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Once Upon a Time / Re: Mutual Secrets
« on: April 20, 2021, 02:10:38 PM »
Fred still couldn't explain what it was about the older youth before him, but as well as that odd trust in him, he also found he believed him. Further surprising, since he should be more used to people lying to him, or those of his household, including the drifting irregular relationships of his mother or aunts. So, after nodding a Yes to that Intern question, Fred was actually further surprised and pleased to hear that the older teen was also an Intern!

"Really?!", he asked, though, again, he already believed him. He grinned then looked unsure again as the other went on. The focus on his needs wasn't completely new, he received similar from Mr. Errol as well, part of his gravitating towards him also, but it was further touching from this one also.

In fact that first fact was what would help them. Fred spoke after the pause.

"But Mr. Errol trusts I wouldn't do anything I shouldn't, that's my boss, I was gonna say...", he explained with a small smile. He had let the other's mention of Mr. Errol go earlier, but probably would have had to come clean anyway, now, and with how interested he couldn't help looking at the story. Not just any client of Mr. Errol's. Sayers.

Fred still didn't really know the man, but he'd seen enough with his trying to gain his mother's attention to feel sorry when hearing Mr. Sayers had a daughter.

"No!", he encouraged as the other said to forget it, "Please, what does she need?". He then realized he should further explain now, and after showing that sort of interest. "I--I don't know her", he went on, "I...hardly know him, thankfully, but...he's dating my mum". Fred grimaced as he said it, and said it like it was some mistake on his end that would drop the other's view of him.

Maybe it was just the lying. Dating was far too firm of a term to use for how his mother tended to run her relationships, but at any rate!

"And their both no good, or I know my mum is, and...from what you've said...", Fred glanced aside and then back, "I want to help her too". He thought a moment or two more, "Come on", he then suddenly said, motioning the older teen to follow him and all but sprinted back down the hall, back towards Mr. Errol's office. "I think we can do better than blank forms", he commented a bit on what he was thinking as he waited by Mr. Errol's door and once the other to caught up, before turning the knob and pushing it open once more.

Roleplaying Extras / Re: Carving a Legacy
« on: June 19, 2020, 07:00:47 PM »
-Grandmodi's passing. Family gathered.
-Friór coming to Ash after hurtful statement(s)

Roleplaying Extras / Re: Carving a Legacy
« on: June 19, 2020, 07:00:25 PM »

Once Upon a Time:

Roleplaying Extras / Carving a Legacy
« on: June 19, 2020, 06:59:32 PM »

Changing Gait {Andar}

Tales & Bonding {Kvasir}

Just a Scrap {Ashar}

Big Plans and Small Grown Dwarflings {Family <3}*

Guiding the Next Generation {Einar}

As Far as Firsts Go {Avila}

*30th Birthday Present List:
Fritz- sword
Líknví-wood carving set
Dagmar-sketch book (painted)
Tuuli: pencil set

Once Upon a Time / Re: Mutual Secrets
« on: May 21, 2020, 03:31:57 PM »
Fred wiggled as the other caught up to and caught him. "Hey...I'm not gonna hurt you; sorry, I...I didn't expect anyone to be in the office and...". These words paused the youth, even in their in-completion. He glanced over their intruder, even as the other let up on his arm and stepped back. His grip had been light, most of the pressure being to stop Fred from going forward rather than full on restrain, or so it seemed.

"What's a kid like you doing here so late?", the stranger went on "I mean, you're not the security force are you?". Was it meant to be a joke? Fred blinked, looking baffled, and found himself answering for some reason. "N-No...I mean...". What?!

The other seemed to realize how odd his question was, for he next offered an apology. Fred just continued to stare.

"But ok?". The question was serious, Fred could tell, the other's words aside; the intruder wasn't making it up, or...dodging perhaps, he actually was concerned over...well what the boy couldn't tell. It was a trivial sort of a question (are you alright since I startled you), but something in Fred was tempted to spill absolutely everything that was wrong in his answer!

No...not at all! Mum's busy all the time, and I know that sounds like every kid's complaint, but if only I felt like she cared that she was busy all the time! Like I wasn't just a burden and something she had to remember, though she does a poor job at that anyway...

Fred instead found himself nodding, though it was a lie on so many levels! "Yeah...I...what...??", his confusion came out in his answer. The intruder, who probably knew that was the only thing Fred had so far to label him with, went on. "I'm not a burglar...well, I don't mean to be...". Fred supposed those could be two different things, and the one be true over the other and even in the face of evidence.

Yeah...sure...misunderstandings just happened, and no one said Middleton was the easiest town to live in; ask half of its residents!

So, instead of calling the police, Fred just listened as the other went on.

"I met with Mr. Errol earlier and...he declined to give me some papers for a friend". The explanation was so odd; given without hesitation. Fred didn't think it would be an excuse; or if it was, the other deserved something for thinking on his feet so well! The resolve (more a hint of an idea) that kept Fred stationary was more than that, though, and something in him wanted to trust this older teen. In the wistful curiosity of what it would be like to have someone older, like a brother, to look up to, though Fred also recognized that that feeling was not quite in the right ballpark...

Though it was close.

Before he could analyze the thought further, the older teen was going on. "I just thought to grab some blank forms and make due, promise. I won't be so bad of an influence as to ask you not mention this, but...can I just ask you not call the police on me?". Speaking of what Fred had just been thinking! The boy glanced to either side. "W-what kind of papers?". His question surprised even him!

He bit his lip. "I mean...I'm not saying I'll help you...find them...". Or was he?! "But if you...had a good reason and...the papers weren't...important".

Once Upon a Time / Re: Mutual Secrets
« on: January 25, 2020, 02:47:39 AM »
"He's back", one of Fred's aunts pulled aside the curtain of the house and peered out. Fred glanced up in mild interest from his macaroni (his other aunt had the TV occupied, so this was the most entertaining thing to watch at the moment, though he paid attention for more than just mild curiosity). With a scoff, Fred's mother went to the window and peered over her sister's shoulder.

"You would think of all the dancers, he would know...I knew his wife for crying out loud!", she huffed as she turned to yank on her heels before the trio set out for work. It was just assumed, like it was always just assumed, Fred would take care of himself. Fred's mother didn't say this for any moral reason, more that the Mr. Sayers who had started to bother her should know he was dealing with women who knew he was essentially a dead-beat.

Not that their standards were all that high, but they had worked with his late wife and knew he was hardly worth their attentions in that he let the women in his life support him.

"Is he still going on about that giant payout he could get, solving your financial woes, if only the biggest welfare claim ever wasn't locked up with a lawyer that won't return calls", Fred's other aunt called teasingly from the couch. None of the women believed this latest lie. Fred only paid a sort of tense attention in case the focus shifted to him and any questions. He knew they meant Mr. Errol down at the newspaper plant. Not that old clients came up between the legal consultant and his sort of apprenticed aid, but with his mother's recently dodging a man called Sayers and then seeing the name when he filed some stuff he connected the two.

He'd almost looked at what the papers were when he spotted them, but that would be wrong, and his entire principle was to be better than the women he lived with, so he'd just filed it and moved on. Plus his gossiping mother and aunts would tell him all he needed to know anyway if he just listened.

"I don't know", Fred's mother sighed, "I stopped listening to his drivel a while back, come on, we have to go, and I want you two to talk to him so I don't have to". While her sisters complained about how unfair that was, the three left for their nightclub job, too preoccupied by all this, though it was hardly the only excuse, to even throw a good-bye to Fred. Or lock the door.

Getting up, Fred locked himself in for however long of the night it would be and changed the channel, moving to the couch just vacated by his aunt with his bowl.


Just because she was snubbing a known dead-beat did not mean Fred's mother came home alone that night. From where he'd fallen asleep on the couch, Fred heard her tell-tale giggles (and the other voices) as she keyed in and took himself upstairs before they entered, especially since he couldn't tell, but his aunts might have company too.

Three was too unsure a set. Fred had heard stories of cigarette burns he'd thankfully avoided (they weren't even stable enough presences in the house to be called boyfriends and get that long to interact with the boy), but that wasn't to say he didn't get on the bad side of clients-com-relations of his mother or aunts. He had one idea for another place to go that he'd saved up and decided maybe he should use now. He hated to betray Mr. Errol's trust and use his law offices as a place to crash, but tomorrow was Sunday and any employees of the plant wouldn't be in until later, the Sunday edition already set to go, and if he made sure to set an early alarm he could be gone well in time.

Hopefully their guests would be too. Still, on dropping his small fire-escape ladder out the window, Fred paused over his idea once more, before someone turning on music downstairs made up his mind for him and he continued down the ladder with his small overnight sack. He didn't worry about the evidences of his having made a break for it, and his mother would probably not even discover the ladder until he needed it again in the morning honestly, and if she did he'd key himself back in and didn't imagine either-way he'd have to explain much of anything.

Fred felt worse when he was able, off the trust given to him as Mr. Errol's aid, to shut the alarm system off to let himself in. He meant to then shut it back on, just if he was going to be spending the night alone, though Middleton was a relatively safe place, just...well it depended who you asked really. Break ins were known and there were rumors of a seedy underground.

It was probably his guilty conscience, but he noticed the receptionist had left some coffee in a pot on the table behind her desk, and decided to clean the pot for her and the office. She was a nice lady, and the sort that, if she did think it strange, would shrug it off as 'oh well, she did do it when she thought she hadn't'. It wouldn't be suspicious, and felt like Fred earning his keep for the night, in a sense.

By the time he was done, he forgot he hadn't reset the alarm and before he went up the elevator to Mr. Errol's office. It was sort of spooky, with no one around, but not as spooky as the stairs! He then let himself in Mr. Errol's office, grabbed the throw blanket from the back of his couch (for decoration more than use, he said he was too diligent to ever actually nap on the couch) and settled in, setting his phone to wake him by Seven so he could make it appear he'd never even been there...and hoped he wasn't risking the one good thing he could claim in his life and his position here.

It was later that night that he was stirred awake by...something. It was one of those situations where the noise woke him, but now he couldn't identify it. Fred lay still, scanning the room and trying to determine what it was...when he heard it again, maybe. At any rate he heard a scuffling and then...the door knob was tried and opened!

It was on the tip of the young teen's tongue to whisper out, inquiring if it was just Mr. Errol returned, but his mouth felt so dry he couldn't speak, and why didn't he snap the light on if it was Mr. Errol? As if on cue of his request, a light was snapped on, but that of a flashlight! He and the intruder stared wide-eyed at each-other, the other seeming to collapse against the wall even, though Fred hardly noticed this.

Then the younger of the youths moved. Throwing off the blanket, Fred sprinted out the opened door and down the hallway, not even sure where he intended to go after that.

Character Profiles / Fred Forst
« on: September 03, 2019, 12:58:37 AM »

Name: Fred Forst

Age: 14

Occupation: Student/Paper Boy for the local paper.

Background/Personality/Appearance: What Friór avoided in Middle Earth, and potentially struggling as his mother had, (though it would have taken a complex round of bad indeed, and was never too close all truth) has been given him in Middleton. Stripped of his large, loving family, as all of them seemingly have been, he’s instead been handed worse, and chaos minus the love and attention. His mother’s not knowingly neglectful or abusive, but her two sisters, Fred’s aunts, live with them, and all three work as dancers at the local nightclub. This, and the occasional customer-com-relation, take more of the chattering women’s focus than the quiet boy moving through. In a small tie in of no good, the three worked with Lindsay Sayers late mother, and would recall her, but that was years ago.

It’s never clear who will be home at what time (or with who) and Fred is a Latchkey Kid. Reaching his early teens was actually a relief as he got more freedom to fill his days with anything but the empty, or not empty, house respectively. Paper boys are an older concept, and usually younger even, but, at his age, Fred is also half Mr. Alvin Errol “assistant”, or “assistant-in-training”.

Without a father figure, he’s latched onto the legal consultant a bit, though he still attempts to not be a bother, and enjoys hearing the reporters and columnists talk of their work. He’s a mostly enjoyed presence about the newspaper office, though he’s been warned Liz Caulfield doesn’t like kids, and he would still count.

The Blue Mountains / Re: Another Bird in the Hand
« on: August 17, 2019, 11:29:18 PM »
<<I split it up again just 'cause ^^>>

Avila was...tense, Friór supposed was the word he would use for it. He was slowly learning his own things off being around the Owl. Uncle Kophas and Anlis both dealt with hawks, and so he had a small window into bird behavior, but couldn't say he understood it as fully as they did. Still he noticed enough to know that when she turned her attention she wasn't just ignoring him, she'd noticed something. He glanced that way himself, wondering what it could be, but didn't have to do such long!

"Um...sorry...if I startled anyone, I...was just passing through and...thought I heard voices, being cautious myself wanted to see who it was first", the girl, a member of the Race of Men, said! Friór was beyond startled to just see her there and blinked. His capacity for being thrown for a loop was slowly being helped to lessen by things like having had a female of Men guard a caravan of Master Kargach's just last year, and meeting Avila, so he didn't stare at least.

"Oh...uh...makes sense", he started with and as he came to terms, slowly rising from where he'd been crouched showing Avila the rock. She'd just been passing through? From where? Bree? But...that was still a day or two's journey, Friór would have been less surprised to be startled by a Hobbit, though he hadn't met one of those yet.

"Sorry", he found his manners around being surprised, and smiled, stepping up, extending a hand, "Friór...uh, at Your Service if you need anything". She probably didn't (or maybe she was lost and did!) but it was polite all the same to offer.

Then her next words about not telling about catching Avila talk registered. Friór glanced back to his friend and then the newcomer. "Some of my family knows but...yeah not many, and I don't think a lot should so...thanks,'s alright", Friór gave a smile. Well that was really for Avila to decide perhaps....

The girl having already shook his hand, Friór next held out his arm to invite Avila over and let her perch, if she wanted to, before glancing back to the girl, "Do around here? In Bree?", he asked, his voice only showing curiosity.

IC / Re: Luck Turned Around?
« on: July 30, 2019, 01:04:28 AM »
“I'll preface this with the fact that I was 18 and full of a lot more anger at the world in general than I am now"

Alanna began her story. Friór nodded, just to show he understood the conditions hedging the story in. Though as their guide went on, Friór found he couldn't really blame that anger at the world, perhaps. Both parents killed... and probably not a lot of uncles and aunts like Friór had to then lean upon, and was not a scenario the boy found easy to grasp...or liked dwelling on even in hypothetical.

He didn't know what he would have done, but...

His own father had once admitted to being about as impulsive, and no doubt would answer back such a thing in about the same way. He could see his cousin, Ashar, also heading out on a revenge mission.

The context of this story, and saving him from having to go through similar, was not forgotten, and even if most who knew him tended to refer to Friór himself as a cautious young lad; so much so he'd been allowed this trip under Master Kargach's guardianship in the first place.

In the end the storm could have been a blessing in disguise, saving Alanna from worse had she caught up with the raiders, though Friór didn't say that of course, and wasn't close enough to the situation to judge probably.

All of this had happened within Midnight's lifetime, his too probably. He forgot how short Men's lives were and had almost converted Eighteen to a Dwarvish Eighteen and felt worse for her, but even before descriptions of her actions proved it he realized he was converting wrong. No, she would have been older than he was now, closer to Ash and Lis' ages, but still!

As they continued on, the others of course listened to this tale of Alanna's as well, and Kargach wondered if it was too much of the harsher realities of life for Friór to be hearing at this precise moment, but then...equivalent to Fourteen in Men's terms, no. His own family held worse tales and not being sheltered in was part of this trip.

As Friór went on to prove. Paying back the sharing of personal details with some of his own, and again with no fear, or typical aloofness, doing so. ”Yeah, I know adventures themselves are supposed to be learning curves, or my own father hinted at that, saying he had a bad experience at the Weather Hills, though that’s all he’ll share about it”.

Kargach gave a small smile, partly to himself, as he realized this meant Friór might know, a bit at least, why he was so nervous being left without a guide in this part of the world. Not that he expected bad to happen twice, and they weren't near the hills, but still, Fritz would think of his own bad experiences when hearing the story.

So Kargach was glad a guide gave a bit more hope to this one.

Others were listening to what Alanna said, though, and some of the other Dwarves frowned. "I hope ye got over that...habit of yours", one of the others said, meaning the wandering no doubt.

"Oh no doubt she did", Kargach jumped in amiably in their guide's defense, aiming a smile to her. "And as for...setting a life goal after a bad experience, I can relate. I think part of why I used to accompany the caravans made of my own carts, and did the job of guarding them myself for the most part, back before I went and got old", he smiled again in slight amusement at himself still denying that term, "was because my parents and I moved from the Grey Mountains to the Blue when I was only a few years younger than Friór here to take care of my aunt after her husband was killed by bandits on the road. I...promised myself even that young that I'd never let it happen to anyone under my care, cart or otherwise".

Friór gave a small smile as he realized his mentor was half talking about him being under his care now and giving part of the reason he'd worried so and agreed to hire on Alanna.

IC / Re: Luck Turned Around?
« on: June 22, 2019, 01:32:55 AM »
What Alanna said on Rohan's horses was about what Friór had heard as well! He looked intrigued, then chuckled as Midnight snorted as if in either argument or agreement. Whichever it was, Uncle Andar would no doubt defend that he had reacted so intelligently, and how very smart horses and ponies alike were. Friór next smiled to the horse.

He was part Rohirrim, anyway, as Alanna went on to explain. "He's beautiful", Friór said, and meant.

Alanna complimented their ponies, and Friór glanced to them as well, both those being ridden and those in haul. "Thankyou", he took the praise for Uncle Andar, far as it went, and as he went on to further explain, what they could and couldn't take credit for. "Duchess and Night are from Ered Luin and good stock, I've heard my uncle say, as is Edge", which was the pony Kargach was currently riding.

"Though I heard one of Master Kargach's first ponies, Blaze, was a cut above the rest".

Kargach aimed a smile back at them, "Ah, yes, Blaze will never be outdone, no offense girl", he pat Edge's neck, lest the mare take offense.

"As for the ones we're delivering...I think most of them still came from the Ered Luin stables, I don't know, we're just delivering them for one of the merchants of Ered Luin, and I think he may have bought some of them from other places", Friór went on to explain. Of course Alanna knew some of this mission since, as their hired sword, it was half hers as well.

Alanna might have also seen Great Eagles, and Friór looked impressed enough at the possibility of maybe. He glanced from Alanna to Kargach and back as they discussed this, smiling as Alanna promised to keep him from any serious mishaps. She would have his whole family's strong, Dwarvish, gratitude if she did, and given the amount of family members he had, it would be quite the thing for a Man to be endowed with! "My father had his share of mishaps too, even before he left home, but yeah, I'll...try to not be reckless". And he already was just cut of a much less reckless cloth than his own father had been, to his relief.

"What, um, what sorts of mistakes?", he hesitantly asked, hoping it wasn't rude to do such.

IC / Re: Luck Turned Around?
« on: June 02, 2019, 05:27:33 PM »
Both Kargach and Friór just smiled as Alanna gave her name, neither bothered by the fact that she hadn't before, and as for the other Dwarves with them, they were more concerned with her being a Man now in charge of their safety than they were if they had grabbed a name or not.

Friór was not a chatty Dwarfling, and in fact missed the presence of those who were, his all but best friend, the talking Owl, Avila, and his just as close cousin Tuuli, since they would have properly talked Alanna's ear off. Yet, Friór was just as friendly and gave Alanna plenty of his smiles, as he did most everyone, as he semi-struggled to think up conversation topics, perhaps landing on bad, though he didn't know it, with asking where she was from.

Despite his travels with both them and Kargach, it was all still new and he knew so little about so much of Middle Earth; so paid rapt attention as Alanna answered that she was from both Gondor and Rohan! Or had lived both places. "Wow, yeah I heard Rohan is the land of magnificent horses, I just know my Uncle Andar would love to visit if he ever could. He's Horse-Master back home in Ered Luin. Head of the stables of just ponies. He taught me and my cousins to ride too, though I'm just ok at it". Friór wouldn't say that given his extensive family he could relate to anyone, but he had a good background, in that army experience also sounded semi-familiar as well. "My oldest uncle is on the Royal Guard too...or what's left of the Royal Guard". Even now the Line of Durin breaking had left management of Ered Luin in a perhaps unsure state. Subject to Dain if he ever showed up from Erebor of course, but past that unclear and even if Friór's grandfather helped on the council still.

He nodded as Alanna explained starting her traveling shortly after her parents' death. "Yeah, this is my first big trip from home, so this is all still new to me". Friór pondered some of what he'd heard on the Misty Mountains though, "They have Great Eagles don't they? The Misty Mountains? Ones that talk? If we run into one of those, I know a few people back home who will want to hear about it".

Up front, Kargach laughed as he overheard this, "Well I wouldn't get your hopes up, we aren't going on the actual mountains and they are said to be solitary and aloof".

IC / Re: Luck Turned Around?
« on: May 25, 2019, 02:55:10 AM »
While Kargach and Roli discussed their options (though as he went on to assure, Friór didn't see where there was argument room) their soon-to-be-guide's horse got a bit antsy, maybe with all the new Dwarves and ponies, and she offered him oats to calm him. Friór smiled and watched, tempted to get up and pet him, but not sure how the animal would take to it just yet, and he could work up to building trust along the trip.

His Uncle Andar being Stable Master back in Ered Luin, Friór thought through all of the tips and tricks which he knew for doing so, though in a way they all mostly consisted of letting the horse or pony themselves decide when they trusted you and were more tips to not undo or startle them.

She may have worried about her horse making a bad impression, but Friór, for his part, had the opposite reaction to all the antics and smiled as he watched Midnight walk back to where the ponies were. For their part, the ponies didn't seem as wary to new arrivals as Friór and Kargach's companions were.

Friór then turned his attention back to the woman, both with his own question on her sword and as she explained. He chuckled a bit at the words on a proper weapons. Yes he could see many Dwarves say that!

Master Kargach and Roli soon came back, and Friór could tell as well by the other's grumbling look how it had gone! He smiled to his mentor and current guardian impressed, recalling some of the tales of childish scuffles won which Kargach had shared, and the wheel-wright seemed very adept at winning still!

All seemed settled!

Well mostly.

As Kargach held a hand out to shake on the deal, he grinned, "A Dwarf of anyone understands not rushing to give names to fast", he smirked teasingly to Friór and the lad just grinned back, "but I guess we'll have to call you something on the trip, Miss? What should it be?", was his round about way of asking her name now that she was officially hired as well as giving her the option to give whatever she felt like in terms of it.


Names were one thing, Friór didn't know he might have stepped right into hard things with his own question as they journeyed along. "So...where are you from? Originally?", the Dwarfling equivalent to Fourteen still asked in childish innocence.

IC / Re: Luck Turned Around?
« on: May 16, 2019, 01:07:21 AM »
Friór looked stunned by what she said about working with Dwarves as well! Not that he didn't believe her, but it was shocking for all the reasons their current troop were showing all to true about...the general nature of their kin.

Even Master Kargach was giving a bit more thought to all of this all for his sake, Friór knew. It was a bit hard to tell, perhaps, since it didn't make him any less amiable, but he still was.

Everyone was seemingly uptight enough about her identity as a Man.

Female of that even was a secondary consideration, perhaps, or just part of the package she represented to be decided on, as if were; but Friór wouldn’t judge there. The females in his family could do just as much as the males.

His grandfather, affectionately called ‘Grandfadi’, could stand up to a whole stubborn Council when need be, and in still aiding Balin, but wouldn’t dare contradict Friór’s grandmother ‘Grandmodi’! Even beyond the hidden, acceptable, strength, Aunt Rian forged and his cousin (not connected to that side) Ti was all set to be next, if just with horseshoes and iron baskets.

Friór wasn’t sure what he exactly thought on Fate, but...if it was useful, it was shouting at them right about now! She worked all but exclusively with the Misty Mountains? Where they were going?

The lad grinned to Master Kargach and the rest, before noticing what she pulled to show next. For a moment, and per his familial experiences, he expected she forged it herself, before he noticed that the quality was on par with Dwarven blades. Friór wouldn’t pridefully start out a boast on Dwarf blades being better, but as the son of a Dwarven Smith as well believed it.

The lad didn’t think her mention of the Orc was a scare tactic to get herself hired, but if it was it was forgivable and a good tactic. Master Kargach seemed to already notice all of this, and be agreeable enough to hiring her. Then Rolir spoke up. He was just normal Dwarven Suspicious, Friór didn’t know if he could fault him for that...

He requested ‘a word’ with Master Kargach; which everyone, the woman included, probably knew meant he wanted to argue the point, but even he had to see how stuck they were. To this point, after they walked off, Friór turned back to their almost hired-sword. ”Don’t worry”, he said with a smile, ”We’ll still hire you I’m sure”. Like he’d thought, what else were they going to do then?

Friór moved over to sit nearer. ”Do you mind if I see your sword again? It is skillfully made Dwarf steel I can tell. My da’ makes swords; and my aunt”. Kargach and Rolir soon came back, and since the latter looked sulky Friór could tell how it had gone and grinned.

”Miss, it would be our pleasure to have you guide us to Bree. We can find our own way to Ered Luin from there, though, as I said, we would have to first go towards one of the settlements just outside the Misty Mountains, not on the mountains themselves, to deliver the ponies we promised and then, well again I'd be honored to share the trip".

Of course if push came to shove and she couldn't do the trek to the Misty Mountains, Karg would just compensate the Dwarf who'd hired him rather than put Friór in any further danger as traveling without a hired-sword.

IC / Re: Luck Turned Around?
« on: May 04, 2019, 01:15:40 AM »
it wasn't that Friór was a homebody exactly, he'd explored extensively the lands around the Blue Mountains, and this wouldn't be his first, or last, trip to Bree; but this time it was just Master Kargach taking him. Along with his caravan. Uncle Einar wasn’t sending any of the Royal Guard with them. That was a big step for Ma to agree to. All of his family.

It wasn’t just them. That was to risky; but with a caravan they’d be fine. Everything about it seemed too great, and the lad was excited for all of it! Most...of their company seemed fine...

It bothered Friór that he even thought such but...the Dwarf Master Karg had found for their hired sword. There was just something about him.

Shifty, the word came to the lad of a sudden as he glanced him over quizzically from the reputable inn the meeting was had at. He didn’t meet Friór’s gaze. Not once. Of course he was just the tag along kid, so he didn’t have to showed.

He made an attempt at meeting Master Karg’s gaze, but would still shift it away just as suddenly. Except for when he asked for an increase in the price. Then he held it challengingly.

There was nothing to say in all this he wasn’t just shy, perhaps, but Friór felt he knew shy. No this was something else.

He was nice enough on their trek though, giving off a worldly air, and seeming to try to make up for his inn impression by telling Friór about his travels. Yet the lad still remained guarded and didn’t fully trust him.

The ponies they were carting didn’t either, he noticed, and he took to walking by them to help keep them calm.

Enjoying the trek with Master Kargach distracted though, and Friór enjoyed what parts of the lands around the Shire they saw, as well as the descriptions and the rest of the company’s stories as well (unsure guard included).

The rain seemed to chose to live around Bree, and it was odd that it did, but not too disheartening. Friór took in the chatter they entered in both the streets and even ‘quieter’ inn they found for Kargach to check on their directions. That was where they found out they were a bit wrong, or the Dwarf had moved since last having word with his brother. The trek to his new settlement seemed easy enough, and not too far, so they took it. Friór nodding eagerly enough with the others.

Their guard at first looked unsure before grinning and putting in his vote for it as well!

Next morning it became evident why. It put him closer to the Trollshaws he aimed for. Friór had little I Told You So to his nature, mostly he just looked stunned even for all the signs he himself had noticed.

He would have left them guard-less at Bree. Had out here!

Still, Master Kargach was still here. They were fine. Sure he said he was old now but...Friór still believed all his family could still do things even though they weren’t in their youth. It wasn’t the same though, and they had hard decisions to make.

Go on or turn back?

Knowing what made up the balance in Master Kargach’s mind, Friór gave a glance the the poor, essentially homeless ponies, who hadn’t made their destination, and walked up. ”You can’t give up. We...we can make it”.

Of course even he knew he didn’t really grasp what going on would entail. Yet they also couldn’t stay put.

After his two cents, Friór left them to debate it again; going over to pet both the ponies in limbo and those of the caravan. He gave them a weak smile, ”Don’t you worry, we'll...”.

The lad wasn’t sure if it was noise or movement that alerted him, but he got the sense something was just beyond the clearing. He made sure his own short sword his father had personally given him was on him and hovered his hand over it, but didn't draw just yet. Just because folks talked about the wilds steadily becoming more dangerous, the caravan talk back behind him a part of that...

"H-Hello?", Friór called.

IC / Re: More Than Wooden Performance
« on: April 19, 2019, 03:08:13 AM »
Friór grinned as Master Kargach said he’d won ‘quite a few’ of the tussles, and ‘same as he lost a few’, just to be fair and all.

” never met Uncle Kvas or Aunt Rian, Sir?”, he half asked, and half clarified.

Once the talk seemed to be waning down, Master Kargach rose, assuring Friór he could stick around and wasn’t a bother, which he sort of had to assure to, because the lad had been preparing to ‘get out of his way’ if he had to, and enough social hints were dropped.

Friór blinked as Master Kargach said to ‘bother him about wood anytime’. He was picking up on enough about the Dwarf to read it as the offer it was.

Then box just further proving his intent!

Friór glanced from it to the wheel-wright. ”For...for borrowing sir?”, he half clarified, then flinched at how expectant that sounded! ”I mean, of course it is, sorry Master Kargach, Thankyou!”.

After gingerly taking  the box, Friór glanced it over, lifting out some of the chisels and such. It was still a humble woodworker’s box of tools, if well polished. No gold inlay was to be seen, but still, it was humbling to be entrusted with!

Of course Friór's mother had given him a wood-carving set for his birthday, but this wasn't a carving set so much as a set to work at the actual wood and smooth it. Taken together, he was well set!

His wide blue eyes regarded Kargach again with awe and gratitude, and then he grinned a wide, white smile, especially at being called a Budding Carpenter. ”And I’d like that! To come by and learn”, he answered back enough to the offer.

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