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Author Topic: Glimpses Through Paint?  (Read 1164 times)


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Glimpses Through Paint?
« on: August 29, 2019, 11:18:46 PM »
It wasn't that Terri was looking for something, anything, to do that wasn't heading back to her "in-between" in-between house. That was unfair, one of the social workers personally looking out for her was very near a foster family and who was she to complain and nit-pick the particulars? But still, the small flyer (hand-made she could tell!) advertising an extra credit art class grabbed her attention.

For all her Trying-to-Over-Trying in terms of her grades, Terri didn't go out for much extra credit, her actual studies taking enough focus, but...this could be a good add!

She didn't know a thing about art, but...she liked Miss Rosental's picture, and fact that she was a student trying to make credits herself gave Terri the idea she should help her!

This idea was almost stalled when she arrived next day to the class-room being used and found it all but empty...

Poor Miss Rosental. No one had showed.

Just as she was thinking of backing out, that fact made up Terri's mind for her, and she walked in, setting her bag down and taking a seat at a desk. She was still earlier than the teacher of the class...Terri debated what to do, when she spotted some colored chalk up on the board. Maybe got in preparation. Nothing was on said chalkboard yet and Terri wasn't going for making some grand art project...still, she stood and walked up, picking up the pink and starting in doodling on the board.

A basket...with a tulip over in the corner of it, she decided, though she hardly knew why.



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Re: Glimpses Through Paint?
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2019, 05:38:05 PM »
Dabney sprinted down the hallway, glad that today, and height aside, she had not opted for heeled sandals since they would have slowed her down. She almost lost one of her binders and slowed momentum to deftly catch it with her arm and nudge it back into the pile she carried.

This was vaguely reminiscent of when she'd been a student here, she thought; since she would have had to have been, it being the only school district in the small town of Middleton. Though memories of school were vague.

A few minutes late having to explain something to one of her math teachers at the university (with her Art concentration and degree field, not her best subject) and now she was running late for the half-intern assignment her adviser had set up and which would help towards her degree!

And late was not going to look good on a resume!

At least relationships gave her a sounding board, she thought, before shutting the thought down. No, Felix did not want to hear about this kind of mundane on their date tonight. Though she thankfully knew him enough by now to know he would not be defensive about math professors if she complained a slight bit on hers. He hadn't liked his even lower level math teachers either and it was just a sad fact numbers were associated with banking.

Though she would still say he had a better head for them than her!

Stowing the small smile thought of Felix Durrant always brought nowadays, as she rounded the corner, Dabney slowed, so as to not appear she'd been in a hurry, double checked her hair left loose, and entered the classroom. At first she worried she'd been too late and everyone had given up...but no it was only by a few minutes.

Oh no...had no one showed? What did she do if that was the case?

Dabney was just wondering this when she caught sight of the girl up at the board. Oh, ok, so one, she sighed. Then smiled and watched her progress with the chalk.

The girl had a steady hand, her artistic eye caught. Dabney walked up to the front of the teacher’s desk softly, trying to not disrupt and get an unhindered view of this, her possible only student’s, skill set, but also not startle the girl. She softly set down her books and binders, smiling.

She stuck to simple lines, three points for a simple tulip and just curves for a basket, but those came off well enough, thanks to her steady hand. Or it helped right where some parts of the lines were perhaps a bit crooked so that the rest wasn’t as noticeable.



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Re: Glimpses Through Paint?
« Reply #2 on: November 17, 2019, 10:58:51 PM »
Terri wouldn't say she was creative, or artistic (part of taking this course and to perhaps pick up some pointers there, as well as in sympathy of Miss Rosental) but she was a "fiddler". Not in the musical sense, more the twitchy sense. She was constantly messing with anything she could get her hands on, even if just pen tapping, though even she could see it was more unformed ideas in her head than just fidgeting.

She was sort of drawn to crafts. Not good ones; and had had fun gluing Popsicle sticks together as a younger kid, even if the simple stars that made were not enough, and she found herself wishing she could bend them up and around into something a bit more dimensional. Just see where it went.

Straws were a better medium but even then she just fiddled with them more than made anything definable before she'd give up...partly because she was hardly, if ever, alone and other students, or foster siblings (Terri almost stubbornly used that last word despite the smart comments back being heard say it got her!) would ask what was she was doing, and she didn't have a good answer because even she didn't know.

It's a basket of course..."

Terri shoved aside the image of a pleased four-year old her grinning, proud to have a definition of her just aimlessly crafting, even if she'd been working with Popsicle sticks again and the "basket" was far more freestyle interpretation.

Mrs. Hathaway She and her husband had been nice; and the car wreck had been a week later...

This wasn't why Terri seemed to fixate on baskets even now. No that was even less able to be defined. It was the reason that comment had pleased her so. Something, an idea she couldn't quite grasp...

But it seemed to fuel her hand, and she worked off an image in her mind she could all but see. A...wicker basket? No wrought iron perhaps. Terri liked wrought iron kind of art. The last purchase she'd made with allowance had been to use what she had from the last family before her transfer to get a horse-shoe star from a booth at a local craft's like fair they'd been at while her then current foster-mom bought some local honey.

As Terri had seen it, and picked it up, she felt she could almost smell the leather and hay associated with horses and stables. Had another of those undefinable thoughts, testing the weight of the shoe in her hand one last time before she put it with the pair and handed both off, then slightly squirming amidst the smells and snorts of ponies as she awaited...something. Feedback of some kind?

At the feeling of being watched, the young teen turned, next starting a bit to find an adult, possibly the teacher, watching her. She quickly replaced the chalk, not because she was afraid she'd done anything wrong, more...self-conscious, about her drawing, and...a lot of it. She then stared at her hand, now coated pink from the chalk, and debated what to do with it.

"Oh, um, must be Miss Rosental, I, uh, well I was just...", Terri's hand touched her jeans, then recalled that was probably not the place to wipe chalk dust, and she removed it, still debating even as she spoke.



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Re: Glimpses Through Paint?
« Reply #3 on: January 04, 2020, 04:05:10 PM »
Dabney only had a small window of unhindered observation before the girl turned. She gave a smile, that was half apologetic, to her one student perhaps.

"Oh, um, must be Miss Rosental, I, uh, well I was just...".

The girl's hand hovered, unsure about what to do with the chalk dust no doubt. With another smile, Dabney answered both the asked and unasked questions. "Yes I am, though no worries, I won’t fight you if you want to also call me Miss Dabney”. She wouldn’t mind the girl, or her students, just using first name, but knew it was unprofessional and that that wouldn’t.

”Here...”, Dabney, as artists tended to be, was seemingly always prepared and pulled from her bag a handy clean bandanna that could hold back hair in a pinch, but not after this use and was now a hand rag until she washed it.

She had colorful bandannas, but this one was her own odd craft fair find that had seemingly drawn her. Plain white, it was perhaps more of a hankie, and lacked any decoration but for the frayed ends of a D in one corner that seemed to do for her. There had been other letters too, it seemed, if the worn edge was any indication, but she couldn’t tell what their pattern had been, what with the fray around the lost thread perhaps.

It gained a splash of pink to it now, and as Dabney used it to wipe the girl's hands, "It will be much better if you put the pink here instead of the seat of your jeans", she smiled. She then turned to the girl's masterpiece, "It's a very nice basket, though", she started off Student-Teacher rapport with, and to also help the girl feel better if she wondered if maybe she shouldn't have drawn on the chalkboard, though it wasn't really Dabney's chalkboard to say. She couldn't imagine the regular teacher minded either, and if it was just her sort of privately tutoring this one then there was a lot more freedom to the class structure anyway. She knew she should next ask the girl's name, but figured she'd let her tell on her own time and at her own pace.



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Re: Glimpses Through Paint?
« Reply #4 on: January 28, 2020, 01:12:03 AM »
The teacher seemed cheerful and carefree (but then Terri got the feeling art teachers would have to be). That was reassuring; and as she reassured that she wouldn't be stuffy about what to call her. Miss Dabney. It did sound nicer, though the teacher's last name was nice sounding too.

Terri got a good feeling about all of this even before Miss Dabney pulled a handkerchief to wipe at the hand she must have seen the girl debating what to do with. Something in Terri wanted to instantly jerk her hand back, not really from any bad emotions, and...more the opposite. Of course in her foster care experiences her mothers of the moment had tried, and even the lady she was currently staying with, but...Terri had never felt, instantly, this level of comfort, and something in it scared her before she could even fully take in the feeling.

Hence the knee-jerk reaction, but one she thankfully didn't listen to.

She remained still, and let Miss Dabney finish wiping the chalk dust from her hand, watching the kind young woman's face, and feeling that reassuring feeling of before also grow. Yes, at the very least she was going to enjoy this class! Terri let herself smile, especially as Miss Dabney finished up and glanced to her once more.

"It's a very nice basket, though".

Oh, right, the reason her hand was dirty in the first place. Terri followed Miss Dabney's gaze over to her basket. "You really...think so? I...I know it's a bit...crooked, but then that's why I'm in an art class", with the teacher's reassurance, Terri let her smile grow at both her little joke and in reassurance and believing it really was sort of good, if the teacher did. "Oh, I should give you my name", she next realized as she stood there, "Terri. Terri Ferrier". Unfortunately not a by-product of being shuffled around without a true surname, perhaps, and the official alliterated name her forms contained. Terri didn't really mind though, and even gave a small smirk after telling her given name.



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Re: Glimpses Through Paint?
« Reply #5 on: April 21, 2020, 12:15:37 AM »
The young teen's steady gaze didn't faze Dabney. She just continued to smile even as Terri Ferrier (as she introduced herself), took in her compliment. "Well, it's a pleasure to meet you Miss Ferrier, and yes, I do". Straightening once more, Dabney examined the chalk drawing, walking up. "Baskets are a good thing to start with, a U shape, or the more typical box shape, working on the bottom and then the rounded top", she explained. Pointing and showing the curve of both the bottom and the top handle.

This was perhaps the one place she could not over-explain art, it was literally her job/intern job here.

Sure she aimed to teach children a bit younger than Terri, but felt the girl's own young teen stage was a good practice point for her as well. "And you didn't...try too hard", she went on. "That's a common mistake, and from me as well when I was about your age", Dabney smiled over to Terri again. "Vague and Gist are an artist's friend, you know? Sometimes it's better to let your audience see what you went for and put it together themselves as well".

Dabney thought before going on, "You can overdo this, of course, but even if you do, it's just Abstract at that point", she grinned to Terri, leaning against the teacher's desk she figured she got to borrow for this. "The modern definition of Art helps so much", she went on, "You can put your name on a manhole cover and call it art, or an unfinished dinner can count. Anything, Intentional, and for an Audience", she explained.

"I would add...and a part of who you are, or what you like, has to go into it also. So what sorts of things do you like Miss Terri Ferrier?", Dabney asked with a curious smile. If she had only one student for this, she could be intentional enough to ask such a question and take time over it, and plus it was still within the structure of class and her point on art.

But more than this, Dabney found, she was just curious about the girl's answer as well.

Her gaze drifted over to the tulip in the basket. "Are tulips your favorite flower?", she asked, and slightly helped, if Terri was stuck on what to think up and say, but also didn't interrupt any other things the girl might land on to list



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Re: Glimpses Through Paint?
« Reply #6 on: June 15, 2020, 02:38:18 PM »
Terri couldn't help it, she grinned as Miss Dabney reassured that she wasn't just being polite, and did think the basket Terri had drawn was nice; even going on to defend with actual reasons! As the art tutor, she probably couldn't lie, or it wouldn't serve much of a purpose. Yet Terri realized she wasn't just glad that her drawing was good. For some odd reason, it was because Miss Dabney Rosental herself thought it was good. She wanted to please this adult she'd just met more than anyone she'd ever met...

More than any of her parents or the staff at the welfare office.

Careful Terri...

Terri didn't need counseling session to know that over-investment, or over-clinging, was a real temptation where she was concerned. especially with things changing so often. At fifteen now, she could analyze her feelings a bit better than as a young child (though they had hardly changed from that) and thought she could recognize the tell-tale signs of just not wanting anything to change.

But that didn't make sense here...or did it. She could already tell she liked Miss Rosental and...the class was only going to be so long. By definition.

Being the only student wasn't going to help either.

One of the first lessons was not to let fear of the future impede the present, though, and so even as this thought caused a sinking feeling within her, Terri listened to Miss Rosental's description, and part of the lesson no doubt, as she went on. Somehow Miss Dabney saying even she'd made the mistake of trying too hard when she was Terri's age made any concerns about it vanish!

In terms of art anyway. She probably wasn't talking about Terri's prior thoughts, but...if was a bit of a relief there too!

Terri giggled at the Abstract joke. "Well that's good!".

"Intentional, and for an Audience...", she repeated, thoughtfully and letting the thought sink in. She realized she took what Miss Dabney said about art without question. Probably because it made sense, but...a famous artist could come to town (already in the realm of fantasy-never-gonna-happen) and give a conflicting view to this young woman's, and Terri would take Miss Dabney's thoughts over some pompous know it all, no matter how famous he'd become!

Plus Terri really loved the ending description. Part of yourself.

Terri was about to ask her own sort of personal question, when Miss Dabney beat her to it. "So what sorts of things do you like Miss Terri Ferrier? Are tulips your favorite flower?".

Terri could see where she would think that. She glanced back over to her drawing as she thought. "No...", she answered thoughtfully, "I don't know that I have one, but...they just seem to always...crop up whenever I'm drawing flowers, almost without my thinking about it, and...there's an almost memory...but not really". Terri realized she was going a bit in-depth and actually answering the question with a level of honesty that was odd, especially the last bit!

She could have just said yes and been done with it.

But she wanted to share her inner thoughts, odd as they perhaps were. Though she knew some of the other actual adults in town also whispered about odd things or feelings at times. So what she was saying was probably not the oddest. Glancing back to Miss Dabney she shrugged. "I dunno maybe it has to do with my birth parents". Ah! What was happening? Why was she suddenly spilling her life?

Clearing her throat, Terri switched the focus from herself and back to the question that she had thought up to ask, "So...are you gonna be a famous artist yourself, Miss Dabney, or...sorry, maybe you already are, I just...also know how Middleton goes", she gave another small smile and shrug.


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