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Author Topic: [Hobbit] Fengel  (Read 2968 times)


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« on: April 25, 2014, 09:47:00 PM »


NAME: Fengel 
NICKNAMES (IF ANY): King of Rohan and stone heart ( never called that in his own presence ) 
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941): 2870 ( 71 )

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE: His hair is gray, previously black, put back and cut slightly beneath his shoulders. His facial hair is of the same color and always cut short. 


BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT: Fengel is now an old man, so certainly he is not as fit or as slender as he used to be in the past. He can though still ride his horse and fight well enough for his age if need be. He isn't dependent or frail in his old age at all. Sure he has some fat going about, but all in all he is still pretty much a physically capable man, who stands at 5'11". 

OVERALL APPEARANCE: Fengel accepts nothing but the finest of pretty much everything around him and that includes what he wears certainly. He was taught to generate and control wealth from an early age and he knows how to deal with it better than most think he does. His clothes are usually of dark color, being black or shades of brown and gray with golden or silvery details, as he is himself a vastly unhappy, lonely and damaged person. 

DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Fengel has a very distinguishable scar, which runs from the outer corner of his left eye down to his beard, gracing his left cheek with a deep, yet thin line. He was granted this scar when he was a teenager and it has taught him much. One could say that scar is the remainder that once he had a beating heart and it nearly killed him.

WEAPONS: Fengel was granted by his father and then taught to wield many weapons in his youth, being the youngest son of his parents and that meant he'd be mainly a high commander of Rohan and for that placement he was generally brought up. He is particularly strong with his broad sword and knives, richly ornate with horse oriented designs in gold and silver in both cases, and spears. He is also generally skilled with a bow, but it has never been his best weapon and he didn't generally take one unless strategy dictated its use was paramount in that particular battlefield situation. 

FACE CLAIM: Jeremy Irons 

Note: I wasn't sure on how to go about this as I've seen it done in a number of different ways in different applications, so I decided to go with what Guiga suggested for a canon character. If more, or less, is needed or changes are needed, I can change. No problem.


- Intelligence: Fengel is a highly intelligent man, who has seen many years and knows how to manipulate others better than most think he does. He understood a long time ago that the perception of truth is more important than the truth and he has since played a mind game with his wannabe contenders in which he always came up on top in the end.

- Military Skills: No one can deny that Fengel is and has always been an ace strategist having been raised with that in mind before he became the only game in town for the crown's succession. He has certainly managed to hold and even slightly expand the borders of Rohan during his reign, bringing security and wealth to the kingdom, against Orc packs and the Dunlendings alike. In many situations he has entered conflict with his military chiefs as not always he chooses to do the usual when addressing border invasions, but his strategy has been the winner so far against all foes and that is one of the areas where his reign has certainly succeeded spectacularly so far. 

- General Perception: Fengel is way more perceptive than most would grant him. His generally cold and penetrating eyes are always observing everything around him. Very little, if anything, escapes his wit. If you think you have surprised him, you're really just fooling yourself. Most likely he has seen your intentions build up a long time ago and either came to terms with accepting it or is ready to crush you when you move in a way you won't see it coming until it is too late.

- Chameleonic Nature: Due to the fact no one really knows where Fengel's true heart lies, not even his closest family, sometimes he seems to show a chameleonic nature. In truth he is just acting according to his actual inner beliefs and sometimes they do go against the image his subjects have made of him. That generates the dumbfounded receptions some of his past actions received. He has extensively used this to his advantage throughout his life, specially to stun his opponents.


- Lack of Charisma: Fengel is certainly not a charismatic leader, he has serious issues relating to his subjects or mingling with them or anyone in general and that is a two way road. They also don't relate much to him, perceiving their king as greedy and uncaring. Many of the troubles of his reign were stemmed from this particular flaw of his. Fengel simply does not know how to sell himself and his strengths to his subjects, so they only perceive the consequences of his weaknesses.

- Dealing with Emotions: Fengel is definitely a logical man. He has little ability with people beyond observing and predicting their behavior, which are actions dictated by thought and observation. He has lost long ago, together with his brothers, his ability to relate in an emotional level. He really doesn't seem to care about anyone with his general cold and analytic behavior. The truth though runs deeper and the king is able and does love his family and his land. He just simply can't find a way to let others know it. 

- Misinterpretation from Others: The fact people generally don't get who the king really is also generated problems in the form of skirmishes between himself and others, especially his son Thengel and some of his own commanders. It is also one of the main reasons of his solitude.

- Ruthlessness: Fengel does not accept and has little tolerance of betrayal and incompetence. Once he finds out you fit either category he can be very unpitying in dealing out his retribution for your actions. His general lack of empathy helps in making the Rohan king a scary entity when he looses control over his logical and orderly mind.

ASPIRATIONS: Fengel's greatest unconscious desire is that someday before he dies someone will manage to reach him again. His greatest conscious desires are to protect the land of Rohan against invasions effectively, in which he has been succeeding so far, and administrate the growth and wealth of Rohan for future generations. Yes, he is a great generator and accumulator of wealth, reason why most of his family and subjects think he only cares about that.
FEARS: Fengel's greatest fear is dying alone and misunderstood. Second to that is failing in what he sees as his duty as the king, which is protect the lands and generate wealth for Rohan in his point of view.

PERSONALITY: Fengel has his own set of morals that he'll follow to whatever end. Be sure to hear what he says because he is a man of his word. For good or evil, what he says he'll do just afterwards or soon later. He suffered a great trauma when his brothers died and he started to be trained to inherit the crown sort of out of nowhere. That broke something inside him long ago because he wasn't given the space to deal with his pain before a lot of responsibility was trusted upon him. The important wasn't to feel, the important was to provide. That was what stayed with him from his teenage years.

He is a man who excelled in his job when it comes to providing either safety or greater wealth to Rohan, but he still struggles with the emotions he could never deal with. Fengel simply decided that they get in his way and tried his best to sort of shut them out throughout his life. After all what is the point of being all emotional about things? It doesn't solve any problems nor it gives what is needed from him in his point of view. That has turned the king into a very lonely person and he deals with the untoward aspects of his life reasoning through it all since an early age and has become quite an user of logic as a resort to either explain or decide his actions.

Fengel is a highly pragmatic man, who will rarely choose to do something that won't bring about a tangible result or one he can see becoming tangible in the long run. Though he has had his life pretty much decided for him in many aspects, he also did become someone able to build his own paths and he can turn many disadvantageous situations to his advantage just by the use of his wit and the fact he understands very well the concept that perception sometimes can overwhelm reality.

The king is always taking notice of his environment. His often cold and penetrating hazel eyes are always looking for things that might not be fitting. He is also someone very subtle, his thoughts and feelings always hidden and rarely showing on his countenance. This gives the impression he is always unavailable and aloof more concerned with material things than people. To truly understand Fengel one must pay attention to the little details in his behavior and unfortunately rarely someone took their time to do this.

Fengel has learnt how to keep his cool under pressure. Be warned though, he has a lot of bottled up anger inside because of his leftover emotional baggage and when it does come out, no one would want to be in his vicinity or be the recipient of such unbound wrath. He is often grim with very rare moments of levity. He can be stern and unpitying, but ultimately quite just in his own way. Once an agreement is achieved with another land or person, he'll keep himself to his end if you do the same on your end, such as the Oath of Cirion which he would respect especially now that his only son lives in Gondor.

There are only two things he won't tolerate in himself or others: incompetence and betrayal. If he deems you incompetent, he'll use his intelligence and other skills to overcome you. If he deems you a traitor though, he'll just let all the anger inside flow unchecked towards you. One thing is certain about this highly misunderstood man, he is extremely duty bound and worries about his people in the ways he is still able.

HISTORY: Fengel's life began as one might expect. His parents met, married and started to have their children. He was the last of four children to be born to king Folcwine and his wife. He grew up being cared for and tended to his every need. Soon he was riding ponies around Edoras and he was carefree and happy as any child would be in times of relative peace. He aged and showed his sharp intellect as he began to be trained as a chief military commander to aid his older twin brothers and the future king between them in guarding the lands against their enemies. His father gave him the sword he still carries to this day when he gained enough aptitude at wielding that kind of weapon. That was close to when his life completely changed due to tragedy and that completely normal boy started to become this damaged man he is now.

By the year 2885 of the Third Age, when Fengel was just 15, his twin brothers Folcred and Fastred were killed in the Battle of the Crossings of Poros while helping Gondor to defend Ithilien. Soon after a lot of responsibility fell on his back as he was the only surviving son of the Rohirrim royal family and that made him the automatic heir to the throne of Rohan. Something he had never expected and had never wanted until then. He was already a very good thinker and was showing great promise as a military strategist, but now his mind had to be completely reformed all of a sudden. Other skills were also needed from him as the only heir and his father started to prepare him for his new future place in the realm.

Fengel never had the necessary time to deal with the loss of his siblings. He remembers though that Gondor payed their family 30.000 gold coins as compensation for their loss as if it could heal their open wounds. He was immediately thrust into new teachings in a fast succession and he used his intellect to cope with the change and to learn what was expected from him by his father. Time seemed to be of essence to Folcwine for reasons his son never cared to find out then or later. Fengel knew he had to comply and he knew he had to deliver. All else didn't matter much to the teenager. In his still young mind, he wanted to make his father happy so he wouldn't be so sad because of his brothers' loss. His mother and sister just cried all the time being not helpful at all in his point of view. That was when Fengel started to get somewhat detached from his emotions. The only thing he truly had to do was go forward and deliver to expectations.

At the age of 16, he started riding with Folcwine to understand more about the land and its intricacies more than just the placement of the Éoreds all across the realm. In one of these occasions they were at the borders when a Dunlending attack happened and Fengel fought bravely to defend a Rohirrim child from the hillmen. That was his first full scale battle. He was still young and was bested by his older and stronger foe, who decided to mark his face with the scar he still carries before finishing him. Folcwine killed his son's attacker before Fengel could be himself killed, but the scene stayed with him for the rest of his life. He had to be more careful and less taken by anger and emotion when in a battle. Lesson learned.

As they arrived back at the halls of Meduseld after such event, his father went back to the borders to deal away with the invaders while his older sister and mother took care of him as he had received some other injuries and his face wound infected somewhat. His mother and sister were always bringing him things to make him feel better and no one actually sat by his bedside as he recovered because both of them feared the pain of one more death in the family. Such turn of events also stayed with him. Soon he began to understand life in a corrupted way. The most important for a king was delivering to the people what they needed: protection and wealth. A teaching from his father. Show love equaled to give people things they needed. A teaching from his mother and sister as they tended to his ailing self.

After he recovered, he went back to traveling with his father and then started taking more responsibilities for himself inside the realm. He got acquainted with the paths of commerce and the farming lands and everything that brought wealth to the realm of Rohan as his older brothers had before him. Some say that was when his greed started, when he understood where the gold was coming from, how and why. Things are more complicated than that though. Fengel's intellect did find the roads to riches and soon he had ideas on how to increase them, but for years he let that aside in his plans. It was still more important to him to assist his father in whatever he requested. That included more skirmishes with the Dunlendings and then Orcs too as time passed.

By the time he was about 28, Fengel was already a cold and analytical man who took losses by numbers and strategical value as if it didn't mean dead people were on their wake. He grew distant from others, including his mother and sister, as he began to see himself as undeserving of their care because of his actions towards some facts of life like death and loss. He, by then, assisted the elderly Folcwine in pretty much everything and was practically the de facto king of Rohan. He was already a great administrator and everything ran smoothly as most still thought the orders were coming from the king through Fengel. This was when he started to enter conflict with his father's marshals for the first time. He disagreed on how the border situations were being taken care of and he wanted to change the movement of the cavalry in the northern borders. Everyone knew that wasn't how Folcwine thought and that was the prince trying to force his way into the affairs of state. Fengel smartly turned it into a challenge and feeling belittled if they didn't take the challenge made, the marshals implemented his ordered placement of military resources. It did help in crushing the outer attacks in a faster pace. Fengel's first victory was gained.

When the prince was 31 years old, his elderly father convinced him to take a wife for himself. Fengel was no psychologically dissociated man, just emotionally detached. He knew for a fact he was neither husband nor father material, but he had his duties towards Rohan and he always took those seriously. So he traveled to Gondor in search of a suitable woman to be his future queen. He was only sure of one thing. She couldn't be a whiny thing that would harass him with every single nonsense in the book. He knew he wouldn't have the patience for such a woman and the marriage would finish rather abruptly due to her mental incompetence. Fengel wanted a smart companion who was independent in a respectful to his authority way. That was the first time he surprised pretty much everyone as he didn't choose a wife from a rich Gondorian family. By the contrary, his chosen one was rather low class in comparison to what he was expected to choose according to some wicked mouths. Though his bride was pretty much everything his logical mind wanted in a woman and she had a nice lineage to herself all things considered. She was just perfect in every way in his point of view, including the fact she was 8 years his junior and very capable of birthing his children.

His marriage was more a political treaty than an act of love. Fengel always respected his wife and her intelligence, but he never really loved her in his opinion. They talked and shared thoughts with respect towards each other, but he always seemed to spend time with her more out of a sense of duty than for his own personal pleasure. That encompassed all the sides of their relationship. He did provide and was present as was expected of him and soon their children began to come by the time he became king in the year 2903 of the Third Age. Again he proved himself right when he told his father he was himself no father material. It isn't that Fengel doesn't love his children. He does. He simply can't understand anymore what that means, get in contact with it and more importantly show it in a way they understand beyond doubt. So he did what he remembered from his own youth, he gave them things like his mother had done to him as he ailed. Nothing ever lacked his children, except outward demonstrations of love from their father. He soon noticed he would fail as a parent, yet he wanted the best for his children. So he did what best he could for them and chose as their maids, for the girls, and guardian, for Thengel, the best amongst his servants. People who could really, together with their mother, make of his children everything of good they could be.

When he rose to the throne Fengel also started to rule as he thought would be best and did break some of the old practices his father had used during his reign. It wasn't out of a need to show authority. Fengel is a very self-assured man in his own way. He feels no need to reinforce his legitimacy as king. He did so out of logical reasons to increase the efficiency of the kingdom to deal with Orc and Dunlending threats and to increase its wealth. One of the practices he ordered implemented was that 1% of everything produced in Rohan should come to Edoras. That started the amalgamation of wealth in the capital city of Rohan, but that was also a measure that the entire realm was becoming wealthier. The only difference is that in a more confined space such increased richness was more obvious. He did so in order to exactly gauge that growth. With this began the people's vision of him as a greedy man. Fengel could no longer care about what others thought of him. The only thing that truly mattered to him was what he had been taught was important for a king, which was to protect and provide.

It is true that Fengel married off both his sister and his daughters to wealthy men even though they weren't in love with them. He did so to guarantee they would continue to be tended to their every need and their way of life wouldn't diminish because they left the halls of Meduseld. Fengel does not consider love to be important because he doesn't know what that is anymore in a conscious way. He believes anyone can build a harmonious relationship with a spouse as time goes by as he did with his own wife, mainly because she was smart enough and took the time needed to observe the details in his behavior and really get him for who he is. They were certainly never miserable at each other's side, they just were never fiery either. To tell the truth, Fengel grew close enough to his wife throughout the years that he did miss something when she died a little before he and his son Thengel also broke apart.

Such an event happened when his son was 18 years old, which means becoming of age. They had a massive disagreement about many subjects and what disappointed Fengel wasn't the fact his son was disagreeing with him, that would be an emotional reaction. He was more than capable to logically show the right in his thoughts to his son if need be so he stopped misunderstanding things. What he couldn't accept was the fact Thengel was getting everything wrong! This happened due to a total lack of close connection between father and son in such a way that the general point of view also poisoned his son's young mind. That was for the king a failure in perception and thought. Such worried him a great deal, especially considering he was beginning to sense untoward things steering all around him. They had to be sharp or the royal house of Rohan would fail and collapse. He couldn't allow that to happen after doing so much. He just couldn't see his son dead, so it was best that he left for his own safety. He made that decision on the spot he stood in a split second and proceeded to make it be.

Fengel feigned losing his mind and then slapped his son. That is a regret he has kept for himself, that his son left in such disharmonious way, but it served its purpose at the time. He still remembered how he got that scar of his face and saw in that moment his son going down that same path. A young man overridden and blinded by his emotions. It simply couldn't end well and he couldn't loose his only son to a death caused by something stupid. The predicted happened and Thengel left Rohan with his guardian Haleth, who was someone the king trusted to defend his son with his life if need be. That brought the king some sense of calm to deal with the troubles he would have to deal knowing Thengel would be kept safe elsewhere. He was aware of every step they gave even after they crossed the border into Gondor. Fengel took his time as a young man to build his connections and he does know many a person in Gondor. What happens to his son is not unknown to him, but he also won't ask for him to return nor try to convince him to do so. Actually he won't even talk to him until his return would be safe. If his son can ever forgive him for his gesture that is also left for the future to show.

Right now king Fengel is mostly surrounded by people he doesn't trust, except for a couple family members who still dwell in the halls of Meduseld. He knows he has allies throughout the lands of Rohan though and will know how to call upon them when needed. Right now he just observes to strike his enemies and the traitors that might wish to help them at the proper time without having to worry about protecting anyone but himself mostly.

AGE: 36
COUNTRY: Brazil 
EXPERIENCE: Zero. Zilch. Nada. Though I think I am literate enough in English to try it out and I love Tolkien's work for years enough to want to try it out.
CONTACT: In site means or e-mail.
HOW DID YOU FIND US?: Hearing about this site every other day for close to an year now. I am the wife of Guiga. So if I don't do well in this writing endeavor, blame him for convincing me to come!
Fengel was dwelling in his halls after a closed meeting with his closest advisor. Thoughts were inhabiting his mind though that had nothing to do with matters of State. It had been at least three months when the last letter from Gondor had arrived. The carrier of news about his son was a merchant who the king had known for a long time and whom he knew was loyal to him. So being he knew the information would be true if it came from him. No sign of the man for too long. Fengel was starting to accept the thought that he had been most likely killed en route by Orcs or worse, traitors. The king was no fool and he knew many were unpleased in their ignorance of his true mind and intentions. Sure others would know how to pray over such misconception. That was the basic reason why he had to wait for news on his son.

Someone entered the halls and it wasn't the merchant Fengel wanted to see. It was another man most likely pretending to be one. Something was off with his figure and such a role and the king's senses immediately heightened in order to account for his own safety. He talked to the man absently, seemingly falling pray to his words of trade and bringing riches to Meduseld. He offered the other a drink to seal their deal and for a moment turned his back to him. Fengel closed his eyes as he knew from his military training that it would heighten his hearing and he heard steps behind him. Opening his eyes, he used one of the golden plates hanged at the walls to see behind himself. His reasoning before had been right. That man was no merchant. He was a mercenary who had come to kill him. Seemingly unaware, he continued to pour the liquid into a golden cup until his wannabe attacker got close enough.

The king's hands were still sufficiently agile in his old age to, after turning fast on his heels, spill the wine into the eyes of his assailant and then coldly pierce his own ornate dagger, which he kept on himself all the time now, granted to him by his father when he got married, into the other's chest and piercing his heart before he could finish his own attack. Soon the mercenary was falling on the floor, a lifeless heap, and Fengel couldn't care less. It wasn't the first time someone had tried to finish his life, but this one had gotten a little too close. Maybe he should pay more attention on those closer to him such as his new advisor. He wasn't someone he knew for a long time. He wasn't sure where his loyalties lied.

Paranoia is an emotional state of irrational fear and it didn't suit the Rohan king at all. He didn't fear everyone around him, he only distrusted most of them due to a lack of logical grounds to grant them such commodity. Trust was earned through actions in his point of view and he wasn't one to give his freely or without much thought and previous observation. That was exactly the state of general affairs in the halls of Meduseld. Watch the king did for any sign of treason until one proved their loyalty and many did pass the test of Fengel's ever observing eyes.

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« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2014, 07:16:00 PM »
Oh Hera, you have worked magic with Fengel's application!  Not only have you coloured in his history beautifully, but you have given his personality and character real depth.  I look forward to writing with you! :)

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