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Author Topic: [Hobbit + LotR] Arthfeal.  (Read 324 times)


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« on: January 08, 2020, 04:41:55 AM »


NAME: Arthfael son of Afon.
TRILOGY: Mainly LotR, can play as a young boy in The Hobbit?
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941/3019): Born: T.A 2935, 81 by Dundain years, about thirty-ish in looks.
PLACE OF BIRTH: On the road somewhere, he's sure. Never really had a place to call home.
RACE:  Man, Dunedin.

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE: muddy Golden blond when dry, brown when wet. Often worn medium length. When a little longer you can see it has waves, but it isn't strictly curly. He keeps it neat, but it doesn't really require much maintenance, as well as his beard, which he keeps neat, and often short, once he grew it out, but that's a story for another time!
EYE COLOUR:  Hazel/Green and always sparkling normally cold, but thoughtful.
BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT: Quite tall, 6'4". He's well traveled, which means he's quite fit. Born and raised with the Dundain, living in the wild and off the land keeps him quite trim!
OVERALL APPEARANCE:  If brown was considered a color, that would be what he wore. Except he enjoys wearing black. Black leather pants, dark colored shirts and the same pair of boots for years. He considers himself rugged and unkept, he keeps his weapons close at hand. He travels mostly on horse back. His cloak is dark, he usually wraps it around him and has no problem replacing it if he has to. He could tell you stories about how many he's gone through. But his shoes? Never! Also it might be keen to mention he looks about thirty-ish, but he's really much older than that. In a separate pocket he keeps a pipe for smoking...
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: He has a tattoo on his left shoulder. It is sort of reminiscent of a crossbow. He has battle scars here and there, but what ranger doesn't?
WEAPONS: Distinctively, and a trade mark, he uses a crossbow! He loves his crossbow. Don't insult the crossbow. He's also trained for regular bows, and swords. He keeps a short sword on him just in case.
FACE CLAIM: Clint Eastwood.

STRENGTHS: Agile, cunning, and great with a crossbow. He is fit enough to suffer through most any sort of terrain, and skilled in vegetation, and hunting. Surviving in the wild is a walk in the park. He can be sociable, but always looks for the angle in any given situation. He's not above working for money.
WEAKNESSES:  Shiny things. Money is a shiny, you can never have enough. Sure there are his righteous reasons for doing things, but it can always be persuaded by money, he's not too biased. Besides playing both sides of the coin gives him a sense of satisfaction. Drink, damsels in distress. Now, this might seem a bit silly, but he has a weakness for good food. Control, he always feels he has to be in control.
ASPIRATIONS:  Dreams? Sure, to settle down with a nice family and not have to worry. Have lots of kids, sure! That's pretty unrealistic, though. So, his goal is to do what he can while he can do it! And have fun doing it.   
FEARS:  Not coming back. Getting into a situation he can't control. Suppose that includes settling down, as well. Always being on the go, having something stable can be a bit frightening.
PERSONALITY: Where to start? He likes to keep people off balance. He's coy, keeping to himself. Yet he enjoys a certain uncouthness in air; like he doesn't really care if you are who you say you are, and if you wield power or not. He has his own interests in mind, and if you aren't - well - one of them, then you don't really need to play a part. This makes him a dangerous and unpredictable man, especially in the wild. He really does like to keep people on edge!

When he's not busy being a mysterious stranger, he can be quite pleasant to be around. When he gets to know you there is a softer side you don't see behind him. A side that's great with kids, and a teacher if you press him hard enough - but you gotta be willing to really learn. Oh, it should be known a teacher of living in the wild, not of art, or mathematics. Okay, he might be a bit of a history buff, and knows a little about battle stratagy, what Dundain doesn't?

When he's feeling jovial, he likes to talk - it is rare, though. He has a soft voice, and a kind laugh that is - he thinks - unexpected. A kind of sensitivity that allows him to feel his feelings, and hurt for the hardship of others which makes his own mission clear. You hurt someone whom you think is lesser than yourself, you can expect trouble from him.

Don't think he's an angel. He likes to play - how they say - the mediator. If it makes him the most money, he'll do it. A mercinary, and a wicked shot with a crossbow. He sees good, and he sees evil, and prefers to exploit both of them. Don't take offense if he should betray you, it's all in the money.

All this gives you what you see on the outside. As described before, just simply doesn't care enough. Settling down scares him, not being on the run is a foreign concept. He likes control, and he likes to know what he's doing even if the plan to just wing it. But, there is always an angle. tit-for-tat. If he has to work with someone he's going to figure out the angle.

Above all, what you must understand about him, is that he's honest. He tells it like it is, no regard for your feelings, and couldn't care less. He grew up caring too much about his feelings, and just lets it go when someone offends him. "Well, that's their opinion, and they're gonna stick to it. So am I." kind of deal.

(note: It's called character development, this could change in play).

Born in the wilds Arthfael was a child of the wilderness. He lived with is parents, traveling from town to town. They never stayed long enough for him to make suitable friends, so his mother and father were all he knew. And of course the other Dundain that they stayed with for months. He grew up only knowing the road, and certain safe houses.

When he was of age, he was taught to hunt, and his mother taught him herbs and which vegetation was best to consume, which to apply to heal, and which to stay away from. A lesson he wouldn't forget, and often uses against his own enemies (poison). He liked his mother best, mama's boy. His father was cold, and uncaring towards others (except his wife and son), and he didn't understand his father. At least not to entirety until his mother had a miscarriage. He saw his father devastated by the loss, and his mother became somber. She wished for no more children, and she tended after her son until the day she died. What we would call TB, also called consumption.

Arthfael was devastated by the loss of his mother. He wasn't afraid to let his emotions show, and he pushed away anyone who remotely reminded him of her. He blamed their constant traveling for her death, but never blamed his father. It wasn't his fault they couldn't settle down for long in one place. And this continued, their traveling from town to town, for the rest of his life. There isn't anywhere he hasn't been.

Eventually he came of age to start training with the Dundain. His teacher's name was Alasdair. He was wise, and Arthfael learned much from him. Mostly that the people you meet in the world don't really care about your feelings. The lessons that were taught moulded Arthfael into who he has become. That Good and Evil are something to exploit for ones own benefit. That the only way to forge your signature on history is take the quill and write it yourself.

Heh, it still doesn't stop him from dreaming about a family of his own. Something good to protect. Alasdair saw Arthfael coming to his own. He had taught him much, and trained in the crossbow; something the lad took to like water. His aim was true, and has always been.

Now that Arthfael is on his own, he travels, and for this reason he is called Nomad. He's quite taken to the name, and that's how he introduces himself.

Often he meets with members of the Dundain, and is also working as a hired mercenary. He is lost, personally, as to which is greater: Good or Evil. A question he longs for an answer for, but wants to seek it himself.

YOUR NAME: Hades, duh!
AGE:  Just had a birthday!
OTHER CHARACTERS: Too many to list.
CONTACT:  PM, Discord.
HOW DID YOU FIND US?: from the beginning...
What are we but snow that melts in spring?

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Re: Arthfeal.
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