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Author Topic: [Hobbit + LotR] Pellavan  (Read 1835 times)


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« on: August 15, 2019, 04:02:39 PM »


NAME: Pellavan
NICKNAMES (IF ANY): Pel. I’m sure someone’s come up with something else endearing also.
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941/3019): TA 2934 (7 in 2941) 85
RACE:  Elf

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE: Dark hair and eyes, he still keeps his hair rather short (or for an elf, it only falling about his chin at most) but being still young, and trying to keep up with animals, he doesn't want it to be in the way.
EYE COLOUR: Dark Brown. They've been called soulful, but this may just be due to his general Elvish nature that sees more than you would expect out of any child looking as young as he is. Under a millennia is extremely young for an Elf and so wonder is also more often than not found in his gaze as well.
BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT: Slender, like most of his kin, Pel still fears he may come off a head under many of them, since past his Fiftieth year, many say he should have reached his Height if not Maturity limit. Still he had to look down at the latest visiting Dwarves and Hobbits to Imladris, so that's good!
OVERALL APPEARANCE: Even for a stoic Elf, child or no, Pellavan gives off the impression he is ready to bolt at a moment’s notice, and this is completed by his often rocking a bit on his heels. It’s not in too much impatience and more a bird in a tree probably drawing his attention.
DISTINGUISHING MARKS:  None, or none lasting. Tree climbing and horse or other animal riding scratches.
WEAPONS: Mostly his dog (for the decade he has her). He still sticks close to Imladris for the most part unless seeking something to aid.
FACE CLAIM: Malachi Barton

STRENGTHS: Healing, the extent of which is still speculative, but he has been known to aid an animal's recovery, even if it's all through a calming presence that helps the actual healers.

Calm Steady Nature also. He will tell you this more than any magical ability at animal whispering is why they seem to gravitate to him.

Respectful. Inquisitive.

Inclusive (there is no favorite animal and he can't think too badly on Dwarves even). Semi-Resilient, he doesn't let falling from a tree or waterfall stop him, though along with respect he will not climb where he is knowingly forbidden. Now not knowing. That's happened.
WEAKNESSES: Youth. While also what endears his kin to him, he is so young compared to so much of them, and with Sailing for the Undying Lands a consideration it's honestly, he feels, put an unfair burden on his parents.

He won't say he has any problems with it, but in what he himself feels a personality weakness he feels...something close to betrayed that his father chose to Sail, though he also would not have asked him to stay.

Telepathy (between other free-peoples. Animals he feels he's got, but they're simpler). He's still working at it and isn't sure if it's something you just will yourself to have.
ASPIRATIONS: Pel's mother has already made the choice of a mortal life (for him) and to not Sail and Pel also can not feel comfortable not only giving up so short a time of coming to see Middle Earth, but all the creatures in it who even in this time of peace could need his help. He would become an Animal Healer of course. Meeting Radagast is on a kind of Dream List!
FEARS: His short life being cut short, or even his parent's long ones. His father's choosing to Sail is something he still works at coming to terms with. Imladris' future with Lord Elrond Sailing too is actually not something he puts there, trusting the twins have it well in hand...though yeah the fact that no one has clearly stated what will now happen...
PERSONALITY:  A pretty happy kid all in all, and one who doesn't let Fate of the World bother him, or for an Elf who should be wrapped up in that. Pel lets the adults, and those with centuries of other battles and events under their belts, like Lord Elrond, tell him what he should feel about it all. For the most part, though he is given to his moments of doubting and wondering of course. He detects shifts in the Evil first and foremost through the animals, like a Wizard he's heard about and would dearly love to one day meet! Those in Imladris have often been told about how "the birds seem disturbed" or "the foxes won't come out" though even he doesn't know how much mind people pay to it all. and isn't too insulted if they don't. Pel's quietly confident enough in his own self and path to not be put out if others don't see it in the same light, though that's rarely happened, or said straight to the child.

HISTORY: With news of the finding of the Morgal Blade not yet known, Pellavan's birth was looked forward to with joy and awe, his parents, like Elrond, trusting in the hard won peace that Gandalf would shatter in just a few years. Though of course it wasn't him. For all the advantages his kin have over him, in their eons of more experience, many Elves also go many of those eons before seeing a Dwarf, where as Pel peeked at Thirteen of them from around a corner at Seven! And a Hobbit! He was little more than a toddler, but his advanced speech gave him an air of being older, even if upon discovery he was given to giggling and darting back around the corner.

By Twenty he was climbing trees after animals and having very deep, one sided, conversations with them! Life progressed pretty uneventfully until in his Seventieth Decade, he saw Dwarves again, or one, out beyond Rivendell and while exploring. Truthfully he found the cute, spunky, terrier with him first! Caught in a thorn bush! Despite the Dwarf’s protests (after his shock enough at an Elf child!), Pel helped gently release the dog. He knew it might be unfair, simply impressing the Dwarf with what was essentially a calming manner, but he also managed to get the thorns himself, and without help from the actual healers of Imladris (where the Dwarf, Fritz, was not keen to go), and patch the dog up well enough, with instructions on best continued care also.

Fritz still guarded some facts, like Dwarves would, but made a surprising offer he kept and returned a month later to get near enough to the city to hand over a weaned puppy! Related to the one he'd helped he said. Of course when this made Pel asked what Fritz's name meant in a telling question, he still wouldn't give that secret Dwarvish name of theirs, but translated it to fire and so Pel called the puppy Nárë.

A companion such as her still doesn't undo Not Having Favorite Animals, and he is surprisingly resigned to how short of his life she'll in fact share, though he thankfully still has her at only Seven by 3019. This time the smaller Company of Dwarves were accompanied by more than one Hobbit and many from different areas of Middle Earth, just proving something was up and that the animals were right, an Evil was spreading.

AGE:  Nope
EXPERIENCE:  Ah you know.
CONTACT:  Discord mostly.
HOW DID YOU FIND US?:  *fluffs corner pillow*

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Re: Pellavan
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