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Author Topic: [Hobbit + LotR] Noruiniven  (Read 3509 times)


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« on: November 05, 2014, 06:04:00 AM »


NAME:  Noruiniven
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941): T.A 1941, 1000 years of age
PLACE OF BIRTH:  Lothlorien

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE: Golden haired, a bit darker than normal, often kept neatly braided out of his face, or just tied back in a loose style. 
EYE COLOUR:  Light brown
BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT:  Graceful and fit, Niven stands at 6'2"
OVERALL APPEARANCE: Niven often is seen wearing the Warden attire of Lorien, but only when he's on the job. When he's laid back he likes to wear greens, burn reds and light grays. When he goes hunting, he wears deep greens and browns, even though he doesn't venture from Lothlorien very often.
WEAPONS:  His father's sword from the great wars of the 1st Age which he named Hathelas for the leaf designs on the handle and the way his father wielded it, and a bow his mother commissioned when he was starting. 
FACE CLAIM:  Errol Flynn

STRENGTHS:  Adjility, wit, and has a knack for strategy
WEAKNESSES:  A pretty face, a home cooked meal and nights under the stars
ASPIRATIONS:  To become a March Warden of Lothlorien.
FEARS:  Failure, like most people. He couldn't handle it if he failed the Lord and Lady in a duty that they assigned to him.
PERSONALITY:  Niven has always had a sunny outlook on life. That would probably be because he has never experienced anything other than a good life. He handles conflict well, but if it gets personal you might want to back down. Like every nice person, he has a darker side that tends to hide behind his sunshiney, smiling face. You don't want to access this bit of him, he becomes moody, and broods before someone pushes him too far, but as that doesn't happen very often.

When he's feeling pressured he likes to go beyond the boarder and sit under the stars to think in silence and solitude about, well, everything. His guilty feelings about his lost friend - whom he believes to be dead.
Despite all of this, thought, Niven is often a smiling and witty, acting like he hasn't a care in the world. He likes to play quiet games and read or hunt in his spare time. Conversing with other people who speak his language has never been a problem, but since he doesn't know Westron, conversing with the race of Men will prove a bit difficult. His eager willingness to learn should overcome it, though, he doesn't leave Lothlorien often enough to expand that knowledge. He is gentle and kind.

Experienced with a sword, Niven often goes head to head with his father for practice and for fun. He is devoted to his Lord and Lady, and would never go against their wishes or commands. He admires Celeborn for his lordly manner and demeanor. Lady Galadriel for her wisdom and kindness. He couldn't imagine himself being a guard for any other realm other than Lothlorien and would  defend his territory, Lord, Lady and family with his life.

HISTORY:  Born in 1941 there really wasn't much going on. In the south Calimehtar has been king of Gondor for about five years, and Noruiniven was born to Thordir and Hélil. Thordir, a March Warden of Lothlórien, retired to be with his family, but if his Lord and Lady needed him, he was always right there for them, like he was always there for his son. Thordir loved his son dearly, and would do most anything for him, and in return Niven loved his father more than his mother. Unlike his father, Niven’s mother simply didn't seem to care. This caused Niven to grow cold towards his mother. His father told him that he should respect his mother, and he did as his father told him. Although he gained much of his father’s personality, his father’s parents were often over. Niven’s gentleness came from his grandmother, who taught him to love the beauty of nature. His grandfather was a skilled healer, but now runs his own school to teach healing with his wife.

Healing didn’t interest Niven as much as fighting did! When his father started teaching him to use the sword, he would take his son to the training grounds and it was there that he met his best friend, Elvellon. The two developed such a friendship, which if you didn’t know them well you would think that they were brothers. Always getting into trouble, and rarely ever seen apart, it was only a few years until Elvellon was made part of the guard of Lothlórien. Proud of his best friend, Niven didn’t think he could stand to be separated from his friend. But, every other day, when Elvellon’s work load was light, they would hang out together and get into trouble for some reason or another with Elvellon’s captain. 

Eventually his friend’s work load became so much that the two hardly saw each other except in passing maybe. The last time they actually had some time to catch up with each other, Elvellon seemed distant and different. To Niven it seemed as if his friend had grown cold towards him, and all they would really do was reminisce over tea or wine. It was during one of these times that Elvellon brought up that he was moving up in rank, and would soon be Captain of his own guard, and if Niven was interested in joining that outfit. Eager to be with his friend again, Niven accepted, saying that he was always be there for his friend.

It wasn’t until Niven got into his first real fist fight that Elvellon convinced his Captain to speak to the Lord and Lady about making Niven part of the guard. Elvellon knew that he would not be Niven’s captain, but that might also not be such a bad thing. When Elvellon told Niven about what was going on, and convinced Niven that they would see more of each other this way, and could rebuild their friendship, and maybe be as close as they once had been.

It didn’t really seem like that was going to pan out, though, as Niven joined the guard under a hard Captain who shaped and sculpted him to be the best – apparently the Captain thought he could use a lot of work – and was purposefully hard on Niven. In the passing years Niven worked up through the ranks, learning and growing until he reached the rank of Warden of Lorien.

Niven hasn’t thought much about his best friend. He hasn’t thought much about anyone except the friendships and professional relationships he’s built since being part of the Lord and Lady’s guard. His father, who was very proud of his son, and proud to serve with his son, feels as though he has greatly influenced his son’s life (and he has in ways, but we all know the real reason). Niven’s goal now, is to join his father as a March Warden of Lothlórien. He doesn’t know what has become of Elvellon, and didn’t until Elvellon mysteriously appeared in his border patrol.

Now their relationship is cold, and hard. They treat each other as deserving of their rank. Elvellon has made it clear that he hates Niven, and is jealous of his rank. Every encounter is cold and Niven tries to keep him occupied with border patrols. Then, with absolutely no explanation, Elvellon vanished and Niven has never heard from him again. Niven believes Elvellon to be dead, and so concerns himself with protecting the boarders, and working towards his goal of someday becoming a March Warden like his father.

AGE:  Oh, almost 21
OTHER CHARACTERS:  Oooohhh, quite a few... >.>
CONTACT:  Telepathy always works!
HOW DID YOU FIND US?:  since the beginning of time
Do, a Deer, a female deer, Ra, a drop of golden suuuuun, Me, a name I call myself, Fa, a long, long way to ruuuuun!

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« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2014, 06:35:00 PM »
Apologies for taking so long to get to this, Hades!  Noruiniven is a wonderful addition to your troop of characters and I have no doubt you will have a lot of fun with him. ~

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