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Author Topic: [Hobbit + LotR] Amarthal (WIP)  (Read 91 times)


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Amarthal (WIP)
« on: June 22, 2020, 05:38:59 AM »


NAME: Amarthal
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941/3019): T.A. 2530 (489)
PLACE OF BIRTH: Dúnedain settlement in Eriador
RACE: Half-Elf
GENDER: Female

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE: Amarthal's hair is black and worn long, reaching the middle of her back. It's curls came from her mother's side. Most of her life she never cared to attend to it more than it was needed so her presence wouldn't bother others. Nowadays, she may braid it on occasion or wear head jewels, but most of the time she just pins the majority of it from her face while letting it fall free at the back when engaging in any kind of activity. Most often, however, she leaves it unbound and free.


BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT: She seems fairly slender from a distance, but she does have some muscle from years of cleaning, carrying things around and doing any chores asked of her at Rivendell. Most of her life she looked paler than Elves generally do because she used to keep to the indoors most of the time. That has changed during the last 50 years, so her skin tone is back to what is considered normal for her kin. She stands tall, at 6'0", bearing some elegance and grace in her every movement as is common to her kind.

OVERALL APPEARANCE: Most of her life Amarthal wore dresses of neutral colors such as white, beige or light grey of simple make, which were comfortable to wear as she worked. Since 50 years ago, she started to wear more richly made dresses of more vibrant colors such as pink, purple, turquoise and emerald green. When she goes riding or hunting now, she'll prefer to wear a short tunic of mid-thigh length, pants and boots that match the colors of the forest, green, brown and black respectively, with a green hooded cloak covering it all. When in safe locations or situations, she likes to walk barefoot.

DISTINGUISHING MARKS: She lived indoors at Rivendell most of her life and hasn't been out there time enough to gain any distinguishable scars or other skin marks. Her features have been veiled by a spell most of her life, which made them somewhat indistinguishable, but that spell has been lifted 50 years ago.

WEAPONS: When she was allowed near any weapons, she began using a bow of Galadhrim make gifted to her by her father and an unnamed thin and light sword, with which she is gaining skill by the day, gifted to her by Annúngilel as an apology for her past wrongs against her. It is enchanted with the old spells of the Noldor from Gondolin, which means it glows a white-bluish light in the presence of the servants of the Enemy, be them Wargs, Orcs, Trolls or Goblins, giving Amarthal time to prepare against an impending attack. She wears her weapons strapped to her back. By the left side the quiver of arrows and bow, by the right side the sword.

FACE CLAIM: Katie McGrath


- Dexterity: Amarthal is ambidextrous and many years sewing, cleaning, collecting herbs and things for the healers and otherwise working with her hands caused her to be very dexterous and fast when handling objects of any kind.

- Eidetic Memory: Beyond reading, writing and sewing, everything else Amarthal learned in her life, she did so by observing others going about their daily duties and then working from memory to train herself. Lately she is receiving more conventional training in both healing and melee combat, but she already showed some knowledge and skill before then due to this natural gift of hers.

- Stealth: Amarthal is great at stealth as she spent most of her life on the corners and in the shadows doing her chores without disturbing others. Also her penchant to walk barefoot added to the usually light movements of Elves makes her approach very difficult to detect for one who isn't on high alert state.


- Shyness: She isn't used to being noticed, so being in the limelight is not something Amarthal is comfortable with yet. She can be fast to comply and slow to give her own two cents on anything, especially if the person asking was one of those who had been kind to her as she grew up. It doesn't mean that she doesn't have her own opinions. She does and they are strong, but she isn't used to vocalize them and it may take some effort to get them out of her in certain environments that still cause her to withdraw into herself.

- Wisdom: Amarthal is still very young and thus not very wise. She can understand the situations for what they are, but if the facts aren't clear enough she doesn't have a lot of experience to pull from and her shyness will deter her from asking questions she thinks are either senseless or useless, which can hamper even more her collection of wisdom.

- Low Self-esteem: Amarthal is used to seeing herself as unimportant and though that isn't a problem in itself, it becomes one when it leads her into a self-sacrificing action because she perceives more worth on others, especially her father.

ASPIRATIONS: Her only dream right now is to be able to fulfill the promise she made to her father after discovering her true origins, which was that she would forever be beside him and never leave him alone.   

FEARS: Not being able to fulfill that promise to her father due to some lacking on her part or not being able to fulfill her family's expectations due to an inability to adapt to her new social condition.

PERSONALITY: Amarthal is quiet, shy and introspective, but it doesn't mean that there isn't a fiery and wild side to her that is always wanting to get out and play. She kept it hidden most of her life because she didn't want to harass the people that had been so kind to take her in and give her a home when no one showed up to claim her as their child. She was never asked to serve the house of Elrond. She was the one who asked for something to do because she was going mad with all that inactivity. She never bothered to ask why she couldn't do certain activities inside the city nor leave the valley. She was happy to be where it was safe because she had no family to protect her and wanted to repay all the kindness she was granted by being useful.

She never considered any job she did demeaning and always gave her best in each one of her chores. She used her natural skills to increase in her abilities with time, creating muscle memory by repeating movements she had seen others doing when she was alone in her room, for example, she noticed that the way a healer holds a needle to stitch a wound is different from the way a sewer, like herself, did to sew clothes and that the needles and lines used were different too. She is highly observant and has learnt a lot just by watching others in their daily activities. She was never intrusive nor overstayed her duty time in any place. She took to the corners and the shadows, always ready to begin cleaning up after others were done with their activities or to do what was asked of her.

She was always truthful and kind, but the fact she seemed to be alone in the world always made her sad when she stopped to think about it. She had no past and it seemed to condemn her to have no future as well. Lineage and one's past were so important to Elves and she had none to herself most of her life, it belittled her in ways she couldn't exactly explain. Even though she was violated in, for some people, unforgivable ways, she never hated Annúngilel for what she had done to her, she was thankful because she had come to give her a future and something to look forward to, a family to belong to. She loves her father with all her heart and will do anything he asks of her, their closeness always strong even before they discovered they were actually father and daughter.

HISTORY: What was known of Amarthal's past for the majority of her life was an immense puzzle. She was found as an infant, after she began crying behind a mound, by Elladan and Elrohir just after they had laid waste to an Orc pack that had killed a traveling group of several Dúnedain close to Rivendell's valley, some of whom they knew personally. The twins took the small bundle back to the Elven city because it was the closest place. Elladan managed to calm the young one down until their arrival and then he left the child in his father's more capable hands. Elrond decided to foster her until someone came and claimed her as theirs. For many months, the twins traveled to many Dúnedain settlements telling of their find, but no children were unaccounted for. It was a mystery. The child needed a name and Elrond called her Amarthal, which means veiled or hidden fate in Sindarin.

As time went by, they noticed that Amarthal wasn't physically developing like a child of Men, but as an Elf instead. Elrond then turned to Cirdan, Thranduil, Celeborn and Galadriel to try to discover her origins among the Elven Realms of Middle-earth, but no one was missing a female child of her age anywhere. She really seemed to have come from nowhere. The only logical explanation was that she was the child of wandering Noldorin Elves who had joined the Dúnedain group for a safer travel and were taken and killed elsewhere. Now it was known for a fact that no one would claim her. So Elrond allowed her to stay at Rivendell and officially became her foster father, but it was Elladan who took a strong liking for the little one, always calling her closer and telling her stories when she was on the corners alone at the Hall of Fire or running with her at the gardens because the little one had a lot of energy as usual for kids.

The older and closer to adulthood Amarthal became, the more difficult it was to distinguish her features. She could be recognized as herself and as an Elf, but there was something that veiled her true features. Trying to discover what could be behind this, Elrond talked to Galadriel who said she knew of someone who could cast a spell like this, Annúngilel, and that since the end of Celebrimbor's Rebellion she wasn't good news because she had been cursed by Sauron and wasn't herself anymore nor could be trusted. It didn't mean the child itself was already evil or she wouldn't have been able to enter the valley at any age, but that she had been chosen for future corruption for some reason. From this information came the restrictions Elrond imposed on Amarthal as she reached adulthood. She wasn't allowed to leave the valley for her own safety and she wasn't allowed near anything that could be considered a weapon. Otherwise she was free to do anything else she wanted.

Amarthal began to learn how to read and write with Elladan, later finishing her studies under other, more skilled, tutors once she felt sufficiently able to succeed in such learning. She was less uneasy when it came to manual works. Sewing, she learned with other Elven sewers of Rivendell. Cleaning, she learned watching other Elves. Gardening, watching others as well. She became part of the woodwork and learned a lot just by watching others go through their daily lives. She asked Elrond to work because inactivity was getting her anxious. He allowed her. She began to pick up more skills through observation. This way her life went on within the Rivendell valley, always busy, always learning, always training the new skills she was picking up when alone in her room at night. She began to sew beautiful robes for the twins and her foster father to repay their family's kindness in taking her in and she became each time fonder of Elladan. In the end it was him she had picked up as a father figure, but she was also thankful, respectful and obedient to Elrond.

In the year 2968 of the Third Age, Annúngilel, already reformed, crossed the Bruinen into Rivendell. She confessed to have been responsible for the spell that caused Amarthal's features not to be distinguishable for most of her life and confessed that her other cursed self had plans for the girl, but it no longer mattered. They had managed to save her by keeping her from leaving the valley and Amarthal was always so happy that someone cared for her wellbeing that she never questioned and always obeyed all the restrictions imposed on her. Annúngilel then said that she was there to fix her past mistake and undo the spell, which she did afterwards. The moment the effects of the spell ceased to take hold, it was obvious from where Amarthal had come.

Let's return 438 years into the past. Berthrien didn't know she was pregnant when Elladan left the Dúnedain settlement where she lived with her family. She had a very difficult pregnancy and almost died giving birth to Amarthal. She hadn't heard the child cry before passing out and later believed the baby was born dead. Her womb was also left scarred internally and she could never bring another pregnancy to term, deciding it was better not to say anything to Elladan about the lost baby because she knew how much he wanted a child. Their settlement was under threat of attack by Orcs during the next few days, as scouts had seen them gathering and they were preparing for a major assault. Berthrien was still too weak to travel, so her parents formed a group and left with the baby towards Rivendell before the Orcs came too close. She stayed behind with her brother, who was a healer and was killed defending their house during the Orc attack. The Orcs suddenly stopped their attack on the settlement and went somewhere else. Annúngilel had befriended the Dúnedain group on the road and then betrayed them calling the Orcs to attack them. She took the baby with her, knowing that an Orc pack so close to Rivendell would cause someone to come to deal with it. She placed the identity veiling spell on the baby and left her behind the mound just as the twins arrived to kill the Orcs and the rest happened as already described. A most unfortunate turn of events.

Annúngilel hadn't gone there looking for forgiveness. She knew what she had done deserved none, but she wanted to give back to that innocent baby the right to her legacy and she also gifted her with a blade made by herself that she believed would protect her in the future for the fruit never falls far from the tree. From that moment on, Amarthal's life changed completely. Now she was a member of the house of Elrond, by birth and not just out of his kindness. On one hand, it was soothing to know that her real family had always been there and had always cared for her. On the other hand, she didn't know what to do with all the attention she began to receive. She was asked if she wanted to change her name, but she refused. Amarthal also meant exalted fate and thus it still was fitting for her. She was used to it by then and it had been given to her by her grandfather. She believed in his wisdom.

Amarthal started to hone the skills she had picked up through observation because she was now allowed access to anything she wanted to do or learn. She frequently sparred with her father with the sword gifted to her by Annúngilel. Later, Elladan gifted her with a bow and she also grew in skill with it under his tutelage. Her grandfather, Elrond, and aunt, Tintaldé, started to train her more properly into the skills of a healer. Everyone was amazed with how much she had been able to learn just by observing. Amarthal made a promise to Elladan that she would never leave him alone unless he wanted some alone time and became his companion since then during those times her uncle wanted to spend some quality time with his wife. She is more likely to be found at Rivendell, Lothlórien or the wilds of Eriador. She has become Elladan's shadow for all intents and purposes.

AGE: 42
COUNTRY: Brazil 
EXPERIENCE: Since my teens and here for quite some time.
OTHER CHARACTERS: Halbaron, Saruman, Bard, Cirdan and Hild
CONTACT: PM or e-mail
HOW DID YOU FIND US?: Sister showed me the way here.

This is only required if this is your first character application with us.

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