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Author Topic: [Hobbit] Bard, The Bowman  (Read 3722 times)


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Bard, The Bowman
« on: January 13, 2014, 11:50:00 PM »


NAME: Bard  
NICKNAMES (IF ANY): Da, the bowman, that troublemaker  
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941): T.A. 2902 (39)
PLACE OF BIRTH: Esgaroth (Laketown)  
GENDER: Male  

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE: Bard's hair is a shade of dark brown with strands of white hair beginning to appear at his temples. He usually pulls back the forward part of his hair at his temples and tie it at the back of his head with a leather band or a small braid. That keeps his shoulder length, wavy hair always away from his eyes.  


BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT: Bard is tall and well built, if not a bit thin due to his family's financial conditions and taking only the bare needed to survive when food is scarce in the winter. So his flesh is nearly pure muscles with very little fat intertwined. His work as a bargeman / fisherman also helps in keeping him fit due to the physical exertion it requires. He is also adequately strong to handle the longbow which is his weapon of choice.  

OVERALL APPEARANCE: Bard is always seen wearing worn off clothes that have seen many years of use, but are well kept nonetheless. One looks upon him and can immediately understand that he isn't very moneyed, but he holds himself with great dignity and self respect. There is something noble about him that though hidden by his outer poor exterior does show clearly in his demeanor.  

DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Bard has many callus in his hands, granted to him by his craft as a bargeman / fisherman and by handling his bow too. Also due to be a descendant from the Men of Dale, he is able to understand bird language, which is pretty distinguishing in itself.

WEAPONS: Bard carries two mid-long knives, one on each of his boots, he uses most often as utility tools in his fisherman craft other than as weapons, but he is capable of using them as such too. His weapon of choice is the longbow he carries with a quiver of arrows made by himself.  

FACE CLAIM: Luke Evans  


-Archery: Bard is undoubtedly the best archer in Esgaroth, even if some people still have the courage to mock his very deadly aim with his longbow. He prides himself in having lost nearly none of the targets he set his eyes upon after entering adulthood. His archery skills are possibly on par with the best amongst the Dúnedain rangers too. 

-Loyalty: Bard is a very loyal and honorable man. Once you've gained his respect, it's likely to be yours for life. He finds it hard to disconnect from someone to whom he has given his word. He thinks it is dishonorable to break any vow made.

-Leadership: Bard is a natural leader who leads through example. He cares about the wellbeing of the people of Esgaroth and will speak and act in their behalf when he thinks they are taking too much punishment from the Master or are otherwise in danger due to other matters. This is why the Master of Laketown thinks Bard to be the leader of insurgents.

Bard actually cares more about others than he does himself, specially his family, and he'd make any kind of sacrifice needed for the wellbeing of his children and nephew. He also grants food for free to more needy families than his own when he can find an extra supply in the form of fish or hunted game. He is a man who knows how to share what is his with others and does so freely when his own situation allows for it. 


-Family: Bard is very connected to his family. He'd do anything for them, even things that go against his morals, such as smuggling goods into the town with his barge. His children and his nephew are his greatest weakness and the reason why he doesn't confront the Master of Laketown more than he already does. He fears lacking them his presence if he is sentenced to prison and so he holds himself.

-Outspoken: Bard is not someone who would ever choose to keep his thoughts to himself when something wrong or dangerous is happening around him. He will complain about it as is his right and he will do so with great honesty in his words. He is not afraid to say the truths others try to hide even when it would be wise to do so.

-Overprotectiveness: Bard can be a little overprotective of his children and nephew and such behavior has placed him in trouble on occasion. He'll defend his family against anything or any unkind words directed at them once he knows of it.

Bard is strong willed and will do what he thinks is the right or moral thing under any circumstances. It is hard to convince him otherwise once his mind is set on a certain line of action.


-Betterment of Life in Esgaroth: Bard would like to see the people of Esgaroth taken care of the right way by a leader who cares about their wellbeing. Mind you, he doesn't even think that such leader should be himself, only that he or she is concerned with the people and their needs first and foremost.

-Death of Smaug: Bard would be relieved to know that the dragon which has caused so much destruction and death is itself dead. That would mean that much could change for Esgaroth and the days of plenty, ones he never saw in his life only heard stories about as a child, could return to the town and the richness of old flow once more through its channels.


-The Return of A Living Dragon: One of Bard's greatest fears is ever seeing Smaug flying over Esgaroth alive and breathing fire, laying desolation to everything he holds dear in this world. He has the last of Girion's Black Arrows in his possession. It is capable of killing the dragon, but the thought of the only thing standing between all you love and a scorching abyss being just one shot is scary to anyone, no matter how much of a nearly infallible archer you have become.

-The Death of His Family:
Bard has lost many he held dear to his heart. The loss of any of the children under his care now would be devastating to him as he would feel that he had failed to protect them.

PERSONALITY: Bard is beyond all other things a family oriented man. He respects the memory of his ancestors and has taught his children to do the same. He has suffered with the burden of being mocked due to being Girion's descendant all his life and got into some confusions due to deciding to show those who mocked him just how good his aim truly was. He will allow no demeaning words to be spoken to his children or nephew though and his reactions are always worse when such mocking is directed at them instead of him.

Bard, as a young man, was someone who had a charming and warm smile, which managed to get him the girl he was in love with, but now he rarely smiles. His widower status still pains him and he is not looking to give his children a new mother figure. That brings some guilt to his heart as it forces still young Sigrid to take on responsibilities he'd prefer she didn't have yet. The fact is that he is just not ready to move on in such a manner.

He is often grim due to worrying about the possible return of Smaug, though he is not without his moments of levity. All of those always happen when he is at home with his family. Only they are capable to give him that little spark of hope he needs to keep being strong and going on. His heart withers each time he has to leave them behind to work, but there is nothing else to do as he is the home's only income provider and has no choice but to leave them.

Bard is extremely protective of his children and nephew. Sometimes he may be a little too hard in scolding them for dangerous behavior, but that is just because he cares deeply for each one of them, especially the youngest two, Gard and Tilda. Any who tries to do them harm will find themselves at the deadly end of his longbow as soon as he hears about it.

That being said, Bard is not a violent man by nature even though he may have a scary temper when brought out of his center. He will prefer to fight with words and small actions of kindness rather than his arrows if he has that choice. He knows that getting himself arrested will only make life worse for his family and he tries his best to avoid that while at the same time not failing to do what he believes is right. That was the stance he took against the rule of the Master of Laketown, whom he doesn't consider to be a good leader for the people at all.

Bard is not without his sins though. He has chosen to perform actions he himself thinks to be morally wrong, such as smuggling goods into Esgaroth, in order to provide for his family during the increasingly harsher winters. He also has a tendency to be obstinate about his beliefs and that has put him at odds with the ruling powers of Esgaroth.

HISTORY: Bard was born to his parents 39 years ago at Esgaroth, also called Laketown, and there he has lived his entire life so far. The furthest he has traveled from his home was the Mirkwood forest located west from the town. As a child he was curious and questioning. His parents always taught him the value of the past and that which should be remembered being the intentions of the people behind the actions taken and not the success or failure of their deeds.

When he was five Bard gained a sister, Charlotte, and he was always taught to take good care of her. His tendency to overprotection of his loved ones started to show as they grew up and he wouldn't allow anyone to hurt his sister's feelings for any reason. Kids in town were always mocking them because their ancestor was unable to kill Smaug. Bard by then already knew to actually think of it in another way. Girion was a very brave man. He gave his life to try to do the near impossible while everyone else ran away in despair. Bard had no reason to feel ashamed and he didn't. Actually he is still quite proud to have that man's blood flowing through his veins.

At the age of ten, his father started to teach him the art of archery as was the family's tradition. Yes. He was taught to think of it as an art much like the Elves do though he has met very few of those during his whole lifetime. It was also a question of honor and duty to learn this skill in his particular family. Due to the mockery he suffered, Bard dedicated himself fully to his training. Upon entering adulthood he could already take pride on the accuracy of his aim with his longbow. He also learned with his father how to make arrows and this way keep his quiver full at lower costs.

Being the family person he always was, it shouldn't come as a surprise that Bard married his teenagehood sweetheart at the young age of 20. His charming and warm smile having conquered her attentions a few years previously and it also was pretty much everything he had to offer her as well. Life wasn't very easy at first, their parents helping their new household as they could. One year into his marriage, at age 21, Bard managed to get enough money selling arrows to the town's arsenal to buy his first and only barge. With it he began to work as both a bargeman and a fisherman generating more income to his soon to grow family.

At age 22, Bard became father to a boy, who was named after his wife's father. He was proud that his first child, Bain, was a boy. Someone who would continue the noble lineage of ancient Dale. Not that it mattered much nowadays, but he and his wife were both just overjoyed that they were blessed with such a healthy child. One year later came Sigrid, his little princess who was equally well received and loved.

Three years after Sigrid's birth, Bard's sister got married with a merchant called Drake. He didn't like the man very much because he knew his trade wouldn't allow him to stick around his household much. He wanted Charlotte to be wed with someone who would be more present in her day to day life, but she was in love and there was nothing he could do about it. They had a discussion and then got somewhat distanced, but always keeping in touch if something was needed. Like when she had her boy, Gard, 11 years ago. He and his wife were there to help her with the newborn as their parents took care of his larger duo of children.

His wife's second pregnancy had been difficult and after Sigrid was born they decided to be cautious and try to avoid a new pregnancy for her sake. So it was. It took 9 years until a new child came into the household at the cost of his wife's life. Bard never blamed Tilda for what happened and gave her nothing but his love, the same as his other children had received. His father had died during the last winter due to illness, but thankfully his mother was still there to help him with his three kids.

When Tilda completed her first year of age, tragedy befell Bard's family again. Drake, his brother-in-law, disappeared at the outskirts of Mirkwood forest. Bard thought his moves had been strange lately and he wasn't surprised when he failed to return. He was though devastated by how his sister and nephew felt about it and he did his best to track Drake's whereabouts. This was when Bard entered deepest into Mirkwood forest and he only managed to get out alive himself due to his ancestry and the birds chirping guiding him out safely. They had also told him that the one he was looking for could not be found and he had to deliver such terrible news to his sister and nephew.

Needless to say they didn't take well the loss. Charlotte grew ill out of sadness and didn't resist the following year's harsh winter. That was how Bard ended up with four children under his care. He was in pain just as much as all the other members of his household, which now also included his mother who helped him a lot with the house and the children, but he had to be strong. He had the conscience he was the rock they were all falling upon for strength and he had to somehow bear it and not break under the pressure. It was difficult for a while, but what was left of his family just grew more united and their love for each other became even stronger. 

When both Bain and Gard were, each at their time, 10 years old, Bard started to teach them the art of archery as was the family's tradition. He also gave all his children that same sense of pride he always carried when it came to their ancestry. He taught them how to look at the events of the past with the right eyes and understand that it isn't the success or failure of their deeds that will be the measure of them for the future, but the strength and courage with which they face the challenges that stand in their way. They had nothing to be ashamed of, never mind what the wicked mouths in town had to say.

Bard also tried to give his children an example they could be proud of. By being an honest and selfless man himself, he taught them to be the same. He never failed to speak his mind when he disagreed with something that was going on in town and is at odds with the Master of Laketown for being vocal about the rights of the people and acting sometimes quite openly in their behalf, like when he distributes the little extra food he can find after feeding his family to those in a worse situation than his. Even when food is scarce in the winter, he risks himself in the forest in search of game, which he will give away freely when he has the choice. This made him be seen as an insurgent who is after usurping the Master's rule. Bard is not interested in ruling over others. He is interested only in the wellbeing of the people of Esgaroth.

Last winter his elderly mother died, leaving Bard completely alone with four grieving young people under his care. It was difficult to reorganize their household in a way he felt comfortable with, actually it was impossible. Bard doesn't like the fact that so much responsibility has fallen over the shoulders of both his eldest children, but there is no other way out. He has to work and even though he tries to stay away as least time as possible since then, he still must leave them and trust Bain and Sigrid to look after the house and smaller kids.

That was also when, without the extra income his mother earned to their household cooking cakes and sweets for the tavern, Bard started to use his barge for less honorable works, such as smuggling goods into the town for a good price. He never had a problem to do so for free in order to feed the people, but to actually earn money from it he finds dishonorable. He has four mouths to feed, bodies to clothe and has to keep a roof over his children's heads. He doesn't have the choice to be proud or integer under his circumstances, but he feels diminished by his actions, which shows he has high moral standards that he taught to all the children under his care.

The past few years, Bard has become increasingly more concerned about the resurgence of Smaug. Thrushes' chirping are bringing news that the dweller of the Lonely Mountain is becoming each time more restless within and is possibly about to rise again. That has turned him grimmer and more thoughtful. He worries about what could happen should the dragon awaken by itself and turn its eyes on the town.

AGE: 36
COUNTRY: Brazil  
EXPERIENCE: More than 16 years
OTHER CHARACTERS: Halbaron and Saruman
HOW DID YOU FIND US?: Sister showed me the way. Don't know how she has found you though.
This is only required if this is your first character application with us. Since that isn't the case, I guess I can pass?

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Bard, The Bowman
« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2014, 11:30:00 PM »
I believe he is ready for the mods scrutiny now.

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Bard, The Bowman
« Reply #2 on: January 15, 2014, 09:42:00 PM »
He looks fine and wonderful to me! <3 It is awesome that you're taking him up, Guiga, as I have said before! I am looking forward to the many threads with him, Bain and of course the rest of the family! If there is nothing more you wish to add, someone will be along shortly to get him squared away!



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Bard, The Bowman
« Reply #3 on: January 15, 2014, 10:20:00 PM »
Wonderful job, Guiga! Can't wait to see Bard in action again! You can be sure I'll be hitting you up! ;D


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