creepy power. >.<

Humility Empowerment

Veizla isn't exactly modest so... this power is useless?

Sadness Augmentation

"Well, that's depressing."

Fíli | Kvasir | Andar | Ivorak | Haleth | Loire | Faramir


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Re: With Great Power
« Reply #9 on: February 17, 2021, 03:05:51 PM »
Irresistible Self

"Oh.  YoU MeAN LiKe THiS?"

« Last Edit: March 20, 2021, 10:18:01 AM by Ivriniel »


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