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Author Topic: [Hobbit + LotR] Celeborn  (Read 4248 times)


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« on: March 21, 2013, 02:46:00 AM »


NAME: Celeborn
NICKNAMES (IF ANY):  Celeborn the Wise; the Prince of Doriath; Lord of Lothlorien
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941): 1400 in the Years of the Trees; about 8,000

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE:  Silver, long, and straight
EYE COLOUR: greyish-blue
BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT: 6'4" and leanly muscular
OVERALL APPEARANCE: Celeborn is tall, even for an Elf and has long silver that he keeps mostly loose except for a braid on each side of his head to keep his hair out of his face. He generally wears light and subdued colors. He prefers to wear simple tunics and leggings with soft and comfortable boots but will wear robe when he needs to. He wears only two pieces of jewelry: his gold wedding band on his right index finger and his silver engagement ring on a mithril chain under his shirt. 
WEAPONS: Celeborn mostly wields a battle axe he has named "Urhast" or "Fire Axe-er." It was forged before the First Age in Doriath and enchanted in the Second Age by the Elven smiths of Eregion. It is enchanted to burn with fire when it strikes and also protects him from fear and dread. He also has a bow made of Mallorn and arrow. He also has a sword and knives, which he mostly uses in sparring or hunting respectively.
FACE CLAIM: Marton Csokas

STRENGTHS: His wisdom and his practicality
WEAKNESSES: Galadriel and his bluntness
ASPIRATIONS: To protect Galadriel and Lothlorien the best he can, in that order   
FEARS: Losing Galadriel
PERSONALITY:  Celeborn is blunt and at times very harsh. He usually is brutally honest but is skilled and highly willing at lying or at least telling half-truths whenever need be. He has quite the silver-tongue when he needs be. His humor tends to be dry and sarcastic and he likes play on words and well-crafted barbs. He generally seems very aloof and a bit icy but is rather passionate and hot-headed.

He is a good man and an adoring husband. He would do almost anything for Galadriel. Yet he does not always agree with her and they do argue. Being married for several millennia makes it easier to argue with someone. But he will easily forgive her and try anything to make it up to her. He does try to help people in whatever ways possible. He is highly practical and usually calm.

HISTORY: It was many years prior to the First Age that Galadhon and his wife gave birth to Celeborn, a silver-haired and gray-eyed child. He looked not like either of his parents, who were both dark-haired, but rather his great-uncle Elu Thingol. About 100 years later, another son was born that they named Galathil, who was dark-haired like his parents and with gray eyes like his older brother. The two ellon were close to each other even if their personalities were vastly different. Celeborn was serious and responsible to his brother's gregariousness and gaiety. But their idyllic life was thrown into chaos with the death of both their parents to orcs. But the same tragedy that tore their family in half, made the brothers closer and brought them under the care of Elu Thingol and his Maian wife Melian, and the brothers would become close to Luthien, Elu and Melian's daughter.

Life would go on and the First Age would bring many changes to everyone's lives. The rising of the sun for the first time brought many changes for a people that had been living under the stars alone. One of those changes was far more long-lasting than any other, and would change Celeborn's life personally. For the sun also brought the arrival of the Noldor, including distant kin of his. The first time they came, he was off hunting on the borders but he heard of this ellon and his curiosity was peaked. So he was there when she came: Artanis Nerwen, along with her brother, a different one than had come before. He had heard tales from Melian and Elu about the Two Trees and he wondered if her hair truly reflected both their rays in their tresses. But no matter what the answer was, Celeborn knew in that moment that he had found his one true love and in his heart he renamed her “Galadriel,” a maiden crowned with radiance.

Of course, it was difficult to hide anything from his brother, who teased him mercilessly, but he could hardly say anything since he was already wed and had a daughter named Nimloth. So Celeborn and Artanis became close, declaring their love for each other and eventually wedding, and her accepting his name for her. But his beloved Galadriel had hid the true reason why she had left Aman and when he learned the awful truth of the Kinslaying, he felt heartbroken and angry, even if she had not actually participated. But tempers cooled and life would go on. A Man named Beren would come for Luthien's hand and Elu would send him on an impossible task of recovering a Simaril. Beren succeed and he and Luthien were allowed to wed. The Simaril Elu had Dwarves place in a necklace but the Dwarves coveted their creation and slew Elu for the Simaril. Dior, Beren and Luthien's son and husband to Nimloth, recovered it and for a short time peace came over Doriath.

But soon the Noldor attacked Doriath for the Simaril and killed both Nimloth and Dior, though Elwing their daughter had the Simaril, and Celeborn took Elwing and Galadriel and any of Doriath he could and led them to the safety of the Havens of Sirion, where he and Galadriel dwelt until the end of the age and the destruction of Beleriand by the Valar to defeat Morgoth.

Much of the Second Age saw Celeborn and his wife as wanderers, though they settled for a time near Lake Evendim where they had their child Celebrian. But eventually they settled in Eregion, specifically in Ost-in-edhil unfer the rule of Celebrimbor, a distant cousin to Galadriel. It was during their time in Eregion that they established friendship with Amdir, King of Lothlorien, and Celeborn and especially Galadriel would spend much time there. Evil would soon come to Eregion in the fair form of Annatar, who was Sauron in disguise. Although many, including Celeborn and Galadriel, did not trust him, Celebrimbor welcomed him and allowed Annatar to teach him to craft magic rings: nine that would eventually be given to the Race of Men and seven for the Dwarves. Celebrimbor used the techniques taught to him to craft three separate rings: Vilya, Narya, and Nenya. He gave Nenya to Galadriel and the other two to Gil-Galad, who would give Vilya to Elrond and Narya to Cirdan (who would eventually give it to Gandalf).

Yet they would realize what danger the rings were when Annatar crafted the One Ring and they knew that he was Sauron. Galadriel took Celebrian and fled with many of their people to Lothlorien while Celeborn stayed for Sauron was marching on Ost-in-edhil to recover the all of the rings. Celeborn's forces attacked his but even with reinforcements brought by Elrond, they did not succeed and Sauron got all of the nine and most of the seven. He tortured Celebrimbor to give up the location of the Three but he refused. So Celebrimbor was killed and his body used as a banner. Celeborn stayed and joined Gil-galad's army to take down Sauron and it wasn't until Sauron was defeated that he was reunited with his wife and daughter.

The Third Age saw Celeborn giving his daughter to Erond in marriage and the birth of his three grandchildren: twin boys Elladan and Elrohir, and girl Arwen. He and Galadriel spent much of their time traveling between Rivendell and Lothlorien to help Amroth, Amdir's son, to strengthen Lothlorien's defenses. For rumors of a Necromancer in Greenwood came to the Wise and Galadriel called together a gathering of the Wise, hoping that Gandalf the Grey would be the leader but he refused and Saruman the White became the leader instead. They hoped to discover who or what the Necromancer was and Gandalf would spend much of his time trying to find the truth.

It was during this time that they would become the Lord and Lady of Lothlorien when Amroth ended up drowning after Dwarves of Moria woke a Balrog and caused many, including Amroth's lover, to flee. In 2509 T.A., tragedy would strike his family when his daughter was traveling to Lothlorien to see them when she was captured by orcs. His grandsons rescued her but her wounds were too great for even her husband to heal and a year later she to Aman to received healing directly from the Valar. And now, with rumors of Sauron being back, the relative peace of nearly three thousand years is about to be shattered completely.

AGE: 25
COUNTRY:  United States
EXPERIENCE:  About five or so years
HOW DID YOU FIND US?: Ad on another site
Celeborn smiled briefly at seeing his wife talk animatedly with an Elf Lord from Mirkwood. He couldn’t recall the name but he had been sent by Thranduil to talk about the threat that Dol Guldur was posing to their homes. Though it seemed like tonight the lord was trying to flirt with his wife, which was highly amusing to see since Celeborn could tell that she was mostly humoring him. He stayed by the window off to the side, sipping his wine, glancing at his wife every once in a while.

He still remembered the very first time he saw her back in Doriath, her golden hair flowing behind her as she strode towards Thingol next to her brothers. She was as stunning now as she was then and he was extremely glad she had agreed to marry him. He spun his ring absently around his finger. In all the thousands of years they had been married, he had never taken it off nor did he ever plan on it. That ring was his most precious belonging. His second most precious belonging hung on a chain around his neck where he could feel the cool metal against his skin.

Celeborn felt his wife's eyes on him and saw the beckoning look, and slight desperation,  in her eyes. He gave the briefest nod and smile of amusement before he drained his wine and went over to the duo, putting his arm around his wife's waist and pressing a soft kiss to her cheek. The Mirkwood Elf then moved away, giving the pair a few moments of semi-privacy. He simply wrapped his arm tighter around her and stayed by her side the rest of the evening.

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« Reply #1 on: March 21, 2013, 10:05:00 AM »
Welcome to the site, Becca!  You have done a wonderful job with this application, particularly in covering Celeborn's extensive history and in detailing his relationship with Galadriel.  I look forward to seeing him in action! :)

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