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Author Topic: [Hobbit] Emily  (Read 118 times)


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« on: November 22, 2019, 03:56:39 AM »


DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941/3019): TA. 2938 (3 during movie)
RACE:  Man
GENDER: Female

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE: Emmy has long blonde hair that goes just past her shoulders. Her hair is wavy but also messy at the same time. 
BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT: She's small and slim. She stands at only 42 inches as she is only a little girl.
OVERALL APPEARANCE: She is seen mostly wearing a shirt and a skirt that have multiple tears on them. It makes her clothing appear more as rags. She is seen later however, wearing more comfortable clothing
FACE CLAIM: Isabelle Allen

STRENGTHS: For someone quite young, she is a good hider. She mostly hides when she doesn't want to work but still has to do it when she comes out of hiding anyway. She is also quite fast for her age so she can avoid some beatings and abuse but not all of it cause she can run out of energy quite quickly with how weak she gets by the day.   
WEAKNESSES: She can often get distracted by other things, whether it be seeing children playing happily in the streets of laketown or day dreaming of a life that was far better than this one. She also isn't very brave. She can jump at the slighest of sounds, also due to the life she lives in.
ASPIRATIONS: Currently orphaned, she dreams to have a loving family. One who doesn't treat her cruely and forces her to do things she doesn't want to do. 
FEARS:  Emmy is particually afraid of the dark. She has been mistreated in the dark and though unaware of any dangers out there, she hates going out there alone. She is also quite afraid of the innkeeper who took her in after her mother's sudden death from an illness.
PERSONALITY: Emmy is quite a sweet girl and gets along well with others if they do plan to actually interact with her. She can be a bit troubled and traumatized though to do events that had happened to her. None of which were good ones. She doesn't trust anyone easily even if she does show kindness but she does try though. However, most of the time she is afraid. The people who she thinks are nice are actually cruel to her and refuse to help her.

HISTORY: Growing up, Emmy had been with her mother but for only a short amount of time. Her mother had been killed during the attack of Smaug on Laketown when she was only 3 years old which caused Emmy to become orphaned after her death. Emmy was sent away before the sickness could get to her. She had been sent to live with an innkeeper which also doubled as a tavern. Life there was good at first until things took another turn. Emmy was suddenly mistreated and abused. She had been forced to do chores around the inn, most of which proved to be difficult for her.

Emmy was often seen working in the tavern during hours. She would deliever drinks to everyone along with sweep the floors. No one ever jumped in to help when she clearly needed it. As each day progressed, Emmy began getting weaker. She had gotten to the point where she was barley strong enough to carry drinks, let alone walk. Emmy would stumble a lot and would get in trouble if she was found slacking or distracted when she was already weak as it was and needed a break. Emmy was often heard coughing badly into her arm since she was also growing sick from the mistreating and the abuse she had gone through.

One evening, she was sent to fetch water from the well in the woods. She had done tasks outside before but she had never been sent out to the woods to do something unless it was during the day. This time it was starting to get dark and that worried her. Emmy was hesitant at first on going out there. She pleaded with the innkeeper to not let her go out alone, only to get yelled at and Emmy had to go outside. Emmy entered the woods with some hesitation. She wanted to head to the king to tell what was happening but she was too afraid that like everyone else, they wouldn't want to help her. Let alone, it would take awhile to walk over there with her already being weak.

Emmy got to the well and got the water just fine though had to carry the pail with 2 hands as it was really heavy for her with it full of water. On her way back to the inn however, Emmy slipped on loose soil and fell into the lake and had nearly drowned had someone not followed her there and saved her. Instead of approaching the innkeeper, Emmy started to go behind the person who saved her.

AGE: 22
COUNTRY: United States
EXPERIENCE: I have been roleplaying since the second season of Once Upon A Time Season 2 came out. So It's been 6 years since I joined the rp community. I developed more fandoms throughout the year.
OTHER CHARACTERS: I have 4 other characters. I'll post applications for them later. One is a OUAT/Hobbit Crossover
CONTACT: PM would work best honestly. I'll usually check in everyday. Lol Carrier pigeon? I just have to say that seeing that there made me smile
HOW DID YOU FIND US?: I found you through google. I just looked up Hobbit Roleplaying Site and this came up. I found it interesting and decided to sign up for it.

(A New Secret) Arendelle Castle

Danny was attending a royal ball being held in Arendelle with her family though she was a bit nervous about it all. The royal ball had been arranged by Elsa and Anna after the disaster of the first one. Now everyone loved Elsa and her ice powers and many people came to attend this ball. Danny's family had arrived one day before the ball as they thought they wouldn't get there in time so they left a bit early. Danny's parents got off the boat they used to sail over to the kingdom, followed by their young daughter Danny who had a secret of her own.

Like Elsa, Danny also had ice powers but only her parents knew about that. Most thought Elsa was the only one who had special powers but that there was a possiblity of someone else also having powers. There was much beauty but it could also be dangerous if not careful. Danny's father already believed his only daughter to be a monster because of her powers, powers that she didn't have control over. Her mother was slowly starting to believe she was a monster as well. Danny looked in awe at the kingdom. Her parents had already informed the 2 royal sisters of Arendelle they were arriving early so the group would be waiting for them. Danny was being careful not to touch anything. It was her first time out of her own castle in awhile. Danny had to do her best to remain calm during this event. If not, she could lose control of her powers and her secret would come out.

(If you want me to change anything then please let me know. This is my first time doing a full bio like this. Posting her image didn't work for some reason. So just look up Young Cosette on Google. Not sure how to get an image on here)

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Re: Emily
« Reply #1 on: November 23, 2019, 02:04:39 AM »
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Re: Emily
« Reply #2 on: November 23, 2019, 02:34:01 AM »
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Re: Emily
« Reply #3 on: November 23, 2019, 02:02:53 PM »


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