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Author Topic: Guiga's Wanted Characters  (Read 143 times)


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Guiga's Wanted Characters
« on: April 29, 2020, 06:24:32 AM »
I think it would be nice for you if I talked a bit about how I see the Dúnedain of the North and their current social structure. So much was left to the imagination when it comes to that. We pretty much only know they are hard to gather or find in a short notice because Halbarad could only assemble 30 men to help Aragorn at Rohan in the books. They are great fighters, masters of stealth and wilderness experts. Based on that, I've come up with a few things.

Each Ranger company is made up of 30 men. That doesn't mean they patrol together, unless needed. It means they are in the same region at the same time. Let's say north of the Shire. The members of your company can be gathered in short notice, if needed, but most of the time nowadays a ranger is his own unit. The scheme works because everyone knows who is supposed to do what where at all times once they rotate regions, which happens every six months, so a company doesn't stay too long taking casualties in the more perilous regions of Eriador, like closer to the Misty Mountains.

Each of these companies have a supporting camp within their territory whose population is generally made up by the families of those rangers who decided to stay with them. The main purpose of those is to serve as a more protected place of healing for the wounded. Each camp leader has the choice of moving it, but where it can be moved is always decided beforehand as well so all rangers know where to find their company's camp even if they are found, attacked and forced to move. All who live at these camps know how to forage the land for food and are proficient with a bow for their own protection and hunting.

Just a curiosity Halbaron's name means "exalted home tree". It comes from the contraction of hall = exalted, bar = home and further contracted on from orn = tree. The names bellow are just suggestions as well when not mentioned otherwise. Now to the characters I would like to see around and a bit about them:

Evonyn: Her name means "hard crystal". It comes from the contraction of slightly changed radical evo from ivor = crystal and further contracted nyn from nyrn = hard. She is Halbaron's wife and possibly between 70 to 96 years old considering he is 88 during the Hobbit Era. They got married when he was in his fifties. She is the leader of the camp that supports Halbaron's company and does go on errands when needed. She is highly skilled with a bow and a sword and knowledgeable of the land. She, together with her husband, adopted three parentless children 12 years ago before having their natural son, so though she is strong and tough when needed, she is also a kind woman. Her name was mentioned in his bio, so it must stay as stated here.

Suggested face claim: Bridget Regan

Dirhador: His name means "archer". It comes from the contraction of the words dir = man and hador = thrower of arrows. He is Halbaron's oldest foster son and was about 14 to 17 when his village at the south of Eriador was destroyed 12 years ago and he had to go up north to Taurdal with a group of refugees to seek the help of their Chieftain, Arador. So he is from 26 to 29 during the Hobbit Era. Taurdal was then a sort of capital town of the Dúnedain, no longer extant for about eight years considering the Hobbit Era. He is a Ranger in Halbaron's company since he was twenty, possessing all the need skills for the work. He knew Farawen from childhood and they are very close.

Suggested face claim: Vinícius Redd

Farawen: Her name means "hunting maiden". It comes from the contraction of fara = hunting and further contracted wen from gwenn = maiden. She is Halbaron's oldest foster daughter, just a couple of years younger than Dirhador. So she is from 24 to 27 during the Hobbit Era. They are childhood friends and escaped together when their village was destroyed by Orcs 12 years ago. She is also a Ranger in Halbaron's company since she completed twenty-one. She didn't loose her femininity due to this though and is a kind woman when not being attacked. She has all the skills of a full Ranger too.

Suggested face claim: Marina Moschen

Geloneth: Her name means "joy giver". It comes from the contraction of further contracted gell = joy and oneth = giver. She is Halbaron's youngest foster daughter and is close to being of age, so from 17 to 19 during the Hobbit Era. She is skilled with the bow already, but not with the sword. She trains with Evonyn. She also escaped from the same village as Dirhador and Farawen came from at the same time as they did, but she didn't know them from before fleeing home. She was just a child when it happened, so she is the most attached to Evonyn and Halbaron from their foster children as they were truly her parents and raised her fully. When Evonyn is away, she is in command of the camp.

Suggested face claim: Sophie Skelton

Halbarad: His name means "high tower". It comes from the contraction of hall = high and barad = tower. He is eight years old during the Hobbit Era and is the only natural son of Halbaron and Evonyn. He came sort of late and for a time they didn't believe they could have their own children, so when he came he was very welcomed. He is also a little overprotected due to having a large family to watch and care for him as he grew up. Once Dirhador and Farawen left to join the ranks of the Rangers, he was able to breath a little more freely, having only a sister and his mother to keep tabs on him. He is a brave boy and would do all he can to help his family, which isn't much now due to his age, but he is very skilled in harvesting herbs of all kinds and is beginning to learn the art of the bow with his mother and sister. He can't go about by himself because he is just a child in the wild, so he is usually with either Evonyn or Geloneth, who can be NPCed without a problem until picked up for play. When he grows older and reaches the LOTR Era, he becomes the same Halbarad as mentioned in the first paragraph above, a book canon character, so his name must stay the same.

Suggested face claim for child Halbarad: Reuel Berg

Suggested face claim for adult Halbarad: Ricardo Pereira

All of them are Dúnedain of the North in origin and only Evonyn is not to survive into the LOTR Era due to age.
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Re: Guiga's Wanted Characters
« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2020, 07:05:11 AM »
Grima: Wormtongue is a man from Rohan who betrayed his king for Saruman. He was the wizard's instrument to manipulate King Théoden. It is strongly implied that after Théoden's son Théodred was wounded by orcs, Wormtongue poisoned him in his sleep. Saruman promised to give him Éowyn, who despised his very existence, in return for his service. When Éomer stood against him, Wormtongue banished him.

Face claim: Brad Dourif

Théoden: He is the king of Rohan and Lord of the Mark during the LOTR Era. Son of Thengel and Morwen Steelsheen, spouse of Elfhild, father of Théodred and uncle of Éomer and Éowyn. His mind was poisoned by Saruman, who ruled Rohan with the king under his influence along with the wizard's lackey, Grima.

Face Claim: Bernard Hill

Taken by Pip

Thengel: He was the son of Fengel, spouse of Morwen Steelsheen and father of Théoden and his sisters. He never saw eye to eye with Fengel and spent most of his life in Gondor. Upon Fengel's death, he became the unwilling king of Rohan and just afterwards he met Saruman for the first time, but by then the white wizard was a friend and ally still.

Suggested face claim: Romulo Estrela

Taken by Marbys

Treebeard: Also know as Fangorn, the same name of the forest whose trees he shepherds, is the oldest of the Ents left in Middle-earth. For a long time he kept the hope of finding the lost Entwives so his people could flourish again. So far, no luck. Saruman was a friend of Treebeard and the other Ents of Fangorn until his corruption.

Face claim: John Rhys-Davies, same as Gimli, was the voice of Treebeard in the movies

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Re: Guiga's Wanted Characters
« Reply #2 on: April 29, 2020, 07:29:38 AM »
Sigrid: According to the arrangements already made, Sigrid here is Bard's second child, one year Bain's junior, which makes her 16 by the time of The Hobbit trilogy. Since Bard's mother died one year ago, she's responsible, together with Bain, for the house and the smaller children, Gard and Tilda, while Bard is out working. The family is very united and close. Bard has taught his children to be proud of their family's past and stand their ground. That makes Sigrid a brave and dedicated young woman.

We used to have a thread for which I enjoyed very much to write, even though it was heart breaking in some points, and I'd like to restart once we get a new Sigrid and if Hades and Gard wish to do so as well. This one: In the Dark of the Night. If you need more information, you can check Bard's, Bain's and Gard's applications, which I can link for you if you want. Bard's application was the last one to be applied under this construction of the family and thus also the more updated. Any questions, just ask. The link is beside this post under his avatar.

Face claim: Peggy Nesbitt

Tilda: According to the arrangements already made, Tilda here is Bard's third child, nine years Sigrid's junior, which makes her 7 by the time of The Hobbit trilogy. Bard's wife died giving birth to Tilda. Even though she is still very young, she wants to help as she can around the house. She is already very good at making fishing nets for her father, with Sigrid's help. She doesn't know much about her mother as they don't mention Rania much around the house. Bard still mourns her passing, reason why he never got married again, but he'd be willing to talk to Tilda about her mother if she asks him. The family is very united and close. Bard has taught his children to be proud of their family's past and stand their ground. If you need more information, you can check Bard's, Bain's and Gard's applications, which I can link for you if you want. Bard's application was the last one to be applied under this construction of the family and thus also the more updated. Any questions, just ask. The link is beside this post under his avatar.

Face claim: Mary Nesbitt

Master of Laketown: Taking great pride in his power and position, the Master cares only for his own prosperity and gain. His pompous attire manifests as an outward expression of his greed, displaying his wealth for all to see. Despite his democratically held position, the Master suppresses all challenges to his authority. He has a good head for business, a talent expressed through the toll gates he has constructed, and the taxes he has levied. He also displays a keen political mind befitting someone of his position, recognizing the arrival of the Dwarves as a way of bolstering his own failing popularity. With the growing civil unrest concerning his leadership and feeling threatened for an election, the Master used a network of informants throughout the city to spy on Bard, as he was jealous of the bargeman and was suspicious that he was responsible for the growing threat to his authority and he was right.

Face claim: Stephen Fry

Alfrid Lickspittle: Alfrid is a power-hungry, egomaniacal, narcissistic and opportunistic sycophant, and his counsel could not always be relied upon to serve anyone other than himself. He will cling to anything that will benefit him and provide him with power over others. He has an extremely arrogant habit of demanding respect which he never did anything to earn. Alfrid is instinctively hypocritical and self-serving, shown by the fact that he was abusive, vindictive and antagonistic toward Bard, but when Bard was seen as a hero after Smaug's death, Alfrid groveled at his feet and bragged, incorrectly, that he had always admired Bard and viewed him as a great man. He is extremely disliked by the townspeople because he is so cruel and snobby towards them and when Lake-town is destroyed they do not hesitate to try and turn their anger on him. He advises the Master in matters of diplomacy, trade and the defense of Laketown.

Face claim: Ryan Gage

Smaug: The last of the fire drakes is malicious and cruel. Smaug showed himself to be intensely sadistic, taking pleasure in psychologically tormenting Bilbo, sarcastically asking him how he would like to die. During his attack on Laketown, Smaug went out of his way to mock and sneer at Bard and Bain. He was also aware of the return of Sauron and was apparently intent on joining forces with him (up to future player which were his reasons for it). Smaug despises dwarves intensely, seemingly considering them wretched and bottom-feeding creatures in spite of how they'd be naturally urged to come after his treasure. Smaug, upon realizing the people of Laketown had been in league with the dwarves, displays a mix of hatred and paranoia towards them, in spite of viewing them as sniveling and wretched and in spite of their ancestors' usage of black arrows. Smaug is extremely arrogant and the mere implication that he may possess a weakness made him visibly angry. Being insulted by Thorin was also quick to earn his anger. Smaug is supremely confident in his own powers, shown in his famous speech about how certain components of his body were weapons of destruction. He is utterly ruthless, completely capable of committing genocide in pursuit of his goals, but more likely for the sheer horrific pleasure of it.

Face claim: Benedict Cumberbatch was the voice of Smaug in the movies

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Re: Guiga's Wanted Characters
« Reply #3 on: April 29, 2020, 07:31:30 AM »
Istion: His name means "son of lore". It comes from the contraction of ist = lore and ion = son of. This Teleri Elf was born at Eglarest in the Falas during the Years of the Trees, probably YT 1495, under Cirdan's rule. He lost his parents to the wars with Melkor/Morgoth during the beginnings of the First Age, most likely during Dagor Aglareb in FA 60, when he was about 110 years old and Cirdan took him in as his foster son. Istion, as his name implies, is a lore master and, just like Cirdan himself, he is a relic of a bygone era. He has learnt from Cirdan the art of the shipwright and to this day still helps him with his job of sending the Elves who wish to leave Middle-earth safely to the Undying Lands. He has followed Cirdan in all the battles he has participated in and was probably trained in the arts of war by him as well. Istion is the closest Cirdan has to a son and dwells at Lindon, more specifically Mithlond, most of the time. He is around ~5 * 9.582 + 583 + 3441 + 3019 ~= 7.091 years old by the time of LotR.

Suggested face claim: Harry Lloyd

Harthawen: Her name means "hopeful maiden". It comes from the contraction of hartha = hope and further contracted wen from gwenn = maiden. This Noldorin Elf was born at Ost-in-Edhil in Eregion during the Second Age, around SA 800. When she was born, those lands were still ruled by Celeborn and Galadriel. When they left to Lothlórien and Celebrimbor became lord of those lands in SA 1350, Harthawen became the apprentice of elven sorceress Annúngilel. When Celebrimbor's Rebellion developed into the War of the Elves and Sauron, after loosing her family to the war, she went towards Lindon and there she lived under the rule of Gil-Galad. When the war finished, she decided to leave Middle-earth. At Mithlond, she met with Cirdan, who looked into her future and told her that she still had something important to do before leaving. Being dissuaded from her original plans, Harthawen stayed at Cirdan's home. When the War of the Last Alliance began, it's up to you if she stayed at Mithlond or went with Cirdan's host under Gil-galad's banner. At the beginning of the Third Age, Cirdan sent her to Rivendell to be further trained in the arts of healing by Elrond under his request as that was an area in which her training under Annúngilel hadn't finished in Eregion. It's up to you if Harthawen is an accomplished sorcerer or just a fledgling healer with great skill and promise at this point and you can decide what she has been taught fully by Annúngilel with her player, Marbys. What happened to her afterwards is up to you, but she is still close to Cirdan and possibly Istion as well. She is around 3441 - 800 + 3019 = 5.660 years old by the time of LotR.

Harthawen will be needed for the plot in which Annúngilel's curse will be broken in between the trilogies around TA 2966. You can find Annúngilel's application here. This event was what Cirdan saw in her future

Suggested face claim: Daisy Ridley

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Re: Guiga's Wanted Characters
« Reply #4 on: April 29, 2020, 07:33:22 AM »
Baldor: He is Brego's foster son and Hild helped her brother in his raising, becoming his mother figure. Brego found the toddler hidden in his family's house, who were his tenants at Harrowdale, after a massive Orc attack that left many victims, including Baldor's parents. He also helped in Hild's recovery after she discovered she was made barren after receiving a wound to her lower abdomen during the fight. This happened 18 years ago and Baldor is now 20 years of age by the time of the Hobbit. He was appointed by Brego as the heir of Harrowdale and has received, besides all the love a child could hope for, training from Brego and Hild in order to take good care of his inheritance to come. He is a skilled fighter and rider as expected from a Rohirrim noble, though Baldor is not a noble by birth only being raised by one. If that is an issue in his life outside his home, that's up to his future player. Any questions, just ask either me or Marbys, who plays Brego.

Suggested face claim: João Vithor Oliveira

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Re: Guiga's Wanted Characters
« Reply #5 on: May 21, 2020, 07:56:43 AM »
I finally stopped procrastinating and finished filling in all the wanted ads for all of my characters above. Some of the canons were even taken before I finished and certainly not due to this thread, I think. Anyway, if any of these yet not taken characters strike your fancy, let me know below.


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