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Author Topic: Glimpses Through Paint?  (Read 100 times)


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Glimpses Through Paint?
« on: August 29, 2019, 11:18:46 PM »
It wasn't that Terri was looking for something, anything, to do that wasn't heading back to her "in-between" in-between house. That was unfair, one of the social workers personally looking out for her was very near a foster family and who was she to complain and nit-pick the particulars? But still, the small flyer (hand-made she could tell!) advertising an extra credit art class grabbed her attention.

For all her Trying-to-Over-Trying in terms of her grades, Terri didn't go out for much extra credit, her actual studies taking enough focus, but...this could be a good add!

She didn't know a thing about art, but...she liked Miss Rosental's picture, and fact that she was a student trying to make credits herself gave Terri the idea she should help her!

This idea was almost stalled when she arrived next day to the class-room being used and found it all but empty...

Poor Miss Rosental. No one had showed.

Just as she was thinking of backing out, that fact made up Terri's mind for her, and she walked in, setting her bag down and taking a seat at a desk. She was still earlier than the teacher of the class...Terri debated what to do, when she spotted some colored chalk up on the board. Maybe got in preparation. Nothing was on said chalkboard yet and Terri wasn't going for making some grand art project...still, she stood and walked up, picking up the pink and starting in doodling on the board.

A basket...with a tulip over in the corner of it, she decided, though she hardly knew why.



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Re: Glimpses Through Paint?
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2019, 05:38:05 PM »
Dabney sprinted down the hallway, glad that today, and height aside, she had not opted for heeled sandals since they would have slowed her down. She almost lost one of her binders and slowed momentum to deftly catch it with her arm and nudge it back into the pile she carried.

This was vaguely reminiscent of when she'd been a student here, she thought; since she would have had to have been, it being the only school district in the small town of Middleton. Though memories of school were vague.

A few minutes late having to explain something to one of her math teachers at the university (with her Art concentration and degree field, not her best subject) and now she was running late for the half-intern assignment her adviser had set up and which would help towards her degree!

And late was not going to look good on a resume!

At least relationships gave her a sounding board, she thought, before shutting the thought down. No, Felix did not want to hear about this kind of mundane on their date tonight. Though she thankfully knew him enough by now to know he would not be defensive about math professors if she complained a slight bit on hers. He hadn't liked his even lower level math teachers either and it was just a sad fact numbers were associated with banking.

Though she would still say he had a better head for them than her!

Stowing the small smile thought of Felix Durrant always brought nowadays, as she rounded the corner, Dabney slowed, so as to not appear she'd been in a hurry, double checked her hair left loose, and entered the classroom. At first she worried she'd been too late and everyone had given up...but no it was only by a few minutes.

Oh no...had no one showed? What did she do if that was the case?

Dabney was just wondering this when she caught sight of the girl up at the board. Oh, ok, so one, she sighed. Then smiled and watched her progress with the chalk.

The girl had a steady hand, her artistic eye caught. Dabney walked up to the front of the teacher’s desk softly, trying to not disrupt and get an unhindered view of this, her possible only student’s, skill set, but also not startle the girl. She softly set down her books and binders, smiling.

She stuck to simple lines, three points for a simple tulip and just curves for a basket, but those came off well enough, thanks to her steady hand. Or it helped right where some parts of the lines were perhaps a bit crooked so that the rest wasn’t as noticeable.


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