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Author Topic: [Hobbit + LotR] Elladan  (Read 198 times)


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« on: June 07, 2020, 11:34:51 PM »


NAME: Elladan
NICKNAMES (IF ANY): None that he is aware of
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941/3019): T.A. 130 (2.889)
PLACE OF BIRTH: Imladris (Rivendell)
RACE: Half-Elf

Elladan's hair is black and worn long, much like his brother's. Unlike Elrohir, however, he takes the time and makes the effort to see that it's cared for properly, brushed as often as possible and not tangled except for after a skirmish. He has a habit of combing his hair with his fingers in a nonchalant way when in calm environments like Rivendell or Lothlórien. Usually, he braids it simply, a braid on each side of his face, running from his temples and falling over his shoulders or he pins the majority of it from his face while letting it fall free at the back when engaging in any physical activity. Most often, however, he leaves it unbound.


BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT: He's a fine example of what an Elf can be when devoted to the harsh life of a wandering warrior. Much like his brother, he may seem fairly slender from a distance, but he does have some muscle from years of using both bow and blades in training and in real battle. True to his ancestry, he stands tall and lithe, bearing an elegance and grace in his every movement, holding himself with the innate dignity and regality inherent to his kin.

OVERALL APPEARANCE: Elladan can usually be found in clothes identical to those of his brother and because of this it's not easy to tell the twins apart from a distance as the only difference is that never once was there a crinkle in any piece he wore, his robes always spotless and clean. His choice of garments fully depends on where he's at a certain moment. When in Imladris or Lothlórien, he always takes care to be properly dressed, unless there is an urgency or he feels particularly lazy that day. In such occasions, his choices tend to the simpler spectrum and a gown of neutral colors will do. Otherwise, he has a very high sense of fashion and wears his Elvish robes with pride, preferring ones of deep sapphire or emerald with fine patterns about the hems. However, when abroad or hunting with his brother, he'll wear simpler, more comfortable garments that blend in with his surroundings and allow full range of movement. Those usually consist of boots, a faded tunic, trousers and leathers in the browns and greens of the forest with a gray hooded cloak covering it all. He usually carries his weapons strapped to his back, except the long knives which are strapped to his boots. No matter what he is wearing, he manages to look completely comfortable and at home.

DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Aside from a few scars here and there from some particularly dangerous battles, all of which healed well enough with the help of his father, Elladan has nothing really distinguishing upon his skin or easily visible without closer inspection.

WEAPONS: Elladan is a trained fighter on both foot and horseback and carries a number of weapons on his person. His primary weapons are ornate but nameless twin swords and a recurve bow crafted by his mother's kin at Lothlórien; his secondary ones are twin long silver knives, which he uses when he is forced to drop one of his swords while in combat. He is a skilled double wielder with impressive experience and a force to be reckoned with in a battlefield. He favors his blades over his bow, which he uses only for ranged attacks.

FACE CLAIM: Jackson Rado


- Combat: One of Elladan's strengths is melee fighting. He is often found sparring with his twin or anyone else who's happy to do so. He is forever training and trying to improve his skills because he knows one day his very life and that of his brother may well depend on it. Due to this, the path his life has taken and his age, he is an exceptional warrior, who fights with fluidity and intelligence, using the enemy's faults against them nearly effortlessly and combining forces with Elrohir into a nearly choreographed dance, they've managed to take out all enemies so far.

- Social Skills: While Elrohir is better with books, Elladan is better with people. Confidence, courage, charisma, wit. These traits make the public life of a lordling very simple for him. Actually he even finds some enjoyment in it, presenting himself with the intent to help his father wherever possible. He's not afraid to speak his mind when he thinks he has something to say nor to lead the way when he knows that people are looking up to him.

- Compassionate: Although he isn't among the oldest nor wisest of Elves, Elladan is very much aware of all the misfortunes of those around him. Maybe his greatest strength is his ability to get along with anyone despite their race due to his open-mindedness and because he allows himself to feel and express his emotions in a way that few Elves do, he has a deeper understanding of them he can share to help others who are suffering. This allows him to read others and relate to them easily.


- A level of recklessness: One of Elladan's greatest flaws is his habit of making rash, last-second decisions. Those usually get him into more trouble than he bargains for, but so far none of these quick decisions got him too deep into trouble as his strengths balance them out and allow him to find a way out of trouble more often than not. Also, Elrohir is always there to help him out.

- Skepticism: His skeptic side often means he doesn't trust as easily as most when dealing with people he hasn't known for some time. It just leads him to say some unkind words when he shouldn't and that can be a problem sometimes. It's not that he is always expecting the worst out of people, far from that, but he also isn't always expecting only the best.

- Dutiful: Elladan has always been dutiful towards his family, placing their wellbeing beyond his own, specially Elrohir's. He would gladly sacrifice himself for them and has already sacrificed the calling of his heart for his family's sake before.

ASPIRATIONS: He's an Half-Elf of simple desires. All he wants is to live life to the fullest, protect his loved ones from harm and rid Middle-earth of all foul creatures as he believes that would cause his mother's return, which in turn would make all his household happier. Perhaps, maybe, be remembered in some song by future generations. 
FEARS: Failure is one of his greatest fears, specially if it brings harm to his family. To know that something he did or didn't do can cause any of them harm is the source of nightmares for him. Not being strong or skilled enough to protect his siblings and out of this loose Elrohir to lesser beings. Elladan does not fear death, once he even came close to choosing mortality for himself, but to think that he might die of an unnatural death caused by something filthy like Orcs or Trolls isn't a welcomed thought. Being alone forever is also an idea that unsettles him.

PERSONALITY: If he had to choose one word to describe himself, Elladan would choose restlessness. He prefers to always be in motion, actually doing something, rather than being quiet in a corner. It doesn't mean that he can never be found in solitude, but when he is in such a mood you better let him be as Elladan only seeks his own space when he really needs it to balance himself again. Normally, he prefers to be surrounded by others, in special the younglings, to whom he likes to read books that tell the stories of old because they bind all in a common sense of destiny that is important to him. Elladan isn't as much of a scholar as Elrohir. Lore is his brother's area of mastery. People is Elladan's. No matter if Elf, Man or Dwarf, Elladan took to his father's open-mindedness when it comes to the acceptance of others.

It doesn't mean that he'll take you under his wing for nothing or in a heartbeat. He will respect you and treat you kindly if you made yourself deserving of this behavior, but if you want his trust you'll have some work to do before you get it. Once earned, you'll have the most loyal and dependable of friends. One that will get out of his way for your sake without giving it a second thought. He is someone very in touch with his emotions and compassionate towards those who are suffering, doing what he is able to help those in need. He shines when around others and enjoys singing the songs of old in his father's halls, secretly hoping someday someone will think him worthy of a song. He is very proud of his ancestors and all their achievements in ages old and hopes to one day be worthy of such lineage. That is one of the reasons he always tries to carry himself in an impeccable manner.

More than once Elladan was considered the perfect father material, but he is still unmarried and childless. Once in love with a woman of Dúnedain origin, he almost chose the path of mortality to age beside her, but then was exactly when his mother was attacked and tortured by Orcs, deciding later to leave Middle-earth. This caused Elladan to delay his choice and forgo to die with his love for his duty in order not to break his family further. His beloved died as was her fate centuries ago and he is still here licking his wounds to this day. His heart is closed for balance and the old light of his eyes have been dimmed since her death. Elladan just resigned himself to cool uncle material and carries with dignity the scars that are the consequence of his choice, for making no choice, in a way, is making a choice and it had consequences.

HISTORY: Elladan, along with his twin brother Elrohir, was the first born child of Lord Elrond and Lady Celebrían, daughter of Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel. Being twins, they looked so alike that it was nearly impossible to tell them apart. Only those who knew them well could name each one properly due to personality cues. Elladan was more of a prankster, as lively as any child of any race could be, while Elrohir had always been of a quieter mood. While growing up, Elladan had too much energy and was always getting into trouble. Worse, bringing Elrohir into it too as they were inseparable and Elladan could always convince his brother to go with him do something they shouldn't. He usually used the concepts of immortality and invulnerability as interchangeable until he was of sufficient age and study to tell the two of them apart, which came as a relief to all. The twins received nothing but love and were doted on as they grew up, being able to pursue whatever struck their fancy. Though they noticed there was a certain divergence in their interests as time went by, they never really grew apart.

Adulthood came a bit to quickly for Elladan, for he had to learn how to behave and be less wild. Worse, he had to loose his brother's company to books! He also took a liking to reading. First, to spend more time with Elrohir and then because the stories of old gave him a sense of destiny and purpose he could relate to. Though the more he got into contact with history, the more another passion of his began to crawl into his heart. Elladan should not be considered a martial soul. Not once, until a certain event happened, he went to training, sparring or any battle for blood lust nor led by a war mongering nature. He trained hard to improve his skills because he wanted to be worthy of his lineage and be able to defend his own like the heroes of old did in the books he read. He was also happy with the fact that he managed to convince Elrohir to come train with him and thus they could spend more time together. Hunting was a good way to train and also a good excuse to get his brother out of the library or some quiet corner to get his blood pumping and feel alive with him. Riding in the wilds around Rivendell became a shared passion of the twins and they evolved their training eventually into mounted combat as well, mastering it in due time.

Elladan also started to help his parents on occasion in meetings as he already knew how to be pleasant and sociable, but sometimes he lost his patience and left in the middle of the affair, leaving Elrond and Celebrían to explain his sudden absence. This kind of behavior diminished in due time, until he found the control to seat through the entire thing. Not seat, more walk in circles around the place they were in. Elladan did everything, including think, better while in movement and his parents knew that. Also, he looked interested and thoughtful and not bored and uncaring while he walked and in the end always had something relevant and unexpected to say about the subject at hand. That was also when he began to spend time reading about the stories of earlier ages to the younglings, because if one can deal with kids one can deal with anyone. Elladan discovered that it helped him to find the patience for his lordling appointments and he enjoyed the company of the children as he could sense his own inner child wasn't really gone while with them. Those moments were always enjoyable to him and still are. After Arwen was of sufficient age, she could always be found in those circles of storytelling, laughing and crying at her big brother's impersonation of old heroes and foul beings like Dragons, Werewolves and Vampires.

Many years later, along with Elrohir, other Elves and the Northern Dúnedain, Elladan rode north to battle with the forces of Angmar. He did so out of duty, but also out of a sense that he was ready to defend those who couldn't defend themselves from that evil. He had learned already from his family that the best way for evil to win is for the good ones to do nothing against its spreading, so he went and gave his best in battle. Thankfully he came back in one piece, no matter how many chances he took because of his penchant for deciding what to do on the spot, which doesn't mean he didn't follow the battle plans when there were any to be followed. It's just that sometimes you must improvise. During this time the twins befriended many Dúnedain and after the war was done and victory was achieved, they found themselves spending more and more time with those new friends during their outings from Rivendell. Elladan found Men to be freer with their emotions and related to them more than he probably should. His wild side came out to play more often during those trips and he started to wear his emotions much closer to his skin, which brought about both his compassion towards others and his anger towards foul creatures of any kind.

During one of these many outings with his brother among the Dúnedain, Elladan met a beautiful maiden called Berthrien ( daughter of dare ) and a fiery wild thing the equally dark haired and grey eyed woman was. They loved to hear each other's stories and he had no idea exactly when it happened, only that it wasn't fast ( took about 30 years and many visits since they first met ) nor intentional on their part, but they fell in love for one another. Elladan took a long time to tell his brother about it, once he became aware of it, considering he always told him everything that happened almost immediately. Actually, he didn't exactly tell him. Elrohir, one day, found Elladan and Berthrien kissing by the tree line just outside the Dúnedain settlement. It was a difficult talk, the one that ensued between the twins. Many mixed feelings on both parts. They decided to say goodbye to their friends, Elladan promising his beloved that he would come back and all would be fine. He had made his choice and he just had to wait for his mother to return from Lothlórien to make it public, so all of his family would know about it at once, when he said out loud the fateful words. I choose a mortal life.

However Celebrían never arrived from Lothlórien upon her own two legs. Of her traveling entourage, only a scattered few managed to reach Rivendell to tell Lord Elrond about the attack and the subsequent capture of his wife. Never in his life Elladan felt so enraged and outraged. He got nearly mad with anger and told his father he shouldn't worry because he and Elrohir would bring their mother back alive and in one piece. So the twins went on their self-assigned mission because their father knew better than to try to stop them, Elladan seeing red all the way to where the survivors had said the attack had taken place. He remembers his brother's attempts at calming him down during the trip, but it was to no avail. His blood was boiling for many different reasons and he couldn't control it more than he was already trying to do. They scouted the area of the attack and found the hiding place of the Orc pack to their despair. Swords and bows took care of the filth in alarmingly little time and soon Celebrían was upon Elladan's horse, her back resting upon his chest and his left hand holding her waist gently as they returned home.

It wasn't enough. Even though Elrond had managed to fully heal her physical wounds and Elladan tried his best to instill happiness into his mother with his antics, his siblings also doing their best to rekindle the light in their mother's eyes, nothing could heal Celebrían's trauma and her soul no longer was able to find happiness in Middle-earth. Just one year after her capture, she decided to sail to the Undying Lands to seek a healing only the Valar could grant her. Elladan accompanied his mother until Mithlond and saw her embark on one of Cirdan's ships. The wise Teleri tried to comfort him, but there was no comfort to be found in his situation. His heart was twice broken. Everything had changed from what he had planed and he had to delay his decision because he couldn't bring himself to make his family cry for his death upon the suffering caused by Celebrían's sailing, no matter how long it might take to finally happen. Uncle Elros had taken 600 years to die of a natural death after his choice for what he could remember. It didn't seem enough time as Elves always took longer to deal with anything.

He returned, one year late, as he had promised Berthrien, but still immortal. Even though she understood why Elladan had changed his mind, she was heartbroken. Both of them were. They decided to live of their love what they could for as long as it was possible and he convinced his brother to return that way more often than before. A century later, she met her fate peacefully while sleeping. Elladan was there for Berthrien's funeral and from that day on the light in his eyes was dimmed. Most think it was the further understanding of his mother's sailing as he had had the time to allow it to sink in, but at first only Elrohir knew all the reasons behind his sadness because he didn't want to burden anyone else with his problems. The pain he felt and the necessity for comfort eventually led him to open up with all his family's elders about what had happened.
He went on as the dutiful son and brother, excellent children storyteller, brave and noble warrior, a helping hand for his father, willing for every job given to him by Elrond, but all who knew him well could see there was something broken inside of him from that moment on that would never mend itself.

Elladan and Elrohir continued to ride with the Dúnedain even after this event and were present when Chieftain Arathorn II was slain. The twins took their friend's wife, Gilraen, and their toddler son, Aragorn, to Rivendell where the boy was fostered by their father. Elladan grew a great fondness for the boy as he grew up and as he became older, their friendship and kinship became stronger. Elladan can still be often found among the Dúnedain of Eriador, at Rivendell or at Lothlórien. His inability to stay quiet anywhere never leaving him and causing him to always be in movement.

AGE: 42
EXPERIENCE: I write creatively since my teens, but here was my first RPing experience.
OTHER CHARACTERS: Fengel and Gandalf
HOW DID YOU FIND US?: Referred by my husband.
This is only required if this is your first character application with us.

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Re: Elladan
« Reply #1 on: June 17, 2020, 10:16:59 PM »
I've thought some more and I've decided to make a little change on one of the paragraphs in Elladan's History. In case you've read it already, I'll highlight the change beneath so a reread isn't needed.

How it used to be: "Most think it was the further understanding of his mother's sailing as he had had the time to allow it to sink in, but Elrohir knew all the reasons behind his sadness like no one else did for he didn't want to burden anyone else with his problems. Of course, due to foresight that runs in the family, eventually everyone knew, but not because he told them."

How it is now: "Most think it was the further understanding of his mother's sailing as he had had the time to allow it to sink in, but at first only Elrohir knew all the reasons behind his sadness because he didn't want to burden anyone else with his problems. The pain he felt and the necessity for comfort eventually led him to open up with all his family's elders about what had happened."

I think it's better this way and I don't intend to make more changes unless asked to by the mods.

So he's ready for review again?

The face claim change was decided between Whitney and myself.
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Re: Elladan
« Reply #2 on: June 18, 2020, 05:44:32 AM »

Sorry for the delay in getting Elladan approved.  I'm so excited to have Elladan active again and I'm looking forward to plotting with you!


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