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Author Topic: [Hobbit + LotR] Laeorn  (Read 336 times)


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« on: February 10, 2021, 09:28:31 PM »


NAME: Laeorn (many trees/forest, due to his father's love and appreciation of the forest and its natural beauty).
NICKNAMES (IF ANY): This usually defaults to Lae, but he may have other names depending on the person.
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (If The Hobbit and LotR as of T.A. 3019): He was born Autumn of T.A. 2877, making him 142 years old.

RACE: Silvan Elf

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE: Laeorn has lengthy dark brown hair verging on black in certain lights, occasionally wearing small sections of it braided and said sections pulled back into a half-ponytail and fastened with with a Dwarven barrette, gotten as a gift from his father and brother who purchased it from a wandering trader.
OVERALL APPEARANCE:  Despite not being of a royal line, he is particularly fond of earrings especially, but to a lesser extent, necklaces, rings, and bracelets of which he has altered or gathered in such a way they may carry concoctions or small parchments he has need of at whatever time, for healing, writing, and so forth. Whichever other concoctions are usually nestled into the folds of his clothes or into his shoes. He is very fond of wearing the color brown, having said the color reminds him of the comfort of having a tree trunk against your back, or of inhaling the scent of freshly upturned soil.
DISTINGUISHING MARKS:  His right ear can hold two earrings in the lobe, and those tend to carry two small portions of potent healing elixirs he learned to make from his mother's brother-in-law. The corners of his eyes are upturned, and his eye teeth are also a bit longer than usual, giving him the appearance of a fox when he laughs.
WEAPONS:  He carries a bow and arrows like his cousin, as well as a Mirkwood dagger.
FACE CLAIM: Egor Chernov
- Protective, Loyal -
Stemming from his own fear of abandonment, he finds himself attached to stragglers and those that seem like outliers. Also, when someone extends kindness towards him, he finds it very difficult, almost impossible, to turn his back on said person.
- Generous -
He's very fond of giving gifts. One of his favorite pastimes is to leave small presents for those he knows without them knowing who the giver was.

- Xenophobic -
He is distrustful of other races, mostly stemming from having rarely interacted with anyone outside of Mirkwood.
- Clingy -
He finds himself easily attaching to older role models, as being responsible for his sisters he gets an overwhelming sense of relief from being able to defer responsibility to someone else. He is, technically, still quite the youth by elven standards.

ASPIRATIONS:  He wants to become a soldier or scout like his father and older brother, but many of those who know him know this isn't the most suitable course for him. His greatest strength lies with the healing arts, and, to a lesser degree, musical pursuits, if only he would accept the two and build upon them with a more-single-mindedness.
FEARS:  He also has a deep fear towards the race of men and death, unable to relate to those who must deal with the concept of mortality on a much more regular basis than elves.
PERSONALITY: He often finds himself sighing that he has little idea of how some elves remained in Middle Earth for near a millennia, as the strangeness of what lies directly outside of the reaches of Mirkwood seem to him an unnecessary tarnish on the civility and otherwise immortality of the elves. He has gained an early sense of weariness of Middle Earth and a great curiosity towards what might await him in Valinor. He is somewhat of a supremacist, unable to reconcile any possible conflicts in the past caused by elves as entirely free from the taint of the influence and actions of men, hobbits, and dwarves.

HISTORY: He was born T.A. 2877 in Mirkwood to Lathariel and Thanastor, their second son, the first of which was Aurelion, who was to him as day is to night. Appearance-wise Laeorn took moreso after his mother (as his brother with the same golden locks, bravery, and brute strength drew more influence from their father), and through her line Laeorn drew interest in the pastimes of his maternal grandparents Ivoron and Laerwen, healing and music, respectively. These interests were also a direct contradiction to Aurelion, and as destiny would have it, Laeorn would find himself struggling against the gentle teasing of his mother and sisters, and even of his father and brother- one particular chiding that stuck with him was his father noting that "if anything were to happen to him and Aurelion, he would find himself sore worried about their mother and sisters". Though an elf, and naturally more gifted in terms of hand-eye coordination and general physical hardiness, Laeorn always harbored a reluctance to harm others, which placed a stopper on his ability to train in swordplay and archery to the fullness required to excel to the point he wished he could, to exist on the same level as protector to those under his care.
He had found himself gradually growing at odds with his brother, who encouraged him to "toughen up", not without good intentions. Laeorn thus has begun to distance himself from the hobbies of his grandparents, trying desperately to go against his own grain in order to prove himself worthy of trust.
YOUR NAME:  Archer
AGE:  23
EXPERIENCE: I loved writing/reading for as long as I could do either of the two. It's quite a solitary sort of hobby so I eventually came to the point of finding folks I could write with from school or on places that tied into other hobbies/fandoms/books and shows I'd liked! It came on and off but I've been writing collaboratively with others since I was in elementary school! I believe A:TLA was the first, on the official Nick forums. Good times!
OTHER CHARACTERS: Don't have at present but I'm considering using Kirsten Stewart for a human very interested in other Middle Earth races. 'O'
CONTACT: Discord is probably best! You can @ me or PM! = D But I might also just be nooting/lurking around the THRP channel as well so you might run into me there.
HOW DID YOU FIND US?:  I got referred by Ari! I met her on a HP RP site, and just so happened to find out she was also a fan of LOTR!
As the door swung open Ainsley couldn't help but flinch. As he peered up at the tall, stately woman through tentative eyes, his shoulders raised and he looked not much unlike a frightened kitten.
"Ainsley... yes... that would be me. Myself." he cleared his throat and calmed a little. The rest of what she said kind of escaped his mind, suddenly he felt self-conscious. Hopefully she wouldn't judge him for showing up, think that he was doing this to get anything, or because he was forced to. He remembered hearing Xing haphazardly mention Ainsley was hard to convince, but Xing would make sure that he'd show up. Ainsley wasn't even doing this for selfish reasons, or because it was expected of him. He genuinely wanted to help brighten someone's day, especially because his own days seem so cloudy and grey as of late. The kids Xing would always go on about, Ainsley felt he could relate to them in an unspoken way even though he'd rarely seen them himself. Stuck in a situation they didn't really have much to do with, if by fixing a garden he could make them see that rainy days weren't all worthless, and that even rain could make something pretty and fragrant and colorful, well, that would make him happy.
"Garden huh. I like those. I can take a look."

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Re: Laeorn
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