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Author Topic: [LOTR] Worries and Wanderings  (Read 185 times)

Samwise Gamgee

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[LOTR] Worries and Wanderings
« on: August 13, 2019, 03:36:32 AM »
OOC: Set after the Council of Elrond but before the Fellowship leaves.

IC: Samwise Gamgee had never in his thirty-nine years of life dreamed that he would leave the Shire, nor see Elves. Of course, with Mr. Frodo being hunted for something that up until a few days ago no one knew about, he was decidedly nervous. He knew he was safe but for how long. He had promised Frodo that he would stick with him, had promised Gandalf that, and Sam planned on following through on that promise. Even if it meant going to the very fires of Mount Doom in Mordor.

Yet he wasn’t entirely sure he was cut out for this adventuring. A part of wanted to return home to the Gaffer and Rosie and...No! Sam might be any number of things, but a coward he was not! He had faced down Ringwraiths already and seen his beloved Master stabbed by them. He even followed Strider, or rather Aragorn as Sam supposed he was called, despite his original mistrust and helplessly watched as that pretty Elf lady took Frodo away to the Elves. And to have seen him when Sam had arrived! He was definitely glad Lord Elrond was able to heal Frodo.

He frowned as he wandered the gardens of Rivendell, not able to appreciate the simple beauty around him, worried as he was about Frodo. They were going to leave Rivendell soon and head out into the wider world where there were plenty of things that could kill you. And Sam had seen how Frodo reacted to the Ring and was honestly disturbed by it. ”I promised that I wouldn’t leave Mr. Frodo and I don’t plan on doin’ so, ‘specially not when we’ve barely started!” Besides, they had some good folks coming with them: Strider, Gimli the Dwarf, Legolas the Elf, and Gandalf. He frowned in slight exasperation at the thought of Merry and Pippin coming with them before his frown turned pensive about the Man of Gondor: Boromir. There was something Sam didn’t like about Boromir but he couldn’t tell what it was. ”I’m going ta have ta watch that one, specially ‘round Mr. Frodo.”


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Re: [LOTR] Worries and Wanderings
« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2019, 03:02:41 AM »
Hobbits and Dwarves passed through Imladris again! More of the one and less of the other. Although Pellavan had been even younger than he was now, though not so much so as to not recall it, he recalled enough to note this fact. There were more this time, of course; representatives of Men and the Prince from Mirkwood. Things were stirring, but then Pel had already known that. While he wasn't grown yet, he was older and able to take in how...nervous a lot of the animals were whenever he did venture out to the woods surrounding Rivendell.

Nothing was directly harassing them yet, but...something was on the wind, as it were.

Pellavan could tell this even without his little terrier, Nárë, also pausing and sniffing the air, but in a still quiet way that had nothing to do with hunting. Both in size and manner, it was almost still unnoticed that a dog even resided in Rivendell. Nárë little more than a quiet presence at Pel's heels most of the time for the past seven years (so relatively short also in Elf spans).

She had never been officially trained, just watched Pel intently ever since she was handed over from the Dwarf he'd met on an exploration and aided, and as a sort of good-will gift and for said aid. No doubt she was a telling experiment, and if she could ever meet again her litter mates in Ered Luin, but in Pellavan's way with animals he just instinctively seemed to communicate what he wanted and needed with little more than a point or soft word and Nárë complied without ever a thought of not doing so.

Half the Elves around here didn't even know if she could bark, only having ever done so when other, semi-threatening, animals, outside, didn't take the first few clues that she and Pel wanted to be left alone, and mostly for her master's sake.

This didn't mean Pellavan wasn't, in many ways, still a normal child, if with a calmer manner than those of Men, and not needing so much guarding, nor Nárë a normal, calmer, dog. Bouncing a ball in Rivendell would be disruptive, but the tiny disk the child scooted with his foot in an open area was not so, and Nárë trotted over, got it, and brought it back.

The disk still scooted a bit wide on the next "kick" and as the terrier trotted out after it, she paused, tilted her head in curiosity at the Hobbit she spotted, though still in the shadows of some of the pillars herself, and yet waited until Pellavan joined her. The child gave her head a pat, both excusing her from the game and telling her to wait, in one move. He didn't know how Hobbits took to dogs. Even little ones.

After a lick to his hand, Nárë walked over to curl herself around a pillar and just calmly, and still curiously, watched.

The Elf child was arguably more curious, though, and thought a bit more, before turning back to his terrier. "Nárë, orva", he whispered. The terrier leap to her feet, happy to have a job, and trotted over to return with an apple carried by its steam. Pel had sent her since he knew she could move quicker and more discreet than even he could if he'd had to run over to the table.

Her actually getting to the bench and then fruit might have been disruptive...but it was probably fine, and still quick work.

Still, Pel took a moment to make sure no dog spit had transferred before walking up. Nárë going back to waiting by the pillar.

Gifts and or things of interest made conversation easier. He'd learned that before. As he walked up, he caught the statement that was the Hobbit no doubt just talking aloud, and looked curious, before he spoke aloud before realizing fully he did either. "Which one of the others of you is Frodo...?", Pel caught himself a bit, and glanced down. Maybe he didn't want to answer. ", I'm sure they're much like you have at home, but...would you like an apple?", Pel handed over his good-will offering of a sort, though one wasn't needed with Hobbits maybe. There was no tiff there. It was a lucky Elf (and Elf child) who saw more than one!
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