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Author Topic: [Hobbit] Milo Hayward  (Read 3483 times)

Milo Hayward

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Milo Hayward
« on: August 17, 2014, 05:59:00 PM »


NAME:  Milo Hayward
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941): 2920/2910, 31!
PLACE OF BIRTH: East Farthing!
RACE:  Hobbit

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE: Dark, almost black hair but not quite. It is a very dark shade of brown and has a natural wave  to it, and the curls are ridiculous on a good day, and a short mustache to match (just something he's trying out!).
EYE COLOUR: Is is strange, large, dark blue eyes, of course this color can change depending on his mood, but they are mostly dark.
BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT:  Well, while he isn't the thinnest Hobbit in the Shire, he's not the fattest either. He falls somewhere between a pumpkin and a watermelon (the big ones). As for height he stands just two inches shy of 4'0"
OVERALL APPEARANCE: In general? The one thing that makes him distinct in appearance is the bowler hat he wears all the time! (well almost all the time). His clothes are that of someone of middle class. He wears his father's old coat and trousers (since they're the same height). His shirts are not silk, but cotton. For work on the farm he wears a short sleeved shirts and comfortable pants to watch the sheep in and he also has a special straw hat he likes to wear and a shepherds hook. 
DISTINGUISHING MARKS:  No, no distinguishing marks on this one, sorry.
WEAPONS: Scissors, broom and a shepherds hook!
FACE CLAIM:  Charlie Chaplin!

STRENGTHS:  Shepherding, being a barber, eating...
WEAKNESSES:  A good smoke, pick-nicks and humor!
ASPIRATIONS:  To work up the courage to talk to his crush.     
FEARS: Not being noticed, eventually, but the girl he thinks he loves, and losing the sheep to wolves or something more dangerous and being unable to stop it.
PERSONALITY:  Oh like any other Hobbit, Milo is a proper Hobbit. He likes to have his tea at a certain time, and his toast toasted just the way he likes it. He’s gentle and sweet, not really prone to anger – and when he is its sort of a confusing display of “I don’t want to be angry yet I am angry but I don’t want to be angry I’m going to kick this bucket for no reason! OUCH!!” At times his movements can be smooth and confident, and at others jerky and unsure. (it really depends on his mood that day). When it comes to seeing his emotions, they are as clear as a bright, cloudless day! Nothing could missed unless you’re not looking at him. From his face to his hands that can’t seem to keep still unless they are in his pockets.

Depression isn’t something Milo is familiar with, but he can often appear to be sad when he’s alone. He doesn’t like to be alone. He feels he has to be in constant company otherwise he finds himself day dreaming a little too often. Busy! That’s way he likes his life. If he isn’t busy he isn’t happy. As a Hobbit he’s quite content with staying in the shire and not venturing out too far beyond it. (In fact he’s never been beyond Hobbiton and the border of Michael Delving)

For someone who doesn’t take the time to get into trouble, he seems to find himself constantly on the watch of law. When he looks at himself in a mirror he figures he just has one of those faces that looks like trouble. What was it with people and over reacting whenever he bumped into them? A question that shall never be quite answered, he fears.

Day dreaming… I did mention that. Milo is a day dreamer! He feels he always has been. On slow days in the Barber shop he’ll spend time just talking to himself about nothing at all, or imagining customers coming in and just carrying on about his business. He is not without imagination! A dancer, though, he could be! The Hobbit loves a good party, and he loves to attend them just like the next Hobbit (Unless the next Hobbit happens to be someone who doesn’t like parties, then the Hobbit after that. And if that is not the case, then he’s the only Hobbit who loves a good party. He finds himself alright with that, though)

Shy, very shy! Though not as shy as it appears. He’s just flustered sometimes. Quiet and always keeping to himself, Milo might like company, but that doesn’t mean he likes to talk. Even though he does. It’s complicated! Ha. He’ll talk about anything, really, he just thinks he doesn’t talk as much as he actually does. Funny how that works, right? A quiet man my foot! He has a soft voice, though! Except when he gets angry, and then the bucket kicking begins.

HISTORY: Milo Hayward was born to Melilot and Ponto Hayward in the year 2906, making him about thirty-five years of age now. When Milo was born, he was named after Melilot’s father, Milo Smallburrow – a bread baker in Hobbiton. Milo’s father is a sheep herder of the East Farthing. Growing up Milo was always outside tending to the sheep. He loved lambs the best and often grew attached to them. While he was young, he went on many adventures within the shire! Though he never ventured beyond the borders of the East Farthing. His friends would join him, Milo always had a friend or two that would join him on his adventures. Eventually, Milo’s mother – who encouraged him to learn about their world, but to never wander beyond the Shire! – started to pack lunch basket for him and his friend. This exploration persisted until Milo’s father started teaching him how to sheer the sheep.

Milo’s time was no occupied with sheering sheep and taking it into Hobbiton to sell it to the yarn spinners and cloth makers in town. Of course with three or four other families to contend with, Milo learned that he had to get there early to sell to anyone! So that is what he did until he turned twenty. Aside from selling wool, Milo took to helping his farming neighbors when they were shorthanded, taking no payment unless they insisted he take it. His exploring turned to picnicking on Saturday and Sunday afternoons and sometimes evenings.

When Milo turned twenty, he was approached by the Hobbiton Barber, Hobson Rumble by name, and hired to work for him. It started by sweeping the floor and being cashier. A few months of this and the Barber took Milo under his wing as an apprentice, teaching him to trim, shave and other fancy stuff that Milo never thought he would end up doing. Mr. Rumble was up in age and looking for someone to take his place as Barber. His son had gone off to Bree to make something of himself (against the family’s wishes) and Mr. Rumble just knew that Milo would be just the person to take his place. Ever since then Milo has worked as under-barber, peacefully, never getting into trouble.

A decade and two years before his thirty-fifth birthday later found Milo in pleasant company in a tavern. He had just gotten off work at Mr. Rumbles and went out, after great persuasion from his friends, when he fell in love that night. He hadn’t had any drinks yet, so he knew he wasn’t under the influence of alcahol, and it had to be something else. Her brunette hair and fair face might have been what drew him to her, but it was probably her laugh the most, and those beautiful brown eyes.

Later that night, Milo went home in a daze and decided that he would try to court the young lady… after he found out her name. He sent on of his friends to the tavern to find out. Poppy Noakes. He liked the sound. From afar he watched her come and go, and found himself hopping to run into her at market, or something. He’s still adoring her from afar. And he still works under Mr. Rumble as a barber. He works for his father as a sheep herder, and still helps the neighbors. Etc. etc.

Not much has changed since.

YOUR NAME:  Hades!
AGE:  20! I know, I'm almost 21 now... hard to believe.
EXPERIENCE: Nearly a lot of years.
OTHER CHARACTERS:  Other characters indeed! Everett pushed me ever so hard to post this one that he got Milo to begin pushing me too! *shakes fist as is defeated after three days of holding back*
CONTACT:  Oh any old way! ^^
HOW DID YOU FIND US?:  That is irr-elephant!
Na-na, na-na, boo-boo!

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Milo Hayward
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2014, 03:48:00 AM »
He's brilliant as ever, Hades! I do so hope that one day Miss Poppy Noakes realizes his feelings and responds in kind!


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