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Author Topic: [Hobbit] Kevlat  (Read 2938 times)


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« on: February 17, 2014, 04:43:00 PM »


I know, I know.. he isn't 62 in this image, and I know what this is from. :3

NAME:  Kevlat
NICKNAMES (IF ANY):  too unpleasant to account for.
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941): Old as dirt I mean, we will be using the Anthony Hopkins of about the age of 62 {t.a 2879}
RACE:  Man

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE:  Neatly kept for someone his age. Sometimes it is long, sometimes it is short. As for facial hair, this varies also. As for color, I would say it has faded from a rich youthful brown to aging gray and white with bits of still fading brown here and there, though you can't really see it for the gray/white.
EYE COLOUR:  ... You mean you haven't seen his beautiful blue eyes before? How perfectly pale they can sometimes appear or how intense they become ... and how absolutely betraying of his emotions they can be? Well then, I disown you! D:
BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT:  5'9", Health is slowly declining, though he is very fit and spirited for one his age!
OVERALL APPEARANCE: Well, he dresses for occasion, I'll tell you that much. His wealth allows him to buy expensive fabrics and other such things, and he has done so on occasion. Though I would say that he gravitates towards simpler cloth and prefers to dress himself as a well placed middle-class gentleman. Over the years he has learned that appearance is everything. He likes his boots, don't touch his boots, he works hard to keep his boots clean! (also, don't tear his shirt, there is no telling what he'll do you after a moment of ... unsettling-ly calm pause). But don't let the fact that he could afford better clothing fool you! He takes extra special care of his clothes to keep them looking as brand new as possible. (seriously, it is amazing the lengths he goes to, to keep from having to buy more of something he already has. I will be honest with you, if he did ever replace any clothing material you would never know it, even I don't know it!)   
DISTINGUISHING MARKS:  Perhaps those gorgeous blue eyes? 
WEAPONS:  Sword, whip {for various jobs}, a couple hidden daggers, nothing special or fancy.
FACE CLAIM:  Sir Anthony Hopkins

STRENGTHS: As old as he is, is it possible that he has strengths? Sword play, his eye for pretty things
WEAKNESSES:  Pretty things, young children (he just has a soft spot for them), learning a new language
ASPIRATIONS:  To just live his life and be prepared for when the end comes. Perhaps to even see or find his daughter, though...
FEARS: Meeting his daughter is what frightens him most. His fears are all what ifs. He also fears they are dead, and what he fears more than either of these is going back to prison and not knowing.
PERSONALITY:  Well, besides being impatient, uncooperative, determined and stubborn, he also enjoys a good laugh from time to time. It really depends on his company. If you are an easy going person, he’ll be easy going. Say you are a ‘get down to business’ person, he’ll compensate! There isn’t much that Kevlat will not do (as there is no end to the things he will do!). But you must watch out! The first thing he will put forward is his bitterness. What makes Kevlat so bitter, well you will read about that in his history. But he can leave a sense of bitterness as well, an unsavory aftertaste, you know the sort; whither he gets his way or not. Ha, ha oh goodness. Besides being all that he is also straight forward, blunt if you will, and abrasive. He likes to feel like he is in control at all times, if you don’t give him that he can get very crabby. (well come on, he is an elderly man and slowly realizing that he is no longer capable of doing some of the things he used to!) He is easily frustrated if you try to help him and he’ll not hesitate to bark at or bite you if necessary! He also has his own little line of insults and often talks to himself about seemingly nothing at all. (That is not to say that it is nothing, it is just often not important, do you catch?) He also finds himself complaining about the weather a lot… even on a fine day! He hates the rain, makes his joints stiffen up, and he’s often crabbier than usual. Tempers will flare if you upset him! So try not to upset him, he often says things he doesn’t really mean in the heat of the moment.

(See! I told you it wouldn't take that long, Kevlat! Gosh....)

T.A 2879 was the year that both Kevlat’s parents died. No, his mother did not die in childbirth, thank Eru, but she did die later during the fall of that  year from an internal illness. Kevlar was devastated, broke and had no idea what to do with his child. As much as Kevlar hated to go to his disapproving family, he asked that the now Grandfather to have pity on his son and take him in because he could not afford to care for the child. Indignity settled in the grandfather’s heart and remained there ever after, although out of respect and love for his daughter he took Kevlat in as one of his family on the condition that Kevlar was not permitted to see his son ever again.

And so it was that Kevlat grew up in his Grandfather’s house, never to know who his mother or father ever was except for what his Grandfather and Grandmother told him. For a good majority of his life Kevlat lived as peacefully as he could, learning to walk, talk, read and write. It was about the age of eight that Kevlat discovered his passion for languages and was eager to learn more. But for his social standings he could not fulfill his desire and so looked upon other things to fill his time. It wasn’t until he was eleven that he discovered swordplay and the marvelous sound of blade on blade. The ringing sounding like music to his ears and so another desire filled heart, one that would take him down a long and hard path for the rest of his life.

Now allow me to introduce a man that has exceptional skills with a sword, who was not trained by Elves, who was indeed man but did not come from Rûhn. He was dark skinned, talented and cruel. He came from Harad and had traveled up towards Rûhn escaping an arranged marriage. No, he was not royalty as you would think of arranged marriage, but he was just upper-class enough for an arranged marriage that would bring his family name up there with royalty. His name was Abd-Al-Aziz. He was a big man, intimidating to look upon and could rain down fire and brimstone. The way he carried himself demanded respect and Kevlat was more than willing to give him that. When Aziz noticed Kevlat – more like Kevlat stalked him and begged to be taught after an impressive fight outside of one of the popular taverns near his home – he decided that the ‘scrawny little boy’ would do for an apprentice but he demanded payment for the lessons. When Kevlat revealed that he was poor and could not pay the price that Aziz wanted, Aziz turned him out but not without keeping the lad in mind, Aziz had no real reason to take on an apprentice, he was still young and ‘untouched’ by the sun.

Finally Kevlat’s wish was granted as if by magic. One evening as Kevlat was bringing in the firewood his Grandfather said there was a visitor for him (he seemed particularly bitter about this, and yet there was a spark of excitement there as well) and that he was waiting on (what we will call) the back porch of their small hut. Try to imagine the delight, surprise and nervousness that flooded over Kevlat when he saw the figure of Abd-Al-Aziz standing in the doorway that was much too small for the man. In broken Rûhn Aziz explained that he would take Kevlat in and train him to use the sword. In privet Aziz explained that he would give Kevlat lessons for a small price. Kevlat didn’t care what the price was and he willing accepted the terms. When Aziz saw his eagerness he told the boy to go and pack. Too eager to ask questions the boy took off and packed what he had. If you have read all the way up to this point you would be correct in assuming that Kevlat had been bought because the wicked Grandfather and Grandmother would not let the boy go without a small fee for their troubles in raising and rearing the boy. Aziz paid well.

Now to save you the trouble of reading everything that might have taken place in Kevlat’s life from that moment on. Aziz had become obsessed with smuggling things in out of Rûhn from various places in Middle-Earth. But because Aziz did not want to be directly linked to this band of Smugglers he used Kevlat as a his correspondent and eventually the boy started making money off of what he smuggled and was able to pay Aziz for the sword lessons, decent room and board and eventually he was able to fend for himself, er, in matters of finance and he was quick to pick up many different languages through the years and travel with Aziz. Aziz taught Kevlat how to write, he taught him the language of his people so that Aziz could feel more at home, and in secret Kevlat learned to read, write and speak in the following:
*Sindarin, *Westron, *Rohirric, *Easterling, *Haradrim, Avarin, Dunlending, Lossoth, Drûg, Adûnaic

Ah. Such a talent for languages, it is a shame that he went into smuggling instead of taking the money he either won or earned from it to further his studies and become a language teacher, and probably one of the best. But, Aziz would never have approved, and although Kevlat learned much from his mentor (like keeping a clean room, clean clothes, mending his own clothes and buying necessity and so forth) he did not learn love or passion. So when his eyes fell upon Aaliyah.

Well, I don’t think I have to tell you what happened next. Kevlat fell in love and he was about twenty-five. The first time he saw Aaliyah he had been in some small town in Rûhn taking a Holiday. She was browsing among the flowers and he happened to be passing by when he noticed her. Her long dark hair, her slender frame and the graceful manor which she conducted herself was … breathtaking. Ha, now let me just say that is what every young man thought of Aaliyah and no one was good enough for her father even though she was secretly already seeing someone and they had plans to run off together and merry, live a full life, blah, blah, blah. But Kevlat made it a point to find out who she was, which was easy. When he found out that it was up to her father, he made to directly impress and keep trust between her father and himself. Treating it like he did his trade, was extremely simple and he was well learned. But when it came down to making love… We can just go ahead and imagine the worst possible at first and then gradually getting better as he learned. Aziz was getting old, and hardly paid any attention to Kevlat, except to keep up the sword practice and for Kevlat to take care of the book-keeping (Finances), so it was easy to sneak away and make the journey to visit the lovely Aaliyah.

After almost after a year of trying to win her father’s approval and Aaliyah’s affections won! Unfortunately the latter is so far from the truth that it would later prove to be his downfall. The two were wed and lived a contented life. Kevlat left Aziz, but did not leave the smuggling business. By now he was twenty-six and capable of supporting himself and a family. If there was one thing that Aaliyah truly loved about her husband, it was the money. Money that he allowed her to squander on all sorts of things because he loved her so, she never asked where the money came from and if Kevlat had to leave for an extended period of time she didn’t squawk about it, which ultimately worried him. It worried him so much that he ended up cutting his away time in half so he could be with his wife, which she seemed upset about, but Kevlat had his reasons and started hiring a sword to help him with his long distance business.

Three years after their marriage Aaliyah gave birth to a beautiful daughter, one that Kevlat knew was his and no other man’s. It was six months later that his wife found out that her husband was a smuggler and automatically turned him in to the authorities. Not a lot of evidence was brought forth and the sentence was life. I will not go into detail of how many years he spent before he… escaped, and I will not go into detail about that either. It is something he does not want me to divulge to you. He did spend two decades in prison making him somewhere around forty or so, but that is just a guesstimate.

So! He escaped prison, and then tried looking for his wife and child. When he did not find them back at their home, he tried searching in the town and with no luck left, taking a strange bitterness with him. With everything gone he had to reinvent himself to get back into the swing of smuggling. A swing that would take him an entire decade running between Gondor, Rohan and sending other people to do work in Rûhn, which brought him back on top of things and was he was quickly back on top again, or at least as on top as he dared to make himself.

Fifty-Five years of age and he found himself a little less able to travel extremely long distances and came into possession of a young puppy which he named Gilraen. She was faithful to her master, and he treated her with a gentle hand. But, he knew he was growing too old be doing his running around,  so he hired the lovely Vashti Ada Tohrien. Unsure of how well she would do the job, he kept himself reserved and disapproving for a while, yet he still offered her more and more jobs, expected a full report and still came out rather disapproving. Ha, yes when her back was turned he would smile, but when she would turn around it would be gone. Eventually their relationship grew to what it is today. Kevlat looks at Vashti as the daughter he never had the chance to see grow up, and he cherishes this relationship.

At the current age of sixty-two, Kevlat stays between the sea and Rohan, only sometimes venturing as far as Esgaroth with his trusty companion Gilraen, keeping his trade, and taking up a couple honest trades (as a pottery seller and brooms seller)… while … smuggling other various things as well. Oh, his languages? Well yes, during his time in prison he managed to keep in practice of his Sindarin and his native tongue, his Rohirric is a bit exhausted but he has picked it back up and is able to hold a decent conversation. He has kept in practice of his Dunlending writing, he hasn’t spoken Haradrim in a very long time, but it is a fresh in his mind as his native language and Sindarin.

Well, I cannot think of anything else to say about him, all else will have to be revealed when I finally get him out on the board!

AGE:  Older than you think.
OTHER CHARACTERS:  .... well if you don't know by now just go look at some of my other applications.
CONTACT:  PM, Cbox.. sometimes AIM.
HOW DID YOU FIND US?: Telepathic powers. {What, you didn't know I had those?}
Those with a * by it are what he speaks, writes and reads in most often because of his trade and profession in the Smuggling business. Those that do not have a * by them are those he speaks, reads and writes in less often unless the occasion calls for it and because he is not well versed in them, and they can cause him trouble because he does not always come across clearly!

Upon reading up on the languages posted by Reis in the want ad I have found that Sindarin & Avarin are quite different, and Avarin is not to be confused with Sindarin. It is comes in three different dialects which Kevlat would never really put much focus on when he can just speak Sindarin and be done with it! BUT, to save face for those who might speak Avarin over Sindarin he know more South Avarin than the other Avarin's, if that makes sense? His default language is Sindarin always, though. (When it comes to trading, of course Sindarin would not be his native language).

Lossoth are a people and they are what we might consider… Arctic living people but Kevlat does not deal in Furs unless it is in the Fall and Winter and thus is not fluent in the language of Lossoth.) Drûg ... that is a most complicated thing, and although he has tried his hand at it, it is easier to write than to speak and understand what you are saying! I would also most say that he doesn't bother with either of these Languages.

Might I just add that Kevlat has always had a desire to learn languages from a young age. He by no means knows all the languages in Middle-Earth and has no ambition to do so.

It pans out as so: Sindarin, Westrong & Rohirric for Rohan, those who speak in the common language and Gondor {which is Sindarin}, Easterling for his many contacts out that way and Haradrim for Aziz. Dunlending for writing as something fun to do.

I update with this that way if anyone on the Staff has a problem with any of this it might edited now!

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Excellent character as always, Hades! also, Anthony Hopkins as Zorro for the win!


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