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Author Topic: Eat Up!  (Read 2331 times)


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Eat Up!
« on: December 13, 2014, 03:03:00 AM »
Nori liked to tease Ori about the longest section in his journal. It was almost ridiculous how they could unfold the pages he had stuck together and they could have very easily made an entire scroll instead of the mere “extension” Ori had planned for this particular set of sketches that must be all on the same page, or set of pages, because there would be more planned for writing rather than drawing later on. When Dori intervened and asked why these sketches were so important, Ori had vehemently explained that it was imperative, because all journey collections included descriptions of weapons, all very detailed. However, as Ori had felt that words fell short on the entire array the Company wielded, he had promised himself: it was to draw the entire stockpile of weapons of this Company, or die in the attempt.

He was very much hoping it was draw and not die.

Jokes had spread to Fíli and Kíli, who often pulled out yet another hidden dagger or mace in their clothes--how on Earth did they do that?!--just to tease him. And besides, Bofur had chimed in that then, they must also include all articles that had been used as a weapon while fighting, including those that were not meant for fighting. This led Ori to include Thorin’s oaken shield, as well as mere pots and pans that they had used. Mostly Bombur, as that was Bombur’s work. But first he had to finish Dwalin’s immense twin battle axes (even he had widened his eyes at the beauties that they were). And it was taking rather a long time, trying to get the shading of the engravings in Khûzdul just right.

When he looked up, dinner was already done with and Dori had already nagged him three times to get up--and he was left with a cold ration of stew! The last thing he wanted to do was wake the wrath of Thorin, so he gave an agonizing glance at his sketchbook and hastily folded the pages and shut it. Then he stuffed it into his bag, whose flap was still wide open from taking out everything, and placed the charcoal where it belonged, in the straps. He was about to take it with him to the circle where the dwarves had just finished eating, but he stopped himself right in time and placed the grey bag where it belonged, with the rest of the packs. Had it really gotten dark so soon? Oh, he hoped it wasn’t going to spoil his drawings!

The fire was being put out already, and Ori suppressed a shuddering sigh. This was what he got for disobeying Dori for drawing. Back at home this would have been a regular occurrence, but in the Wild, especially after all they had been through, it was not to be thought of. However, when he was heading to Dori to apologize, a kind hand stretched a bowl of the stew to him, and he was surprised to see master Bifur, good-naturedly gesturing at him to eat up. “Thank you, Bifur,” he said kindly, and eagerly sat on one of the logs where Nori had sat when they had eaten.

“Ori, lad.” But not even halfway through the bowl, Balin was already nudging at him kindly to surrender the plate. “We need to clean the plates. Hurry.”

“I’ve just began!” he let out, but then rectified. “I’ll be quick, Balin,” he amended, and began stuffing himself as quickly as he could with the stew. There was a throaty chuckle from somewhere within the crowd of Dwarves.

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Eat Up!
« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2014, 08:35:00 PM »
It hadn't gone unnoticed that Ori seemed to be well involved with his writings and scribbles of weapons, though, they weren't really scribbles, they were artistic pieces and all the more fun to look at. He'd noticed him trying to draw Dwalin's twin battle axes, and unlike everyone else, who was winding the poor lad up, Bombur left well enough alone. He was often the butt of the jokes, and for people to have turned their attentions to Ori, well he was slightly thankful, but all the same he could not help but feel bad that they wound him up about it. Especially Fili and Kili with their endless supplies of weaponry.

Bombur had wanted to offer Ori his own weapons to draw, though, they weren't as fantastic as everyone elses; in fact, they were mainly cooking based, such as the ladle and the cleaver knife, but perhaps he would later when everyone had piped down for sleep. Ori was often one of the last to fall asleep, perhaps for his young age, but that would give Bombur ample time to hand over the blade. He didn't need it, so naturally it could be temporarily loaned until such a time came where Ori was completely satisfied with the drawing.

Stew, stew, glorious stew; piping hot and delicious! Even if Bombur did say so himself. Everyone had crowded around, ready to eat... well, almost everyone. Ori appeared to be missing, and Dori, being his usual self, was trying to rush the young dwarf into coming and eating, though, there was no real need. Bombur had already put a bowl of stew aside for Ori, and whilst it may have been getting cold, it was relatively still warm as he'd left it near the fire that the pot.

Seeing the young dwarf finally join the rest of the group, Bombur thrust the bowl towards Bifur to hand over.. though the boy would not get to eat it all at this rate. Piles of bowls were being piled up next to the stewing pot, the fire was out, and there was no stew left to speak of, and Balin was rushing Ori. Well, Balin would wouldn't he? It weren't him doing the washing, no, that was Bombur and Bifur's turn today, even though Bombur had just provided the most delightful mean. Chuckling to himself and he bustled about, shaking his head at Ori's protests, he made his way over, putting a chubby hand on Ori's shoulder. "No rush, lad. Take you're time."

Plonking himself down next to Ori for a moment, he offered him a friendly smile, almost chuckling when he could hear Bifur bustling about trying to collect dishes. "How's yer journal coming along?" It was a question of genuine interest, for deep down, Bombur still had fathering instincts, and family appreciation; so much so that he considered every member of the company family. Of course he was going to take an interest in Ori's journal, and of course he would help if he could.
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Eat Up!
« Reply #2 on: January 01, 2015, 07:50:00 PM »
However, just when it seemed like his time to eat was running out, a familiar hand was placed on his shoulder and advised him, “No rush, lad. Take your time.” Ori looked up and sighed in relief when he was given at least a little more time to eat before they washed up. Good, because he did not want to run the risk of choking on something, like he had often done when he was rushing to go back to his drawings. Dori had often commented upon this as bad manners, but Ori did not mind. Food was only something to give you energy. The boy was no expert at food, all he cared was that it was acceptably edible and that it would give him enough energy to keep going through the day or the night.

If it hadn’t been for Bombur sitting by him, Ori might have panicked at the sound of Bifur collecting the dishes from them all. He did frown a little when the black-and-white bearded dwarf came nearer and nearer to him, but then Bombur distracted him with a question. “How's yer journal coming along?” Ori stopped for a moment to think up his answer, but when Bifur stepped right before him, he gobbled up two more spoonfuls of the stew to please him. “I’ll be done soon!” he squeaked in answer to Bifur, but the dwarf’s answer was a harsh, throaty laugh.

He supposed that was his cue to slow down. But he finally manage to at least chow down more than half of his stew, and then he turned sadly to Bombur. “I suppose it’s fine. I can see.” By you can see, he meant, of course, how he was the butt of everyone else’s jokes. How he took too long and wanted everything to be perfect. Sometimes Thorin looked it over and Ori nearly died waiting for any comments. Sometimes were was criticism, but it made him feel like he could be better. But most times there was that tenderness and appreciation he’d seen in Balin when they worked together.

“Well...I’m glad it’s survived this long. It’s taken a while to scribble down everything from Rivendell, which was our last decent stop, to now.” After the Eagles had left them at the Carrock, there had been mostly peace. But there was always this anxiety in Thorin’s or Gandalf’s or Bilbo’s eyes, that told Ori that these nights wouldn’t last long. So he had been very quick to write down the events at the Misty Mountains, Goblin Town and the eventual warg chase. He almost hadn’t expected there to be time to continue his series on the entire Company’s weapons. “But I’m done chronicling everything that’s happened so far, up to tonight. So that’s why I kept going with the weapons.”

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Eat Up!
« Reply #3 on: May 16, 2015, 02:24:00 AM »
Poor little Ori being distracted by everything around him and so engrossed in his journal that sometimes he would forget to eat up - but Bifur knew better than to try and take anyone's food out from under them, or rush them all the same, for Bombur was also one that did not like to be rushed. He loved food - and he loved to savour the taste, so he could not be blamed if it would take him a little longer than the others to eat up. As Ori offered Bombur the journal to look at, he waved a chubby hand at the young dwarf accompanied by a shake of his head. "I'm sure it's fine." It wasn't that he didn't want to read the journal, on the contrary, he would if he could, but the matter of the fact was, Bombur couldn't read. Any books that he ever wanted to read, had to be read to him, by his mother at the time and more recently his wife. It was a trait he shared with his brother, though, he didn't openly admit it either.

"Well yer welcome to anything of mine if it helps; not that I have much." The offer was made in the hopes that Ori might want to see his meat cleaver or the ladle that he used so intently to whack his enemies. It was an odd weapon of choice, but it hadn't let him down. It was an old weapon too - like he'd had it for a long time, which was true. He was keeping it for sentimental reasons; for once upon a time, it was merely just a ladle in a cooking pot, but when Bofur was in danger from some Wargs, well, the ladle became something far more important. It became the one thing that knocked the teeth out and saved his brother, just as well as any hammer or axe could. "They might not look much, but they've ne'er let me down." He continued, looking over to where his ladle was currently laying, amongst Bombur's other things before looking to Bifur who was trying to peak over Ori's shoulder once more to see how far he'd gotten with his stew.

"Your slingshot - does it have a story or is it yet to write one?" It was a perfectly innocent question; everyone on this trip seemed to have a story for their weapons, and even those that didn't would soon find one from this journey. It might save a life, without even realising it's all that important, but a life is worth more than all the gold in the world. Bombur understood how the most unlikely weaponry could sometimes prove to be the most useful, and that even included slingshots.
Played by Pip!


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