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Author Topic: [LotR] Swift and Sure  (Read 75 times)


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Swift and Sure
« on: May 10, 2020, 10:42:03 AM »

Behold! The ambassador of free horses! Guardian of the wild herds!  Let not the Man-given titles of "Lord" or "Chief" intimidate you in his presence. This stallion cares less about formalities and more about personal space (and finding the next patch of sweetgrass to eat).  Treat him kindly and respectfully, and he'll show you the same fairness in return.

Below is a timeline summary, if it helps formulate plot openings (based on dates from the books):

T.A. 2977–3018
Shadowfax is born and raised in Edoras, up until he is 41 years old.  Even with kind and gentle treatment, Shadowfax believes the Mearas' servitude to the House of Eorl is unjust, therefore viewing all Men as "bad" so long as he and his kin remain in captivity.  Once Shadowfax is deemed untamable (though the House of Eorl still intends to wear him down, if not with age as he grows older), he is mostly left alone in one of Edoras' fields, socializing with other horses.  During this time, it is possible for Shadowfax to have found a mate and sire his own foals.

T.A. 3018–3019
Sep 21—Oct 18  Shadowfax meets Gandalf, carries him to Bree, and is dismissed shortly before reaching Rivendell
Oct 18—Feb 23  A period of roaming for Shadowfax as he eventually traces his way back to Rohan, a bit grudgingly
Feb 23—Mar 1  Shadowfax returns to Edoras…Only to proclaim himself a free horse and takes off into the wild.  It's only a week-long vacation though, exploring all he can of Rohan's land while mingling with the wild herds.
Mar 1–25  Shadowfax meets Gandalf at Fangorn Forest and accompanies him up until the Ring's destruction
May 1  Aragorn's coronation. If Gandalf is there, perhaps Shadowfax might attend as well?  Same goes for Aragorn & Arwen's wedding (Midsummer's Day) and Theoden's funeral (Aug 10)
Oct 30  At the borders of the Shire (after escorting the four Hobbits home), Gandalf and Shadowfax leave to visit Tom Bombadil. The next 2 years could be anything for Shadowfax. Most likely, he'll have returned to Rohan to keep a watch over the wild herds.

T.A. 3021
Sep 29  Gandalf and Shadowfax depart Middle-earth. Let'sjustbehappy&saytheysailtogether,okay? makessensetome


Friends.  Lots of equine and animal friends.  Gandalf, of course.  People, he can get used to accepting their company, moreso for Gandalf's sake, but to call them "friend" would depend on very special circumstances.  Friendlies are numerous. Friends are few.

Enemies.  Those that would harm him, Gandalf, his fellow horses and kin.  He generally dislikes Men for their treatment of horses, particularly the Rohirrim and the House of Eorl for their covetousness of the Mearas.

Family.  Open to equine family members.  I do believe that Snowmane (King Theoden's horse) and Lightfoot (Snowmane's sire) are also Mearas, related to Shadowfax.  Would make for an interesting horse interaction, since Snowmane seems content with serving the King while Shadowfax is the complete opposite. 

Lovers.  Gandalf. None currently. The possibility of Shadowfax finding a mate in Edoras/Middle-earth is open, as well as past interests with other mares.
« Last Edit: Today at 07:48:49 AM by Shadowfax »


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Re: Swift and Sure
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2020, 09:55:40 PM »
Gandalf & Shadowfax: They definitely need some threads together to explore all that friendship. Yes, I agree that Olórin took Shadowfax with him when he returned to the Undying Lands after the defeat of Sauron. He was never demeaning of any natural born creature, even those without higher intelligence skills. You can decide where you want to start. First meeting maybe? I just want more threads for Gandalf.


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Re: Swift and Sure
« Reply #2 on: May 22, 2020, 09:25:53 AM »
Shadowfax & Gandalf: Sound of Music isn’t wrong, first meeting in Edoras is a great place to start! We could even toss a Theoden cameo into it <.< (pokes Pip) since Theoden would have some jelly issues with Gandalf taking his prized Mearas from him. And then gifting Shadowfax to Gandalf afterwards. butstilljelly


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