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Author Topic: Taken Under Wing  (Read 2229 times)


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Taken Under Wing
« on: May 08, 2020, 04:19:20 PM »
{I might have this wrong and she gets her name after becoming Ambassador...but I think ending up with Gwaihir's group would be enough so going with that for the moment}

Nauroval was doing well enough, though she knew that hung by the merest thread, or felt it did. Still, she had done enough to earn her proper name once more. No longer having to be called Lach, as she had been in the interim between fledging and finding her place. Even with all she believed she could do, and often bragged of--mostly to her brother before setting out and on the rare encounters--the still young Great Eagle hadn't ever really thought she would end up with Gwaihir's convocation.

Well, now that she had, she had to Make Good, or continue to do so. Nauroval had held her beak high with this thought the night prior and before turning in in the spot amidst the territory she'd been permitted. She was giving herself this self pep-talk because she had plans to continue learning all of what being an Ambassador entailed from Gwaihir's daughter, Arahin, the following morning. The older female seemed to want to pass along her knowledge and the proverbial torch on her duties, instead focusing on guarding the nests. Both, and all jobs within any Eagle Convocation, being noble and worthy.

Though eager to do whatever good she could for the group, Nauroval had still paused for a small bit, weighing the pressure it would bring, before both boldly and hesitantly offering herself as replacement for Arahin, if both the female and her father agreed. Which they did. Both agreeing she could probably do the job helped Nauroval believe it herself, if she'd had doubts (and if she had, she kept them well hidden).

Rising early, therefore, and to be prepared for the continuation of her lessons, Nauroval stretched her wings with a flight around the surrounding territory in the growing light.  Just outside of Gwaihir's district of cliffs, but not within any other Eagle's territory, she stopped for a drink from a nearby stream and caught two rabbits, bringing both back to her perch, but only eating the one. The other she took with her on her flight over to meet Arahin at their previously appointed time.

"Good Morning Arahin!", she greeted the other as she landed, nodding respectfully, but genuine joy also in her mannerisms. Though she knew her focus on continuing to reflect well on her parents, and keep to the earning of her name, meant there were those who might see her as merely placating, and getting in good with Gwaihir and his daughter simply for her own sake and gain, Nauroval was not just self-serving and genuinely liked the older female. Lessons and being Gwaihir's daughter aside.

Those were just bonuses, in a way.

Yet, her offering brought with her was both just doing a favor as well as showing due respect. "I don't know if you've eaten yet, but I caught two rabbits this morning and, here, you can have the other one, to thank-you again for all of your lessons", she set it before her friend, as she, again, would title Arahin.

Thankies to Alagon for the set



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Re: Taken Under Wing
« Reply #1 on: June 14, 2020, 04:58:45 AM »
((OOC: I'm also assuming that as Gwaihir's daughter, Arahin never had to fight for space nor exactly gain her name, but she also was expected a lot more both by her father and the other Great Eagles. Nothing is free, even when you are entitled. LOL.))

Being the daughter of Gwaihir was sometimes a burden to the close to a century old Great Eagle. Everyone expected of her a certain behavior because she was born, as was her father and uncle before her, with the burden of carrying on Thorondor's legacy. Arahin never backed down from what she was asked to do by her father, taking the Ambassador job and being his voice for the other free peoples of Middle-earth with pride and performing to expectation. It was a great honor reserved to few. She was aware of that.

It wasn't due to problems that Arahin was now leaving that position behind. She just wanted to do something more in tune with her own nature, which was the defense of the nests, and she had promised her father she'd train a successor to be as dependable as she had been during her years of service. Meeting Lach a year ago when returning exhausted from a long travel to Lindon was pure chance, but a welcomed one to Arahin. She could see in the younger female eagle many of her own characteristics from her younger years. 

No eagle dared enter Gwaihir's territory without prior invitation as they knew that it was the resting place of their collective leader and his kin, but none of the defenders expelled Nauroval as she approached. She was expected that morning for her training. Arahin was waiting in high ground above the mountain for any sign of movement beneath and when her acute eyes saw her apprentice, she descended in an deep dive movement only opening her wings once past where the younger female had perched, soon landing and folding her wings beside Nauroval after just a couple of wing flaps. It was important not to waste energy today.

"Good morning, Nauroval." Arahin greeted back with a head shake and a happy low guttural noise. Nauroval was now more than just the eagle she decided to take under her wing to teach the ropes of the ambassador role, they were friends. The older female knew that certain eagles were not happy with this arrangement, implying that Nauroval had only gotten the position because she had managed to somehow deceive Gwaihir's daughter. Like she was easy to delude. Those eagles received the discipline they were entitled to for disrespecting her intelligence and the attributes of her chosen successor.

Arahin tilted her head at the gift in thought. She was considering if she should take it as a show of respect for her friend, but they were meant to fly high and long distance above the mountain range today and she was afraid the other hadn't eaten enough for the exertion they would be through. "Thank you, it is much appreciated, but you will need a lot of energy for the long and high flight we're doing today. I've had enough for myself." There was no sign of rejection in her voice, only worry for the wellbeing of the younger eagle. She hadn't told Nauroval what they would be doing today because an ambassador should be able to take an assignment at any time, even without previous preparation. 

"Today we're flying over the mountains to the other side of the range. I'll be showing you the safe places to perch and rest when missions demand flying into Eriador." Arahin explained. She had already taught Nauroval where each place was and the approximate distance in flight time. Now she would begin to show her apprentice how to actually fly to those places safely. She gently used her beak to pull the rabbit towards the other eagle's feet.

"Don't be upset that I didn't tell you about it before. Sometimes you will receive a mission to which you weren't prepared beforehand. So it is part of what you should expect in the future." The older eagle explained that it wasn't anything personal. It was a necessity for Nauroval's future sake to be surprised in a controlled training environment.

((OOC 2: I hope this gives you enough to work and sorry for the vast delay in replying, Gard.))
« Last Edit: June 14, 2020, 05:11:48 AM by Arahin »

Thanks go to Alagon for the lovely graphics!!!!!


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Re: Taken Under Wing
« Reply #2 on: June 25, 2020, 01:40:14 PM »
{Makes sense, yeah sometimes entitled's no doubt harder :D And no worries, it was enough for me, and hopefully I gave enough back}

The way in which Arahin rose to any and all challenges associated with her own position, both as Ambassador, as well as Gwaihir's daughter and Thorondor's heir, was part of what Nauroval respected about her and had noticed first off upon meeting her. She would say because she was in many ways similar, herself, but also knew not to overstep her boundaries.

It was what making it in Great Eagle culture was all built upon. Knowing one's place.

Of course, Nauroval knew that all of the talk was not all about herself, and though the comments were kept respectful, for the most part, there were those who also felt Arahin didn't have much experience with gaining position, since it had been handed over since birth. That could be harder, though, the younger Eagle knew, as expectations were as well.

She sympathized with her friend, just having to make it in general, and not fail and make one's parents proud was hard enough. She couldn't imagine the pressure a legacy on top of that caused.

Even before having Arahin's behavior to sort of emulate, Nauroval rose to challenges as well and understood nothing would be handed her way, even with the opportunities a friendship gained her. It was an earned friendship, after all. Even though Nauroval knew she had Arahin's approval and permission for entering into the heart of Gwaihir's territory, she gave a checking glance to the sentinels as she flew past, making sure they recalled as well. They gave her a nod as she passed, and Nauroval reciprocated back in greeting as much as she could without disrupting her flight.

Arahin soon met her after her landing. Despite the situation, and how this, her first real test, should have made her more nervous, some of the tension actually released from Nauroval's shoulders at her friend's arrival. She genuinely enjoyed Arahin's company, and even being tested to see if she could take over as Ambassador for her, and trained to do such, couldn't completely dampen just spending more time with the older Eagle.

That and she reminded herself that she did feel up to the challenges of the test.

Arahin didn't truly refuse her gift, so Nauroval didn't take it as an insult, and the reasoning made sense. All the same, she wasn't sorry to have caught the rabbit and done the favor. Only with Arahin assuring that she had had enough, did Nauroval take back the offer, and only for the sense in her later words and explanation.

The younger Eagle could handle a few surprises, and knew to expect them. She merely nodded to Arahin's explanation. "No, makes sense that anything could be thrown at you as Ambassador and I'm up for it", she assured, sitting taller just in anticipation and after finishing up the rest of her catch.

Thankies to Alagon for the set


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