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Author Topic: Ink Complications and Comfort  (Read 714 times)


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Ink Complications and Comfort
« on: August 29, 2019, 11:27:58 PM »
{Just making up my own fairy-tales again. I think this is Hansel and Gretel meets Mulan :D}


Tuuli recalled enough sign language, picked up from Friór since even younger and over the years, to throw this word out to her Aunt Líknví curiously; though she also knew just speaking clearly was enough...and her point to the shelf no doubt cleared up any further confusion, though she also went on.


Hopefully normal See was the same...

She just wanted to read the nice story book was the gist she was getting at. With a smile, Aunt Líknví got it down for her and trustingly left her to it off in one of the chairs of her and Uncle Fritz's home, though through signs she also communicated that she was more than willing to read to Tí if she wanted. In either medium, went without saying. The girl was still only Twenty-Six, so capable of reading the fairy tales herself no doubt and maybe only needing help with a word or two.

Friór was off learning more pony riding tips from Uncle Andi. Tuuli liked learning to ride well enough, but right now, and also so as to not get in the way, she enjoyed a quiet moment back with her other aunt and uncle and Aunt Líknví's story book she'd heard held so many great ones!

Maybe she would read one herself, and then have Aunt Líknví read her one, the Dwarfling decided.

Her first choice was a story she'd heard about, but never read all the way through. Even though Tuuli had not yet discovered her love of making horse shoes and other simple things from steel, she knew that, off so much of her family's support, she believed she could do whatever she decided she wanted to, gender aside.

Well, ok, not really, and Grandmodi was gonna raise a fit if she just up said and she wanted to not only learn to fight but start doing such on the Royal Guard! But thankfully she didn't.

At any rate, it still gravitated her towards a story she recalled of a little Dwarfling maiden like her who decided she wanted to do just that, and fight so her brother, who was younger than her but the only male left in the family, didn't have to. Unfortunately Ti forgot some of the rest of the the girl's father's death that was part of the set up and how...the mother left to watch them had not been either's birth-mother but their stepmother.

And before their father's death, the children's stepmother had tried to lose the two in caves and such all along, claiming the whole family would starve if they couldn't get rid of the two. Now with her husband gone, and the girl only barely grown herself, both were saved the stepmother abandoning them completely by the interest the boy held if he joined up with the army and she got the credit of that with the ruling Chancellor like figure (something he only promised to do if she also kept his older sister around too).

Only he didn't run well and already upon watching him try to lift his sword, his sister could see how this would go! She was only better by a bit, but it was enough and so she stole his sword and armor and family horse and went in his stead...

She didn't worry for her brother's sake, even without that bond of blood, and their being hers, to tie and pull compassion from her, their stepmother would know how the whole town watched her actions of and towards her family's valiant soldier to be. She herself bore more threat of cruel punishment once the ruse was discovered, for the shame it brought...

With a sigh, and though she was used to fairy-tales by now, and this formula hardly surprised her, Tuuli lowered the book and tipped her head back, just wondering over stuff, before she went flipping again, now seeking something specific she wasn't sure how to find. With another sigh, she gave that up to and, still softly, shut the book, but with the marker in place in case she wanted to give it another try.



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Re: Ink Complications and Comfort
« Reply #1 on: August 29, 2019, 11:33:04 PM »
Fritz’s gift of the large and well bound fairy-tale book had served Líknví well over the years, and even with her own Happily Ever After (in reality never shy of any regret but oh so blessed all total!) she had still read over every tale probably! More than once. Dagmar understood this earlier sentiment, Lí knew, the adorable girl currently sitting with the storybook embodied it. A blessing despite her sunny sister-in-law’s loss of the prince. Not because, as some ignorant said. Líknví sadly understood such talk (how many had said Ástir and Kvas only took her in because of Amadith’s lost boys) and her heart thus went out to her niece even more.

For what Tí thankfully had no true memory of and the history Dags had been told and shared along. Consumption had taken her birth parents. Kvas’ own struggle made that fear to easily understood as well! She was glad to have even a small part in being their for the girl as well!

And more than happy to now share the tome, as was intended. Dear Tulip wished to read it herself, and Líknví did understand the context of her use of See, so even if she felt the conflicted twinge all family would at such growing, she readily let her. While she worked at some treats to later share with the girl.

Lí was used to glancing and checking to make sure none were trying to communicate with her, and glanced over again to notice an odd frown on Tuuli’s face. She closed the book and turned aside a bit. Líknví approached softly and picked it up, wondering. Tí seemed otherwise fine. Off just sussing out, Lí opened the book...and thought suddenly she might understand.

The Hidden Soldier

It hadn’t been in Amadith’s storybook, for which Lí was glad; she didn’t need the mortality of soldier boy’s brought up back then...

She recalled the story. The boy’s care of his sister had been reminiscent and good and...for her own end, Lí had pondered that her own birth mother would have no doubt acted similar to the stepmother.

It wasn’t the same as her mother and Tí’s adopting them in, and yet...the storybook tendency of giving blood credence had rubbed her a time or two. That and the then foreign concept of caring fathers. Tuuli also lacked one, for a similar reason to Líknví perhaps, and no fault of his own...

Or Lí had gripped to one unfounded rumor of speculation on a young soldier with her eyes and hair who had visited her birth mother in enough of a time span before and was supposed dead.

Dead was easier.

Feeling roles had reversed a bit from when Amadith comforted her in the particulars of fanciful tales, Líknví sat on the footstool and opened her arms wordlessly in an understanding offer.

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Re: Ink Complications and Comfort
« Reply #2 on: September 26, 2019, 02:21:52 PM »
Aunt Líknví came over, taking a seat on the footstool by the chair. Tuuli glanced over to her, and partly because she knew her aunt used signs at times to communicate, and she knew enough of them, off Friór and visits, that Aunt Lí might use them now. The other part was...wondering if she should explain somehow.

Her aunt smiled understandingly, Tí trying for a smile, before a wordless offer was given; and accepted. Tuuli moving over to the comforting embrace. "I don't know why it bothers me so much...", she mumbled, before catching herself and leaning back so her aunt could read her words, the offer clearly communicating Aunt Lí understood the problem. Intimately even. Tuuli could have also used the fact that Aunt Líknví would have missed her statement to let it slip past unnoticed and pretend she hadn't even let vent to that much doubt...but it seemed counter-intuitive to the reason for the offer in the first place, hiding like that.

She wasn't crying, because a few inked lies from a lack of understanding didn't make truth, even at her age she understood that, and she had so much love and acceptance to weigh against it...but she did still look affected by the words.

She turned back to the book, leaning over to gingerly pick it up again and then settle once more in her aunt's lap. "Are there any good ones?", she tilted back up to look at her aunt, as well as let these words also be read clearly, before realizing how she made that sound. The stories weren't bad because they were...naive perhaps. "I mean, are there any one's that...well you know?".

She was counting on the fact that Aunt Líknví did.



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Re: Ink Complications and Comfort
« Reply #3 on: October 22, 2019, 03:05:57 PM »
{I don't know if we rambled too much with stuff or the story but goodness this is long! Not a problem I guess, getting back my old track record and then some! ^^}

It could have been said that Líknví was a natural, and used to small children even before marriage and motherhood, with the amount of younger children she'd helped mind back in Ered Mithrin, but that was not fully true; being handed one of the random younger children, or just asked by Amadith or others to watch them, as their mothers were busy for any number of reasons, was not the same as fully pouring into a young life like Kvasir had for her.

Not that she had avoided such.

Despite her hesitant nature, she had left herself open to guiding another of the poor, often forgotten, children of the brothel, but no relationship had stuck. All the better for when she had to leave, she couldn't have born to leave another young soul in the place she knew losing such a bonded older presence did, and despite the adult presences still around. Amadith had been a comfort when she thought she lost Kvasir, and despite the woman also being in a world of darkness, but still...she didn't like recalling the cold empty feeling.

Not until Andar's twins had she formed a relationship, and that deeper still after she was officially their aunt. Mostly for her own hesitancy even when engaged. The children didn't have to like her just because it was thrust upon them, and she would not take it personally if they didn't. But they seemed to both when she helped Fritz babysit and later when she could invite the growing children into her home. They'd been babies when she came to Ered Luin, but she was properly introduced, perhaps, with them mid-way Dwarflings.

Even Tuuli had been little, and not that Líknví truly minded, just felt for the child having to be a bit in limbo for even Fifteen years. But her age also gave the girl the freedom of accepting fully her new family her own self also. Dagmar fully admitted she wasn't sure who had picked who, not really, and Lí had heard even as a baby she had acted similar with Kvasir and Ástir.

Cradling and cooing to one baby, her own son, was enough; though she often wondered over Lark as well, as her daughter who hadn't gotten to be born had only ever been called. Líknví never said that was why she didn't give Friór a bird name of his own even when she was expecting, but it partly was why she waited until after he was toddling about to begin bestowing her own hidden meaning name, like she had his father.

Fritz's name was tied to a telling tale on his character, and Friór that feeling of hope both of her boys brought. Leaving Kvasir and Rian free in whatever they wanted to call their nephew, for her part, off another almost inside-share between her and Fritz, and when Fritz asked for her hand, she called her son Barn-Swallow, or just Swallow, because Fritz's proposal in that unused shed hadn't been any less joyous even if plans didn't always go as planned, as seemed to follow them. They were also sometimes Spring omens, and her boy had been born in the spring.

Even with a child herself, Líknví didn't count herself a natural, but had a small window of understanding as she felt the vibrations of Ti's spoken words and glanced down to her to catch the words, Ti almost upset she let the inked pages get to her. Beyond understanding a bit on children, though they weren't all the same, Líknví understood, personally, that sentiment, and giving lies too much power. She cradled the small cheek understandingly while trying to think up what to say to help.

Ti helped with that too, by her next question.

"Are there any good ones?"

The question went straight through Líknví, again, for understanding.

"I mean, are there any one's that...well you know?"

She did, and smiled, but opened the book to where the girl had marked her place, "Ya didn ga' fa' ena'...", she said softly, with that wondering tone adults often threw at children, and which she didn’t have to have ever heard to pick up herself, either from instinct or cues of gesture whenever Amadith had used similar with her years back, and to help her forget, if for a moment, her grey world.

Lí didn't think Ti would mind, and now utilized it herself to help her gain her interest back. "A'l ba' ra'gh ba'", she closed the book on the mark again, pat Tuuli's small knee in comfort and as she had to leave her a bit, and stood to go check on, and even get, the treats she'd been baking. Coming back with them and even some tea, cooled and sugared in Ti's case, she gestured the child to her lap again and, after making sure she was settled where she wouldn’t spill her treats, began again.

She was tempted to skip to the good parts but Ti had already read the worst, and most of the step-mother’s inclusion. Lí read on about the girl’s try at the army, while her brother, after discovering what she must have done set off himself to try to correct before their step-mother ever discovered.

Despite having read a few stories by now, Líknví still wondered about her clarity, despite the fact that Tuuli could read along as well, but the girl just quietly and trustingly listened, since she had said the tale got better, and it did!

In a way Lí trusted they could both understand...

The brother had learned crumbs didn't work when getting himself and his sister out of the woods, and now used stones when far enough that it wouldn’t also lead his step-mother and until he came upon brighter stones he hadn’t placed. They led to a hut where a kind old man gave him shelter, listening to his tale.

There were semi-testing questions over dinner to see the boy’s character, and then the old man promised to help.

“Even give you a pardon from service, how would you like that”, he smiled to the baffled boy who, rightly, looked as if he didn’t believe him.

He went to speak to the Captain, though, taking the grateful but still baffled, boy with him, after all who would listen to an old hermit from the woods? The boy formed a true bond of respect along the way though, which helped the hermit know he wasn’t just following him for what he promised.

Meanwhile the girl tried her best to pass as another, obscure relative, since none would believe she was the age her brother was known to be, but still struggled and only the kind old woman who gave the soldier's water seemed to truly see through her, and yet kept her secret and was one of the few to be kind to her.

Of course the charade couldn't last, and the girl was soon found out, about the time the hermit and boy showed up, only he wasn’t a hermit, and the water woman not just an old water woman. In a double Hidden sort of theme, they, the both of them, were the Emperor and Empress of the whole region!

They also had upped their age a bit in their disguise, utilizing such to see how their kingdom was truly run. For her part, the Empress was only mostly disappointed in the severe punishment that would have been served out on the girl and instilled in the Captain that any future infractions must go through her and the Emperor's judgement calls before punishment was given.

They both of course pardoned the girl and kept the Emperor's promise by adopting both, also pardoning the boy from any service requirements. Princes weren’t bound by such after all. This fairy-tale also went a step beyond others, in that there was no punishment given to the step-mother, she was just left in the poor state she'd chosen for herself, isolating herself emotionally from her one male heir.

Once finished, Líknví smiled over to Tuuli again, to see how this ending sat with her. It could be accused fairy-tales also had no true respect for poor and humble, always seeming to have to end on the note of bettering circumstances (and probably they were to blame for putting in Líknví's head that she could be a princess all those years ago in the Grey Mountains) but given she'd got very close, marrying into such a noble family as Anlaf's, and Dagmar's prior engagement aside, she didn't find a fault there.

"Sa' se? Thay wa'r adapta'd b' an A'mpras', sart a la'ke ya!", she gave a small hug to her niece that still minded her tea cup.

"You didn't go far enough..."
"I'll be right back"
"So see? They were adopted by an Empress, sort of like you!"

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Re: Ink Complications and Comfort
« Reply #4 on: November 24, 2019, 11:52:09 PM »
Aunt Lí opened the book to the story she'd just left, saying Ti hadn't read far enough, and that it was one of the good stories. All of this implied by her answer. She then pat her knee, almost in promise that she would be right back, even as she said such and left to get some of the treats Ti knew she was baking.

Intrigued, and trusting her aunt, if she said it got better, the Dwarfling just waited, next taking her tea cup handed her when Aunt Líknví returned, and then settling once more next to her aunt to listen to her read the story and follow along. The last part wasn't all that hard, or not as hard as Aunt Líknví seemed to feel it was, having learned to speak without ever hearing herself, and if Ti wondered over a word she double checked it in the pages they went over.

Aunt Líknví was right, like most times, and most of the adults in her family were, it did get better, though! Drawn in as the Emperor and Empress were revealed, Tuuli sipped her tea and munched a tart or two.

So see? They were adopted by an Empress, sort of like you!

Was Aunt Líknví's point. Ti giggled as she was hugged. She did Ma a sort of too good titling, Prince Fíli hadn't survived, and so Ma wasn't a queen...and again, if she was living in Erebor maybe she wouldn't have been there to meet and take in Tuuli? Who knew?

Questions on What Ifs were too big for the little girl, and she didn't want to weigh her happiness against Ma's, and if the Royals had survived but it meant her sacrifice, what would she want to happen?

She knew she was grateful, though, whatever her family's status, just for each of them and who they were. Turning she hugged Aunt Líknví about the neck, remembering to lean back so she could read her words, "You, Ma and Aunt 'Dis are all Emperess enough", she assured, "Thankyou Aunt Lí!", for the reassurance and everything she meant.

It was then Tuuli who heard the door, and she hopped down to get it, figuring if it wasn't her mother or any of the family, it had to be someone who knew her family enough that she felt comfortable doing such, and it was helping Aunt Líknví to tell her of the call either-way.

It was Ma though! Tuuli flew over to hug Dagmar, "Aunt Lí was just reading me stories!", she said, as she stepped back and took her mother's hand, leading her into the house, and as children did.



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Re: Ink Complications and Comfort
« Reply #5 on: January 23, 2020, 05:04:20 PM »
It was both different and not, when Tuuli and Anlís visited, and getting to lavish on a little girl, but at times Líknví noticed the difference starker with Tí, if only because her youngest niece was so close in age to her son as to afford her the opportunity to compare day to day life with her son in story time (for example) and then Tuuli.

In one sense, children were children, and it wasn't much different, but in other ways it was. Tí would put up with story time longer and when older, for one, Líknví could tell, though Friór still humored her, and would have no doubt joined had he not, at that moment, been out with Andar for another riding lesson. Only her brother-in-law's great skill and position made her put aside her motherly worries over the very thought of Friór controlling such large animals as even ponies...but then Líknví admitted that she was a little protective...

Líknví would never put the undue pressure of asking Tuuli to be anything but what she was to her and the family on the girl, still it made her wonder sometimes if raising her daughter would have been like this. Tí was also already so much herself, that Líknví didn't know how anyone could ask her to be more as she hugged the girl back for her sweet hug and took in her words.

It wasn't just girls being different, there was an understanding, she had already realized, and did further as a sentiment she'd often given Kvasir was now given to her. Her brother couldn't be any more a knight and prince, financial circumstances back in Ered Mithrin and here aside. Of course in her comparing herself and Tuuli to the story, she was using such, but Fritz making that part also true was just a sort of irony, not the full sum on him either.

"Ya' we'cm, Talp'", with a kiss to the sweet girl's cheek, she used her son's endearing flower nickname he'd bestowed, and before Tuuli let her know someone was at the door by hearing it and getting down to answer. Líknví was sure it was Dagmar, or someone else they knew, but early life had taught her you could take nothing for granted and so she followed her niece just to ensure all was well while she had charge of her.

Of course it was her sunny sister-in-law. Líknví smiled, it turning touched at how exciting Tuuli made story-time seem. She wondered if she should spill some of the other things gone into between the two, but it felt like a secret between her and Tuuli, and maybe the girl didn't want to sound like she doubted her mother. Líknví understood that too. She would have gestured Dagmar in, but Tuuli took care of that, pulling her mother along inside.

"Oh, well I didn't interrupt, did I?", Dagmar asked, with a smile between the two.

Líknví instantly reassured with a shake of her head. "Na' a' al! Wa' w'r jus' finis'in' up!", she gestured for Dags to take a seat if she wished, understanding if she had to take her daughter and leave, but not wanting her sister-in-law to feel she had to. "Te'?'", she offered, and though it would seem she would be unable to detect a difference between the name for the drink and her niece's nickname of Tí, she had noticed how elongated others spoke the first while the other was sort of clipped, closer to how people spoke the end of her nickname.

"Thankyou, I think we can stay a bit longer, if you don't mind?".

Not at all!, Líknví threw out again in pleased sign as Dagmar took the offered seat. She nodded to give her permission again as Tuuli settled once more to thumb through the storybook, seeming pleased she still had opportunity to do so, and as the two...well gossiping wasn't the right word for Dagmar and Líknví talking, unless it was between family, and therefore not really gossip.

Returning with a fresh mug for herself and one for Dagmar, Líknví settled in to find out what her sister-in-law had been up to, probably until either of her boys returned from their smithing or riding lessons respectively, if she could in fact keep her that long. Understanding the schedule of a mother, she wouldn't push if and when Dagmar did need to get Tuuli home.

"You're welcome, Tulip!'"
"Not at all! We were just finishing up!'"

Sig made by wonderful Cass ~



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