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Author Topic: Tales Not Found in Books  (Read 334 times)


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Tales Not Found in Books
« on: February 27, 2020, 03:52:03 PM »
“Ok...”, as she plopped the book down, Tuuli let out a light cough and waved away the bits of dust that rose up from the movement, from either the table or the tome, or both. Actually the archives were probably seen to more frequently than that, or the tables at least, and it had come from the heavy volume Ti had found and pulled. From across the room another Dwarf glanced up to scowl, though Ti was unsure if he was a Scribe or just someone trying to study. She mouthed a sorry with a wince before glancing back to the book before her and her cousin.

Friór was with her for her little excursion, of course. This was important to both of them, and not that it wasn't also to Ashar and Anlís, but...they'd at least been around, if too young to properly recall Prince Fíli or his younger brother or uncle. Both Ti and Friór hadn't been born until years after the trio of royals' deaths, those fifteen years before Tuuli was adopted by Dagmar aside.

"Let's see...", Ti scanned and flipped through the ancient pages. People as important as the late King of Ered Luin, and should have also been Erebor, of course had things written about them in ancient texts. Maybe not their relatively young nephews at the time, but...they were bound to find something. Friór scooted over to lean over her shoulder and scan with her.

Both had agreed, this was easier, for the moment, then asking hard questions of their family, especially Dagmar. The princes had been guests and honorary family members in Grand-Fadi and Grand-Modi's home all along, growing up alongside Dagmar, Fritz, and the pairs other uncles, but still, of everyone, it seemed Tuuli was in the position to gain the most personal knowledge of the Line of Durin, or its heir, Prince Fíli.

There was every reason to believe, had he lived, he would have been her father. Though the Fate questions pondering such monumental things going differently caused made Tuuli uneasy, she also could not imagine anything having gone differently and Dagmar not having adopted her and this, her family for the past Fifteen years, not being her family, just with the tie-in with the Line of Durin added.

She was old enough now, at Thirty, to know that her before childishly calling Dis her "Shoulda-been-Grandma" that time—thankfully only to Anlaf and when he mentioned her and the council in telling his youngest granddaughter where he was going—was a bit bold, and thankfully she had yet to say such to Miss Dis, but still...Ti wasn't shy, most times, and would hardly be shy about such truths.

"Do you think there will be much on Prince Fíli himself?", Friór asked as she flipped. From what little they knew, they knew there hadn't been many battles written of in which the younger princes had taken place.

Mostly just that of the Five Armies, and neither was sure if they wanted to read over those accounts, if there were any.

Tuuli shook her head, "If not battles, they must have written something...", she kept scanning even as she mostly felt more than saw Friór glance from the book to her and his gaze stay there.

"Ti...maybe your ma is the best source...".

For what they were seeking anyway, and personal knowledge of things besides battles. Not that Tuuli hadn't been told things in the years prior, but, she, and they, still didn't ask many things themselves.

"Or...we could ask my Da, or...", Friór went on.

Tuuli shook her head though, still glancing at the book before facing her cousin, "I want to make sure I can't just find some little thing here before I go with that, you've seen how they look whenever it's brought up".

Friór nodded. He knew as well as she did.

Finally Tuuli found what she, and they, were looking for; maybe. "Oh, here!", she paused on the name of the king, the princes' uncle, Thorin. It was mostly just a mention of him as a descendant, and more on Thrór, his grandfather. "Hmm...", Tuuli hummed as she read, more skimmed, before sitting back and turning the book so Friór could see. "It's mostly about Erebor, but not the dragon or anything, to day mining stuff I guess. How...well off and wealthy he was".

Ti didn't want to say she was disappointed, but it was in her voice a bit; this was not really what she was seeking, though after she let Friór look she'd keep scanning.



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Re: Tales Not Found in Books
« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2020, 09:46:16 PM »
Unfortunately, a part of Anlaf's duties, in aiding the Council, required a fair amount of digging through Archives. Things were brought up, and had to be verified, and the other councilors were not always eager to do the digging themselves, either for other obligations...or because the facts asked about would undermine their point, and so there was really no incentive to hurry about the process...

That was the task Anlaf was about today. The Master of Justice could almost always be counted upon to have his own facts well organized, and already ready to present, but had admitted to not being aware of a precedent Anlaf mentioned to him in rebuttal to an argument. More than that, he was doubtful of it existing at all or, if it did, stating exactly what Anlaf said it did.

So, since it was his argument, and important to him, the brunt of finding it to present would fall largely on his shoulders. Logical all in all.

Anlaf had asked a few of the Scribes he passed if they had heard of the obscure fact he sought, and where it might most easily be located, but they didn't seem to know, or think it would be that easily located. Ori would have not only helped him, but known. The thought intruded in suddenly, and Anlaf pushed it aside, not wishing to think on the news that had come back from Moria, and about Balin's attempt .

How much somber news had he had to endure in his lifetime?

Anlaf didn't know how on point this thought was to the mission his two youngest grand-kids had as, upon passing a row of tables, he spotted both of them, heads bent intently over a book. Well this warranted investigation! Though an answer presented itself to Anlaf's mind, and as he recalled the amount of books on ponies Andar had once come away with when of similar age, or which Dagmar would thoughtfully fetch for her brother.

"Well, looking up tips on horse-shoes?", he inquired as he approached. Tuuli had just recently started learning the beginning stages of metal working from Fritz, and it wasn't a pursuit Anlaf would try to talk her out of either. Whatever his granddaughter, the either of them, wanted to do. Friór, he figured, was there as support, or perhaps studying drawings or the like. He hadn't started his own wood-carving in earnest just yet
« Last Edit: April 23, 2020, 07:31:32 PM by Anlaf »



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Re: Tales Not Found in Books
« Reply #2 on: July 18, 2020, 03:01:12 PM »
"Erebor was profitable at least...", Friór of course found the silver lining. For his own sake as well as hers. Tuuli gave a small nod as she still skimmed over the accounts of battles and deeds gone by. With a sigh she sat back and faced her cousin, taking the thrown out line of conversation, though she knew it had been half distraction.

"Yeah, and I think that's what they...".

"Well, looking up tips on horse-shoes?", a voice interrupted. Both Dwarflings immediately glanced over, and identical smiles took over their faces.


They both thought they kept their voices down (Ti was sure Friór did! Her cousin was known for his quiet nature) but still one of the scribes glanced over to glare their way and hiss urgently. Identical guilty looks next flashed over both young faces, before Ti grinned back over to Anlaf again...before pondering on what he had just asked.

The smile fell a bit. Well this defeated not telling family for their own sake...

"", she glanced to Friór for assistance or advice, but her cousin would only give up her secret if she did...still he watched her face intently for signs of how to proceed. Ti made up her mind. Even if it undid her whole mission of keeping this from family. "Don't tell Ma...", she turned back to her grandfather, "But we were looking up...well...".

Friór, ever attentive and intuitive, could pick up the thread from there and that Ti was ok with the secret getting out, to their grandfather at least, and so chimed in to help her out, "We were looking up facts on...the Line of we didn't have to ask...", he broke off too.

Grandfadi probably got it, though. "But there's not much", Tuuli went on to admit, putting her chin in her hands and elbows on the table, before recalling that might be bad manners, and draw the scribes down on them. She sat up once more, waving their mission aside by way of closing the book in front of her as she faced her grandfather once more, "But anyway, why are you here, Grandfadi?", she looked interested, and like she just knew it would be important. Grandfadi was an important Councilor after all.



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Re: Tales Not Found in Books
« Reply #3 on: November 21, 2020, 02:48:44 PM »
Anlaf had first become familiar with the concept of being a grandfather through Andar's twins, but now, though he still reveled in seeing how Ashar and Anlís grew, and such things as taking his oldest grandson out on hunting trips with those hounds of his, he could not deny his heart warmed that he got to once again revel in simple, childish adoration that was still no doubt biased and such as Tuuli and Friór now turned on him with their simultaneous greeting.

So it was all the more lamentable when Ti's smile next faded at his question.

"'t tell Ma..."

One eyebrow raised, now what on Earth could Dagmar's sweet little girl have gotten herself into that she would not want to tell her mother of? Anlaf could think of nothing that warranted the kind of secrecy Fritz had been known for (nor his son in any such for his own part) and which the most recent occurrences of had still not come from either of these two but from Ashar.

It was not lost on Anlaf, how Andar's son had been known for trouble where as Fritz (only outdone in chattiness by Kophas at times) had had himself a quiet thoughtful boy. Though both were the sort any grandfather could be proud of at the end of the day.

That trait helped Friór get straight to the point of helping and helpfully jumping in when needed and when his cousin broke off, though he also hesitated a bit.

"We were looking up facts on...the Line of we didn't have to ask...".

Ah there it was! Understanding dawned, but still Anlaf's brows furrowed a bit. But neither of these two had been born when...

Anlaf kicked himself that he had thought that would mean oblivion.They of course heard, and Dagmar's daughter for certain! Why, had things been different, there was every reason to believe Fíli would have been her father.

Anlaf could not find it in himself to think even biological children would have changed things so much, and of course Dagmar's heart would have still gone out to the girl, and he gave Fíli the credit of genuine falling in with the same affection; but even if the prince still held in the regard of a son-in-law had needed more, no one denied Dagmar much when she made her mind and heart up on something.

"But there's not much", Tuuli stated, before trying to dodge aside, and asking so kindly over what had brought him to the archives. "Oh, tedious Council matters as always", he answered, before pondering the more important question before him and his grandchildren.

Rubbing his beard a bit thoughtfully, Anlaf thought a moment or two more and then sat across from the two and regarded the book they had. "Well, let's see what the two of you have here...", he read. "Hmm...well the facts aren't wrong...", he agreed, glancing back up at them, "But they hardly do justice, you're right, why...there was the Melee where I still watched Prince Fíli lose with more grace than he himself would probably count".

Anlaf paused and smiled as he glanced into his granddaughter's bright blue-gray eyes, "Perhaps a bit awkward, that tale...he was fighting for your mother's hand, as if she was anything but completely infatuated at the time", Anlaf laughed, too loudly again, as a scribe shushed. "Oh, I'm spreading Posterity", he waved dismissively before turning back to the Dwarflings before him.

"It wasn't a proper battle...but you learn a lot about a Dwarf by how he gets up from a solid and thorough thrashing and defeat, again not in the ways that mattered, but...the...opposing Dwarf...", Anlaf wasn't sure on giving Nari's name, "...won the sword fight, no question, and left the prince sprawling in the training sand. I don't think Fíli knew I also saw, and just as well, but I watched carefully as he picked himself up, even before your mother and aunt respectively had reached the spot, though she made her way down to where he was and to let all know a contest really meant nothing where she was concerned, of course. Was just a giant waste of time and blood".

Anlaf broke off as he pondered how war itself was often that and...the one that had taken Thorin and his nephews included in a sense...

If you had spoken more firmly on the reasons of your opposition to Thorin going, your daughter and so many others could have been spared all of this! Anlaf was a champion at berating himself with where he'd gone wrong and Erebor's second defense attempt had just been added to the first in how even his brave, honest attempts at doing what needed done were never enough and didn't accomplish what he attempted in the end.

"But I'm speaking on a Legacy, let's see if I can dredge up tales that put the Prince in a better light...", Anlaf moved on and pondered happier ones before regarding his grandchildren again, "You say Line of Durin, but I'm assuming you want tales on Prine Fíli specifically?", he asked with a smile and glint in his eye.


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