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Title: Everett Brandybuck
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NAME:  Everett Brandybuck
NICKNAMES (IF ANY): Evvy, Son, Friend...
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941): 39 yrs. T.A 2902, Spring, March 5th (Happy Birthday to you soon!)
PLACE OF BIRTH:  Brandy Hall!
RACE:  Hobbit!!

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE: Golden brown and sometimes he doesn't care how it looks unless it is a special occasion or he's going out (only to mess it up again) he'll make sure that it is neat. It is slightly wavy, and soft to the touch.
EYE COLOUR:  Sky blue when he's happy and at peace, gray/blue when he's sad or troubled, Blue-Blue when he's upset or angry.
BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT: Respectably plump and respecibly tall (that is, just tall enough) for a Hobbit, Everett stands about 4'0" and with age is due to shrink down quite a bit, but he is still in his youth! He carries himself erect as he should, being from a well-to-do family and all. 
OVERALL APPEARANCE:  "These patches, what are we trying to say, beggar? No... let's work with me here..." Everett dresses moderately and sensibly according to the weather. He does not wear shoes, as he does not need them - big feet you know - but he does love to wear his favorite bright yellow coat, but only if it is windy out! He is always looking fine in wonderful silks and tailored trousers. Being a Well-To-Do family such as the Bucks across the Brandywine, he sports colorful vests, shirts and trousers for special occasions, and for day to day life he wears things less colorful, but very well coordinated none the less! If he is going to sit down and read, though, he always has a pair of glasses in his shirt pocket. (Not necessarily the ones in the picture, but just a pair of reading glasses)   
DISTINGUISHING MARKS:  Not that I can think of, and he doesn't think so either, but between you and me it is his bright colored jacket that he wears on extremely windy days. Uncomfortable things, make you stay inside and away from company!
WEAPONS: Whatever he can get his hands on, but he doesn't really like violence!
FACE CLAIM: Robin Williams

STRENGTHS:  His outgoing personality, general friendliness and his desire to make someone else's day better!
WEAKNESSES:  Ale/Beer, Good Times, Fooooood, Tea time, Lunch, Dinner, Supper... HONEY & PEARS! Who doesn't love Honey!?
ASPIRATIONS:  Maybe one day settle down and raise family or be a happy bachelor undisturbed by anything too outside the Shire.   
FEARS:  Being snuck upon unexpectedly, being too alone, that he doesn't have anyone he can call a friend (even though he knows he does), he also fears being late!
PERSONALITY:  Oh goodness! Usually the first question asked when you try to write for someone is ‘What Are They Like?’, right? Well, in this case I think we should be asking ourselves ‘What Is Everett Brandybuck Not Like?’ Because there are many things he is not, and many more things that he is! Eh, for instance Everett Brandybuck is:

Kindhearted. This is probably a trait that stems from his easy going father Abbot Brandybuck, whom he enjoys spending time around, and often mimicking in that strange accent of his around other people. A father of queer sayings he finds his father’s advice reliable at times, and sometimes just silly enough to share with others. But he does this with kind intentions, if you don’t like Abbot then there is just something wrong with you! He is a proper Brandybuck, and does not entirely disapprove of Adventuring, which Everett takes as a good thing... Just don't make him late for tea!! Please don't! That would be horrible for the poor lad! Pappa says "Nothing good ever comes from missing tea!" The Good in others though is something that Everett struggles with, because as he knows there are Good Hobbits and Bad Hobbits but trying to judge them without knowing them can be difficult! Strangers, well, Everett tries to stay away from them. He isn’t opposed to them, but he doesn’t like them poking their noses where it doesn’t belong, it isn’t polite! And Everett is nothing if not polite!

Absolutely silly! He is very silly, but he likes to use his silliness to brighten a mood rather than to annoy someone. His voice is his favorite tool (Yay ridiculous story telling!). Silly accents and funny faces! The little Hobbit children love it! He can tell by the light in their eyes and the smiles on their faces that they enjoy his silliness. To be honest, so does he sometimes! Laughter, he knows, is the best medicine and what is the point of being down when you could be up! But he also understands if the situation is serious that sometimes a talk is needed to make you feel better and then perhaps, you can laugh? And although Everett doesn’t really feel it, sometimes he can come across as someone you can tell anything to, and he won’t judge, but just listen even if at the end he doesn’t really know what to say! He likes forming strong bonds with his fellow Hobbits, and hopes that they too, want to stay friends forever! Because Forever is a very long time.

Well, if that is the case then I don’t know what is! It sums him up pretty well, but he can’t always be smiles and good will. He does have feelings and he can indeed feel sadness, and he can feel it deeply. He can be emotionally moved and emotionally compromised. And when he is feeling this way he likes to go somewhere to be alone and think. You will also know when his feelings are hurt, and with someone as outgoing as Everett, that happens often with people who don’t like him. Though, he doesn’t try to make a scene if he can help it. And by make a scene; break down like a bullied Hobbitling. Sensitive, is definitely something he despite his age, which should not really be compared to because he believes that everyone has a sensitive side, even those wretched Sackvilles! But he has yet to witness this… ha! Thankfully bullying others is not an option for this Hobbit!

As he gets into the roleplay I am sure that other unmentioned feelings will emerge that I didn’t think at the time to put in this. But I will tell you one thing, don’t get him mad! He might not be easily offended, but when he sees a wrong done or a wrong has been done to him he will indeed try to fix it unless he knows nothing can be done. Determination.

As for his faults, there are plenty to go around and he is very much capable of feeling responsible, possibly more so than he should. He’s shy and timid because he is unsure of how people will react, but he does everything he can to push past it. Oh I feel sorry for the Hobbit Lass he sets his sights on… the poor lad is rather clumsy. (Ha, not that it takes a pretty face to make him that, I’m just saying that it only enhances it. Everett tripping over his big feet is nothing new.)

((Based off of the results and what I suggested in my thoughts thread this History has been typed up. IT IS INDEED Subject to change if anyone doesn't like what I have put. Just PM with the problem and a helpful solution, and I'll go about changing it.))

One of the sons of the sons of Marroc Brandybuck, who was known to have many descendants! I could not tell you his parent’s names for it clear that although he is a Brandybuck, it is difficult to tell if he is fully Brandybuck and a mistaken Brandybuck with some Took somewhere in his line. I am here to tell you that you needn’t fear! He is indeed a full blooded Brandybuck with Brandybuck ways it just might not seem like it when you first meet him. He is a bit crazy, and there might just be a screw loose somewhere, but he always has the best of intentions when he has cooked up something that would most certainly get him into trouble.

Abbot Brandybuck ( married an extremely distant relation, and thus Everett Brandybuck was born! It is strange that no one likes to mention his parents, except in gossiping whispers around Brandy Hall. It never fazed him at all the rumors that went around about their marriage because he naturally thought the world of his parents no matter where his mother was rumored to come from! (For the love of the Oldbuck, forbid that it might have been a Sackville-Baggins that Abbot married, which of course it was not.) His childhood, for a Brandybuck living in Brandy Hall, was rather lose, though they always locked up everything at night which… occasionally left Everett outside, all night more than once in his life. Heh, heh, in fact it had almost gotten to the point where Everett would pack a blanket and pillow and sleep outside Brandy Hall if he knew he wasn’t going to be back before the Brandybucks locked up for the night.

As to those whom he would call family, such as Tanta and Gorbulas, he would say that he gets along well with them. Though that is only on the surface, he doesn’t see Gorbulas much and Tanta is always with her friends so he if he had to be honest he would say that he liked Tanta much more than Gorbulas. It is nothing personal, but lack of hanging around can do that too a person. Besides, Everett would rather have spent his time running around Brandyhall and finding out its secrets than sit and pay attention to the studies his father put him through.

He learned as much as any hobbit of his Family standing would have. Education was always important and adventuring, eh, not so much, at least not beyond The Shire boarders. But that didn’t stop Everett from wandering around the whole of the Shire and staying with friends and distant family! He enjoys eating, singing and dancing like other Hobbits and has absolutely no desire to leave the Shire, unless it is to go to Bree, but that is a rare occasion. Great dangers were to be had for any who wandered too far out of the shire. May a curious Hobbit had gone off on these so called ‘adventures’ and had never returned! The idea of not returning often makes Everett sick inside. If you ask him if he has ever wondered what life was like outside the safe Shire he would probably say: “Oh, ah, ha… um, p-probably not… so much. Ahem…”

Haha! Well, I think he stays away from home most of the time, the lucky stiff! He spends a lot of time around Lily Underhill and the tavern where she works. But don’t expect him to get a drink and not order a meal! Everett could eat a cow if you’d let him! (please, don’t let him!) Oh but my, he is fond of children! He’ll always have a little something for them in a bag, and if he doesn’t well then “Why don’t we just take a little walk to the candy store, hmm? A magical land filled with all sorts of goodies!” Oh how the parents of young Hobbit boys and girls hate him! Giving their children sugar before dinner and then going as far as to say that it is best for dinner! He merely laughs at this and walks off a happy Hobbit. Children should not be so concerned with the real world, they should live in magical lands where Desert is for dinner and … oh I am getting carried away. He also spends time around Araminta and her posy of happy young lady Hobbits! He finds them entirely enjoyable company and he hopes they think the same of him… “Ha, oh well they don’t really seem to mind my presence… Oh I hope I am not off putting, they are such wonderful lasses!” and let us not forget the Boffins! On occasion he will take a drink or two with Leander.

And of course there were also those that he tries to stay away from… like the Sackvilles for instance… But he isn’t beyond mocking any of them if he does meet them.

As of now, Everett spends a lot of time in Hobbiton and about Brandyhall assisting his father. He still stays out at night gazing at the stars and spending time by the pond out by Bilbo’s place enjoying the sun and taking in the soft spring, summer and fall breezes. He loves these times of the year.

AGE:  old..
EXPERIENCE:  a lot...
OTHER CHARACTERS:  too many, but I doth not have a Hobbit!
CONTACT:  carrier pigeon, you will be appeasing Denor as well! But PM works just as fine.
HOW DID YOU FIND US?:  I flew in on the Star Ship Enterprise, on a five year mission... to BOLDLY GO WHERE NO ROLEPLAYER HAS GONE BEFORE.... *cue exciting space music*
"... and in the middle of the dream, in walks your Grandmother Sidal, may she rest in peace..."


Title: Everett Brandybuck
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This application made me smile.  That Genie reference. <3  But anywho!  A Hobbit and a lovely one at that!  Huzzah! :D

Title: Everett Brandybuck
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Yay for Robin Williams Hobbit! The board could always use more light-hearted and silly characters.