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Author Topic: [Hobbit + LotR] Eden  (Read 351 times)


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« on: January 05, 2020, 01:35:08 PM »


NICKNAMES (IF ANY): None notable
TRILOGY: The Hobbit™ and The Lord of the Rings™
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941/3019): T.A. 2922 – aged 19 in 2941 and 97 in 3019
PLACE OF BIRTH: Orocarni (also called the Red Mountains), a mountain range beyond Rhûn
RACE: Men (Easterling and Dúnedain lineage)
GENDER: Female

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE: Dark brown wavy hair which sometimes appears to be black in a certain light. The length changes every once in a while.
EYE COLOUR: Green-golden, depends on the light.
BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT: Slim, athletic physique of average height.
OVERALL APPEARANCE: Due to her parentage, Eden has characteristics that resemble both Men of the West and those of the East. Thus, her olive skin differs from the pale complexions of the Westerners, yet her eyes are light in colour as opposed to those of the Easterlings. Overall, Eden possesses a unique beauty as a result of the harmonious mix of two cultures. She is always dressed in simple masculine attire in dark or earthly tones like leather pants, loose shirts and hiking boots so that she can move quickly and easily. 
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Several battle scars here and there but nothing too profound. What could be deemed distinguishing, though it is not a mark, is her chakram – an eastern-style weapon that is always attached to her belt. 
WEAPONS: Sword, twin daggers, bow, chakram
FACE CLAIM: Katie McGrath

STRENGTHS: Eden is strong, both physically and mentally. The hardships in her life have time and time again tried to crush her body and mind, only for her to keep pushing forward. Thus, persistence and bravery are her greatest traits. While she excels in warfare and all things weapon-related, she considers her own mind to be her most precious weapon. Indeed, it’s been her wit and sharp thinking that has made up for any physical deficiencies at times of need and so she values cleverness above all else. Apart from these, Eden can be loyal to the bone to those she admires and cares for.
WEAKNESSES: Eden’s most obvious weakness is her difficulty in trusting others and therefore forming relationships and alliances. She has also shown to be distrusting of figures of authority if they have not proven their worth and so she sometimes appears offensive. As a younger woman Eden had much more of a sharp tongue and sometimes acted too quickly without assessing whatever danger lied ahead. Time though brought wisdom and as a mature woman she now puts reason before sentiment and has learned to be more diplomatic and courteous in the way she talks.
ASPIRATIONS: Leading a life which holds surprises every other day makes it difficult for some to set big, honorable goals. Eden was never one to dream too big, she considered each day to be a challenge and was content just to make it through every night. Her  years as a Ranger provided her with a tranquility –if one can even deem it so- and anonymity she wished to maintain. It was others who saw her true potential as an invaluable asset to the quests that were to change Middle Earth once and for all. When she rose to the grand challenges, she found herself wishing for better days with a new-found determination to be part of those who would shape that future. Her position, ultimately, as the Knight Commander of the King’s Guard in Gondor quenched her ambition.   
FEARS: One of Eden’s greatest fears is rejection and judgment because of her ancestry. Even greater though –and irrational as it was later proven- was her fear once that she would perhaps have a change of heart at some point and serve the Dark Lord as her predecessors of her mother’s side have always done.
PERSONALITY: Eden is mainly described as cold and distant as she prefers to keep to herself. She isn't the type that usually enjoys small talk and chit-chat so she doesn't talk too much. When she does talk though, her fiery personality and determination shine through. She comes off as blunt, sometimes, even sarcastic some may say. That, combined with her excessive cursing, makes her seem somewhat hard to get along with at first. She has always been a natural lone wolf but when having to be a team player she can grow into a respectable leader. Eden has also shown to be very secretive about her origins and past since sometimes people judge her based solely on those and therefore fear and distrust her. Despite her tough exterior, she cares deeply for a certain few people and would do anything to keep them safe. On rare occasions she might appear affectionate and motherly but she would have be very familiar with those around her.

HISTORY: {E A R L Y  Y E A R S} Eden came from the vast and uncharted lands of Rhûn, east of Mordor and the Sea of Rhûn. She is the child of an Easterling woman, Rhea, and an unnamed Ranger of the North who as she has been told has passed away before her birth. Therefore, Eden spent part of her childhood with barbaric horse nomads, raised by her mother. The first years of her life were grim-her childhood was violent and poor. During a travel with her nomad on the outskirts of Mordor there was a fight with some of the Free Peoples and she took the chance to flee, running off towards the West. For a while she wandered, lost and afraid in unknown territory, trying her best to survive without any actual plan - she was still nothing more than a kid. Fortune was on her side though; Gandalf the Grey found the young girl and - perhaps out of compassion or mere strategy - he took her under his care. In the years that followed, she was educated and trained for battle until Gandalf finally revealed her relations with the Dúnedain folk, urging her to join their ranks.
{T H E  H O B B I T™ E R A} Eden had been living and travelling with Gandalf for several years until he announced his plans of aiding the Dwarves in their quest to retake Erebor. Naturally, she was advised to stay in Imladris with their trusted Elven friends to continue her studies and training. And so she did – or at least for a while. The rebellious young woman craved for a chance to be part of the action and prove herself. So she fled from the safety of the Elven valley and, disguised as a young male beggar, she began her journey towards the Lonely Mountain. Her disguise allowed her to stay unseen as she went through town after town, slowly but steadily making her way to the north. However, things had already gone south when she finally arrived and she found herself caught up in between a battle far greater than she would ever expect. The female fought bravely, yet she was gravely wounded. With the help of the elves of Mirkwood she was back on her feet eventually but she stayed in their realm for a while, getting to know the Elven culture in greater depth.
{T H E  L O R D  O F  T H E  R I N G S™ E R A} Eden had spent many years travelling with the Dúnedain and guarding from evil things folk that were heedless. During the War of the Ring, she was sent to the aid of her Chieftain Aragorn with a 30-man strong group of Rangers, calling themselves the Grey Company. The Grey Company, now with Gimli, Legolas and Aragorn passed through the Paths of the Dead, to the Stone of Erech, over Tarlang's Neck, and on to Pelargir. They arrived on the Pelennor Fields and fought bravely in the battle. After the war was won, Eden was made a Knight Commander of the King's Guard and served the King of the United Kingdom until the last of her days.

AGE: 19
EXPERIENCE: 8 years on and off in role-playing and a couple in RP-website management
CONTACT: If I don’t reply here for some reason, you can find me on Facebook as Evangeline G. Afendra
ROLE PLAY/WRITING SAMPLE: The Druadan forest had an air of decay mixed with barely audible animal calls, yet night was already close and the next possible stop, hours away, was Minas Tirith.
Eden had been travelling for many moons now – Eru knew how long it had been since she had laid on an actual mattress. The woman could not complain though for this was the life of a Ranger, the life she had chosen; the sky was her roof, the Earth was her bed.
A low grumble disturbed her  thoughts. Eden looked at her complaining stomach for a moment, contemplating whether she should stop for the night. At last, her hunger and fatigue made the choice for her.
 A seemingly heedless to all dangers doe moved about the land. Eden's eyes were fixed on the animal when at last  an arrow twanged towards it, smacking it in the chest. The doe collapsed into the water, taking one last breath. Dinner was found.

‘’I clashed time and time again with the ruling class and the laws that only exist to serve you, so that you can exploit and command everything. Even our own minds, our thoughts, our words, our emotions, our work, the way we love and make love. Of course, everyone is equal to your laws except those who do not agree with you. You are the ones who downgraded the woman.
So no! I do not agree with the way you live, nor am I jealous that I am not like any of your women. No! I would not want to be a tender being, with her giggles and her plastered smiles. One that would decorate your table at a luxury restaurant on a Saturday evening, as an integral complement to this exquisite atmosphere with exotic menus and idiotic yet indispensable music. No! I would not like to have to appear as the attractive and sad, and at the same time the happy and full of surprises, and then the silly child, the mother and the whore, while at the same time being ashamed or thankful for any crumbs of affection any of you honorable men might throw at me.
No one is going to hear my cry or any of my complaints. Everything will be done silently, so as not to spoil the happy sleep of the happy inhabitants of this organized state. Sleep quietly in the great countryside. Sleep quietly, as if dead. My cry won't wake you up. The inhabitants of a cemetery never wake up.
Those who are fed up will rise, I'm sure. Those who work full-time, those you physically cripple to avoid thinking, the immigrants, the poor and with them the women who have been oppressed , humiliated and exploited since the beginning of time.
Everything we have ever wished for is forbidden. But you will never be able to forbid us from laughing in front of your stupid faces for your great stupidity. The eternal stupidity that every ruler brings. Heavy as the mountain is death. Millions of women's hands have been lifting this mountain for way too long now and the time will come one day when they will tear it down with one swift move – bearing a smile while doing so.’’
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Re: Eden
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Re: Eden
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