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Author Topic: Little Town, Full of Little People  (Read 66 times)


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Little Town, Full of Little People
« on: May 22, 2020, 08:01:31 AM »
A gray blanket of clouds overhead turned up a hazy mist over the fields as they drew nearer to Bree, along with a thin drizzle of rain… Not the most dazzling first impression Alvelin would have liked for Pellavan to gaze at on his first day in town.  But hey, the weather couldn't be sunny and grand all the time. And it was wet days like these that made the harvest grow. Not that it bothered Alvelin to stroll outside and ignore the waterdrops seeping through her clothes, but having the option of shelter available, and with her young ward to prioritize, it would be best that the two of them retreat indoors while the rain persisted, for the time being.

Across the Market Square, down Whitestone Street, they arrived at the inn of the Merry Harper.  Having lodged in Bree numerous times, Alvelin knew the inns in the area well.  Compared to the more popular Prancing Pony, the Merry Harper was a little more…decent.  Not as large, crowded or rowdy as the Prancing Pony, though it charged a little more for its services.  But for Pellavan's safety, spending the extra coin was worth it, to avoid the bulk of unsavory or suspicious characters that populated the Prancing Pony.  And for comfort, the Merry Harper did have a nicer interior and a more peaceful atmosphere, located in a more gardenesque area of Bree, with a view of the pastoral homesteads nearby.

First things first was to check if there were rooms available (though Alvelin had already bet on it when she told Pellavan's mother about which inn to find them at; it'd be humiliating if there weren't any rooms available; but fortunately Alvelin's hunch lucked out and the inn still had vacancies) and most importantly, ask if the inn was pet-friendly. More specifically dog-friendly. Cat-friendly was already evident, as soon as Alvelin entered the lobby to find a pump orange tabby dozing on top of the reception counter. Pellavan's little terrier, Nárë, was no bigger than the cat, and just as clean, quiet and well behaved, Pellavan assured. With that claim, the woman innkeeper had no qualms with letting Nárë stay inside the inn, so long as she was under Pellavan's supervision and didn't bother the guests.

Once Odie and Midnightfire were tucked inside their warm stalls with full hay mangers, the two Elves would haul their bags to the inn, to their room upstairs. Alvelin doubted the two beds would be utilized much, except maybe for Pellavan, since he was the 'child' between the two and might feel the need to lie down more often than she, who could just as easily rest her eyes while leaning back in a chair - along with the table and dresser that furnished the room.  As well as a private space for them to stow their belongings, the main purpose of the room was to provide a meeting point for Pellavan's sister, who would be picking him up from Bree in two weeks, and in case Alvelin should not be around to watch over him, Pellavan would still have a safe shelter to retreat to. That is, if he ever grew tired of exploring Bree.  The room might hardly be used at all, except to access their belongings.  Alvelin was more likely to find sleep on a patch of grass than on a bed.

Only two more weeks of chaperoning to go.  Their journey to Bree was longer than their actual stay there. Well, Pellavan's stay anyway. Who knew how long Alvelin would stick around, if anything called her elsewhere.  Right. She could do this.  Not that Alvelin didn't enjoy Pellavan's company, but keeping her eye out for an elfling that was not her own was a little bit pressuring for her mind to keep tabs of, else Pellavan's family wouldn't forgive her if something bad happened to him, she feared.

"Hopefully the weather clears in the morning. Or sooner." Alvelin peered through the window. Behind the trickling glass pane and clouded gray sky, the sun would shine mid-afternoon.  Rain on Pellavan's parade, indeed; Alvelin would hate for him to be disappointed if he couldn't enjoy the fullest of his two short weeks in Bree due to imperfect weather.  "If you care for a walk around town, I'll join you," she offered good-humoredly. The light rain wouldn't hinder most Bree-folk from walking around and going about daily business. "But if you're hungry - I bet Nárë is…" Alvelin chuckled at the bubbly terrier pricking her ears at the suggestion of food. "-We can go for a bite downstairs. And there's plenty of people around to talk to," she pointed out.  Elves, Men, Dwarves, Hobbits. A variety of guests to chat and share stories with, or simply watch and eavesdrop unintentionally due to heightened Elf hearing. Plenty of entertainment to be found inside the Merry Harper. 

After changing her damp tunic for a dry dress to lounge the rest of the day in, Alvelin headed for the tavern room downstairs. A little over a month ago, she had spent a night at the Merry Harper - on her trip from Lindon to Rivendell - and so recognized several faces from her last visit, including the woman innkeeper Gracella "Gracey" and her orange tabby tom Peaty, and a few other Men and Hobbits that operated or frequented the tavern.  Even if Pellavan still wasn't so fluent in Westron, at least he understood the language moreso than he was able to speak it, enough to hold a conversation with the Bree-folk, or rather listen to them.

Among the itinerary of things Alvelin had formulated for Pellavan to do in Bree, food was at the top of her list.  "Now," Alvelin emphasized eagerly. "Time to sample one of everything that's in this tavern. Except the alcohol of course. Not that the Man-made stuff here will affect you, if you insist" She didn't see any harm in letting the elfling dab his tongue in it if he was curious, so long as his mother and sisters didn't find out. "But it's hardly worth it, believe me." There was no point in tolerating the awful taste if it didn't do anything. Might as well drink something more palatable. "There is a nice apple cider however," she recommended to Pellavan. "Oh- Tugo!" Alvelin called out and waved excitedly over the kitchen counter, catching the old Hobbit chef's attention. "Pottage and bread, two servings please. And two cups apple cider." Her eyes glittered with mirth.

Nothing in Bree - food (except a few Hobbit-made dishes) or architecture - could compare to that of the Elves, but Alvelin had passed through the town so often during her travels that it had become like a second home to her. It was one of the few places she would encounter people more than once, in their lifetimes.  Returning to Bree had brought waves of bittersweet sorrow, behind Alvelin's cheery countenance, though it weighed heavy on her heart as the days to her departure counted down.

Because just like Pellavan, she was determined to savor as much as she could of Bree before heading south, though she had not revealed to Pellavan the extent of how far south she planned on traveling. This time, it would be a journey farther south than any she had ever done before… where there would be no maps to guide her… and no promise of return.
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Re: Little Town, Full of Little People
« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2020, 04:56:31 PM »
With all of his own wanderings, Pellavan had been stuck out in the rain plenty of times, although if he saw the clouds coming he usually turned back in towards Rivendell from the surrounding forest cover rather quickly. That was different than having to deal with it on the way towards shelter, but still, the young Elf was determined not to let it get him down! He had a travel cloak which he could conveniently wrap Nárë up in next to him to shield the little dog and was guarded from the worst of it himself.

The Merry Harper lived up to its name, and was a welcomed sight up ahead and as they made their way there. Still unsure about her reception, Pellavan continued to hold Nárë and until she had been cleared. The terrier merely sniffed at the tabby and then panted happily in greeting. Pel of course promised to watch her and thus clearance was granted!

In the let ups in the drizzle, Pel let Nárë trot along beside him, after watching her for a bit and to make sure she wouldn't take off with all the new smells, as they neared the stables and during the portion of their journey over where they walked the horses. She still sniffed at all the new smells, but stayed close. Horses were already a familiar scent, this journey aside, and having wandered into the Elven stables before, but also Nárë thought she could recall the scents of leather and hay from her earlier memories too both before her eyes opened and when squished in with her litter.

She'd been handed over to Pellavan just after being weaned, and before any official training (making her good temperament all the more extraordinary) but had vague sorts of memories of it and investigated until she found some hay piled up, which she burrowed herself into. Thankfully it wasn't of any use and had just accumulated so the stable owners didn't seem to mind. "Nárë", Pellavan chuckled and picked her up again, brushing her off. They then made their way back.

Upstairs, and in their room, Pellavan glanced out at the weather once more even as Alvelin said hopefully the next day would be clearer. Pellavan nodded, to both. "Yeah I think it will take more than the drizzle to stop me and Nárë", he said, grinning at the terrier who gave a pant of agreement, as well as stood back up fully at the prospect of food.

"I'll stick with the cider", Pellavan agreed as they made their way downstairs. There was no real reason to try the alcohol if it was only another drink, and not that good anyway, as Alvelin said it was. As they sat, Pel just waited to try Bree's pottage and bread, and cider, as well as watched the curious Hobbit walk off and waited for him to return so he could investigate him further. "I was really little when Bilbo Baggins first came through Rivendell, and remember more hearing about it than recall it myself, but...".

Pellavan's explanation was hindered as he heard Nárë perk up more than any of the others in the inn did, the dog still being all but silent as she sniffed a scent she hadn't smelled since her puppy-hood days! Yet, again, the memory was still lodged; and with a happy pant she stood and quietly made her way over to a destination she seemed to have clearly in mind. "Nárë...", Pellavan stood and followed, eager to make sure his dog didn't cause trouble.

The terrier paused at a chair where a Dwarf sat. Even in her excitement, Nárë didn't bark, just lifted up to put her paws on the Dwarf's chair. This also wasn't a snub to Pellavan, and she glanced for her owner, wanting to show him what and who she'd found! Pel soon caught up and scooped her up, looking just as stunned as he spotted the Dwarf, and one he recognized!

"Master Fritz!", he grinned, then turned to Alvelin, who had no doubt come to see where they'd both went!* "This is the Dwarf who gave me Nárë!", he explained, before turning back to Fritz and the young Dwarf girl with him who looked a bit older than him, but then given Elf ages it was just this stage no doubt and he would quickly catch up and even surpass. "How do you do? I'm Pellavan!", with no hesitation, and even a smile, Pellavan nodded to her.

{*Let me know if I assume too far on assuming Alvelin came over   }



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Re: Little Town, Full of Little People
« Reply #2 on: May 26, 2020, 05:10:19 PM »
Alvelin wasn't the only one with a guardian to show around the at times bleak cloud cover of Bree. If Fritz was honest with himself, he was looking forward to this as much, if not more so, perhaps, than even Tuuli was! When his niece had asked question after question about the smithing and forging process, Fritz had happily obliged with as many answers as she required, and without pressure as well. His own son, Friór's, interests lay more with woodworking than metal and, having found his own passion at about Thirty, Fritz was of the opinion all the Dwarflings in his family should be free to do the same.

His and his brothers' own interests had varied growing up, and each turning to what they were naturally drawn towards.

Yet, it would also be a lie to say he wasn't pleased he got to show off his know-how to his niece. Fritz had shown Tuuli everything, as her questions turned to wanting to try her hand, and while the girl had turned out her own small daggers by now she seemed to really enjoy banging out horseshoes and even bending metal in an artistic way with wrought iron, if simple baskets for the moment.

Little surprise of Dagmar's daughter, and adoption which discounted any hereditary explanations of the trait aside.

Today was about the other side of forging anything, business. Though Tuuli had also seen some of that, dropping off her horseshoes by the Ered Luin stables, once they were of useful shape, where Andar was Stable Master and so the girl had no doubt a bit unfair of an advantage of an available position for them at any given time.

Their clan as a whole still wasn't helping that rumor of things being handed to them a bit too often, but if family members of theirs had earned legitimate positions, it was their right to also use them.

Or so said Fritz, who had never let such rumors get to him, since he'd also made such a point to earn his own way all along.

Under both of her uncles' guidance and pointers, on steel and horses, some of the horseshoes Tuuli had made for selling off on this trip could fit a full grown horse used by Men, and not just the ponies she was used to sizing for, them being what Dwarves utilized. She had pony sized with her as well, and since all sorts came through Bree.

In getting his facts sorted, Fritz also had heard of the Merry Harper's reputation and pegged it out as the safest bet, and with one who still counted as a child with him. They said parenthood changed a person, and charge of any child seemed to do so. While not the worst inn (Kvasir said The Quiet Lady held that honor far as he knew!) the Prancing Pony could be rowdy at times. His wife's own experiences, and especially that time Fritz unknowingly aided a reunion between her and her brother, proved such!

It was so strange, but at the time Fritz had seen nothing wrong with his own self traipsing all about Bree and taking, perhaps, risks with some of the establishments; but years later and throw his son, nieces or nephew in the mix and suddenly everything was potentially dangerous! Or more so than it had been. Fritz had also been used to being the youngest child of his siblings. Had his brothers and Dags dealt with this on a regular basis?!

He might owe them an apology. Maybe.

Fritz didn't know if the inn had been around when Líknví took refuge in this city, and even if so, no doubt the humble girl had seen it as too much to try for, though perfect was the word that came to Fritz as they stepped over the threshold and beheld the charming interior. Especially after the drizzle that had chased them inside. Of course...he and Kvasir might not have ever discovered Líknví was in Bree here...Fritz shrugged off that fate sort of consideration along with his cloak, and took Ti's, as the innkeeper came over. A place like this, Fritz was determined he shouldn't drip on the floor, and the charming female proprietor just reinforced that.

"Well, it's been quite a day!" she commented, as Ti made her way over to pet the tabby, "Elves and Dwarves". Her smile was all welcome and...light as it had been delivered, Fritz realized that living in Bree she no doubt knew of the typical prejudices an eclectic mix brought and had been half warning them. Fritz was quick to smile reassuringly, plus the odds of actually encountering these Elves were still no doubt slim. It didn't change his decision of staying here.


"Are you worried about the rain?", Ti asked as they stowed their things in their room. For tomorrow's selling plans she meant. Fritz smiled over to her. "Not really, it's such a fickle thing it could be gone by the morrow". He hated that it dampened Tuuli's own visit, but like he said, no sense getting their spirits down about it now and when things could very much change.

They'd arrived just in time for an evening meal, it seemed, all but just behind these Elves, though they didn't know that, and headed down with a similar purpose in mind. Elves could blend so well, not even a child Fritz had seen before, twice, and handed a puppy off to could gain the smith's attention, and in this crowded place. Especially not when the Hobbit who came to take their orders drew Tuuli's attention the most. It was mutual, it seemed, and Fritz wasn't sure if the Hobbit had ever seen a Dwarf maiden, let alone one as young as Ti.

After taking their orders, she smiled all the more as her interest caused Ti to introduce herself, and give her nickname of Tulip, as she at times did. "Well then you would fit right in to the Shire Miss Tulip, though I promise not to steal you", she gave Fritz a wink.

"Yes, please don't", Fritz laughed, "I don't think I could explain that to my sister". It was after she left, and as he turned to ask something more of his niece, that a small form raising up to still silently put her paws on his chair drew his attention. It was a terrier that looked a lot like his son's birthday present, Speck (short for Speckle) had. Of course the dog had long since passed. Wait...

If the dog wasn't clue enough, the small Elf child who followed after and scooped her up was. "Well Pellavan!", Fritz grinned, glancing from the child to the terrier, "Which makes this little Nárë, who I thought I recognized", Fritz scratched the terrier behind the ears, ”She's shot up...where as you hardly have", he grinned from the dog to the Elf child.

Tuuli had watched this interaction, and both of the Elves approach, curiously and gave back just as wide a grin as Pellavan introduced himself, and with the bits of the story she could already infer. Her cousin, Friór's, Thirtieth birthday present of a terrier pup, Speckle, had been the sweetest thing ever, and being so close in age to her cousin, Tuuli had enjoyed exploring with him at their heels as well. And this was the Elf child who had helped him out when he got stuck in a bush and for which favor Uncle Fritz had given him one of Speck's sired puppies?

Well, then Tuuli owed him for the favor as well!

Of course dogs had such short life-spans compared to Dwarves and Elves, and not only had Speck passed by now, but said pup had grown up. Nárë. It was a nice name, if Tuuli would have to ask after what it meant, since it was no doubt Elvish.

"Tuuli!", she gave back her own name just as unhesitatingly, and was on the verge of adding her nickname even when she did pause, and not for weighing the wisdom of giving such a thing to Elves (it wasn't her special Khuzdul name she would get when she turned Fifty) but still recognizing that even a family given nickname could make Uncle Fritz nervous if she just went and gave it freely!

Hobbits were one thing, she knew, Elves another, even a child Uncle Fritz trusted enough to give a puppy to! And there still was "the other one", though Tuuli smiled to her as well as Uncle Fritz also nodded. Yet maybe she still would eventually!

"You two should have a seat, shouldn't they Uncle Fritz?", she smiled to her uncle, and wasn't really challenging. Fritz smiled again, and reminded himself he was dealing with his sister's daughter, Dagmar being known for her own acceptance as well, and again, Pellavan was a good kid and no doubt the other Elf was as well. "Of course", he nodded, "If you wish".

{I guess we can get both of our Hobbits to coordinate both orders to whichever table they end up at if we have Fritz and Tuuli join them  . And yeah for reference, Tuuli looks the equivalent of 14-15}



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