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Author Topic: [LotR] Théoden  (Read 192 times)


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« on: May 09, 2020, 10:44:08 PM »


NAME: Théoden
NICKNAMES (IF ANY): None but he holds the titles Horsemaster, Father of Horse-Men, King of Rohan, Lord of the Mark.
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941/3019): Born T.A. 2948, making Théoden 71 as of 3019.

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE: Théoden’s hair is thick and blond, often swept back out of his face either by a crown or other means. He keeps it shoulder length so that it does not become too unmanageable in battle. (Under Saruman’s spell’ his hair was long, thick and braided white showing as stiff and aged.) His blonde hair was part of his Rohirric heritage as Rohirrim are described as blond(e) haired throughout history. It is well kept during his reign but even more so recently after having his blond hair return to him.

EYE COLOUR: His eyes are of the clearest blue, distinguished by a circle of dark blue around the edges and lighter blue towards the centre, around the pupils of his eyes.

BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT: Théoden, in height, is reasonably tall, standing at 6’0”, and has always been tall amongst men, though his nephew is considerably taller. Built reasonably well, almost muscular, but with the aches and pains of an old man, he is still a force to be reckoned with. He uses his weight and build to his advantage in battle. At one point, his body was old and frail, weathered and old under a spell, but he has since recovered from this and is looking the picture of health in body.

OVERALL APPEARANCE:  When Théoden is presented to the people without his armour, it is usually in wonderful shades of deep reds, blacks, greens and blues with golden detailing. He is mostly covered from the neck down, wearing a red cloak over the top of a deep brown, almost black coat. He wears black gloves and boots with a nice belt wrapped around his waist that holds his sword in place. In battle, there is no real difference to his outfit, only that atop of it is now deep maroon plated leather armour, and pauldrons and other arrays of armour. He is plated from top to bottom, but still with access points. His helmet covers all his hair and head, only leaving the face open to attack.
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Whilst there aren’t many scars on the Horsemaster that can’t be accounted for from some battle or another, he certainly has piercing blue eyes that are distinguishing enough. He is noticeable in a crowd from the way he holds himself and the way his blue eyes can pierce through anyone like a blade.

WEAPONS: The only weapon that the Horsemaster believes he needs is his trusty sword, Herugrim, which in Rohirric means “very fierce or cruel, savage” and has proven to be the key to success in battle. Though this sword had been hidden for many years from him by Grima Wormtongue, it’s like an extension to Théoden’s arm, and so it was like he never lost it at all when he was brought back to it. It is a very nice broad type of sword with a well-made handle.

FACE CLAIM: Bernard Hill

STRENGTHS: Théoden is very logical in his thinking and will never go into a battle or a war without fully thinking it through first. He considers the risks to his people, and his family before he considers the risks that may be imposed on others.
He is a great leader of his people and is currently in his 39th-year reign of the Rohirrim. He fully believes in keeping the people happy as much as he believes in keeping his family happy. It’s his leadership skills that have kept Rohan in the state it has been for the duration of his reign.

WEAKNESSES: He has no qualms about speaking his mind, and sometimes, this makes him very outspoken and results in the distaste of others. This was more prevalent during his sickness from poison, but he still makes his point clear before he makes any decisions.
Like his outspoken nature, he is also strong-willed, and whilst this is a strength, it is also a weakness that could get him into trouble. His strong will means that sometimes he makes rash decisions that he may later regret but never openly admit to. 

ASPIRATIONS: Théoden aspires to see his niece and nephew to have a wonderful future and to prepare Éomer to take over the Rohirrim when his time comes. He fully believes that his niece and nephew will be a team to be reckoned with in Rohan as Éowyn shows compassion to the people and Éomer will protect the borders with no problems.
He has dreams that Rohan will retain glory and keep the people protected from all the evils of the world. He wants evil to be eradicated during his lifetime and a chance to see the sunrise on the dark days.

FEARS: He once feared the death of his son, the idea of outliving his child had been a great grievance to him. He did not want to live to see the last days of his house, but now he fears that his niece and nephew may not live to see these evil days end. He is fearful that these evil days shall be his, and generations after him, and the days will be limited in the west behind the hills.

PERSONALITY: Théoden is a man of clear mind and values honesty, dedication and glory. He will never leave a man, nor city, nor town stranded when aide is called for. He is a man of his word and will do what he can to protect the innocent from the fouls of the Mordor. He is strong-willed, fierce, and logical in his kingdom, making sure every decision he makes is for the best of the people that live there. He will never surrender, even when the world around him looks bleak. He is outspoken and a great leader, and he hopes to pass these traits down to his niece and nephew.

Valiant, self-sacrificing and a believer in the greater good, he does not doubt that hope can be rekindled in his kingdom and hopes that the sun will rise again on all. He will do anything he can to protect his niece and nephew and is all about his family. Though his son has died, he does not take this out on his niece and nephew who are in his charge. He is not afraid to ask for help when his plight requires it, but even if help does not come, he is not too proud as to not offer help where it’s needed.

HISTORY:  Born in the year T.A. 2948, during the scorching summers in Gondor, Théoden was the only son born to Thengel and Morwen. He was one of five children, one of whom was Théodwyn, his younger sister by some 15 years. Their family was brought back to Rohan upon the death of Fengel in T.A. 2953, where his father took his place to rule as King of Rohan with his mother by his side. He had a great fondness for his sister through the years and would often look after her and their siblings in their parent’s stead when they were busy with politics or other matters that related to Rohan. They lived a reasonably peaceful and prosperous life with their family in Rohan, learning to ride horses. Naturally, as the male, Thengel taught Théoden what he needed to know to rule in case such a time came that he would die.

He married a woman by the name of Elfhild, and they bore a child together, but it was not to last. Elfhild died in childbirth, and Théodred was born in T.A. 2978. His son was his pride and joy, and though his birth did not come without sorrow, he cherished him as best he could for a man having to raise his son alone. He cannot quite recall when his mother died, he can recall the death of his father as it was not something the family had been fully prepared for. At the turn of his father’s death, Théoden was 32, and though that is a considerable age, he had fully expected his father to be on the throne for some considerable time, having such a quick succession of death was taking its toll on him. More joy came to the family at Éomer’s birth in T.A. 2991, and Éowyn in T.A. 2995. Though not his children, he doted on them like they were his own as his fondness for his sister had partially transferred to his children. This was best as, unfortunately, the lineage of Thengel was about to suffer another blow when both Théodwyn and Éomund died in quick succession. Éomund had been slain in battle with the Orcs at Emyn Muil, and Théoden believed that, although his sister had become gravely sick, that is was heartbreak that ultimately killed her.

Taking her children in, he began to raise them as his own from T.A. 3002. He did not care that he had two more children in his house – for it made for a warm home. It was around this time that he was introduced to a new horse to ride, one who he named Snowmane, and would serve him well in any battles that he was needed for. In T.A. 3014, however, Théoden’s health began to fail him, and though this may have been from age, this was more likely from inviting the poisonous Grima Wormtongue into his home, who was administering subtle poisons to the king at the time. It was during this time that he began to be misled by Grima and aged rapidly, much to the dismay of his niece and nephew. His son was sent to fight often, and this would ultimately be the downfall of Théoden’s house.

AGE: Old
COUNTRY:  United Kingdom of Wales
EXPERIENCE:  All of das experience
OTHER CHARACTERS:  Too many to mention! I’ve shelved some but still!
CONTACT: Click your heels three times and say “There’s no one like Pip”
HOW DID YOU FIND US?:  Been here for like… years.


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Re: Théoden
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