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  • Guiga: I was wondering if I could reopen or restart from scratch that old plot about the rebellion against the Master of Lake-town we used to have a long time ago and which would be best. I’m not even sure how many inhabitants of Esgaroth we have in play anymore. I’ll have to look into it, but that was an interesting plot.
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Author Topic: [Hobbit] Home Is Where The Hurt Is  (Read 193 times)


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Home Is Where The Hurt Is
« on: May 17, 2020, 07:15:36 AM »

This is Thengel, prince of Rohan, who relinquished everything his birth status would grant him and escaped to Gondor because he could no longer tolerate living under his king. He doesn't understand who Fengel is and believes wholeheartedly in everything the common Rohirrim folk thinks about his father. He would return to Edoras for nothing as he thinks his family is over after being completely torn asunder by Fengel. He has a great wish to be a better man than his father and is generally succeeding in that.

Thengel isn't hard to make friends with. He is most times carefree and enjoying time talking to others while a smile graces his face. He has a weak spot for horses and if you love them too, that's an easy way to get on his good side fast. He is a simple and fair person who isn't demeaning to anyone who didn't do anything wrong to deserve it.

Besides the usual suspects, aka the openly evil beings and minions of Sauron, Thengel will not tolerate injustice, animal mistreatment or lies. Once you loose his trust, you'll never get it back. So, just don't get on his bad side and you're safe.

Lovers, sorry gals of Middle-earth, this princeling has his eyes on a beautiful young lady of Lossarnach already and she is the one for him. Surely, he has been with other womenfolk in his younger years, but I don't see anything serious or more than a few hot kisses in his past. If not he wouldn't act so foolishly around Morwen.

Think any of your characters would work perfectly in a thread with Thengel? Write below, let me know!!!!!

I’ll list here the links to the threads that are hopefully coming so I can keep track of them more easily. Since he is a brand new character of mine, I’m starting from scratch with Thengel.

New Threads:
Normal Threads:
Thread: Measure By Their Heartbeat
Characters involved: Morwen Steelsheen

Thread: Be All My Sins Remembered
Characters involved: Fengel, Hild, Haleth, Morwen Steelsheen and Théoden

AU Threads:
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Re: Home Is Where The Hurt Is
« Reply #1 on: June 02, 2020, 10:32:13 AM »
.:. Morwen & Thengel .:.

Well I daresay we're more or less on the same train with this one; I'm quite happy to follow along with Thengel's History etc regarding their first meeting and I suppose a quick recollection of her IC is as good a kick off to brainstorming as ever? I cheated a little with another character of mine and fed an early fascination on her behalf with Rohan and horses due to an acquaintance of Rohirric upbringing (more on her below) from a young age, and she met Haleth (not knowing whom he served at the time) in her early-mid teens, who she's since fostered a dear fondness for. <3

.:. Sefa & Thengel .:.

Sefaedra, or Sefa as is much easier to refer to as such, is an OC of mine who was raised in Rohan (she is of Northern Dunedain descent on her sire's side; he fell in love with a Rohirric woman and Sefa was raised by her mother's brother and his wife following their deaths, and I fully intend to explore that but that's for another bit of writing!) and came to Gondor to marry a merchant gentry man who had fallen in love with her on a sojourn along the borders. She's about Haleth's age, Ranger blood aside, is to blame for fostering Morwen's keenness for horses and wide open spaces, is a competent saddler (gotta keep the homeland proud), is widowed and she and Haleth absolutely blindsided Cass and I with their organic flirting/sweetness [to yet be acted on] in-threads. I would, of course, love to explore interaction/relationship possibilities together if you're game!

.:. Rupa & Thengel .:.

This big guy is a fresh slate that I've yet to do much with, save that he came to Gondor with his two little boys as a means to a) escape the heartache of his past in Rohan, b ) out of loyalty to Haleth and c) as one of his only two living family members now lives there. I've yet to explore any ulterior motives pertaining to loyalty to particular members of the House of Eorl etc as well, save that it's a sensible course to swear service to Thengel upon coming to Gondor.

((That's everyone immediately come to mind, I think, but if any of the rest of my brood catch your eye, let me know! <3))

elves: Tintalde .:. Legolas .:. Galadriel
men: Morwen Steelsheen .:. Sefaedra .:. Rupa .:. Eowyn .:. Eorik .:. Katja
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Re: Home Is Where The Hurt Is
« Reply #2 on: June 03, 2020, 03:59:43 AM »
Thengel & Morwen: It made sense to me that they should first build a friendship out of their love for horses and then see it grow into something else. Also, if I recall correctly, Morwen is of Dúnedain blood, isn't she? So, besides being much younger than him, she also has the potential of living much longer than him. One more thing to make Thengel hesitant and act like a socially inept person around her when he is actually far from it around other people. He thinks he will only cause her pain and forgets all the joy they can have together as well. My poor princeling. *Pats him*

Thengel & Sefaedra: So, one more to team up with Haleth and Scadulaf against Thengel? I love it. Also, he is very observant and may have noticed something between Haleth and Sefa, as it's easier to see things from the outside and he is a people savvy guy in general. He wants to see Haleth happy again and would ship them for sure, at least secretly. It's much easier for him to build a friendship with Sefa than Morwen, exactly because he'd feel free to just act like himself around her, instead of stepping on eggs all the time.

Thengel & Rupa: If you'd like, maybe Rupa lives in Thengel's lands? He would have a house for himself and his kids and maybe work with guaranteeing the security of the lands? I do see Thengel being touched by his situation and if he comes to him, he'll get a home in his lands in a heartbeat, specially considering that Haleth knows and trusts him.

For what I remember, most of your other characters are Elves and although meeting an Elf is always a mind opening and awesome experience, I can't see it happening, but if you have an idea, I'm game. Éowyn could be interesting, but unfortunately he was already dead for 15 years when she was born. I guess it only leaves the Elves beyond the above list.
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Re: Home Is Where The Hurt Is
« Reply #3 on: June 07, 2020, 12:45:13 PM »
.:. Thengel & Morwen .:.

Oh, it makes perfect sense LOL. If you didn't guess already, my IRL is part-time lifetime horse fanatic/educating youngsters etc, so I am officially "I will go down with this ship". Between that and shoe-horning in Sefa for good measure, all I needed was a Thengel so we could get down a plot arc/instigation concretely. Speaking of which, I know you don't Discord much, but I check my PM's and here regularly etc [when I'm not busted up] if that helps. Not least since we definitely need some head-rattling, collar-shaking feels at some point for said poor princeling but I also completely get his POV.

.:. Thengel & Sefa .:.

Yaaay I'm so glad you're on board with that; I always start out super nervous introducing OC's into a canon type world TBH (you'd think after years of here I'd be better at it). Sefa's not overly secretive about her attraction to Haleth, but now that it seems to very likely be turning into a thing, there's a rough layout for the future once Cass and I both get a chance to sit down and breath, and I kick a oneshot or an actual small plot into motion regarding her Dunedain ancestry so that she has real closure. Sefa would be, well, her, and tease (not about Morwen directly so much as how much of a dork Thengel is really compared to in general) and be Agony Aunt console in equal measure, and if they get on as well as it seems likely to be, be a true and genuine friend without any 'expectation of fealty' hanging over them. Basically, throw her into any little plot you like.

Speaking of which, her young, very lovely and fleet, and fairly newly acquired mount (Suldilyn, or Sunchaser) has been left deliberately vague (but of Rohirric stock of somewhat noble looks) so, given one of Thengel's ventures is breeding, do you want in on that little arc?

.:. Thengel & Rupa .:.

Aww! That would certainly go far to securing his loyalty completely, which I'm already intrigued by given his sort of "cast adrift" mentality is a big weight on him. I'm game for threads there if you are!

.:. Others .:.

Yeah, you're right, and my one human (Katja) who ends up in Rohan is only a commoner/merchant class. Tintalde is a maybe, as she's travelling (part character building, part acquiring more lore and knowledge and a little curiousity in healing) and could be anywhere prior to T.A. 2938 really-- possibly even after, but it'd be more of a stretch given she marries and settles in Rivendell with Elrohir more permanently in T.A. 2941. Oh well, we'll just have to go after your other characters or something. xD
« Last Edit: June 07, 2020, 12:48:10 PM by Dory »

elves: Tintalde .:. Legolas .:. Galadriel
men: Morwen Steelsheen .:. Sefaedra .:. Rupa .:. Eowyn .:. Eorik .:. Katja
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Re: Home Is Where The Hurt Is
« Reply #4 on: June 08, 2020, 04:09:35 AM »
Thengel & Morwen: We certainly do! I think that old starter I’ve resurrected could be a start. Measure By Their Heartbeat is as good a title as any and even though I’m no expert on horses, I’m great at googling. I’ve discovered that equine heartbeat is half that of a human being for adult individuals. That info will be used at some point. Lol. If I write something completely stupid, let me know. No hurt feelings. I’ll learn from you. Best way to reach me is PM or email.

Thengel & Sefaedra: I just thought maybe Halbaron knew Sefa’s father. He is a 80-something Dúnedain ranger from the north as well and maybe Guiga can help you with that plot. Reach him by PM if you’d like. I like the idea of Thengel being involved in the horse arc. Let’s begin a thread and see how it goes. How long ago it happened and for how long they’d know each other? If they are friends for as long or longer than the two years he has known Morwen, Sunchaser could be a gift, maybe even a foal of Scadulaf himself with a Gondorian mare, which would make Suldylin a half-Mearas. Thengel is known to be generous, specially with his friends.

Thengel & Rupa: I’m game. Have him pass by looking for Haleth, but instead he’ll have a quality talk with his prince. Just don’t call him that IC. Lol.

Thengel & Katja: When does she get to Rohan? There may be a possibility I overlooked there.

Thengel & Tintalde: If she has been to Lossarnach in the last 6 years before the Hobbit Era looking for a good quality horse, many Gondorians would have sent her Thengel’s way. There is a possibility here. Maybe she was attacked on the road and needed a new mount to complete her journey?

Galadriel and Legolas are better suited to threads with Aragorn or even the Eye of Sauron really. Lol.
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Re: Home Is Where The Hurt Is
« Reply #5 on: June 11, 2020, 04:06:37 AM »
.:. Morwen & Thengel .:.

Indeed they are, and I'm sure you've heard the noise about them being good therapy for the disabled, veterans, the troubled etc-- that's partly why. On the other hand, leaving your emotional extremes at the door is practically a commandment when training youngsters (or any untrained, really) so hence for all of the above, the title of my resurrected thread. <3 Anyway yeah, PM, or the odd occasion you're on Discord for sure. <3

.:. Sefa & Thengel .:.

I was thinking that, yeah! Just need to figure out how to frame it as a plotter post etc. As to the horse arc, Suldylin is roughly between 3-5 years old (I never had to settle on it beyond he's young and newly broken in in a thread) if I go by one thread with him, so we can play with that time period. Also, I made an actual noise aloud when you offered Scadulaf aka a Mearas because omg really absolutely yes please. I may have already fangirled with my boss over horse colour genetics, just to see what would come out and if 'bay' was still a possibility. **

As to the humans themselves, I had a thought. Given we believe they're going to hit it off pretty well, what about the possibility of them meeting and becoming friends before Thengel actually meets Morwen? Given Haleth meets Morwen (if quite a few years before) prior to anyone else, it would be rather amusing if the same somehow happened vice versa, if in a closer time frame. We'd have to talk to Cass about Haleth's involvement too (the basic gist of his and Sefa's meeting is an ambiguous few years back, him reeled in by someone else who is content to speak Rohirric to him etc), but with Sefa and Thengel, I'm happy to even use her as part of the catalyst for Thengel and Morwen meeting-- perhaps she was with Morwen at the markets, or something.

(Also, depending on the circumstances of their first meeting, Sefa probably didn't click on to who she was dealing with for a little bit LOL. The Rohirrim do like to use variants of the same group of sounds in their naming and given her rough age to his, Thengel was only an infant when she married and left Rohan.)

Back on the horse thing regarding the humans, which seems like a fun place to kick off also, the brief backstory for her ending up with "Sunny" was that for a long while, she hadn't had any mount of her own bar the saddlery's old draft horse (being frugal, trying to keep the saddlery successful off her own back after her husband died); he was starting to get on in years around the time the idea of Sunny was coined, and, well, meeting Rohirric kin again more or less rekindled that old horse-mad longing, so...

.:. Thengel & Rupa .:.

I will put that down on my list of things to do! Yay, I'm happy for something like this to finally be happening. Cross your fingers that IRL is less crazy at me so I can finish up some old threads and tidy up LOL.

.:. Katja & Thengel .:.

After the Scouring of Lake Town and the Battle of the Five Armies, she returns with one of Whit's characters to Rohan. She's born and bred of the former, a carpenter. I'll spare you the threads going over it, but she's my study in trauma being a spectrum and she's the one who just couldn't stay after everything the aforementioned took then and prior. Which is so maudlin to kick off with because she's such a cheery, serene, resilient type soul usually.

.:. Thengel & Tintalde .:.

Those are both possibilities, yes! I'll think on them some more, but she's probably also someone I need to turf at Estel/Aragorn's plotter for more to do there.

** because I can't resist, my boss and I worked out that while it's a slimmer chance than most colours thrown out in a bay x grey pairing, a Scadaluf x bay mare Sefa likes foal could come out silver bay, because I had to toss in that Sunny was a bay but also I 100% want a nod to his sire. So...

elves: Tintalde .:. Legolas .:. Galadriel
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Re: Home Is Where The Hurt Is
« Reply #6 on: June 16, 2020, 10:32:36 PM »
Thengel & Morwen: I'm sure to learn a lot more about horses from you and Ari than I have ever dreamed possible. It is an old dream of mine to learn how to ride, but the lack of cash is always an issue towards that end... Oh, well. Anything to do with nature is expensive in big cities and I happened to be born in one... I can't wait to see where our thread goes and if you want we can try another scene for them. Maybe their first meeting at the horse market? That could be an interesting and fun thread.

Thengel & Sefaedra: After all the discussion at Ari's Mearas thread, I think Suldylin may be a fruit of chance, really. Thengel took the bay mare Sefa chose to get a foal from, left her in the field to see what happened and when he saw it it had been Scadulaf the stallion who took a liking for her. LOL. A total surprise to him, but he wouldn't be weary of giving Sefa the foal as was promised because he knows she would love and take care of the horse as the foal of a Chief should be treated. I think Scadulaf agreed to it too or Thengel wouldn't have given the little one to anyone. Maybe they are friends too and that's the reason why Suldylin is the way he is? That's a thought....

As for the humans, I love the idea of Thengel meeting Sefa before Morwen and reflecting Haleth also knowing Morwen before he did. Yes to this. Thengel has been in Gondor for 18 years by the time of the Hobbit. 6 years at his aunt's property, 6 years serving in the Gondorian Army and 6 years where he currently is in Lossarnach. Sefa could know him for as far as 16 years as I think he wanted his space and didn't get out much after arriving in Gondor, so it took some time before he actually met someone outside his family there. That's enough time to build a strong friendship. As for the circumstances of their first meeting, he could be after some saddlery equipment. She works with that, right? Simple can be wonderful sometimes.

Thengel & Rupa: *Fingers crossed* Take your time. I also have a heap of threads to go through myself. But I'm looking forward to this one.

Thengel & Katja: Maybe she is looking for occupation after she arrives and tries for a position at Edoras? What's her job in Lake-town? If it happens after 2953, the king she'll talk to is Thengel.

Thengel & Tintaldé: OK, I'll be going that way soon.
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