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Author Topic: Between The Darkness And The Light  (Read 1292 times)


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Between The Darkness And The Light
« on: April 30, 2020, 05:31:17 AM »
Curumo’s mind was filled with just one intention as he came to Middle-Earth to recover his brother: save him and bring him home. He believed he would be able to achieve this due to the fact he and Mairon had worked so closely together during the making of Arda. He was confident he knew all the places where the other Maia would choose as his hiding place at this moment of need. He also wasn’t about to let him go and because of this he could succeed where Eonwë and his forces had failed so far. 

A part of him couldn’t believe what had happened to his brother. Mairon was pure in intention, so powerful, knowledgeable and skilled, but yet he had fallen and become this corrupted force of evil, a simple pawn in Melkor’s hands, doing his biding like an inferior life form. Eonwë had not managed to find him during his advances against Melkor’s forces on Middle-Earth and that filled Curumo’s heart with the hope that Mairon, he still couldn’t call him that horrible name he had been given, could be brought back to his senses. Be brought back home. He believed he had escaped due to doubt or repent, not simply fear of his new master.

It had been quite some time since he had last set foot on Middle-Earth and it sure wasn’t this disfigured by the war against Melkor. The more he saw, the less he believed his brother, a lover of order, would permit or even take part in this mess and all the atrocities against the will of Iluvatar that had happened there, the wounds of which were still on the earth they had so lovingly helped their master Aulë shape as it is.

Curumo sought his end game throughout the land and beneath it, where still possible, without success for some time. He was almost returning to meet with Eonwë’s host, as was the will of his master, when he remembered one last place, the river of fire, in what was now called Beleriand. A place of sorrow where Mairon had confessed to him how he felt about the marring of Arda done by Melkor during the song of the Ainur. How desolate he was that order was forever broken and may never return to this place they had created with so much care.

As he descended into the river of fire, Curumo could sense the powerful, yet subdued, presence of another, who was clearly also a Maia. ”Mairon, brother. This is Curumo. I'm here to...” He offered as an approach as his steps brought him into closer proximity with Sauron. He wasn’t ready to see what met his eyes and his words tailed off.
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Re: Between The Darkness And The Light
« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2020, 08:01:47 AM »
Lúthien and Huan. How could it have happened? He couldn't bring himself to understand. He had everything to win, but did not. It was shameful to have to yield to someone who, to him, was nothing more than a prize he wished to acquire for his master, but he was forced to flee by a being that had recoiled at his very sight and another rendered near unconscious by his power. For a time after the incident, he had stayed in the form of a vampire at Taur-nu-Fuin, filling the forest with terror. Yet, he found no pleasure nor purpose there and began to wander, taking many forms until retaking his own form at the river of fire: an underground flow of magma as ancient as Arda itself.

Now, here he was, in a place related more to his beginnings than what he had chosen to become. What was the Maia looking for in such a place? Himself. Pure and simple. He'd be useless to his master Melkor if he continued to fail him so miserably, so he had to find a new sense of purpose and with that regain his old might, which had left him as of late, it seemed. His hands were his guide during the time he spent in that location and he crafted many things by his lonesome as the days went by. He wasn't aware how long had passed since his arrival nor he seemed to care about it at this point in time. He had sensed a void in the world not long ago, but could no longer worry why it happened or what was the cause.

He was lost within himself while standing by the flow and feeling its heat on his skin. That was the best sensation of all for a Maia of Aulë's people such as he was... no... used to be. Now he was Melkor's lieutenant, his most trusted servant. But was that what he really wanted to be? He had doubts and maybe those doubts were making him weaker against his opponents. That was the conclusion he had finally reached after many weeks of self-isolation. What did he really want then? Order, perfection, to create things of great wonder and above all banish all wastefulness from Arda. He never wanted anything to be destroyed, only perfected. He believed he could gently sway Melkor and guide his great might into the betterment of the world. It wasn't what had happened in the end. One just needed two eyes capable of seeing to know that.

He then took a seat upon a rock he had turned into a sort of throne by sculpting it during his first day there. It had been made for practicality and was indeed simply a place to sit down and rest or think. The flow of magma forever running like a river of the purest fire from left to right while he observed it. He brought up his left hand and bubbles of magma floated in the air, taking the forms currently in his mind as he decided from which material he'd make that piece. Suddenly, he sensed another presence. Surely another Maia. He broke his concentration and the bubbles of magma fell back into the flow and with a wave of his left hand, the river of fire expanded upon its right shore, taking away all of his previous crafts, undoing them with the fire from which they had come, before receding back to normal flow.

When no more clues as to his current state of mind or its evolution could be found around him, a familiar voice reached his ears. It was Curumo. Why was he here? Had the other Valar decided to intervene in the war by sending other Maiar into Middle-earth? The other called him by his original name and called him a brother, but he knew better than to believe such friendliness. He was now no one's brother. There was just one of his kind. Both Maiar took steps towards one another and suddenly Curumo's words failed him. That was the perfect moment to reply. "What happened, brother? Do I look so hideous to your eyes that you've lost speech?... I wonder if you've become Aulë's pet apprentice in my absence..." His voice was cadenced and surely sarcastic. A smug smile adorned his darkened lips in its wake.

The sight that reached Curumo's eyes was as messy as the mind of its bearer. Most of his hair was dark as the night, corrupted by the dark arts he had used so much since learning them from Melkor. Yet, there were strands and even whole stripes of copper-colored hair mixed in, his original hair color. His right eye was of a pale shade of yellow like the full moon in the sky above that cavern. His left one was red, cat-like and seemed to burn like a flame. His skin was fair, but dark veins could be seen adorning his face, arms and hands which were exposed.
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Re: Between The Darkness And The Light
« Reply #2 on: June 19, 2020, 04:16:46 AM »
Hideous? That would be a way to describe it for many children of Iluvatar, but to Curumo it meant hope. It meant that he was right in the thoughts that had brought him to Middle-earth. It meant that Mairon was either willingly or unconsciously detoxing his physical form from the evil of dark magic. The copper hair stripes and the pale yellow right eye were as he remembered them from before. He could still be successful in his self-assigned mission if he could convince him to hand himself to Eonwë and get this tragic chapter of his existence closed. Curumo couldn't have wished for better.

"Nothing happened, Mairon, and everything is fine with my faculty of speech. I just was somewhat surprised for a moment." Curumo offered as a reply. His voice was calm and contained, showing no sign of change even after the sarcasm and smug smile that had been his welcome. He wouldn't try to use the power contained in his voice on his brother. First because he believed it wouldn't work fully and second because he didn't think it would be necessary. "Yes, I still learn much from master Aulë and, yes, you have been missed, brother." His answer was accompanied by a sincere smile as he kept approaching the other Maia with sure steps.

"Why have you not allowed me to see your crafts? I would have liked to do so. Something in them was bordering you?" Curumo asked in the hopes of giving a escape valve to Mairon's true thoughts, leading him into sharing them as he knew the other wouldn't leave him without an answer. If it would carry the truth or not, he could only hope for the former. He had seen a glimpse of the objects before they were destroyed by the lava flow and no trace of them was left at the margin and they seemed to belong to a vast spectrum from weaponry and armor to jewels. "Or was it the thought of another seeing them that made you... uneasy?" His voice was now inquisitive. 

Now the two Maiar were face to face. To one side of them the cave wall, to the other the river of fire. "I knew I would find you here, brother. Do you still remember the last conversation we've had in this same place a long time ago?" Curumo's course of action was simple. He would guide Mairon to remember each time more of himself until his whole body was detoxed and then convince him to leave with him. It was simple and complex at the same time. Any mistake and the dangerous place they found themselves in could end up being the end of one or both of them, if moods became too exalted, as both could control the lava in the flow.
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