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Author Topic: [Hobbit] Thengel  (Read 202 times)


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« on: May 14, 2020, 05:26:00 AM »


NAME: Thengel
NICKNAMES (IF ANY): Prince Thengel by those who know of his origins, which he wishes to forget. Thengel the Thrice-renowned due to his service to Steward Turgon of Gondor.
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941): T.A. 2095 (36)
PLACE OF BIRTH: Edoras, Rohan

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE: Thengel’s hair is wavy and of a medium brown color. He generally keeps it to the length of his shoulders, putting its sides back in a ponytail if going to battle so it stays out of his face. He sports a thin mustache and a bit of beard stubble of the same color as facial hair.
BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT: Thengel stands at 5’11” and is fit due to his active lifestyle.
OVERALL APPEARANCE: Thengel can be seen in simple and practical clothing considering he is a prince by birth. He wears shirts and slacks in tones of white, brown and green, with little to no adornments. His leather boots are black and he wears a brown cloak made of a thick fabric when cold. Everything is well made, but not distinguishable.
WEAPONS: His preferred weapon and the one he carries on himself most often is a broad sword, but he is also highly skilled with spears and shields while riding in battle as usual for a Rohirrim. He can use other weapons, such as axes and bows, but his skill with those are not on par.
FACE CLAIM: Romulo Estrela


- Intelligence: It can’t be doubted that Thengel has inherited his father’s intelligence. He is a natural born thinker and planner, from the few lessons he had with his father before breaking away from him, which granted him the title of thrice-renowned after being pivotal to victory in three important battles against Gondor’s enemies, mainly Southrons.

- Empathy: Unlike Fengel, Thengel is very people savvy and can understand the thoughts and feelings of others. He is capable of putting himself on other people’s shoes and this grants him even more success as a leader among man.

- Simplicity: Sometimes it is hard to think he was born a prince and many in the troops he has led in his younger years thought it was a joke when his lineage was revealed during their marches. Thengel carries himself much like everyone else around him. One could say that it was because his raising was mostly left to his guardian other than his father and even though Haleth was a noble by birth, he sure wasn’t a king and is a very simple man himself.

- Languages: Thengel has a perfect command of both Sindarin and Westron, which has helped him greatly with living a life in Gondor. He knows Rohirric, as he was raised in Rohan, but does not use it in his daily life because it reminds him of Rohan and his father. Sometimes he may slip into it, more for Haleth’s sake and to reward his loyalty to him than any wish or longing of his own. Most times he’ll hear what Haleth says in Rohirric and reply in Westron.


- Stubbornness: Thengel can be extremely stubborn to the point of risking his own life once he decides upon a course of action. Such as when he decided to flee Rohan or to serve Steward Turgon some years after his arrival in Gondor to the dismay of his guard Haleth, who dutifully followed him into the battlefield.

- Sincerity: When Thengel gives you a piece of his mind, he does so with the greatest sincerity possible. That can be troublesome in some situations. He is not one prone to mind games or to keep his thoughts to himself when he thinks he should give his opinion on something.

- Fengel: Thengel uses his father as a role model of what he doesn’t want to become. Such a broken relationship has led him to make dangerous decisions in his youth, such as serving in the Gondorian army for a few years. He also prefers to allow bouts of emotion to leave him in inappropriate times rather than act as a cold heartless automaton like his father.

- Haleth: Thengel sees Haleth as his father figure and would risk himself for his sake. He feels indebted to him for all his sacrifices and would gladly do anything he asks, anything other than returning to Rohan and his father.

ASPIRATIONS: Thengel’s greatest wish is to be a better man than his father is. He also wishes to build a family of his own, so he can give his children all the love and care his father failed to give him and his sisters.

FEARS: What Thengel fears the most is becoming greedy and apathetic like his father. Also he’d prefer to fight an entire horde of Haradrim than return to Rohan to live under the tyranny of his father again.

PERSONALITY: Thengel is a dependable person, a natural born leader and someone willing to make a sacrifice for another person’s sake. Like any Rohirrim, he’s profoundly fond of horses and has built a friendship with his own mounts. He is, on the outside, a happy and carefree man, who can always be found smiling and enjoying time with his friends. On the inside, he is a sadder person due to his family being all broken asunder. He has no hope to ever see any of his loved ones again and thinks it’s better to look forward then backwards when it comes to family. He has the greatest respect for Haleth, who he considers as his father figure since an early age when his own father abandoned him to his guard’s care in his estimation. He completely detests Fengel and wishes to never be in his presence again.

He is also a very simple man, not demeaning to anyone born lower class than himself. All Men bleed red after all. He dislikes and will not accept to be treated differently due to his origins and is known to have helped many whenever he could. He won renown for his service to Turgon, but never let any titles go over his head. He just wants to live his life as his own person, without the shadow of Fengel following everywhere he goes. Yet, it is himself the one who most often brings his father into his own thoughts, constantly comparing them both and choosing to do everything he thinks his father would never do.

One should never think that Thengel doesn’t worry about the people of Rohan. He does. No one should ever be left under the care of someone like Fengel, but he also feels powerless against the king. Even if called back to lead a rebellion, which he is more than capable of physically and strategically, he just can’t bring himself to do his father harm either. If the Rohirrim are to dethrone that despot, they’ll have do it without his help. He doesn’t want to see Fengel dead, he just doesn’t want to ever be in his presence again.

Due to always being worried about other things, Thengel is also a bit inexperienced with the ladies and doesn’t know exactly how to approach the one that stole his heart without looking like an idiot. He doesn’t mind to make a fool out of himself in front of Morwen either. He is proud, but not to the point of taking himself too seriously whenever they meet and he does something foolish, even if it happens around other people.

HISTORY: Thengel’s life began as one would have expected for the son of a king. He was given anything he wanted but for the presence and love of his father as he grew up. For long years he believed when his loving mother and sisters just told him that Fengel was busy taking care of Rohan and being a king wasn’t an easy business. He grew up carefree and learning the subjects he was supposed to for one who was the natural and only available heir to the throne. Horse riding being the first skill he had picked up at a very early age, as is common for all Rohirrim. At the age of ten, Thengel was assigned a guard, Haleth, who was responsible for his security and military training with shield, sword, spear, axe and bows. He was always very fond of him and came to see him as his father figure as Fengel always seemed to be unavailable to his approach.

Though, when Thengel was of sufficient age, his father began to approach him to give him further and more focused studies on how to be a good king in the future. He was 14 by then. That was when the boy finally understood that his mother, sisters and Haleth were protecting him from Fengel. His father was distant and aloof and only seemed to care when Thengel failed his expectations in his studies. From his father, he learned much about military strategy and economics. At first, he saw nothing wrong with it until he began to travel across the land with Fengel and could see first-hand the contempt most of the people showed for his father and himself by proxy. Then he understood something was really wrong.

By the age of 16, he was sure his father was nothing but a greedy man who cared about nothing but gold. His mother had just died of natural causes during a harsh winter and he didn’t shed a tear at her burial nor showed any emotion afterwards. What kind of monster had given him life? Thengel started to rebel against his father and fail to appear at his ‘classes’ with the king, all of which were punished by the unnecessary scolding in front of everyone during dinner time whenever that happened. What was he to think other than his king, because he already refused to call that man his father because he had never cared enough for the job in his estimation to get the title, was trying to humiliate him so he would comply to his wishes? Thengel relinquished his pride for the sake of his sisters, who were always caught in the middle trying to help him.

Yet, two years later both of his sisters were married off to wealthy Rohirrim nobles and he just knew he’d never see them again. He was alone at Meduseld with that monster who was trying to warp his mind into becoming a younger version of himself. He would never allow that to happen. He had one ally. Haleth. He had to escape while he was still human. Each day that passed after his sisters left were a torment to him and finally he had a burst of anger at the stables that scared off most of the present servants of his father. Haleth was there though to calm him down and take him in. They talked for a long time and Thengel found his center again, but he confessed the situation with his father was each time worse and he could no longer deal with it. He was going mad.

The next day, after hearing of his breakdown at the stables, Fengel called him for a conversation. He attended and it was the last time he heard his father’s call. Again, he was scolded for being an uncontrolled spoiled brat and that better behavior was expected from a prince. Neither seemed to be able to control themselves and that encounter ended up with Thengel getting slapped by Fengel. That was enough! He wasn’t going to get any more of that. He left his father’s presence promising him he’d never see him again and, later that same day, he begged Haleth like a desperate child to take him away from that madman. He had an aunt in Gondor, sister to his mother, and he told his guard that he’d go to live with her with or without his help. Out of loyalty and the oath he had sworn to his king to protect the prince, two days later, both men left Edoras and the prince never stepped foot in Rohan again since that day.

For 6 years Thengel and Haleth lived a comfortable life without hassles at his aunt’s house, where he got more fluent in Sindarin, which his mother had taught him when he was younger. He learned the written form as he only knew the spoken one formerly and fell in love with the intricacies of the language, which he chose as his preferred one for life. He also had a full command of Westron, which allowed him to get by perfectly in Gondor. His general appearance also helped due to the darker hair and not so dark eye color. It was easy for Thengel to pass as a Gondorian. He had made friends and all seemed to be well until his aunt died and his cousin said that he and Haleth were no longer welcomed because they had a place to live way better than his home. He said that because he didn’t know Fengel. The fact is that Thengel and Haleth found themselves homeless and had to do something about it. He didn’t know, at the time, that his cousin had done it under his father’s request to try to make him return to Rohan as Fengel thought it was already safe for him to return.

Thengel then did the only thing he could do, other than return to Rohan, which wasn’t in his plans. He went to Minas Tirith and pledged his sword to Steward Turgon to Haleth’s dismay as that would make his job as the prince’s protector that much more difficult to fulfill. He was accepted into the ranks of the Gondorian army as Turgon believed he would be a great asset in the defense of the realm if he was half the great general his father was known to be. Turgon was right in his assessment. Thengel won for Gondor during his six years of service at least three really important and strategic victories, which won him the title of Thengel the Thrice-renowned and his name became known throughout Gondor.

But his heart withered at that life in time and, at the age of 30, he asked for his relieve. Turgon accepted it and, as a reward for his exemplar service, granted him a piece of land near Lossarnach to which Thengel became the lord since that day. He is now a calm and gentle leader for his tenants and took to Haleth’s fondness of breeding horses. He sells them afterwards and provides a fair share of wealth to all those involved in the work. Unknowing to himself, Thengel was becoming a lot like his father in that which he excelled and each day more distant from him in that which he had failed, thus becoming a truly better version of his father, which, in a way, is something he always wanted to be.

Two years ago, while making business at Lossarnach’s horse market, he first met with the beautiful Morwen Steelsheen. He became completely fascinated by her, but failed to make a move on the fact that she was many years his junior and that didn’t feel right. But fate is impossible to dodge and their love for horses brought them each time closer together, until the inevitable happened. He could no longer imagine his life away from her. Age wasn’t that much of a problem after all. They saw eye to eye enough to grow a beautiful friendship. He felt and acted foolish in her presence after he allowed himself to act on what he was feeling and if that was what love felt like, and Haleth told him that it was, he really wanted more of that feeling and started to seek it.
AGE: 37
EXPERIENCE: Loads. I write since I was a teenager.
OTHER CHARACTERS: Sauron, Estel/Aragorn, Arahin, Annúngilel, Dáin Ironfoot, Cefren, Brego and Kéra.
CONTACT: PM or e-mail are the best ways to reach me.
HOW DID YOU FIND US?: Long time member returned!

Do I have to fill this in? My writing is in a lot of places already.

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Re: Thengel
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