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Author Topic: [Hobbit + LotR] Welcome to Mithlond  (Read 177 times)


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Welcome to Mithlond
« on: May 28, 2020, 05:41:50 AM »
Everybody has at least heard something about Cirdan, the shipwright and lord of many havens throughout history, the one who headed the art of making and sailing ships ever since it first began in Middle-earth millennia ago. He is almost as old as his own people, being the first second generation born in his family. The son of Olwë is known for his loyalty towards his friends and extended family. He has apprenticed and fostered many during his long life, loving each one of them as the children he has never had.

Cirdan's wisdom is vast and deep as is his foresight, being surpassed only by the kindness of his heart. His belief in the Valar is nearly blind and he has faith that the world is walking towards the greater good under their watch, though he has conscience that much pain and suffering will still come to pass before the future is fulfilled and he is willing to help anyone who needs to endure the harshness of the present or the pains of the past until their final end is reached, whichever that might be.

He isn't a prejudiced person and will most likely get along with anyone who is of a reasonable nature. He doesn't think it is his place to judge others, only help them as he is able. His old age, Cirdan is literally the oldest Elf alive in Middle-earth, allows him to understand people in a peculiar way, making him a great judge of character. This means that this Elf can see through most masks right inside the mind and heart of another and, in this way, know who can be helped and who should just be allowed to go on on their path.

Cirdan is a fighter too and participated in many battles that changed history, though his passion is fully dedicated to his very first profession as a shipwright. This mariner loves the Sea and all that comes from it. Also, he has a great and old friendship with the Dúnedain of the North, to whom the doors of Lindon are always open in their times of need since the Fall of Arnor.

I'm game for any kind of plotting ideas for past, present or future interactions. Any suggestions?

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Re: Welcome to Mithlond
« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2020, 05:23:59 AM »
(Going to get to that PM in a bit; I've just been dying for a chance to get to this!)

.:. Galadriel && Cirdan .:.

I think we've talked just enough elsewhere to know we both have a fair knowledge of the history of Middle Earth, particularly regarding characters like these two, so it's more a matter of making suggestions as to whether one or both of us wants to visit certain events or their aftermath where interaction between these two are concerned. What do you think?

I can say that regarding Galadriel's view of Cirdan, it is a view of deep respect and affection. Few are older than her that still remain on Middle Earth at this point (the Maiar being, well, the Maiar, are a separate matter entirely) and in essence, I feel he has the leave to have seen her truly grow up since the time of the Noldor host's arrival in Middle Earth, from fiery, untapped Artanis to the divine queen she all but is now. He likely is one of the very few she will still unreservedly seek the advice of by the time of the Third Age, able to understand the burden of Nenya too in a way even beloved Celeborn cannot.

As a rather cute, possible aside, we know Cirdan befriended Finrod-- do you think that best for when these two met, or a separate occasion entirely? It's easy to manufacture a reason for her being absent in the former; she was badly tired and hurt by the crossing of the Helacraxe, and may have been absent to rest herself and her feet after that initial first meeting. I've certainly made her draw to her Teleri roots quite strong (because she does love the Sea ardently, and I can never resist another reason to tease about her draw to the ellon that would become her husband either). As to other semi-formed ideas, her faith in the Valar has been tested repeatedly in the past, and though she's now at peace with them, the events around the exile from Valinor being lifted were particular sore points for her in the past. It could make for interesting long ago threads, as a start.

.:. Tintalde && Cirdan .:.

I noticed the mention several times over of his fosterlings and extended family etc, and while she's likely not in need of either, suffice to say that part of Tintalde's journey to where she is by the time of The Hobbit Era is based upon her finding some inner peace with life in general. It's why, despite the comforts of Rivendell and her status as one of Elrond's protégé, she left to travel some-- and I know she certainly ended up in Lindon at some point. Between this and, if you're amenable, the possibility of Cirdan knowing her Telerin father in the past (he was a soldier of Gil-Galad's, before falling in love and settling in the Mirkwood prior to his death), would spending some time with Cirdan (starting with her being especially hungry for stories of her sire, whom she both loved and has resented in equal measure for leaving the teenage her alone after her mother died) be a possibility?

[I think that's all of mine so far, unless anyone else strikes your fancy first!]
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