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Author Topic: Hiding and Seeking  (Read 3561 times)


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Hiding and Seeking
« Reply #15 on: September 13, 2014, 04:18:00 PM »
(OOC:  Eeeee, Fritz’s baby talk is so adorable!  He made me squee. <3)

Einar’s confidence was reassuring and, hearing his elder brother calmly point out that Fritz couldn’t have gone far, Andar gave a small smile, still looking pinched with worry.  He nodded along, agreeing that yes Fritz had been drawn to shiny things recently, yes he had become especially good at hiding and yes they should look around the immediate area first.

They moved off, and Dags was quick to spot the hole carved into the wall.  Andar’s eye was drawn to it when his sister bent and called into it.  By the looks of things, it was probably sort of unfinished vent.  Moving a little closer, it seemed safe to assume it wasn’t used for waste disposal or anything like that.  Possibly it fed air into the mines?  Andar was no architect or engineer – nor would he ever be – so its purpose evaded him.  All that mattered what that Fritz was likely inside.  By Mahal, what if it grew terribly steep or there was some sheer drop further in??

Dags peered up at him and then, just as it seemed no response would be made to her call, there came the faintest echo of their youngest brother’s childishly slurred ‘words’, along with excited babbling and laughter, all echoing and bleeding together.  Quite what Fritz said, Andar couldn’t guess, but a look of panic darted across his face and he dropped hurriedly to his knees to peer into the dark and ominous void.

“F-Fritz?”  Andar called timidly, as though his ears had deceived him.  More words quickly followed in response, Fritz fortunately sounding exuberant and happy (at least he was not injured or stuck).  Even though he had once again been unable to quite make out what the toddler had said, Andar guessed that this was something of a game to him.  Almost everything was a game to one so small and young as Fritz!

“S-Should I go in?”  Andi sounded less than enthused by this prospect and he glanced nervously from brother to sister and back again.  He was smaller than ‘Nar (though undoubtedly he could wriggle in with some determination and careful manoeuvring) and, although Dags was in turn smaller than him, he would not ask his sister to crawl into the gloom.  Andar returned his attention to the crevice.  It would be tight, he would have to press the length of his body against the stone floor, and breathe in deep so he didn’t get stuck.  Dwarf or no, the thought of getting wedged in a cavern and being scarce able to breathe in the inky blackness was horrifying.

Fritz’s greeting (and this simple ‘Lo Andar was able to discern) drifted out of yawning cavern mouth.  Whatever they were going to do, they needed to do it soon.  Before he resorted to crawling in, there was something else Andar wanted to try.  Something that did not come easy to one such as him.  Bribery.  “Fritz, I have something for you!”  He raised his voice as far as he could, which was still many miles from a shout.  It was a lie, of course, but Andar would think of something to gift their little brother with once they got back to the house.


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Hiding and Seeking
« Reply #16 on: January 20, 2015, 10:29:00 PM »
Looking farther down the walk way, Einar did not see any traces of Fritz, and his concern and worry grew. Their Modi would never forgive them if they lost Fritz forever, this mountain is bigger then one would think, especially for a dwarfling like Fritz.

Einar walks back towards Andi and Dags, he sees Dags down on her hands and knees, he sees that she is peering into a hole, His heart sank.. he hopes the Fritz did not climb do there. He does not know if it’s a long drop. He clears his throat a bit as he approaches, he hears a small voice and see Dagmar’s face lighten up. “I-it could be my hopeful imagination, but...", He walks towards his siblings more, a small smiles spreads across his face. "I.. Even if it is, where does that even lead...?". That is a good point Einar thinks to himself, he hasn’t heard Fodi talk about any construction on the mines, not at least recently, so he was a not certain where this hole lead to.

Hearing Andi call for Fritz, was good thing. Usually if Einar called Fritz, it did not mean that his activity was going to be fun, but when Andi and the twins called him Fritz always seemed to light up like a torch that was just lit.

“S-Should I go in?” Einar clapped a hand on Andi’s back as he kneels down between his two siblings, “ No, you are smaller than me, but I would worry you would get stuck, and we are already in hot water, for this sitation. I would hate to add to it more.” he says with a slight chuckle. He looks down the hole, and just kneeling he can tell that it is an air vent, a vent that allows fresh air to enter the mines, which is a relief.

Einar looks to Dagmar, “ good ear sister, I do say that our little brother has found himself a new place to hide.” he can hear the faint giggles of Fritz, he sighs a bit and looks to Andar, who without double thinking calls out to Fritz, to tell him that he has something for him.  Einar claps Andi on the back with a laugh, he would not have thought of that, he would have tried to figure out a different way to get to the vent from the bottom.



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Hiding and Seeking
« Reply #17 on: January 27, 2015, 03:49:00 PM »
{*Squees with Cass!* He does it to me all the time writing for him, even past the age he should XD And let me know if the cute thing actually stumps Andi, we'll have Dags come up with something below or aid better ~}

That 'Nar, Andi and Dags couldn't get in to where he was slowly made itself a more firm fact in Fritz's young mind. Well, they were bigger, even to the small Dwarfling this made sense as a maybe why, though if they had suddenly appeared in the hole, Fritz wouldn't question it too far and just maybe giggle and rush off, eager to keep the game up.

That was of course what it was. No thought that he was worrying his siblings came to his mind, even with their tones that indicated such. They were very far away, muffly tones anyway...

“Fritz, I have something for you!”

Interest did glint along the young Dwarfling's countenence. Something was undefined, but that was sort of better. He dropped down and his little face appeared at the hole, though he couldn't quite see Andi and the others.

More baby babble that sounded interested at least drifted and Fritz put his tiny hands and head into the hole again, crawling a bit closer, but only a bit, not even halfway, though he could sort of see Dags and Andi peeking better now.

"Wa!", curiosity bled all along baby tones.



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Hiding and Seeking
« Reply #18 on: January 27, 2015, 03:51:00 PM »
She hadn't been wrong... Fritz's tiny, babbling voice was like a cool wave and icy wind all at once! On the one hand, he seemed ok but...where was he? Dags waited, down on hands and knees, listening as intently as she'd ever listened into the dark of the hole.

“S-Should I go in?”

Andi's question brought his sister's focus over to him and her green eyes immediately squinted a concern. Sweet dutiful Andi, he'd do anything for them but...

"No", Dags shook her head even as no less dependable 'Nar agreed, "He's right and we don't need two of you injured...", Dags pondered again...before Andar again came up with it! Oh if it would only work!

She listened as he called to attract Fritz's attention to a promise of something for him. A...a lie...but then they could amend it by handing him something back home. Just get out here, Fritz...

Dags quickly thought to aid to her brother's words, yet it didn't seem needed. He was still hardly visible, it was a light block more than anything that told they might be gaining success as she took peeks before letting Andi peer into the hole again. He'd gained their brother's focus, maybe he should keep all of it he could.

The babyish inquiry floated out and Dags' eyes shut. Fritz, please! She loved her baby brother more than life itself, but...gosh he could be a handful and just innocently frustrating at times!

It was just her worry, she knew. "He wants to know what...", her pained voice explained.

"T-that's the surprise Fritz", Dags tried to make the intrigue last...If he would just come enough to where they could grab him...

The hole was oddly silent. Dags sighed and searched the pockets of her frock, something tangible to show...she was empty this day though! She sighed again.



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Hiding and Seeking
« Reply #19 on: June 09, 2015, 03:19:00 PM »
Andar was quietly relieved when Dagmar answered in the negative and Einar agreed, clapping his hand amiably on his back, asserting there was no need for him to crawl into that tight space after their runaway sibling.  The sound of their oldest brother’s light laughter was endlessly reassuring, making it seem this was a small matter that would quickly be resolved.  Andar’s shoulders slackened as some of the worry ebbed from them.

By the sounds of things, little Fritz was excited.  A wounded expression flashed briefly across Andar’s features – he had lied to his little brother – and a moment later a very young face appeared at the end of the tunnel.  Andar seized up, resisting the temptation to beckon the toddler eagerly, knowing that desperation might cause Fritz to scuttle away and continue his game of hide and seek with renewed vigour.

Was he asking what the surprise was?  Yes, Dagmar’s swift translation confirmed it, the golden-haired maiden evidently doing all she could to stretch out the intrigue, searching her pockets fruitlessly for something to coax their little brother with.  Fritz would surely want some evidence of what this something was.

What could they give him?

Andar’s mentally darted through an inventory of his own toys and belongings, of anything of his that might be of interest to his little brother.  Then it dawned on him.  In his room, which he kept relatively tidy for a boy of his age, there was a shelf burdened with all manner of toy and model horses.  Some were carved plainly from wood, others covered in real fur with pretty gemstone eyes, and more still were mechanised.  There were those that had grown dog-eared with play (though Andi was now getting an age where he was becoming less inclined for childish games) while others were hardier in their construction and appeared to be in near pristine condition.  Fritz could have one, any he liked, as long as he came home.

“A p-pony, all of your own.”  Andar blurted, forcing himself to swallow his concern long enough for a smile to grace his face, hoping that answer would hold Fritz’s interest.  “You can p-pick it yourself too.  Would you like that?”


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Re: Hiding and Seeking
« Reply #20 on: August 10, 2019, 12:47:20 AM »
{I don't know what to do with the other threads Einar was a part of, but we can maybe pull him along in this one, and since it seems to be wrapping up, and I'll aid that with a reply, sorry for not noticing before! ^^}

"T-that's the surprise Fritz". Dags' voice carried down the corridor and over to him, easier for his being at the beginning of that. The toddler's dark eyes blinked, considering, trying to figure out if the vague promise of Something was worth it and essentially losing the game. He was inclined towards not really...when Andi went on!

“A p-pony, all of your own.”

Logic made little difference to toddlers, and for a while, Fritz would have readily believed that his brother meant an actual animal, but then his brain supplied the true answer. Oh, one of his ponies! In his room! That was oddly better, Andi's ponies were fun to investigate, though he wasn't supposed to do such without permission. So, the prospect of getting to keep one all himself!

“You can p-pick it yourself too.  Would you like that?”

"A fa-me?", the question was slurred together in baby babble, but no doubt kind of obvious. Fritz then pondered again. There was one horse figure in his brother's room that had always taken his fancy, because of the way the tail was shaped that was good for poking at, chewing and swinging about.

As if she could read these thoughts, Dagmar sent a soft smile over to Andi, not saying it, but impressed with the noble sacrifice. Knowing their youngest brother, the pony would never come back, or not whole...

Of course Fritz would much later prove them wrong in this assumption and even pass down the toy again, but that was very far in the future.

Right now, the toddler was still considering...

"K'!", an answer was suddenly reached, and Fritz began crawling forward towards his siblings.

Dags almost sank with relief and reached out when he got within fingertips reach, but Fritz then stopped and (with the bare minimum of room he had for such) sat back, pouting. "No!", he protested sullenly (one word he had learned well by now). Dags wasn't playing the game right! Grabbing for him. "Ta! Ta!". Fritz gripped his toes and swayed, before sticking one out.

What part of Tag was not clear? She had to tag his foot; not grab for him. Just because he was coming out for the pony didn't change the game.

Luckily Dags caught on and with another sigh, reached over to poke his tiny foot. "Ok, tag, now come here", she coaxed.

Fritz laughed and stuck his other foot over. Giggling again as Dags took another patient breath and tapped that one. Then he crawled over to his sister's eager embrace.

"Oh, you little imp!", Dags didn't sound truly chastising as she pulled him out and brushed him off and held him close.

Fritz, for his part, just beamed triumphantly from her to their brothers. "I wi'!", he raised his little arms and declared. How he won when Dags tagged him in the end was his own logic, and maybe had to do with his deciding to come out.

He then half crawled his way over to Andi. ”I g’peek!”, he clapped his hands, excited to go pick a pony like his brother had promised!



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