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Author Topic: By Any Other Name  (Read 1000 times)


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By Any Other Name
« on: May 09, 2020, 04:51:19 AM »
Estel had been on a hunt around the area of Rivendell all afternoon. He wasn't alone in his endeavor. His foster brothers were there to babysit him. Estel no longer believed he needed babysitters for something as simple as hunting a couple of wild rabbits. Being nearly 20 years old, his 20th birthday being less than a week away, he was hardly considered a child anymore. Men at this age were adults already, even amongst the Dúnedain, but alas he accepted the company mainly because he enjoyed it. It had been a good afternoon, he had managed to track and hunt the right kind of rabbit to give his mother a little taste of her old home. She had mentioned a recipe a few days ago that Elladan knew as well. He hoped that his brother could help him with the surprise he wanted to make to cheer her up a little more.

Estel was already a very perceptive young fellow, capable of noticing some of the more subtle emotional undertones in others. It was specially true when it came to his mother. She had been very preoccupied as of late, he could tell that without a doubt. That was the reason he wanted to make the surprise. He imagined it was because Lord Elrond had told her that, now that he was turning 20, their time to leave Rivendell had come. Sure, he would miss the only father figure he had ever known and the twins a lot. To the young man they were part of his family no matter what. The whole we're not of the same blood, but we are of the same heart thing. It would be hard to leave, but that's life. Parting with those you love is a part of it. Estel knew that already.

Upon reaching the main entrance arch of the city and leaving Elladan to deal with Lindir's antics and the rabbits and Elrohir with the three horses to take to the stables, Estel jogged through the halls to his room to get presentable before giving the good news to Gilraen without spoiling the surprise. Yes, he was completely capable of that. But, as he was leaving his to go to his mother's room, it was him who got a surprise. Lindir's errand boy told him that Lord Elrond wished to speak to him as soon as possible. He was slightly dumbfounded by this. Little tidbits of information were pilling up into a good case now. It seems that he and his mother had overstayed their welcome. The time had come to go away. Estel was divided about the idea of leaving Rivendell, but he also knew that this day would inevitably come.

Estel nodded his acknowledgment to the Elf in front of him and after asking where Elrond was currently, he immediately left to meet with him. Upon reaching the spot, he noticed his foster father had a thoughtful stance. The young man had seen him bearing that semblance before. He breathed heavily for a moment as he knew just that would be enough for the other to know he wasn't alone anymore. As his eyes met Elrond's, he was sure his heart skipped a few bits in that moment before continuing as usual, he approached him further. "I've been told you were looking for me? I'm here, Ada... I mean... Lord Elrond." He was polite, maybe a little too much, but he decided to be on the safe side until he knew what this talk would be about. "Force of habit..." His voice was more of a whisper now as he nodded in respect and waited for whatever was to come next.     

((OOC: I've lost this post twice and decided to go with something shorter not to loose it again. Our lights are failing a lot lately and the no break no longer works due to the various picks of energy. I hope it's enough for you.))

Thanks go to Alagon for the lovely graphics!!!!

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