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Author Topic: [Hobbit + LotR] Wanted Ads 2.0  (Read 1001 times)


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Wanted Ads 2.0
« on: May 18, 2019, 02:57:55 PM »
(Many of the same claims, but for Saga's, just reworking the thread)

Hobbit Centric (2941):

This one would come with risqué elements included, in that he was born and grew up in a brothel, same as Kvasir and Lí's. Basically he's trying to expand past his use as a temp! Mine do this all the time and it's annoying but why not! XD

So the story, I actually haven't pegged down exactly how it went and maybe he never leaves the Grey Mountains but if he did he could possibly crop back up to be problems for Líknví of your figuring how far.

Kvasir, Fritz, some of the other Anlivs maybe will probably be set to not like him but that remains to be seen :)

What's set down per his mention in Líknví's App and one Thread. He'd be about late 50's, maybe even early 60s. Older than 55 in 2941 since Lí's 55, so yeah just a kid and that may be part of it.

Bascially his early childhood is open to you, born the son of one of the harlots and all I've stated is that he took no notice of shy, deaf Líknví growing up when they were both kids and before being shipped off for an apprenticeship with an undertaker in his mother's bid of something to do with his life.

He got shipped back in TA 2933 because said Master Undertaker (if that's a thing) was unsatisfied with his work on the job and potential! Incompetent in some respect, if not all out slow maybe just clumsy. Has a reputation, especially after this, as a dumb kid but that could just be the women of the house's gossipy talk.

Líknví had "blossomed" into actually being a young maiden if still young when he returned and so he was probably just physically taken with her and jumped at the chance her asking him advice on how Men worked afforded him. Up to you if he feels bad for almost taking advantage of her and but for the women intruding upon the two "kids". And again, as traveled as you want! Also, we'll hash out exactly how the scene went when you take him :)
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Re: Wanted Ads 2.0
« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2019, 02:58:34 PM »
Hobbit Centric (2941):

Kargach's father. Wheel-Wright of the Grey Mountains. Probably in his 100s somewhere.

(It talks about Colonial time but a quick Wheel-Wrighting trade description!)

Basically he makes wagon wheels for customers as his main income. A well respected merchant which, while not high-brow, is none too shabby around the struggling Grey Mountains so he and his could be considered "well off/to do" even with their hard-working living made, and he's renown for good work (probably :))

Karg is his only son and child and I figure  Krae doesn't hide how fond he is  of his boy and no doubt more or less proud.

He would take on old carts and fix them up as a side/aiding to his work at wheels specific but has always been content enough in his shop. It was his son, Kargach, who expanded this to the caravan business.

Has one sister he well meaningly enough semi-arrange-married off to an Ered Luin noble until in 2901 his brother-in-law was murdered along the road by bandits. With his sister now alone he moved the family to the Blue Mountains and reestablished himself there. Karg took over his business in  2020. All this spelled out in Karg's app :)

Wife of Krae. House Runner with enough of a well established house to tend to and some decorate rugs if no servants. Not to say she can't and does no doubt have aspirations outside tending to "her boys"; yet worrying over Karg is a bit off a full time job even now with all he gets himself into!

Krae's sister. Grew up in the Grey Mountains, married off into the "better" Blue Mountains before her husband was killed on a trip as stated above and Krae moved to Ered Luin to help her out. Older or younger than her brother is up to you, as is much all else on her in my not thought too far back-character set. All I have stated is that she did eventually love her husband even with it being an arranged marriage and was saddened at his loss. Probably pretty well set up within Ered Luin society even as a widow. Her husband was some sort of noble/of the upper crust in some capacity. Krae followed Dwarf pattern and at least married his sister off to someone with better standing than his merchant position could offer though she's now back to that as aid.
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Re: Wanted Ads 2.0
« Reply #2 on: May 18, 2019, 02:59:20 PM »
Hobbit Centric (2941):

Saga's father! Adding in the reason for his girls' snobbery XD

Though, in the trend of leaving it open, I don't know much on him. A Fifth generation Noble and has been use to privilege inherited for a while now and hardly ever had to work a day in his life even after Smaug destroyed Erebor and he traveled with the other refugees. I've hinted he probably does correspondence/writing work if anything. Not so much messanger, that's beneath him, as writing out official documents maybe, but again that was only when times were hard, he generally doesn't work.

Now all this is not to say he has to be a bad person or as snobbish as his girls. Could be a fine decent Dwarf perhaps even a bit afraid of them, though Saga is the apple of his eye as his little girl and he probably does think himself a bit above the common riff-raff since, hey, his family earned it.

Saga's Mother:
No name thought up, just, she's Saga's mother and a lot of this young maiden's "problems" get blamed her way for true or not. Hehe, she probably is a force to be reckoned with same as Liv and is one of her peers though ensuring that around Liv's little Dagmar marrying a prince, her own family does well, is her angle.

Probably petty, manipulative, maybe not cold so much as just all about position. I haven't really pondered very far XD

Saga's brother:
Ok Blue technically made him and I've been using him by definition of when I use Saga and have permission to put him here too XD

Not much beyond he seems to not buy into the women of his house being all catty and "did you hear?", but what male doesn't avoid that! Possibly a peer of Kophas, or gets along with Dags brother well enough and a tad amused/not seeing it about his mother and Saga trying to set Saga up with the falconer!

Has been a bit hen-pecked by his younger sister growing up! This boy's sat at kiddie tea parties by force just to get his sister's friends to come!

Other Name options thrown out:

Lord of the Rings Centric (3019):
(Mentioned here)

(TA 2941: 94)
(TA 3019: 172)

FC: Zachary Levi (negotiable)

The man is too good for this. I sort of mean his FC, but that is also Harfur in general. Basically the Nobleman Dwarf that Saga was able to snag up. Perhaps he is just the one Dwarf in Ered Luin to see something others don't...or her and her mother were just relentless. Has distant Iron Hills relations that moved with Dain and became distant Erebor relations (and his wife is not shy about mentioning their Erebor connection every chance she gets!). He choses to let Saga talk and just takes it in mostly quietly, with a comment here or there, off choice, not so much being hen-pecked. However the relationship started (forced or no) I imagine he genuinely loves her, same as her brother does, and probably has a lot of meetings with his brother-in-law about how they can get her to let up on people, though ultimately, by marrying her, Harfur has taken that burden. All and most of this would be up to organic RP of who takes who, again but I would love to see someone expand on his idea and do something awesome with this concept!

Hain: (71)

Saga and Harfur's oldest. Born 2948. The boys aren't as developed as their father and a lot like the rest of the family, up for you to interpret or PM and hash out ideas on. Birth year is my best guess on when Saga got her life ordered, and she wouldn't have taken that long about it, so I'll work with you on that too.

Feldspar: (56)

Same. Their other boy. Younger. Goes by Feld.
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Re: Wanted Ads 2.0
« Reply #3 on: November 20, 2019, 04:20:10 AM »
Hobbit/Lord of the Rings Centric (2941-3019):

Still not an Elf expert, I nonetheless have half formed ideas on Pellavan’s family. Namely that his parents are old and he probably has two sisters. Expanding on that to find some names, here’s his wanted ads, still left sort of vague and organic for any who take up any of them.

PM questions and for me to help you work through if needed. I feel like anyone coming to this will know of better face claims than I can think up/find for most of them.

I imagine both of his parents are First or first half Second Agers.

Dúnaer (Nightfall)
Father. All I’ve stated on him is that he does decide to sail with his kin for the Grey Havens and Valinor. After a no doubt heartfelt and hard talk between himself and Vestele. The way I have it imagined he wasn’t abandoning any of his girls or Pellavan, more it was only him because someone had to stay and see to Pel, still so young and still enjoying Middle Earth.

He probably believes in the job his son his destined to do for the various creatures of Middle Earth in the coming years.

FC: Alanna Ubach (negotiable)
Mother. The strength of her family after Dúnaer sails, and before. Stays in Middle Earth to see to Pellavan, and if you think for other reasons too. Open personality and most everything.

Oldest Sister. Probably around 2,000 something.

Next Older Sister. Similarly probably around 1,000 something.

So for both of these girls, and their parents, Pel really is the baby at 85. Personality and History, again, organic and open. Do they also stay with their mother and brother in Middle Earth? Meara most likely does though up to player.
« Last Edit: November 20, 2019, 04:23:30 AM by Pellavan »



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