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Author Topic: [LotR] Eoheort II [FIN]  (Read 730 times)

Eoheort II

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Eoheort II [FIN]
« on: November 07, 2019, 11:24:23 PM »


NAME:  Eoheort II
NICKNAMES (IF ANY):  E-O, by his friends, Eoheort to you, thanks.
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941/3019): 29, T.A 2991, October 20th.
RACE:  Man

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE:  A mop of dark brown hair with light honey highlights, kept long and always pulled up and out of the way. It's very curly, and he's learned to take care of it, thanks to Ginger, after he fought her to get it - and keep it - as long as he does.
EYE COLOUR: Grey-Blue, just like his mother's.
BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT:  6'1" and very sturdy for a farm-hand, the road toughed him up a bit, and a change of diet and exercise has moulded him since living abroad.
OVERALL APPEARANCE:  He dresses in greens, browns, and blues. He travels with Ginger, so his clothes are conventional for travel. He’s developed a talent for weaponry, throwing knives, bows, swords, axes; so of course his clothes are fit to accommodate. He wears a light gray cloak with a hood, no fur - too excessive, even for the winter. Fur is so unnecessary. Just his humble opinion. His shoes are typically well kept, he's had them re-soled so many times that they are far from the original pair he had, but oh well. 
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: No, not really that are visible to the eye. Not that he's been in many situations, but he is still young. Aside from the usual scrapes from being in childhood scraps that are just white marks now.
WEAPONS: Axe he made himself, named Eldur, a bow and arrow set he crafted when he couldn't save Ginger's old one, and Ginger's old daggers - only one had to be refashioned when the ivory handle broke.
FACE CLAIM: Brock O'Hurn

STRENGTHS:  Empathy, determination, and iron work - practically a Man sized Dwarf!
WEAKNESSES:  Pride, empathy, A good time, people he considers friends, and a bit reckless.
ASPIRATIONS:  To make his family proud, to see his countrymen strong, and to see Rohan have another 'golden age'.     
FEARS:  Lightning, loss of sanity, bugs.
PERSONALITY:  Eoheort is a gentle spirit at heart. He has nothing but admiration for his fellow men and women in this time of hardships. He's extremely empathic, and if you come to him crying, his own heart might just break for you. He believes he has an excellent knack of being able to tell when people are genuine, and when they're being manipulative - this leads him to make sure that he is genuine in everything he does and says, but he is not beyond apologizing if he's wrong, and correcting his way of thinking.

Scared for life over the madness that took his father in his later years, then losing his mother to an Orc raid, he's forever changed and determined not to let the same insanity that overtook his father over take him. To lose so much hope that you forget to live. He is driven by this, and when it comes to making reckless decisions he's the master! With no concern for his own life, he will probably dive off a cliff if he thought it would save the person falling.

Growing up in Dale, Eo had a great opportunity to learn under master smiths: the dwarves. Working with his hands has always been something that Ginger tired to encourage, and although his sister didn't take to it, he did, and found he loved it! Eo always looks back with fondness over the items he had made and sold.

Still, the hardest thing for Eo to do is to let go. When his sister died, he thought all was lost. Ginger was all he had left in the world, and although they were from different races, she was far too human to be considered Elvish in anyway - at least to him. With her help, they began traveling, looking for a new life, and he knows he will have to part from her and make his own way. It's terrifying, but he's sure that he's ready.

A little deeper, and you'll find that his conversation is filled with sarcasm, and he prefers to be jovial all the time. When you want to be serious, he'll fashion himself to be so, and when you want him to be blunt, he can be. But, get him alone, and he's just a little dork who does what he likes, and doesn't really care what anyone thinks of him. He's determined to (not just look like) but be a rock, something solid that people can hold on too when they need him. 

HISTORY:  Eoheort is a fourth generation Dunhere. He’s had a long time to get over the death of parents at the age of 14. His father went mad when he lost a whole generation of horses to a disease. His mother died when Orcs attacked, back when orc attacks were random.

With the farm, and family business gone, Ginger had taken he and his sister away to live in the shadow of Erebor, in Dale. They had a "grand" life. Ginger took over the apple farm from the Lady of the Apples (Oma). Eoheort spent a lot of his time helping cart the apples all over that part of Middle Earth. That apple pie you like, in that inn with the best apple pie? Those apples probably came from Dale.

They weren't rich, but when he was old enough he took an apprentice ship under a master smith in the town. He was always trying to improve, and use his hands to create instead of destroy - except when the piece didn't come out right. He took instruction well, and the smith master helped him forge an Axe fit for a fight, refit one of Ginger's daggers after the ivory handle broke in an accident that involved a couple of thieves on the highway one day. After that incident, Eoheort took up lessons on wielding everything from swords to different types of maces.

“Well, you said he developed a talent for weapons, would you mind explaining that?” Of course! Eoheort was always fascinated with Ginger’s ability to throw knives. Sometimes she’d let him play with them, and occasionally she would teach him. It wasn’t until they met a man from Gondor that he truly learned the art of sword play. They spent many months traveling with the man, something about good money being in it - and there was - and the man took a liking to Eoheort, and his sister. Together they learned the art of swords, and Ginger taught them how to use a bow. The man died one night in his sleep, and they hurried him there.

Finally, when they were all back in Dale, Ginger thought it was time that they should all go back to Rohan. Awyn loved the idea. Though their house was burned to the ground, she wanted to start her own life there, feeling a deep yearning for her homeland. The people there needed help. Eoheort knew there was no arguing, so he agreed to go with them.

One day’s ride from Rohan, and Ginger pulled the young man to the side, long after Awyn went to sleep. “You don’t really want to go back to Rohan, do you?” She asked. He shook his head. “Then there may be something you can do, but I am not sure they will like it… I will stay with your sister in Rohan, until she’s on her feet.” She sighed, “You are both strong, and I’m proud to call you my family.. The years have taught me many things, many things that you have yet to learn.” Then, Ginger told him about the Rangers of the North, and how he should seek them out, to join them, and go where they tell him he is needed.

Eoheort knew this would be a life changing moment for him. But, later that night, when they were set upon by a group of Orcs, Awyn was killed, and Ginger was wounded. Not so unscathed himself; Eoheort and Ginger rode back to Rohan where they received medical help.

When they had recovered, Ginger urged Eoheort to go alone, but... that's not what happened... 

YOUR NAME:  Hades.
AGE:  26.
OTHER CHARACTERS:  Just go and see the long list in The Who's Who.
CONTACT: you can PM me or DM me on Discord!
HOW DID YOU FIND US?:  I was here from the beginning... through the move... and maybe even for all of time!
Really? Mmmmm... why don't you check out some of my plotters instead?

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Re: Eoheort II [w.i.p]
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Re: Eoheort II [FIN]
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