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Title: Oliver
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NAME:  Oliver Son of Aldemir son of Calemir
NICKNAMES (IF ANY):  Ollie, Rug Rat, Street Rat.
RACE:  Man

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE:  Oh, Oliver's hair a light brown color, but it also has bits of darker brown to give it depth. It could also be described as messy and fluffy, soft to the touch...
EYE COLOUR:  Deep brown, like his mother.
BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT: 6' 1", really skinny but muscular.
OVERALL APPEARANCE:  Well, Oliver can be seen wearing a long brown trench coat, a scarf his mother knitted him, and the occasional hat. But most often he wears his coat unbuttoned which displays what most Lake Towners would wear, obviously given the season. During the winter he dresses warmly in thick shirts and pants, his boots - handed down from his mother's father, have been repaired oh so many times that might as well be brand spanking new! With his shoes he wears warm socks and can be most often seen with a hat on his head. During the spring, summer and fall months he can be seen wearing what is most comfortable for him: A light shirt (doesn't care about the color, can't afford to) and comfortable pants and ... the same shoes he wears all year round until he can afford to buy new ones.  He also wears a constant smile unless something has happened to make it vanish.
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Not that he, nor I, can think of.
WEAPONS: A wine bottle/Ale mug, his fist and a small dagger he keeps on his person.
FACE CLAIM: David Tennant <3 

STRENGTHS:  Talking, job experience (do we count that?) drinking (though he does not call himself a professional) praking, 
WEAKNESSES:  Drinking, praking, how his attitude effects people (does that count?)
ASPIRATIONS:  To see that his mother is well cared for.   
FEARS:  His mother not being cared for, being left in cold (without a friend in the world), no wine/ale/what-have-you, and there is just something about the small bumps in the night and strange footsteps that leaves him on edge!
PERSONALITY: Okay, so while Oliver is not the most balanced when it comes to his personality, there are many pros and cons to how he acts. Hopefully, though, we can find a perfect balance? Iffy, I know, but here we go:

When someone thinks to mention Oliver, they automatically think of his drinking problem, most likely. They know him the taverns as being a brash after a couple tankards. He is indeed noisy and highly opinionated when drunk, his words slurring and making no sense – depending on how much he has had – and he can be extremely forward, only to regret it later! It is not uncommon for him to come home with a black eye and be soaking wet as he crosses the threshold. This doesn’t happen often, the black eye I mean, unless you get in his face and demand something that he simply does not want to do. And you can’t really blame him; he probably had hard luck at work and lost his job.

In the mornings, though, he is sobered up with a headache that always seems worse than last time and his memory is always foggy until he’s had breakfast. Other than all though, Oliver is a rather decent guy, he can chat your ear off about nothing at all if he finds the muse to do so, and he can always be found giving the children of Lake Town candy or helping them carry out their mischievous deeds the way he best knows how. {Always making sure that it isn’t anything harmful of course! He doesn’t like to see children in pain.} He is always at his best with children, and he loves giving them goofy answers to some of their questions always making sure that they understand that it is merely a joke and he doesn’t tend to answer them honestly.

When it comes to honesty among those that are considered ‘adults’ though, he tends not to and rather prefers to lie believably than to tell the truth, especially if he knows something terrible is going to happen in the end. He isn’t beyond ‘throwing someone under the bus’ if he has too, they’re adults, they can handle it and there is no reason for them to be acting like children! This is also why he has lost so many jobs, his lying is a bad habit. But, there is an upside! If he trusts you, then there is no concern that he will lie! And yet, it is all up to you wither you want to believe him or not. So, Compulsive Liar could be used to describe Oliver in almost any given situation, but it does not describe him wholly, nor is it a dominating feature unless he is put under pressure.

Energetic, hyper, excitable are some other words that can be used to describe Oliver! He loves the thrill of the run, the danger of getting into trouble and it is indeed addicting for him. Much more addicting than the taverns with all the pretty girls that he might be able to charm! He has a problem with getting into trouble with the Law and doesn’t care much for the Master – like 95% of the people Esgaroth – and he doesn’t mind dragging his best friend into the chaos as well, and he knows that his best friend doesn’t mind at all! The two have been known to cause havoc in their city and if they are not well known by now by the whole Town then… they aren’t trying hard enough? But he isn’t always getting into trouble, not as much as he used to, he knows that with his father gone there is no one else to take care of his mother other than his left over family members {which are practically none} his best friend and next to no old family friends. This leaves him disheartened and sad. He worries of his mother, and he knows that it is also the cause of his stress. He can be very serious when he needs to be, and it in these moments that his compulsive lying is set aside for more sensitive Oliver, a side that is seen by one, his Friend-Brother.

Don’t like Oliver? Well that’s fine, he don’t like you either! Ha. That is the way Oliver sees it. And if you do like him, bully for you, he will be your friend if he thinks you’re worth the time and effort. Other than that, you are no more than an acquaintance!

Not quite an orphan, not quite alone; Oliver has a rather sad history and has been left without much choice. Thankfully, there are some saving graces along the way, but we will start with Oliver’s Father and Mother as a key point of interest. It was summer, the waters were warm and the fish were prosperous in the Lake. The only thing that worried the then Merida Doolittle was keeping her mother in order and her father cool from the heat of the summer sun, she had no siblings and was an only child. She was slightly pale in complexion and had light brown hair to go with her large deep brown eyes. She didn’t think she was anyone important nor did she really care for marriage. Her family was poor and could offer no dowry suitable for a husband. Every possible lover was never good enough, if she had to be honest, which she wasn’t. Her beauty eventually caught the eye of a poor merchant’s son. He chased after her, and she resisted with everything she had. He made friends with her father and mother, treated the whole family as though they were everything to him! It was convincing, but there was something wrong with this poor Merchant’s son, and it would only come to pass many years later.

Aldamir son of Calmir was this man’s name. He and his father moved to Lake Town for a simpler life as his mother died of a disease. Aldamir was content to live in Lake Town through his young teen years, but he was suddenly discontented with living the way they had and longed to see Gondor, where they had come from. But his father, who Aldamir decided was not only old and forgetful, but far too content to stay where they were. When Aldamir decided he was going to get married and drag his Lake Town wife off to Gondor and leave his father to die in peace. A selfish brat, ungrateful and discontent with the rest of the world, Aldamir happened to stumble upon Merida in the market place buying fish for her family. It was then that Aldamir decided she would be his, she was young, pretty and started gathering information about her, where she lived, if she was married and if she had siblings… that sort of thing.

Merida was not surprised when Aldamir came knocking on her door with some other much needed items. She knew he was poor, and her friends had pointed out that he would make a fantastic husband, the way he cared for his father. But the front that Aldamir put out to the rest of Lake Town didn’t fool her. She was on her guard and cautious of his affections. He would come up to her in the market place and help her gather things for the house and sometimes he offered to pay for the bread, the milk and other imported goods. But she noticed that they were always the small and inexpensive things. She wasn’t a fool! Did he really think she wouldn’t notice? If she couldn’t pay for the bread and milk he would try to make up the difference as best he could. One year into this straight forward attempt at courting her, she gave in and decided to give him a chance, that perhaps he wasn’t as bad as all that and, well, her parents were always asking her about him and if he had proposed yet.

And so it came to pass that the two would be married. Many close family friends rejoiced and thought the occasion needed to be posted town wide and a big celebration because someone had finally been able to hook Merida! She laughed at this and said no such attentions were needed and that it was going to be a small wedding. (But of course family and friends were invited!) The big day came and after they had said their vows, her father collapsed and illness was quick to follow forcing Aldamir to stay in Lake Town. Merida could tell that he was displeased with this, she could tell. He had told her about whisking her off to Gondor to live a more prosperous life, and although it sounded absolutely delightful, she didn’t let it go to her head. She was bent on staying in Lake Town, and wasn’t going to let Aldamir bully her into a life she didn’t want. 

Six months after their marriage Aldamir’s father died in his sleep, leaving the small family business to Aldamir. Two months later Merida’s father – who had been ill the entire time (but because he was a stubborn old fool) – finally died, leaving Merida’s mother in their care. Sadly for Aldamir, he could not bear to think of his mother-in-law staying with them for very long. He was selling his father’s business to get the money that would allow him and his wife to travel to Gondor and never return to this wretched place that smelled of fish. It took Aldamir six months to find a buyer for the business, and it took his wife nearly as long to discover she was pregnant with their first child. Both of them were overjoyed, but it was not to last. There was a miscarriage and they lost the child.

Merida was too broken hearted to be moved and she fell ill shortly after the miscarriage. Aldamir was frustrated, and it showed in his work. The buyer he had managed to snag got free and left Lake Town, deciding that the business was not for him. Merida’s mother, who was now bed and chair bound, began to nag at Aldamir, and one day he had finally had enough. He bought poison from an outside source and used it to kill his mother-in-law. Now surely they would not be bound to Lake Town and the only think keeping him there was his father’s business! Delighted with this prospect, he allowed his wife to mourn the loss of her mother and every night he would bring up the idea of them moving to Gondor. Hoping that just by mentioning it she would change her mind. “But Aldamir,” Merida said one night, “I’m pregnant!” She sounded both terrified and excited. Aldamir was filled with dread. Never the less he shared in his wife’s excitement and soothed her with soft, kind words that everything would be fine this time.

T.A 2921 Oliver was born. He had his mother’s eyes and hair, everything else belonged to his father (except his skinniness, no one really knows where that came from). At first, it was wonderful! The baby was healthy, and was well cared for by Merida’s family and a combination of her and Aldamir’s friends. He was growing quickly and by the age of 4 was walking and talking with confidence, no matter how broken it was and no matter how ill he understood things. He was always getting into some kind of trouble, whither it was pulling pranks on the mayor with his best friend for all life or just upsetting his mother and father in general.

Aldamir never got his chance to leave Lake Town, not yet anyways keep reading! Living in the disgusting stench of fish and smelly boats men all day, didn’t phase Oliver one single bit! He loved Lake Town and the view of the Lonely Mountain. The first time he had ever heard of the story of the Dwarves he was mesmerized and spent a lot of time day-dreaming about them coming back and slaying the Dragon, keeping Lake Town safe from the Dragon’s Breath of Fire. Dwarves were magical beings in his mind, and he liked it that way.

So, for sixteen long years Aldamir put up, that’s right put up, with his wife and their son. He was almost never there for Oliver and started to turn into a neglecting husband, staying out late, claiming work was taking all his time away from his family and when Merida finally cracked and admitted they should move to Gondor, it was too late. When Oliver woke up one morning his parents were fighting and his mother was weeping hysterically. Being only sixteen, he had heard rumors about his father, and when he tried to take them up with his mother she shut him out. Already Oliver hated his father. For being treated like something that had to be cast aside. They had, had these sorts of fights before but this one sounded serious. Lurking in a door way he found that his father had wanted to leave for the longest time, “… and I’ve found someone who will go with me.” His mother stopped sobbing and went silent for a long moment. Oliver knew that his father had just broken his mother’s heart. “Im getting out today” His father was saying before he waited for a response from his mother. If she gave one he never knew, she never told him even when he asked her.

It was shortly after his father left for Gondor with this ‘other woman’ that Oliver’s best friend’s parents moved from Lake Town, and his friend moved in with him and his mother help Oliver take care of Merida. Oliver, unable to keep a steady job, became very hostile towards anyone who would speak unkindly of his mother and what his father did to them, as though it were the most natural thing for his father to do. He hated (and still hates) hearing his father’s name. But, Oliver’s drinking problem became something of a well known habit around town. He would go to a pub to drown his hatred in the Wine, Ale or any kind of alcohol he could get his hands on. If he lost a job, he could be found in a pub. Ha, it is nothing to laugh at, but he can now be found in a pub if he’s just had a bad day. It is difficult for him to maintain a job because of his drinking habit, and because of this he has done any kind of job he can get his hands on in Lake Town. But don’t think that Oliver always has a bad day; he isn’t always raging about town in a drunken rage. Don’t forget that it takes money to walk into a tavern. If Oliver is in debt he has paid it back in due time, and has also fallen through on most debts.   

Now, at age 20, he has next to no job, and the friend that lives with him and his mother is the only one who has a stable job. Oliver isn’t sure if he has friends or not, but he is sure of one thing. That Steven Robertson will not be walking out on him and his mother. He is truly grateful for it even if he is thrown into the freezing cold lake from time to time.

So that leaves the question, ‘What Is Oliver Like When He Isn't Intoxicated With Drink?’ Well, Oliver is probably the cheeriest person in Lake Town, or something close to it. He can be found looking for a job or roaming the streets, or even in the market place buying something for his mother when she asks for it.

YOUR NAME:  Hades, here's my mug shot... *hands photo*
AGE:  Old
COUNTRY: The Insane Asylum, located in a top secret location.
OTHER CHARACTERS:  Thorin, Ginger, Bain, Denor, Anarion, Sahib, Barnabas, Everett, Asta & I know there is one more...
CONTACT: My calling days are Mon-Sun 24 hrs. a day.
HOW DID YOU FIND US?: One of the inmates mentioned this place, said I could only get in if I were insane... well... here I am. Do I qualify?
... The End.

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Title: Oliver
Post by: Ulmo on February 13, 2014, 11:40:00 AM
Oliver is superb Hades, you have put so much thought into his history and how it has shaped his character - I can't wait to shove some of my brood his way for plots! ~

Title: Oliver
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Aaaah, he's gonna be fun, Hades! He must get up to all the shenanigans.