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Author Topic: Be All My Sins Remembered  (Read 103 times)


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Be All My Sins Remembered
« on: May 30, 2020, 11:42:23 PM »
It had been a long travel from Edoras to the footsteps of his son's house at Lossarnach. Literally days on the road with only the bare minimum not to call the attention of thieves or other enemies. It was his choice to travel light and fast. His travel companion, Hild, daughter of minor Rohirrim noble Aldor, was his only company during this trip. His old body was no longer fitting for such excesses. He had to admit it, but it was important. He had to settle his differences with his only son Thengel for the good of the people and the future of Rohan. Fengel knew for a fact, as he had tried in many ways to no success so far, that Thengel would not heed his calls, let alone come to him so they could talk. He had to be the one to come to his son. It was the only way it would work.

Though the king didn't see his current situation as diminishing to his kingly status as many would think if they knew he was taking these steps. Few truly understood him throughout his lifetime, his wife being one of them, but now she was long years gone. In the way he was able, Fengel missed his son's company and did want to have it back if only for a few days before his responsibilities would force his return to the Halls of Meduseld. His informants, as Hild though the most trusted among them wasn't his only one, had informed him of Thengel's marriage to a woman native of that region of Gondor and that they already had two children, a girl and a boy, in that order. The boy should be a toddler by now and the girl around five years of age. 

One who watched the two riders approach from afar would believe they were two simple poor travelers, never to guess one was the aging king of Rohan and the other one was a noble born Rohirrim lady. They both wore similar black cloaks to conceal their features and their clothes beneath them were light and comfortable, chosen logically for the purpose and considering the duration of the trip. The only sign the riders might be more than the beggars they seemed to be was the quality and beauty of the horses which carried them all the way. White as the snow, with strong muscles that granted them the speed and the strength their riders needed to fulfill their trip with as much safety as possible nowadays.

They had managed to enter the premises because Hild was already a welcomed guest, being the younger sister of Haleth, Thengel's best friend and guard from an early age. Get to the footsteps of his son's house presented no issues once they had entered his lands and with Hild's guidance there was no chance for him to get lost. Fengel stopped his mount a few meters away from the front entrance of Thengel's house. As he observed the door, he thought about the fact that he had never had any other place to call home, only the Halls of Meduseld. He had traveled and stayed nights in other places, but he could never call them his home. It was a strange thought to him. He stayed there and halted his mare, Ealida, completely, waiting for Hild's next step silently.

((OOC: Haleth, Morwen and Théoden are welcome to join this thread if so they wish, just PM me if any of you would want the tags related to your character taken from this thread. I think the order could be: Fengel, Hild, Haleth and Thengel at first. Morwen and the toddler Théoden joining later on. Imagine the cuteness and the weirdness of Théoden jumping into his grandpa's lap as the innocent toddler that he is...))

((OOC2: Edit to update the name of Fengel's mare.))
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Re: Be All My Sins Remembered
« Reply #1 on: June 03, 2020, 11:36:32 PM »
It wasn't the first time Hild was making this journey to Gondor. She had traveled this path many times since the king had told her where in Gondor her brother Haleth and prince Thengel were currently living. Usually she traveled alone because she preferred that way. Even though it opened herself to attack because of her loneliness, it also helped her escape capture or worse because she only had herself to defend or worry about. Not this time. Now she had a travel companion, one whose life was her responsibility to keep intact during this journey.

Hild was really surprised when Fengel asked to accompany her in her next trip a few weeks ago. Her family had always been staunchly loyal to the House of Eorl and she couldn't bring herself to deny her king's wish, even though she knew it would most likely create a problem between herself and her brother. Prince Thengel might never forgive her for taking his father to him, but a part of her clung to the idea that this encounter, in the end, would be for the best to all of them. Hild had had the chance to know her king better than most and she hoped that the many wounds still open between father and son could be allowed to heal by means of this meeting.

Thankfully the travel was uneventful, their simple attire and few belongings had managed to deflect the ill-will of any wannabe attackers on the way. It was also possible because they traveled light and fast, as per their original plan. Hild had to confess she was very relieved to see the entrance of Thengel's lands. They were safe from that mark forward. Many tenants already knew her and when she said her companion was a friend of hers, none of them caused any ado about it. She could always play the I'm Haleth's sister card and that would dispel any inquiries as those few who hadn't actually seen her there before, knew that Haleth had a sister, who was blond, tall and called Hild, who was a common visitor.

Hild knew it was up to her and Haleth to build the bridge for the encounter between father and son. The only problem is that her brother had no idea she wasn't going to come alone this time. As Fengel halted his stallion a fair distance away, Hild continued with her mare until the very threshold of the house. She dismounted, secured her mare and then knocked thrice in a way that her brother would know immediately that it was her. When the door opened, she gave Haleth a tight hug and whispered on his left ear. "I'm sorry, Hal, but I couldn't say no to him..." She felt guilty and hopeful at the same time. She discreetly pointed at her companion.

"It's the king. He has no ill-will towards you, brother, by the contrary... Fengel only wishes to speak to his son. It's going to be tough, but you know it had to happen someday as much as I did. That day has come..." She buried her face on his left shoulder because she was exhausted from the trip plus the added responsibility and her small voice was also a testimony of her condition. The next step was his to make.

((OOC: I guess everyone is in? So, tag to Haleth next.))
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