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Author Topic: Disrespectful Treatment of Trees for a Good Cause  (Read 3057 times)


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Disrespectful Treatment of Trees for a Good Cause
« on: September 17, 2019, 02:54:13 AM »
{I have it set TA 2964 but can tweak that for ease of participants}

"Hold on, I got you...", there was a calm to the young voice that was not reflected in the darting eyes as Pel gathered up a few more bits of twig and vines and stuffed them into the sack he'd brought along. When he felt it was adequately padded, he then reached over, gently, and lifted the tiny Goshawk chick up and into the conveyance. He then just as carefully slung it around his back, leaving the flap open. He would have preferred the front, for better cradling, but then he couldn't climb as well.

Pellavan glanced up at their destination and the nest in the tall, broad, oak of the near by forest. This was going to be tricky he knew...

But for the tiny Goshawk now in his care, he placed his feet where he could get a good grip and slowly hoisted himself up, using a few Elven daggers he'd brought along to help the job to further steady his ascent. From her nest, the mother watched, seemingly knowing he meant no harm to her or her offspring. Pel was glad for that connection his kind seemed to have with the natural world, and which served him very well indeed!

Of course he was in danger of being an Elf to next be criticized by Saruman in the likes of the Wizard Radagast, and for too firm a connection there, but if the Istari really cared to even give the small Elven child the time of day enough to pass this thought on, Pel still wouldn't be bothered by it. Not even if he waited a few centuries or millenia and delivered such when he was grown.

These were just things the observant child had heard of, and despite his wandering track of mind, he kept the other part of his focus upon his task; his foot slipping was not an error of step, just the bark giving way, and his hand-holds preserved him.

He soon righted his footing and listened for sounds from the goshawk chick to tell if it wasn’t alright, rather than asked, before pressing on.

Using his daggers as final footholds, he hoisted himself onto the branch finally and carefully brought the pack back around, grinning at the chick inside. "Here we are!", he lifted the tiny thing over back to the nest, smiling as the mother bent over to check it and not even flinching as she fed it in case it was hungry after that ordeal.

It was sad some things had to die for others to live, but it was Illuvatar's way, or maybe it wasn't and the Darkness had brought it on even from the beginning. Pel pondered these matters a bit deep for even his still small Elven frame on his way back down to the ground. After stowing the daggers again, he made quicker time down, letting himself sort of slid, controlled, down the trunk instead of purposefully climbing, as he had up.
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Re: Disrespectful Treatment of Trees for a Good Cause
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2020, 02:50:31 AM »
Nyx had heard the low chirping and moved closer, expecting to surprise an easy snack. The trajectory of the sound suggested two very beneficial things to the Warg, it was young (only baby birds made sounds like this one, they were shriller when older), and it was on the ground and not in a nest. Of course, parents were not counted out completely, and even Nyx's wide span of experience wandering the lands of Middle Earth a free Warg, not tied to any filthy Orcs, didn't make her confident as to the species of bird she would thus be dealing with, but she still felt she could handle it.

Only a Great Eagle would truly give her pause of all the birds of Middle Earth, though she would be loath to admit this to anyone, herself included; and even then it was not impossible, she would merely have to be quick in her snatch and dash. Viewing another talking species of Middle Earth as food also didn't bother her, there was no great love between Great Eagles and Wargs, her association with Orcs dropped or no.

Having left Azog's forces years ago, when she could be considered just barely not a pup, she had never witnessed her point of it being pointless to fight Orc battles proven right when a whole host of the Orc's Wargs met their doom off a cliff at the talons of Gwaihir's rank of Eagles, but she didn't have to to know her enemies.

Never-mind her enemies consisted of a lot of the creatures, free or otherwise, of Middle Earth, even other Wargs included since they tended to be so stupid as to still serve Orcs. Only if the enemy relationship was made of more caution or hatred seemed to change species to species.

Elves had a bit of both, but more the latter.

Of course, being so near Rivendell, Nyx should have anticipated having to dodging around them, but what she did not anticipate, was a small Elf child being halfway up a tree with her prize by the time she had sniffed it out. Even having smelled him as well, it was an odd scene she watched play out. Her hope the mother would peck the Elf, just so she could witness a bit of fun, not even coming to pass as Nyx observed from a cluster of trees.

Well, hopefully Mama Hawk was now too busy with her chick to be annoying in defense of its defender.

As the Elf touched back down to the grass, Nyx snarled and walked out, circling. She debated, as she always did, but decided to let this one in on the secret of her speech before she killed it. "That was not wise little Elf...that hatchling was to be my snack. Now you will have to suffice", she said. She continued her approach at a slow stalk, trying to keep it where he couldn't guess when her attack was likely to come, but keeping her eyes upon him lest he bolt.
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Re: Disrespectful Treatment of Trees for a Good Cause
« Reply #2 on: January 14, 2020, 05:56:09 AM »
The sun was warm, and the trees around him provided just enough shade to make it comfortable. Arthfael yawned, stretching into a more comfortable lounging position, his long legs stretched before him, and his - not really his - hat tipped to shade his eyes as he rested it against the tree, and nestled into the roots. Folding his arms across his chest, he closed his eyes to get some much needed sleep. He had been traveling long, and riding Ace for most of the trip was exhausting. He breathed the forest air in deep. It smelled sweet in the warmth of the sun. He kept inhaling until he found a steady rhythm before nodding off to sleep.

In his dream, he was back on Ace riding through the trees, the mountains on one side, and open field on the other. He was escaping something, he couldn’t see what was chasing him, he only knew he had to get away. This wasn’t the first time he had, had this dream. And each time he came close to seeing what was chasing him he would wake up! This time he had his crossbow at the ready. It was loaded, and Ace was moving as fast as he could, but their hunter was close. The dark shadows were closing in, and the road was becoming rockier.

Then - as had happened in so many dreams before - Ace was dead. The image was too much to behold. The body of the horse before him, and the darkness surrounding him yet he couldn’t see the hunter. But there were eyes watching him. Closely, and was poised to strike. Arthfael loaded another arrow to his crossbow …

Arthfael raised his head calmly. He squinted in the light, and watched the forest. He had, had the dream too many times to be startled by what he had seen. In fact, he was convinced, in a way, that it was a sign of his own doom. But so long as he was awake, and so long as he didn’t take too many risks in mountainous areas, he was safe. But what never changed was the queasy feeling he woke up with.

Sitting up he glanced towards Ace. He had left his stallion tied to a tree, within reach of the grass if he became hungry. His steed was alive and well. That was good. Good ol’ Ace, he was the most reliable horse he had ever come across, and bred by his own people. Arthfael smiled it was still light out. Of course the dream had only been a few seconds long, but he felt even less rested than when he started.

Rising from the roots of the tree, he walked over to Ace and patted his neck. Then he untied the reigns. It was time to keep moving. Saddling up, he made his way further down the path towards Rivendell. It would be the resting place between here and Gondor. There was a contract for him there, if he could get there in time to fulfill it.

How unfortunate that he should have only ridden for maybe an hour before he hit a denser part of the wood. The path was harder to see, now, but Ace kept along steadily. Until he stopped. His ears went back, and he puffed air through his nose like a wild animal. “What is it, Ace?” Arthfael asked, dismounting and taking his crossbow from it’s secure pack, and loading it with an arrow.

A foul stench came from somewhere, and Arthfael followed it. Then when he got a fix on it, he recognized the stench of Warg. Following his nose, he quietly came upon a scene he had seen many times. Only, instead of a grown man or woman, it was a little boy, and he caught the end of the Warg’s sentence.

Stepping from the shadows - probably a stupid move - he said camly, “Well now, I’ve lived long enough to see many things, but this is the first time I’ve come across a Warg who knew the tounge of man. It’d be a shame to have to ... ” He searched for the right words, “Make you permanently indisposed” He held the crossbow steady, aiming it at the Warg, “Why don’t you just take a step back from the boy, and we can talk about this, perhaps?
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Re: Disrespectful Treatment of Trees for a Good Cause
« Reply #3 on: January 18, 2020, 04:28:39 PM »
"That was not wise little Elf...that hatchling was to be my snack. Now you will have to suffice"

Pellavan turned slowly from his dismount from the tree at the sound of the words. Even before he spotted out that the they came from a Warg, he could detected the..unnaturalness still wasn't the right word...

Pure evil?

Ill intent at most. Pellavan didn't like to label any creature of Middle Earth as beyond remorse and goodness, but Wargs were a special case, he knew. The fact that it talked would be incredibly fascinating, if a threat against him hadn't been in that.

The Elf child froze against the trunk, not in giving up, but in genuine fear, and as his eyes scanned the creature and his mind raced for a solution. Running was out...his daggers? He tightened his grip on either. Even now, something in him begged he not be the one to injure a creature of Middle Earth, bred of the Darkness or no, but then he hadn’t started this fight, and wouldn’t do anything but defend.

Also she spoke, maybe...

Pellavan’s thoughts were cut off by another voice.

“Well now, I’ve lived long enough to see many things, but this is the first time I’ve come across a Warg who knew the tounge of man. It’d be a shame to have to ...Make you permanently indisposed”
Both Pellavan and Nyx turned towards the sound of the voice.

“Why don’t you just take a step back from the boy, and we can talk about this, perhaps?”

Pellavan's savior said. The young Elf's eyes darted back to the Warg, both because it would do to keep watching her, given her threatening attitude against him, and also curious if she would take to the...request. For his sake, he hoped so.

Nyx snarled further as she spotted the Man to come interfering. "I suppose by your thinking, we're all too stupid to speak anything, Black Speech included? Just meant to be Orc mounts? Well some of us are smarter than that!". For some reason (her own pride probably) Nyx answered the rhetorical wondering over her speech. She paced out a bit, studying the Man, but not letting her focus go from the Elf youth.

She gave a light chuckle, "'Permanently Indisposed', you really think it would be that easy?".

"I think it's...great...that you...speak Westron. D-do you know Sindarin", Pellavan chimed in, nervousness still leaking from his voice, and the move, perhaps rightly so, could be seen as just wanting to save his own skin, and flattering, but genuine awe was also present.

Nyx glanced sharply to him, “Why would I learn something so pointless?”.

Despite the hostility, Pel gave a small chuckle rather than get offended. If they could just keep her talking perhaps...

That, and the Man was right; it was intriguing!

Pellavan took a hesitant step further out, but reminded himself to keep his limbs in, and not stretch out his hand just yet...

"The Man's right...we don't have to be enemies...I'm very much so on the side of all creatures of Middle Earth, talking or no, did you break away from the Orcs?", despite what he'd just reminded himself of, Pellavan started to reach a hand out, but retracted it again as Nyx snapped her jaws in warning. ""Sorry", the Elf child gave a smile.

<<I know keeping it at conversing won't last long, but will try to keep it there as long as I can ^^>>



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Re: Disrespectful Treatment of Trees for a Good Cause
« Reply #4 on: January 21, 2020, 03:09:11 AM »
Arthfael didn’t let the crossbow dip down. There was no tension eased, but there was a feeling that he probably shouldn’t have interfered. But, he knew better than to leave a kid to the mercy of something about three times his size, and capable of having him for more than just a snack. His eyes flicked to the boy to get a quick assessment. In a second he could tell that the lad wanted to be at ease, but couldn’t seem to get into the proper mood.

Arthfael on the other hand was as calm as could be. The only intrigue was the fact that the Warg could talk. It was the only thing keeping her alive at this very moment. When the Warg attacked his words defensively, he smiled coily. He merely shrugged a shoulder to her in answer. It wasn’t for him to judge whether or not a creature was capable of learning beyond Black Speech. In his opinion, if you could learn one language you could learn whichever one you wanted.

But when the Warg responded to the lad’s question, he tilted his head up, “Now that wasn’t very nice. Sindarin happens to be a nice language.” He tsked, taking a step out of the shadows, carefully keeping his distance. “I’d be greatly interested in your answer, too, I think. Why did you break off from your company?” He paused to see if she would respond, “Or if you don’t want to answer, then you could find yourself a different snack, hm?

Was he as confident as he seemed, this man? Deep down he was a little terrified. He had taken on several Wargs before, but always with someone beside him. A Warg was a two man job, and not one that an Elf so young as this one was capable of handling alone. If worse came to worse … oh boy… 

ooc:: hurts my soul that is so short! D: If you need more, let me know, but I think you're in control of this thread. xD


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Re: Disrespectful Treatment of Trees for a Good Cause
« Reply #5 on: January 26, 2020, 07:54:46 PM »
The Man's shrug was probably the most infuriating part of the whole interaction! She was a Warg! A being of Middle Earth that demanded respect, not to be shrugged at! The man was having her on, she was sure; mocking her, and even if not, his reaction was insulting. Nyx's lips curled a small fraction and her eyes narrowed at the Man (or where she guessed he was, still hidden in the shadows, her Warg sight could spot him out but even then he was good at using shadows to his advantage) before making sure to keep the kid in her sights as well.

“Now that wasn’t very nice. Sindarin happens to be a nice language.”

"Huh!", Nyx barked (not literally) a laugh, "Maybe to Elves, and Men who don't know any better"

One of the first rules of battle was to not let your enemy get you too distracted, and unfortunately she was allowing for just that...of course these two didn't have to know that, and there were no Orcs or other Wargs of Azog's troop here to call her out on it. Another of the perks of being on her own was that as long as she played it cool she didn't have to admit to her faults, and most prey never knew.

For all her pride, Nyx knew, on some level, she was still young and reckless, she just ignored it and told herself it wasn't an actual problem, though the rare times she'd run into Azog again it had been shown to be one, as his presence blinded her by rage like none other!

And any pride hit brought on annoyance, as she was clearly demonstrating here. Giving and showing too much of her hand, or paw, no doubt.

Along with the prior interest of not becoming too distracted, she didn't owe these two any answer to the question on her past, but...oh why not? Maybe get their own guards down while she formulated the best way to kill them. Or kill the boy and escape the Man, she was still deciding.

"Because Wargs were made for better than serving Orcs!", she answered and lifted her head a bit proudly, "Now I don't know which story I buy between our coming from original wolves or being bred by Morgoth, but either-way we're just as good, if not better than Orcs, I just seem to be the only one to see it! Even my own mother was blind to...hey!".

The boy had attempted to sneak past while she was distracted, facing the Man and answering thus. With a snap of her jaws, Nyx lunged forward, whether to full on attack the boy or just hedge him back in unclear, but threatening nonetheless.

<<Let me know if you need me to tweak the end to be more clearly threatening or just go with it, however, she can be injured, I just ask you let her leave alive and I shall do the same for Arthfael ^^>>



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Re: Disrespectful Treatment of Trees for a Good Cause
« Reply #6 on: February 24, 2020, 11:46:40 PM »
Maybe to Elves, and Men who don’t know any better.” The warg snarked, and if Arthfael’s eyes could have gotten any narrower, they would have been shut. This Warg was ruining a perfectly peaceful day, one that should have been spent traveling, and taking in the sweet breeze without worrying about what the next move of the enemy was going to be. Instead he was here, defending an Elf child from this wicked - although intelligent to an extent - foul smelling creature; and the longer he stood there, the more foul her stench became. Once evil, always evil in his book.

Then she paused for a moment, as though considering something. From his position in the shadows, he had a better look at the situation. They formed a triangle, albeit how like a child would draw a triangle, but a triangle. When she started talking about how she felt about Orcs, and how Wargs were made for better things than serving as mounts to their masters; the elf child attempted to make some distance between himself and the Warg.

Arthfael tensed, his trigger finger at the ready. It was a gutsy move, one not likely to go unnoticed. And it wasn’t. As soon as it was apparent that the child was moving, the Warg stopped her narrative. Her eyes left him, and lunged for the kid. Arthfael lossed the arrow, and caught the warg in the shoulder. Another arrow was locked into place, and he was prepared to fire again upon the Warg...

<I can't really go much further... but then, posts don't have to be super long to get the point across. XD>


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Re: Disrespectful Treatment of Trees for a Good Cause
« Reply #7 on: March 01, 2020, 11:24:34 PM »
Pellavan knew...well that he should have known it wouldn't be so easy to attempt an escape past the Warg. He flinched as she lunged, but then his own sharp eyes caught movement and she stopped. Snarling, she turned back towards the Man, and seemed as if she would make a bold lunge for him, but then paused, no doubt seeing the other arrow ready to fly faster than she could.

The first arrow had struck though, and now sat there, probably causing some annoyance. Despite everything, and how she most certainly did not give the same back, Pellavan felt for the Warg, who's name they had yet to learn but which he knew probably had to have one, and with her being so individual, as she had just been telling them. He winced, even as she glanced hatefully from one to the other of them.

She tested her step, seeing how the arrow would affect her movement, and planning up her next move.

"Here...why don't you...", as he took another step nearer, the Warg's sharp glance was enough, this time, to pause him. She wasn't going to give it up, or not easily...

Pellavan pondered.

Same as Nyx, who went back to eyeing the Man, who had moved to her More Important to Deal With list with his attack. She nudged at the arrow, but it would take too much of focus and her endurance perhaps to remove it now. She'd deal with it after she'd dealt with these two.

Pellavan sighed. He of course wanted out of this situation uninjured himself, but...Pel would count it a loss if the Warg was too injured, or killed herself, or needlessly when there was another way. While it was surprisingly empathetic of him, it wasn't over empathy, and was still his bias. He wouldn't worry over an Orc so much, but sentient or no, as a Warg, his attacker counted as a creature of Middle Earth.

Probably because it helped his point, for his part, Pellavan chose to believe what he'd heard on corruption of prior beings verses being made evil by Morgoth for Warg origins, though even the denizen of the species before him admitted to not knowing. Pellavan bit his lip, thinking, as Nyx paced out, studying Arthfael and her options. The lack of attention on himself allowed him to discreetly bend and investigate what he had in his small pack that had prior held the Hawk chick.

For this reason, it didn't hold much else, but he had thankfully not lost the small coil of rope he'd had with him. Glancing up once more, he ensured the Warg wouldn't notice his movements and prepared.

"Seems your both going with ill-advised today...", Nyx snarled as she circled out, hiding how his arrow bothered her on that side, and watching and waiting for her chance; then, when she thought she was at a good angle to avoid his other arrow, she lunged to get her revenge...only to find her momentum halted suddenly if lightly! The elf child had thrown a lasso of rope, only managing to catch one back paw, but it being enough for the moment, if only.

"Hurry, help me!", Pellavan called to his savior, holding the rope taut, but knowing it did absolutely no good but to anger the Warg further if he didn't get it around her more fully. "If we tie her up maybe I can get the arrow out and we can get away, or talk her down". Pellavan still thought the could end this encounter with the Warg choosing to not attack them.

<<I didn't say Pel was smart all the time :D Uh, let me know if it doesn't work but I figure from having to watch both of them on opposite sides, we can work at them working the rope around/Art should be able to at least start that off? And it's one idea for how to get all three off alive :D>>



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Re: Disrespectful Treatment of Trees for a Good Cause
« Reply #8 on: July 20, 2020, 04:14:26 AM »
There was no concern for the warg as the arrow struck it’s mark. It was a rare thing if Arthfael’s arrow missed. His own interest in the Warg was purely professional, the fact that she spoke was impressive, and her accent spoke of many years of practice with it. Of course, his own language skills were his people’s and common tongue, and a bit of Elvish - enough to order wine if he was ever in their presence; but that was about it.

The Warg turned her attention to him, and he kept his breathing even, betraying no sign of fear. Even if his own heart rate wished to be elevated, he didn’t let it. Giving into that kind of fear - he told himself - would give her an edge, it would help her to win. The boy’s safety was his number one priority, Ace could take of himself… Art’s mind went over and over with these details: talking warg, control your fear, the boy first, steed second.

Until the elfen boy spoke, and his voice was distant until he made too move closer to remove the arrow. Art’s heart skipped a beat. How stupid could this little boy be!? He let his gaze flicker to watch as the warg’s eyes darted to the boy, and he stopped. Art’s trigger finger was tightening again, but he didn’t release the arrow - not yet.

The warg made to lunge, but was stopped when something caught her hind paw. Art’s eyes flicked to see the Elf boy holding tight to a piece of rope. Considering the warg was half a size larger than himself [can’t remember if Nyx is a normal sized warg, or smaller?] Arthfael reached for his own rope, and before the warg could lunge for the boy - but she would have had too much time to round on him already - he threw it around the opposing paw and pulled. [if it’s her right hind paw, it would be her front right paw and vice versa, it would basically cause her to do a split and fall.] The tree trunk in front of him was perfect for tying down the rope, and without any fear to his own person, he rushed and grabbed the rope from the boy, and did the same to a firmly planted shrubbery.

 He rounded on the boy, anger in his eyes. “That was the stupidest thing you could have done today.” Arthfael hated being angry with children. Weren’t Elven children supposed to be … more grown up than regular children his height, anyways? He let all of his anger out in a puff of air through his nose, and a groan as he continued to speak with understanding, “I know your curiosity, but there is a time and a place.

Turning his attention to the warg, Arthfael only felt disappointment as he walked around to where he had left his crossbow. Picking it up, he let it hang by his side as he re-entered the clearing, watching for any sign of struggle from the warg. “It’s clear to me,” he said to her, “That the boy wants to remove the threat I made good on. But I don’t think you’re gonna let that happen, are you?” He allowed a smirk, and squatted down so he could be eye to eye with the warg, pointing his crossbow at her, arrow still set, “But I think he won’t sleep well tonight if he doesn’t… and I don’t think you want a young Elf following you all over Middle-Earth just to remove a thorn in your paw. So you’re gonna let him remove that arrow…

There were no follow up questions. The boy was going to do what he meant to, Arthfael understood that, and admired that in the boy. He gestured to him to move forward.


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Re: Disrespectful Treatment of Trees for a Good Cause
« Reply #9 on: September 01, 2020, 07:22:50 PM »
<<ooc: I was gonna just say 'normal sized' but I looked it up again for you from her app. Wow I got more specific than I usually do! "just under the height of a male, coming nearer 5 straight feet tall and 7 1/2 long, coming short of some males who are 8">>

His ploy worked, and stopped the Warg, if momentarily, and even if it was also genuine aid along with saving his own skin. As for how Pellavan ranked those two, and which was more important...well he didn't have the focus at the time to rank it; maybe later he would figure that out.

Arthfael rushed over to help, for which Pellavan was grateful, because he wasn't sure how long he could hold the rope in any useful capacity.

The plan had not been fully thought out when executed, no.

The Man got in a hit to one of Nyx's hind paws, a minor annoyance she would answer for in a bit, except that in the momentary distraction it caused, the young Elf added insult to injury!

As she felt herself restrained, Nyx growled and lunged out, but to no avail...which only made her madder! An Elf being able to restrain her thus was bad enough, but a pup of an Elf hardly grown into his own or into a proper meal!

Of course it would have no doubt not lasted long without the Man's aid, but still!

Pellavan tried to look sorry as the Man scolded him, but he wasn't really. Or not as far as he should be. "I just don't think it's right to leave her like that, even if she is a Warg".

The Man understood, it seemed, he was just also trying to impart wisdom Pellavan should listen to. An odd concept, a Man imparting wisdom to an Elf, but Pellavan was still young and he wouldn't have said it was out of the question anyway. Men had their own skills and wisdom. If not as many years, generally.

Their actions had worked, though, and Nyx was firmly hindered from taking her revenge for any of it, much to her snarling chagrin!

As Arthfael stepped forward, Pellavan just watched the Warg, his face a bit unreadable, so it being unclear if he was now nervous about his self assigned mission. In truth he wasn't sure if he was or not, but that small flare of sympathy that had caused his actions wasn't in any way diminished by her ingratitude.

It’s clear to me, That the boy wants to remove the threat I made good on. But I don’t think you’re gonna let that happen, are you?

Nyx strained at the ropes again, but they didn't budge, and the two had tied them so that her jaws could not reach them no matter how she tried. She glowered, and was about to answer to the first, when he went on, with words that stalled the prideful assurance of independence she'd been about to give.

But I think he won’t sleep well tonight if he doesn’t… and I don’t think you want a young Elf following you all over Middle-Earth just to remove a thorn in your paw. So you’re gonna let him remove that arrow…

Surely he wouldn't...but what if he did?

Nyx snarled again, but pondered. "Well...seems you've left me little choice...!", was not quite agreeing to it...

For the sake of it being over with quickly, she stopped struggling as the boy walked up.

Pellavan bent and inspected, talking half to her and half out-loud as he worked, gently (or as gently as he could) removing the arrow and next putting a salve he'd brought over the wound caused and bandaging it. "Don't worry, this'll just fall off when it's ready...", he explained, "You know...I don't blame you Wargs for being bitter. You don't have it the best, and everyone just expects you to be evil because Morgoth made you that way, probably, I don't know which is the real story either...but you don't have to be, you know? And it's impressive you learned Westron...just, well, proved you could probably do anything!".

Nyx didn't reply to any of the boy's chatter, except for a small scowl, and instead just watching the Man with his arrow pointed at her carefully.

Finishing up, Pellavan sighed at the silence (though he also wasn't surprised, not really) and stood back. "Well, there you go...". The Elf child next glanced to Arthfael. Now what did they do?

No doubt able to read the unsure atmosphere, the Warg sighed, "If you're expecting a thanks for all this, since you only had to do it because he shot me!...I'll give it by not eating either of you", she promised through grit teeth, "now let me out of this before someone sees!".
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