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Author Topic: Helping More Than Assumed.  (Read 190 times)


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Helping More Than Assumed.
« on: June 13, 2019, 01:40:20 AM »
As Fritz headed towards the Archives, about the best place for anyone to find Ori at a given time, he ran one hand through his hair slightly and played the same debating game he had been all on the way over. Did he leaved the slight braid Líknví had gifted him as they hung about doing little to nothing, as seemed the way of courting, even when they rarely titled it? By itself it wasn't telling at all, except perhaps to his family who knew, most of everyone, how he hardly ever decorated his own locks.

And within his own unruly waves it really did hardly stand out and was like a secret little treasure he could treasure for a bit more. Though the memory was more so. Líknví had run a hand through his locks enough during their courting, a bold enough thing for Dwarves, but this was like its own step, the first time she left a sort of permanency from keeping her hands busy as she gifted him more of her sweet tones.

Maybe she'd just been repaying the lily flower Fritz had brought her from Outside. Somehow handing it to her had turned tucking it behind one ear and semi-secured in one braid the maiden had already had.

Fritz gave a smile to himself yet again as he walked down the empty corridor, letting it and the bout of joy pass enough before he reached the more populated parts nearer the Archives. Ori hadn't so much requested Fritz meet with him, as asked, sort of loosely and in passing once, but Anlaf's youngest son had readily agreed and given this day and time as a possible time he'd come by.

He really had no idea why the Scribe, who for being the youngest member of the semi-recently returned Company of Thorin, was still older than him, wished to speak to him. He wouldn't pass along condolences to Dagmar through him and a meeting per-say, would have just stated it that day he'd asked (and had beforehand anyway).

Fritz hated that as he thought this in his wondering yet again at what could be behind this meeting, it worked to fully pull his smile from his face. No thought of Dags should ever do that, and it was all Fritz's own fault...and guilt. Dags was so encouraging of his courting Líknví, it further hurt!

What right had he to be courting when everything had been ripped from his sister? Even a few months wasn't enough to fully dent that pain and what she'd lost with the loss of Fíli, though he was grieved along with his uncle and brother. But Dagmar wouldn't tolerate him thinking like that, even when it was the hardest and right after, and almost made too much of a thing of how welcomed Líknví was if the two wished to just pass time over at the house (and far as she she had that right. It was Liv who ultimately controlled right of passage in her home).

Fritz had already put the front room of his home on the bottom of their list of places for a number of other reasons, and knowing how scrutinized Líknví would be even if Modi pretended to do other things.

Reaching the doors of the Archives, Fritz slipped in, glad to not be stopped by some official looking keeper who would ask after his business and make him feel like a squirming Dwarfling all over again. Even if he had a valid reason, meeting Ori.

"Ori?", he still recalled to keep his voice down as he walked among the tables and books and scanned for the scribe.


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