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Author Topic: Helping More Than Assumed.  (Read 842 times)


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Helping More Than Assumed.
« on: June 13, 2019, 01:40:20 AM »
As Fritz headed towards the Archives, about the best place for anyone to find Ori at a given time, he ran one hand through his hair slightly and played the same debating game he had been all on the way over. Did he leaved the slight braid Líknví had gifted him as they hung about doing little to nothing, as seemed the way of courting, even when they rarely titled it? By itself it wasn't telling at all, except perhaps to his family who knew, most of everyone, how he hardly ever decorated his own locks.

And within his own unruly waves it really did hardly stand out and was like a secret little treasure he could treasure for a bit more. Though the memory was more so. Líknví had run a hand through his locks enough during their courting, a bold enough thing for Dwarves, but this was like its own step, the first time she left a sort of permanency from keeping her hands busy as she gifted him more of her sweet tones.

Maybe she'd just been repaying the lily flower Fritz had brought her from Outside. Somehow handing it to her had turned tucking it behind one ear and semi-secured in one braid the maiden had already had.

Fritz gave a smile to himself yet again as he walked down the empty corridor, letting it and the bout of joy pass enough before he reached the more populated parts nearer the Archives. Ori hadn't so much requested Fritz meet with him, as asked, sort of loosely and in passing once, but Anlaf's youngest son had readily agreed and given this day and time as a possible time he'd come by.

He really had no idea why the Scribe, who for being the youngest member of the semi-recently returned Company of Thorin, was still older than him, wished to speak to him. He wouldn't pass along condolences to Dagmar through him and a meeting per-say, would have just stated it that day he'd asked (and had beforehand anyway).

Fritz hated that as he thought this in his wondering yet again at what could be behind this meeting, it worked to fully pull his smile from his face. No thought of Dags should ever do that, and it was all Fritz's own fault...and guilt. Dags was so encouraging of his courting Líknví, it further hurt!

What right had he to be courting when everything had been ripped from his sister? Even a few months wasn't enough to fully dent that pain and what she'd lost with the loss of Fíli, though he was grieved along with his uncle and brother. But Dagmar wouldn't tolerate him thinking like that, even when it was the hardest and right after, and almost made too much of a thing of how welcomed Líknví was if the two wished to just pass time over at the house (and far as she she had that right. It was Liv who ultimately controlled right of passage in her home).

Fritz had already put the front room of his home on the bottom of their list of places for a number of other reasons, and knowing how scrutinized Líknví would be even if Modi pretended to do other things.

Reaching the doors of the Archives, Fritz slipped in, glad to not be stopped by some official looking keeper who would ask after his business and make him feel like a squirming Dwarfling all over again. Even if he had a valid reason, meeting Ori.

"Ori?", he still recalled to keep his voice down as he walked among the tables and books and scanned for the scribe.



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Re: Helping More Than Assumed.
« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2019, 04:03:54 AM »
Life, with all its unpredictability, had not made Erebor an especially heavenly place for Ori. The steep climb up the Lonely Mountain had paid off in some ways, and in others… For Ori wasn't too high up the ranks at the Ered Luin archives. He came to the Iron Hills scholars highly recommended and placed in charge by Balin. He did not come with anything that could equal any of these dwarves' decades of experience. There were clashes in the first few weeks at his post, then months. Even after the straightforward bickering had diminished, Ori still left the records as worn as he had back during his brief days as a miner. Inevitably, he began to yearn for the days of simplicity at Ered Luin. And then Dori reminded him - Erebor was now both Erebor and Ered Luin. What was he looking for back there?

And then he remembered. Friends.

More then friends, sometimes his mind would wander back to Aesa. Some time had passed since Lady Issa had given him a glacial reminder that she would never stoop to respect him in spite of all he'd done and all the friends he'd made. The reminder threw Ori back into his work and further into that loneliness when your favorite friend was furthest away from you.

Ori had others, though. For the first time in his life, he had Dori and Nori in his life at the same time. And the Company, and every day more Ered Luin friends passed by and he took thankful reprieves from his work to chat and have a drink. His brothers made sure he wouldn't drive himself mad with the enormous task of the archive restoration at hand, and as the visits frequented, his life began to take shape, like an aftertaste settling in after some initial bitterness.

One such visitor brightened a pretty somber day that came about after a particular quarrel he wasn't at the heart at, but had to split apart. Fritz had arrived in Erebor not long ago, and Ori was most eager to ask him over for a cup or a mug. As they parted after their brief encounter, Ori caught sight of a braid tucked messily among Fritz's locks. A brief flutter in his heart puzzled him - envy? Envy who! He managed to downplay that flutter by replacing it with curiosity. Who was the lucky braider? Fritz was not bad-looking, see, but didn't both of them know what being the youngest meant when your older brothers had carved out a reputation for you before you'd introduced yourself. But wonder all he might, the envy came prickling back.

Oh, shut, you. He's probably glad to have something to hope for after...after…

Nothing destroyed that envy than the brief reminder of who everyone in Ered Luin had lost. It was not that large a community to start with, and the Durin line… Dagmar, who Ori had always been in awe of and of her painting skills. Poor Dagmar.

As he picked up the books he had brought for examination to place back, Ori's mind darkened once more when he remembered Dagmar. Fíli.

And then, his name.


Ori's face brightened when he looked up and saw Fritz - shy, a little pale, but still himself. Ori hastened with his filing procedure to then dash across the aisles towards Fritz. "Fritz! It's been forever!" With a hearty pat on the shoulder and a quick hug, Ori thanked the Maker for Fritz's timely appearance. "I...I trust your family is doing well. U - under the circumstances." Ori led Fritz out the archives and back out to the main halls, where so many dwarves poured in and out regardless of the time. There was no day or night in a proper dwarf kingdom, only work and rest. "You've been seeing someone! Who has the honor?"
« Last Edit: August 02, 2019, 04:12:52 AM by Ori »

Played by Jo


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Re: Helping More Than Assumed.
« Reply #2 on: August 06, 2019, 03:03:29 PM »
{Oh did you want this at Erebor? I can tweak and move it if you think that works best and easily say Fritz and Dags are visiting or such. However}

Ori quickly finished up with some task and came rushing over to give him that very Dwarvish of greetings; Fritz gave a solid tap back and smiled, next giving a laugh at Ori's words on it having been "forever". "Yes, time certainly zips by, I have no idea where it goes".

"I...I trust your family is doing well. U - under the circumstances."

Fritz's smile dented in a bit and he nodded. "Yes...thank-you. Andi's twins are growing up like weeds it seems and...well, we're all...making it". Fritz pondered and shook his head, knowing he could be frank with Ori, as he could with much of the Company. "I...I just can't...quite come to grips, even now, with the fact that that last casual wave I gave Fíli was...really the last I would speak with him. I don't recall what the last thing I said to Kíli was...".

Fritz then glanced over to Ori, "I also can't imagine having been there...I wanted to at the time but sort of have you and yours been?".

Or course in all this, and answering on his end, he made no mention of Dags, on purpose. Fritz knew he couldn't speak to how she was doing even now. Not really, though in typical fashion she tried to bear up for them.

All of this consideration made Ori's next statement hit a bit harder with the shock.

"You've been seeing someone! Who has the honor?"

It had been all too much, leaving the braid! Oh he'd known it was!

Still, a caught out chuckle was Fritz's first response. "What...that...I...".

"Oh, since I think everyone sort of half cares about stuff in my life, big deal, but I'm sort of, kind of...Courting..."

That had been how he'd tried to deliver the news to his family, when they were all gathered, had worked about as well as this was.

Fritz sighed, yet his sheepish grin couldn't help that small tint of being pleased to it that thoughts of Líknví just brought with them. In all of it, though, he struggled to keep the sweet girl from too much scrutiny. "Yeah I know, the one mission I said my mother would never succeed in, but she had nothing to do with it, it wasn't a set up or arranged, I...met her all on my own.", Fritz began.

He then considered what facts to both give and not. "You don't know her, I'm pretty sure. Lí, as we call her", Fritz had debated going even more cryptic and only using Dove as her call name, but...that seemed more personal somehow and he got the feeling he would need something like her or Kvas' permission for that. An odd thought and not meaning anything against Ori for withholding, just arguably overly-protectively guarding the maiden again on Fritz's end.

"She moved to Ered Luin a while back shy, hence me not giving a lot of details, sorry".

Fritz smiled to Ori again and then shook his head, "I didn't know it was that obvious, I guess I hoped people would have thought I'd just decided to braid my own locks, and I know I must just be so amusing right now". Well, but surely this was not why Ori had asked to meet with him. Though he didn't otherwise steer the conversation from himself (tempting as it was) Fritz waited out whatever else the young scribe might wish to discuss.


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