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Author Topic: Mutual Secrets  (Read 215 times)


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Mutual Secrets
« on: January 24, 2020, 04:40:15 AM »
If you hadn't stormed out, you could have put Plan B into better effect! Fritz scolded himself. He'd just become so disgusted, and disillusioned himself, when Mr. Errol refused to help! It wasn't until he'd left the building that he'd realized he'd left any ability at making this easy...

He couldn't ask for another appointment, that was suspicious. There was only one thing for it, as far as he could see, and he had paced the sidewalk a bit a ways trying to see any other option...

If he got caught and slapped with jail time, would Felix fire him? This was a very, very important thought to Fritz Anders as he realized that any prestige he was gaining as a well respected bank employee, and even friend of the manager, Felix Durrant, he kept next almost throwing away with stunts like this!

Searching out loan sharks in shady parts of town was one thing. Breaking and entering law offices another...

He'd told Lindsay as much when he said she couldn't be the one to do it! What made him think he would have any better luck?

With a screwdriver no less! But, he had tried this the normal way, and been rebuffed. Well, or Lindsay had. Fritz still didn't know why Alvin Errol's hesitancy to act insulted him personally when it affected Lindsay. Even when one took into account it being for her sake. The one person in a legal position to do such! But he wouldn't! Because the man didn't feel himself up to the task, or didn't want the trouble of dealing with his former client, Lindsay Sayer's father's, legal muck. Fritz didn't know the reason, and he frankly didn't care!

He'd made a promise to the girl, and he would see it out! By whatever means necessary.

Thoughts of what Lindsay would think if he became a convict, and with her understanding of such with her father's welfare fraud, paused Fritz. Would it even matter that it had been for her?

Fritz shook these thoughts aside and focused once more on the job at hand, wiggling the screwdriver a bit more and slowly prying the window open. Not Mr. Errol’s office, that was up a floor or two, but once in he could hopefully use the same trick on the door; and coming from the back hallway maybe any security wouldn’t notice.

He had almost asked Thomas Auster’s help, but somehow couldn’t pull the older man into trouble and had to be a force for doing all he could to discourage it. If he could. In truth, Fritz hadn’t seen him since that day he was nice enough to not beat him up, or worse, for his prior loan office snooping.

Once the window seemed wide enough (and no alarms had gone off thankfully) Fritz crawled through. The sound of his tumbling onto the carpet of the hallway sounded loud to him, and he froze, listening, before, assured none had heard, he stood.

He was just here for a piece of paper that would save Lindsay Sayers trouble, and which was...hers anyway...sort of...

Even Fritz knew this logic was bogus. With another sigh, that rhetorically asked what he was doing, Fritz made his way down the hallway and by the fewer lights (probably for security!) was able to find his way up the back steps, for fire-escape routes no doubt, and over to Mr. Errol's office. He was surprised to find the door unlocked when he tried it, but slipped in, closing it behind him and checking the placement of the window in the door.

Assured it was safe, he switched on his small flashlight he'd brought for searching the drawers (and if the hallways were dim), and was almost given a heart-attack when it shone on a face and pair of eyes over on the small couch of the room!



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Re: Mutual Secrets
« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2020, 02:47:39 AM »
"He's back", one of Fred's aunts pulled aside the curtain of the house and peered out. Fred glanced up in mild interest from his macaroni (his other aunt had the TV occupied, so this was the most entertaining thing to watch at the moment, though he paid attention for more than just mild curiosity). With a scoff, Fred's mother went to the window and peered over her sister's shoulder.

"You would think of all the dancers, he would know...I knew his wife for crying out loud!", she huffed as she turned to yank on her heels before the trio set out for work. It was just assumed, like it was always just assumed, Fred would take care of himself. Fred's mother didn't say this for any moral reason, more that the Mr. Sayers who had started to bother her should know he was dealing with women who knew he was essentially a dead-beat.

Not that their standards were all that high, but they had worked with his late wife and knew he was hardly worth their attentions in that he let the women in his life support him.

"Is he still going on about that giant payout he could get, solving your financial woes, if only the biggest welfare claim ever wasn't locked up with a lawyer that won't return calls", Fred's other aunt called teasingly from the couch. None of the women believed this latest lie. Fred only paid a sort of tense attention in case the focus shifted to him and any questions. He knew they meant Mr. Errol down at the newspaper plant. Not that old clients came up between the legal consultant and his sort of apprenticed aid, but with his mother's recently dodging a man called Sayers and then seeing the name when he filed some stuff he connected the two.

He'd almost looked at what the papers were when he spotted them, but that would be wrong, and his entire principle was to be better than the women he lived with, so he'd just filed it and moved on. Plus his gossiping mother and aunts would tell him all he needed to know anyway if he just listened.

"I don't know", Fred's mother sighed, "I stopped listening to his drivel a while back, come on, we have to go, and I want you two to talk to him so I don't have to". While her sisters complained about how unfair that was, the three left for their nightclub job, too preoccupied by all this, though it was hardly the only excuse, to even throw a good-bye to Fred. Or lock the door.

Getting up, Fred locked himself in for however long of the night it would be and changed the channel, moving to the couch just vacated by his aunt with his bowl.


Just because she was snubbing a known dead-beat did not mean Fred's mother came home alone that night. From where he'd fallen asleep on the couch, Fred heard her tell-tale giggles (and the other voices) as she keyed in and took himself upstairs before they entered, especially since he couldn't tell, but his aunts might have company too.

Three was too unsure a set. Fred had heard stories of cigarette burns he'd thankfully avoided (they weren't even stable enough presences in the house to be called boyfriends and get that long to interact with the boy), but that wasn't to say he didn't get on the bad side of clients-com-relations of his mother or aunts. He had one idea for another place to go that he'd saved up and decided maybe he should use now. He hated to betray Mr. Errol's trust and use his law offices as a place to crash, but tomorrow was Sunday and any employees of the plant wouldn't be in until later, the Sunday edition already set to go, and if he made sure to set an early alarm he could be gone well in time.

Hopefully their guests would be too. Still, on dropping his small fire-escape ladder out the window, Fred paused over his idea once more, before someone turning on music downstairs made up his mind for him and he continued down the ladder with his small overnight sack. He didn't worry about the evidences of his having made a break for it, and his mother would probably not even discover the ladder until he needed it again in the morning honestly, and if she did he'd key himself back in and didn't imagine either-way he'd have to explain much of anything.

Fred felt worse when he was able, off the trust given to him as Mr. Errol's aid, to shut the alarm system off to let himself in. He meant to then shut it back on, just if he was going to be spending the night alone, though Middleton was a relatively safe place, just...well it depended who you asked really. Break ins were known and there were rumors of a seedy underground.

It was probably his guilty conscience, but he noticed the receptionist had left some coffee in a pot on the table behind her desk, and decided to clean the pot for her and the office. She was a nice lady, and the sort that, if she did think it strange, would shrug it off as 'oh well, she did do it when she thought she hadn't'. It wouldn't be suspicious, and felt like Fred earning his keep for the night, in a sense.

By the time he was done, he forgot he hadn't reset the alarm and before he went up the elevator to Mr. Errol's office. It was sort of spooky, with no one around, but not as spooky as the stairs! He then let himself in Mr. Errol's office, grabbed the throw blanket from the back of his couch (for decoration more than use, he said he was too diligent to ever actually nap on the couch) and settled in, setting his phone to wake him by Seven so he could make it appear he'd never even been there...and hoped he wasn't risking the one good thing he could claim in his life and his position here.

It was later that night that he was stirred awake by...something. It was one of those situations where the noise woke him, but now he couldn't identify it. Fred lay still, scanning the room and trying to determine what it was...when he heard it again, maybe. At any rate he heard a scuffling and then...the door knob was tried and opened!

It was on the tip of the young teen's tongue to whisper out, inquiring if it was just Mr. Errol returned, but his mouth felt so dry he couldn't speak, and why didn't he snap the light on if it was Mr. Errol? As if on cue of his request, a light was snapped on, but that of a flashlight! He and the intruder stared wide-eyed at each-other, the other seeming to collapse against the wall even, though Fred hardly noticed this.

Then the younger of the youths moved. Throwing off the blanket, Fred sprinted out the opened door and down the hallway, not even sure where he intended to go after that.
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Re: Mutual Secrets
« Reply #2 on: February 28, 2020, 04:07:25 PM »
Fritz didn't know how long the stand off lasted, with them both just staring, but it couldn't have been more than a few seconds. Still, time seemed to slow, enough to allow him to panic over the repercussions of all of this, of course, but also begin to realize another feeling. It tasted a bit like guilt, but Fritz couldn't analyze much beyond that before the kid, probably barely a teen himself, moved, sprinting down the hall. "No...kid...wait!", the words came out in a whisper still, just in case.

Of course Fritz should stop him, and of course fear what would happen if he sounded any alarms, even of just reaching the street and calling someone, but Fritz wasn't so self absorbed, even in his very real problem right now, as to not realize the kid also shouldn't go tearing down streets alone at this time of night either, and not because of him! Quickly, Fritz sprinted after him, though it made that guilt feeling come back worse, especially as he reached the kid and rounded about to stop him with a light grip to either shoulder, and felt how he pulled back.

Don't scare him.

It seemed more important than not being found out. "Hey...I'm not gonna hurt you; sorry, I...I didn't expect anyone to be in the office and...", Fritz sighed. How to explain why he was here? Slowly Fritz stepped back, ensuring the kid wouldn't take off again, then looked puzzled, and maybe because he was in no rush to answer to his own presence, wondered over the other’s.

"What's a kid like you doing here so late? I mean, you're not the security force are you?", he smiled.

Now was really not the time for such jokes, and he hardly had the rapport just yet.

”Sorry...”, Fritz had the goodness to look it, yet as he glanced up and back over to the younger kid, probably in Secondary School by now, and a handful of years younger than Fritz at the most, but still young, his jest question also seemed important. "But ok?".

How odd that question was, coming from the Late Night Intruder, struck Fritz and with a sigh he shook his head and realized, at the very least, he did owe an explanation, stupid as it was going to sound. "I'm not a burglar...well, I don't mean to be...", Fritz sighed again, and ran a hand through his hair as he breathed through his nose and explained.

Explaining to the Guard Pre-Teen was better than a security force though.

"I met with Mr. Errol earlier and...he declined to give me some papers for a friend", that wasn't really what Fritz had asked Mr. Alvin Errol for, but he had also not been given the papers, "I just thought to grab some blank forms and make due, promise", Fritz finished up lamely with a half smile. "I won't be so bad of an influence as to ask you not mention this, but...can I just ask you not call the police on me?"
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Re: Mutual Secrets
« Reply #3 on: May 21, 2020, 03:31:57 PM »
Fred wiggled as the other caught up to and caught him. "Hey...I'm not gonna hurt you; sorry, I...I didn't expect anyone to be in the office and...". These words paused the youth, even in their in-completion. He glanced over their intruder, even as the other let up on his arm and stepped back. His grip had been light, most of the pressure being to stop Fred from going forward rather than full on restrain, or so it seemed.

"What's a kid like you doing here so late?", the stranger went on "I mean, you're not the security force are you?". Was it meant to be a joke? Fred blinked, looking baffled, and found himself answering for some reason. "N-No...I mean...". What?!

The other seemed to realize how odd his question was, for he next offered an apology. Fred just continued to stare.

"But ok?". The question was serious, Fred could tell, the other's words aside; the intruder wasn't making it up, or...dodging perhaps, he actually was concerned over...well what the boy couldn't tell. It was a trivial sort of a question (are you alright since I startled you), but something in Fred was tempted to spill absolutely everything that was wrong in his answer!

No...not at all! Mum's busy all the time, and I know that sounds like every kid's complaint, but if only I felt like she cared that she was busy all the time! Like I wasn't just a burden and something she had to remember, though she does a poor job at that anyway...

Fred instead found himself nodding, though it was a lie on so many levels! "Yeah...I...what...??", his confusion came out in his answer. The intruder, who probably knew that was the only thing Fred had so far to label him with, went on. "I'm not a burglar...well, I don't mean to be...". Fred supposed those could be two different things, and the one be true over the other and even in the face of evidence.

Yeah...sure...misunderstandings just happened, and no one said Middleton was the easiest town to live in; ask half of its residents!

So, instead of calling the police, Fred just listened as the other went on.

"I met with Mr. Errol earlier and...he declined to give me some papers for a friend". The explanation was so odd; given without hesitation. Fred didn't think it would be an excuse; or if it was, the other deserved something for thinking on his feet so well! The resolve (more a hint of an idea) that kept Fred stationary was more than that, though, and something in him wanted to trust this older teen. In the wistful curiosity of what it would be like to have someone older, like a brother, to look up to, though Fred also recognized that that feeling was not quite in the right ballpark...

Though it was close.

Before he could analyze the thought further, the older teen was going on. "I just thought to grab some blank forms and make due, promise. I won't be so bad of an influence as to ask you not mention this, but...can I just ask you not call the police on me?". Speaking of what Fred had just been thinking! The boy glanced to either side. "W-what kind of papers?". His question surprised even him!

He bit his lip. "I mean...I'm not saying I'll help you...find them...". Or was he?! "But if you...had a good reason and...the papers weren't...important".

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