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Author Topic: Still Mastering the Game  (Read 1271 times)


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Still Mastering the Game
« on: May 18, 2019, 02:52:29 PM »
Dagmar had declined her invites to tea so regularly, Saga began to fear the other Dwarf woman knew why she had invited her! Well Saga was sorry (not really) the once-princess-in-waiting could not just do such things as adopt a small Dwarfling and not expect people to be curious!

She was pacing and muttering to Harfur just that morning! Saga had given Kophas plenty of time to reciprocate her advances, but would not be a spinster herself, and so after a while the young falconer lost the opportunity that was such a good match as she made and she moved on to an esteemed other Noble who also had distant Iron Hills family who were now esteemed Erebor Dwarves, But Harfur himself was all polished.

”She wouldnʼt be able to so easily brush aside a meeting if sheʼd been Queen”, Saga asserted.

”Mhmm”, Harfur commented, taking another bite of egg.

”I mean even without the pressures of princess, you have to be brought up to this life of expectation and everyone watching your every move, you canʼt just plop into it; why your own cousin found this out the hard way, heʼs still having trouble with enunciating”.

”I hear her sister-in-law is doing alright at it, and she came from humble they say”, Harfur didnʼt really mean anything by the comment, was just commenting, but as Saga turned to him he went back to not commenting and focusing on his breakfast. Turning back to the problem at hand, Saga shook her head, ”Well Iʼm not letting her skip out on this; Dain still gives her allowances for having almost married Fíli, everyone sees it; Ered Luin has a right to know what kind of child sheʼs bringing in to such favor. Her sister-in-law already snuck in, as you say”.

”...I didnʼt say that...”, Harfur wasnʼt arguing, he would never, and sounded more perplexed by her getting that from what he did say...

”She wonʼt come to tea, fine. I know sheʼll be at that event for the Master of Coin promoting his son to his position. I shall have to begin speaking more with his dear wife...”. The way Saga said this last, it seemed unrelated and just a friendly consideration, not linked at all to her ensuring an invite.

Harfur considered his wife, almost carefully, around a bite of bread.

”Are you sure this still has nothing to do with Kophas?”, he asked.

”Oh darling”, Saga laughed, ”You donʼt have to be jealous”,


Her youngest boy might just prove beneficial in this, Saga thought. As she strove to maintain, things had fallen into place fairly well with her family. Her husband was distinguished and sheʼd produced two sons thus far, but then she was not going for Lady Livʼs example exactly. Girls may have been rare treasures, but boys were respectable as well.

Of course Harfur had had a major hand in picking name, as fatherʼs got, and that was mostly fine. Their oldest, currently Forty, was named Hain and in matching syllables for their youngest, Harfur had come about to Feldspar. A bit too much an actual rock for Sagaʼs true taste, but Feld was respectable enough a call name.

The lad was Twenty-Five. Older also than the girl Dagmar had acquired but she could maybe nudge him to talking to her and thereby get surreptitious information while she casually talked with Dagmar.

Cover both sides and angles.

Well she knew she could get him to. He was all a fine young Dwarf lad should be and listened to his mother. Not that he didnʼt still try to argue as she fixed at his tunic and hair. “Mother...”.

”Shh! You listen; be good and help the girl out. Youʼre older. Itʼs your job to guide her”.

"Why can't Hain do it, he's older than me even".

"Your brother is far to old to have to chat with a Fifteen year old child all night".

"So am I!"

"Shh!", Saga repeated, "There now, I think that will do". Once he too was presentable, even for a Dwarfling, Saga lead him through into the grand hall after his father and brother and after pausing to convey his 'mission' to him in the hallway.

She greeted the hostess with the air of one Who Had Made It into her own niche of a successful socialite life, not that maiden attempting such as she had once been, soaking in the praises bestowed on her boys just highlighting such.

"Yes, and congratulations on your son taking over for his father, I just know Ered Luin will be in further good hands, and I hear Erebor is not unheard husband's cousin is there, you know, so I could put in a word for you", she dropped her own credentials mildly but effectively as ever. Then, noticing Feld had not moved, nudged him along. Her own approach to Dagmar would be so much easier if she were even just trailing and keeping tabs on him. With a sigh he trudged off. He knew Miss Dagmar by sight at least and so should be easily able to find the girl with her, honestly Saga had failed if he couldn't do such a simple task!

After making the rounds of pleasantries and greetings, Saga was finally able to follow into position, pleased to see Feld had already approached. "There you are, Feld!", she sounded as nonchalant as she could, placing her hands on his shoulders and giving a light pat for a job well done.

"Dagmar!", she next sounded utterly delighted, and surprised, to see her peer again, and instantly moved over to hug her, in that graceful way of women, not girls, before stepping back, "Oh, well, this is a surprise! I never heard back on my invite and was beginning to worry. You recall my youngest, Feldspar, my and who's this?", her blue eyes took in the blonde child next to Dagmar, dressed befitting enough and with braided pigtails, analyzing first impressions even yet.
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Re: Still Mastering the Game
« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2019, 01:38:19 PM »
{So I’ll add the tag. Open to any of the Anliv clan if they want to swoop in to the rescue though Dags also has this}

"Will there be cake?!".

Dagmar laughed at the question, and as Tuuli's hopeful blue-gray eyes found hers in the mirror as she worked at her braids. She reminded a bit of Koph when she did that. Dagmar had simply seen a child in need, who had seemingly gravitated right to her, and followed the prompting of heart and instinct, but...if it was all not overly thought out, she also instantly fit in in so many little ways. Her blonde locks aside. Honestly Dags hadn't pondered what people would think of that being on purpose until the walk home.

Dags' laugh sounded of joy again, from the twins and Friór's influences as much as this one she could now call hers, though she would always deeply feel Fíli's absence, and in moments like this, when she realized what she still couldn't give the girl.

She'd only been able to claim 'Tulip' as hers for about a week, (Friór, upon hearing his new cousin's name, and though young himself, had just said the nickname like it was the most natural step in the world, and for the boy used to his family being tagged with bird names it perhaps was) but the also bright child had been chatty from that first day she'd met and adopted her. That reminded of both Koph and Fritz!

She was also nothing but excited for this, her first big grown up party of fancy people! Her new mother on the other hand...was nervous.

If she thought she could get away with not attending, or dropping Ti off with one of the boys while she did such, she would, but...the rumor mill had run too far for that, it would be noticed more than the girl's presence if she did bring her. While ever gracious, she saw Saga's personal tea invites for what they were, and would not subject either of them to that.

Dagmar had thought once Saga moved on from her oh so forced attentions towards Kophas, and found her own life and family, the socialite would stop being so concerned with her own. She wasn't sure why now. The invites proved the once-princess-in-waiting was still very much the center of attention, for her supposed still favor within Erebor the few times she visited. Dagmar personally didn't see it that way at all.

Maybe because Fadi was still on the Council, though with Balin's own return all those years ago he was hardly as in charge as before. It was a perhaps shared responsibility.

Enough of one to draw Dagmar into attending the newest Master of Coin moving up. For her father's sake. And bringing Ti along would have been no problem, Dagmar was eager enough to let those of the genuine Nobles and her friends officially meet the girl. She'd agreed to this before adopting Ti...and before Saga's excessive invites.

Now she couldn't find a way to back out. Other than informing both her father (who would already be there) and her brothers, honestly, of her conundrum, and not so much asking any of the boys (as she would always think of them) to also show up, or face a woman like Saga, but she knew mentioning it was enough.

If it was just her, she would have been hesitant to sound so much like she couldn't handle this, but...motherly defensiveness for Ti had already taken over, and her pride was nothing if it helped protect the girl.

Dags pushed these thoughts and worries aside as best she could to answer her girl though, "Oh Ti. that's the best part of these things! A cake as tall as the room and almost to the ceiling probably", she tried to explain; watching Tuuli's eyes widen. The child had not been poor before, the woman who watched her doing well enough, somewhere about middle, but she had still probably never seen that!

"To the ceiling...", Ti looked up at the one in her new room in Dagmar's own space of a house within the caverns, no doubt trying to imagine it. The same way she and Fíli had tried to imagine a dragon once when she only had a few quarters less than Ti in her own age...

The memory was a good one, and Dags kissed the top of Ti's golden head before working at the other side and braid, Ti glancing back to the mirror to help with that.


Dagmar had collected up plenty of her own frocks from childhood as well as some new ones for Tuuli, and chose one of the new for this; a lovely green that helped bring out Ti's blueish eyes also. She didn't like to think of it as the girl's first official introduction to the rest of the mountain, but...some would treat it that way, though the party was hardly anything about her. Still, the Master of Coin being a part of the Council as well as Fadi, and her Anlaf's daughter and with his newest granddaughter. She wouldn't be able to just enter and exit exactly.

First came the greeting of the hostess of course, the current Master of Coin's wife and newly appointed one's mother. Dagmar thanked her for the invite and congratulated her, all genuinely, if keeping her smile from growing too much with the amused thought of what Fíli would make of all this! She could almost hear him hoping the stuffy Dwarf's son would be less stuffy than him...but then he had been rubbed wrong by the Dwarf challenging their marriage cost...

It wasn't that such thoughts didn't still sting, and wouldn't always, but Dags could think on them now at least and had been for a while.

"Oh my! And is this...".

Dagmar wasn't sure if she was defensive of touched as the woman knelt, more outright than she had expected, to fully and intimately face Tuuli; she seemed genuine enough. You knew she'd be made much of...

Dags lightly took Ti's hand but smiled as the elder Dwarf woman did as well, "Hello sweetheart...oh you're just the most precious thing...". She opened her arms for a hug, and after a beat of decision, Dags nodded lightly and still hesitantly relinquished her daughter's hand. The woman only seemed wistful as she hugged Tuuli though, stepping back, cupping both cheeks and even giving a more surprising bop to the nose that had Ti giggle!

Dagmar was flabbergasted, and watched the woman stunned as she rose, of course also helping her up a bit. "Thank-you my dear", Dwarves of her age got to used that title for most everyone, "Forgive me, it's been years since my boy was that treasure it you hear, they shoot up like even Oak sprouts!". She didn't say Daisies since Dwarves were still long lived!

"Thankyou...", Dags meant for more than just the advice and pressed the woman's hand before moving on to let others greet her...and shuffling Ti away from further focus and more towards the cake she was so eager about!

"They are going to talk a whole bunch about how the new Master of Coin will do such a good job, and then there will be words that will even confuse me, but then, then, after what's going to seem a million quadrillion years they'll cut that cake and your Grandfadi will  personally see you get a slice!", Dags grinned to Ti as she pointed out the cake. She knew it was a lot of family and titles to get used to, but Ti seemed to almost eagerly take up every fact.

And already had family bias.

"And Grandfadi runs the whole Council", it wasn't really phrased as a question.

Dagmar laughed again, "Sort of...with Master Balin, but...even he has to listen to the Master of Coin and Justice and such".

Ti's nose crinkled, "Well that doesn't seem fair".

"No it doesn't", Dags agreed.

"Excuse me, Miss Dagmar?". Dags turned from her own Dwarfling to a slightly older one. Saga and Harfur's youngest. Even then she didn't really suspect...until she noticed the lad seemed not well at ease. "I...hi, um...I...".

"There you are, Feld!", before she could reassure the lad, his mother's voice rang out. Rising, but with an escape being far too late, Dagmar put her hands on either of Tuuli's shoulders as well, protectively, and watched the slight interaction between mother and son with hard defined emotions.

Oh Saga...

She'd thought, hoped, the other was beyond this, and to do to her youngest what she had ever been doing to Tyda and her other friends when younger...

Dags gave as much of a normal smile back as she could as Saga faked surprise at finding her; knowing it had all been planned out, and listened to the...spiel of lies, and thinly veiled rebuke and admitting of her purpose, with something akin to sadness or disappointment in her gaze as the two women faced each-other, their Dwarflings between them.

Then Saga's scrutinizing blue eyes fell to Ti, and Dags effortlessly stepped around to be in front of and between, with her daughter as behind her as she could manage, though it was more to the side, as she answered the other's challenge. She was not about to pretend she hadn't avoided Saga on purpose, but recalling Saga's son also there, didn't speak as plain as she might have otherwise. "Yes, I saw your invites", she admitted with a sigh, "So sorry to not get back to you in a timely manner, I...had to figure my reply, you understand". Dags' reply here and now was soft and gracious, but her look still gently told Saga she was not fooled.



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Re: Still Mastering the Game
« Reply #2 on: June 02, 2019, 02:14:57 AM »
<<Ti wanted to slip in her own reactions ^^>>

Tuuli was very curious about the cake she asked about, and thought of this whole big party, but also her blue-gray eyes stayed fixed on her mother's face from the mirror, as much as she could without interrupting the braid job, because a part of her was still unbelievably flabbergasted and overjoyed that it had worked!

That...the woman who had instantly captivated and drawn her focus from the moment she arrived (who Ti had instantly known somehow was meant to be hers) had agreed as well! And then, when her life couldn't seem any more like a fairy-tale, she'd met the rest of a family that any child would be lucky to call theirs!

Oh sure they were all different, but that was part of what Tuuli liked too! Her grandparents were so refined, but Grandfadi, as they all called him, was also fun, and Grandmodi too, in her own way! All of her uncles seemed so capable, and with so many varying important jobs! The twins were great cousins to look up to, and she was already looking forward to exploring the whole rest of the Blue Mountains with Friór who was all but her age and had tagged her with her own nickname!

Of course, Mama had admitted, in sad tones, on the walk home, why it was just her. As a young Dwarfling, Tuuli hadn't given much to any thought to the rulers they were said to have lost; but now...well she couldn't be assured, she supposed, that Prince Fíli would have agreed and adopted her too...but then she also felt she sort of could...

He had also almost been Friór's uncle, and even with just a week of getting to know all of her wonderful family, she and Friór had spoken over the odd What If feeling and how it heightened interest in a way whenever the Line of Durin was mentioned.

Mama tried to explain the cake, and Ti tried to imagine it, but knew she probably wouldn't be able to until she saw it! Already the girl migrated away from lace, a sort of favor to Mama who was so great, she didn't protest the nice green dress for this big fancy party.

Tuuli blinked at all the grandeur as they entered the big fancy ballroom and tried to look everywhere at once! Mama stopped and talked with the lady who's son this was all for, apparently, and Tuuli, never really shy, waved and stayed right by her mother until the woman bent down for a hug. Even then, it took Dagmar's nod for her to move over and let the woman hug her, bracing herself for a cheek pinch or such. The woman didn't do such though, and Ti smiled. She liked her.

After that they entered the room fully and Ti scanned for this cake (and any of the rest of her family, she knew they would also be there, or Grandfadi at least) and soon found it! Talk of the cake, and how important her grandfather was, was interrupted by an older boy though, and then his mother apparently, who knew Mama.

As a very little Dwarfling still, things often went over and around Tuuli's head, but she noticed that while Mama's light grip on either of her shoulders was still the kind and warm sort it had been since she first did such, it seemed also tense in a way...

Ti meanwhile watched Feld more than she did his mother, in the way of children and peers, but her attention then shifted back to the adults as Miss Saga glanced to her. It would perhaps come off rehearsed, but that was only Ti's fault, and she had prompted herself, and again in making a good impression for her family she loved so and was grateful to. "I'm Tuuli, Ma'am", she curtsied. Perhaps not perfectly, but it was always cute when dwarflings her age tried at any rate.

Mama then stepped in front to take the interaction. "Yes, I saw your invites, So sorry to not get back to you in a timely manner, I...had to figure my reply, you understand".

Ti still didn't understand the very adult hidden layers of saying things, but glanced from Mama to Miss Saga as the interaction went on.



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Re: Still Mastering the Game
« Reply #3 on: August 04, 2019, 08:32:29 PM »
The girl curtsied and gave her name. Well, nice to see Dagmar had started her off right.

Dagmar then stepped between her girl and Saga, effectively drawing the Socialite's gaze and focus back to her. Something to hide? she wanted to ask, but maintained her calm and listened as the once Princess-in-Waiting spoke in answer to her semi-challenge. Saga's lips drew a bit harder into a line, though she held onto her smile, mostly because Dagmar was parrying as well as she ever had. But then that wasn't a surprise. Lady Liv had taught all of her children well enough how to survive this arena, and not be blatantly insulting, or give the least bit of footing for social opponents to use.

But then Saga had had similar training.

Traits the two women fell to using easily now. Saga soon smiled easily again, though there was something of the sniffing hunting-hound to it...

"Oh, Dagmar, you wound me", she went on lightly chiding, as if between good friends, but let it deliver her own hidden jab of rebuke for the boldness of implying Saga might be wrong in her intent, "I meant no pressure by sending out more than one, do excuse if I caused such. Well, but now that I do have you, let's say in three days, four-ish?", Saga moved in to close the trap with a cordial smile.

Not that she hadn't been effective enough, already cornering Dagmar, but she would make it all but impossible for her to wiggle out of a situation where distractions would be minimal and Saga would figure out all she wanted to know!

"And of course you must bring this dear one". Saga bent, and was the kind of adult to pinch cheeks slightly. "She and Feldspar can chat, or maybe you like tea by now, Honey? Do you have a favorite kind? I'd make sure to have it of course".

Tuuli, like most children, was very aware of the tone adults would use, and detected that this one was making fun of her a bit...or there was just in the whole tone; and then the cheek pinching. And and Feld squirmed like his mother embarrassed him. She glanced to Dagmar and then back. " Ma'am...I don't...have one yet, but I'll...try anything", Ti gripped her little skirts and swayed a bit side to side, self-conscious and hoping she hadn't messed up.

Though it could be said Saga was failing, in that she wasn't finding clear cut flaws with the child, she had just ensured more chances and so could be gracious with the girl just showing off shy kid currently. Therefore she chuckled, kind of condescending again and just pat the tiny head before standing to face Dagmar again. "Well, and what do you think of our new Master of Coin?".

"M-Mother...", Feldspar cut in a bit, seeming nervous of doing so, but then he knew he was interrupting, and yet went on, like more than anything he needed away from the tense atmosphere, therefore he volunteered for what he had before avoided, "I--I'll show Tuuli some of the pastries, we'll be right back". He next glanced to Dagmar for her approval.

"That's fine, dear", Saga gave a casual smile to her son, though a small look chastised the interruption, still maybe he could find out things. With Dagmar's nod also the two scampered off and Saga waited to see if the once Princess-in-Waiting would engage her casual party talk as would show properly on her.



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Re: Still Mastering the Game
« Reply #4 on: August 14, 2019, 03:07:27 AM »
Dags struggled to not think of herself and Tí as trapped animals, despite that still covered over triumphant smile of Saga’s. The fact remained she had them, though. Dags understood this game well enough by this point to know she couldn’t just slight Saga and her invite to her face.

She was stuck having to accept the invite to tea. But she did not have to bring Tuuli...

”That sounds fine, Saga, I’ll be there”, Dagmar promised and acquiesced. She would not lie and say it sounded Good or any such thing. Thankfully Dags agreed before any words on Tí being there were needed, and she would not give them unless pressed.

She was used to Saga, and prepared to just sigh at her over-tries, when something in the cheek pinch she gave Tuuli, not an exclusive thing Dags reminded herself, nonetheless rubbed her wrong and raised her motherly instincts further!

She loved her niece and nephews dearly, and had defended Anlis a time or two from undue comment, but...never had Dags felt she understood that position Liv often found herself in of being the primary defense between one’s child and social rivals or actual threat.

The latter was in some ways easier to manage. Here she had to defend Tuuli, but not at Liv, or even Anlaf’s, expense. Civil and Hidden. Dags didn’t enjoy the game, but suddenly, for Tí’s sake, she rose to the occasion.

And was sorry if she ever criticized her mother when she’d been called to the same.

Her girl shouldn’t have to do such, but Dags couldn’t help smiling as Tí innocently answered the question on tea; though her unsure swaying made Dags place a reassuring hand across her shoulders again, and squeeze slightly when Saga pat Tí’s head.

Still, she would not forget Feld and make this worse on the boy because his mother wasn’t behaving. He had had enough of the regrettably tense atmosphere and took Tuuli off to see some of the pastries; a very good idea which Dagmar agreed with wholly. She also trusted Saga’s boy (both as well as Harfur) more than she did Saga herself and so didn’t worry over Tí at all.

Dags watched them go with a smile, before turning back to Saga, who awaited an answer to a question she didn’t actually care about. Instantly the smile fell from Dags’ countenance and she regarded the other woman firmly but still cordial. Liv’s assessment hadn’t been wrong, when it was called for, her whole family could respond with steel.

Or no-nonsense honesty.

”Saga stop it”. Dags answered with, controlled but with a firm tone of voice. Which she kept properly lowered to keep this conversation between them. ”Though I regrettably don’t receive the same from you, I will not embarrass Feld. Further I should say; but you know I know what this is about. So fine, I will answer you, though I am under no obligation mind you, here or at tea, but I will not be bringing Tuuli to tea”. A silence, and her firm look, after this, more than any directly addressing it communicated Dags’ warning on Saga leaving Tuuli alone, before she went on, shoulders rounding a bit. ”So what is it you wish to know? That I can answer once and for all”.



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Re: Still Mastering the Game
« Reply #5 on: September 01, 2019, 09:26:25 PM »
There was a wealth of silent resignation in the Once-Princess-in-Waiting's voice as she accepted, finally, the invite to tea (was that really so hard?!) and...Saga was not vindictive. Least she wouldn't say she was, not really. Still, it would be a lie to deny the satisfaction that washed over her at her win, and she allowed a small bit of it to show in her smile, though it still seemed just cordial.

Dagmar wasn't a bad sort, and wouldn't have made a bad queen. Saga had always said so. Prince Fíli was always the weaker of the Future Ruler's set those in Ered Luin society, and her circle, debated and criticized over. "It's actually good Dagmar's going to be there, she'll instill so much logic I fear the prince lacks otherwise".

Of course it was tactless to criticize the dead, and Saga had stopped such comments, and even turned around and pretended she never once spoke ill of the prince (but that was what one did), once the tragic news hit Ered Luin. It wasn't that she didn't feel bad for Dagmar, she did. Robed of a future as she was, and it wasn't...wrong, to try to grab one by taking in a young one, but, she still had to analyze the situation.

And Anlaf was still a Councilor with sway, and then there was the favor Saga would still defend Dain gave the late prince's fiance. Dagmar could not just do as she wanted, as she'd told Harfur.

Therefore, she had no call to try to bite back, as she did. Saga's own placating smile faded as the other Dwarf woman (the spinster, all honesty!) whom she'd heard many say aged so gracefully it was hardly noticed even these handful of years later, spoke so bold and forward!

She wanted to bring the daggers out to bear in this interaction? Fine! Saga smoothed at her dress, prepping as it were. She almost almost actually answered the comment on Dagmar keeping her daughter from the tea, and therefore society as it were, but...something in the even gentle look got its point across. Saga decided she could let that one point go. For now.

”So what is it you wish to know? That I can answer once and for all”.

Saga glanced Dagmar over, coolly, a moment or two more. "I pity you the world you live in, Dagmar, I really do", she began, "Oh I don't bring up topics best avoided of course...", she waved a hand dismissively; that wasn't a reference to the type of pity Dagmar usually got.

"But just...who do you think you are?", the question was asked just as coolly, without any bitterness, though it snuck in as she went on, and her blue eyes narrowed slightly, "Oh that’s right, Anlaf’s untouchable daughter, the one who was courting the prince, well you can't hide behind that last now, can you? Though everyone knows you still try!".

As if to acknowledge she might have gone a bit far, though Dagmar had opened this gate on herself, Saga cleared her throat before going on. “Your mother, and the rest of you, think you’ve done so well, but I have news, Dagmar, you haven’t. I’ve actually been on your side and helped you, but everyone knows how shamefully your brothers have behaved. And you might want to tell your nephew, the eldest, that beating up bar patrons is not discreet, nor helpful if you're looking to raise your standing again. On that note, you think the facts won’t affect your youngest nephew? We’ll see who’s on top when Feld’s heritage is compared with his by mothers seeking proper matches for their daughters”.

Saga's day had already come, but she would get more of her comeuppance, of that she was sure! She was not...threatened by Dagmar. Not anymore!

She was doing her Socialite Duty!

"But, I've spoken far to freely for such an event. This is supposed to be about the Master of Coin. We'll talk more at tea", she smiled, "And yes", Saga went on lightly, "Perhaps you should keep the dear girl back with one of her new uncles. She'd be horribly bored at such an adult event", Saga giggled, though her true meaning was evident. I will leave no stone un-turned!



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Re: Still Mastering the Game
« Reply #6 on: September 04, 2019, 03:50:12 PM »
Feld, meanwhile, was no doubt unaware that he had a “heritage”, and probably wouldn’t have flaunted it at her even younger cousin, though Tuuli couldn't prove any of these facts, and neither of the children currently by the table housing all manner of treats were even aware of the concept. Friór wasn't here currently, Ti didn't think, having scanned for him, but he and Uncle Fritz could just be lost in the crowd, as any of the rest of her family could be.

That left her in the company of strangers, and poor strange older boys not used to her. Feldspar was a good boy, though, and especially since Ti could pick up that entertaining her, a little girl, was the last thing he wanted to do.

Of course she could be making that a bit harder than it otherwise needed to be.

Feld watched her with something between amusement and bemusement as Ti pushed a chair closer to the table. "So I can see", she promptly explained, before going to climb onto it and minding her dress. Feld looked at a loss as to how to handle any of this, but after a while a vague gentlemanly duty (ingrained even this young and when Saga very much cared how her boys acted!) saw him offer a still unsure hand.

"Thanks!", Ti grinned. Then she glanced over the table and her blue-gray eyes widened. Feld had not lied, it was amazing! "Woah...".

"Why, raiding the pastries already? Does your mother know about this?", a laughing voice asked, and Ti turned to find her grandfather, Anlaf, decked out like a Councilor at a formal, stuffy, event should be, watching her with a smile.

"Grandfadi!", Ti unashamedly went for a hug, and Anlaf didn't pause one instant before giving it, scooping her up, before nodding to the boy also at the table. "This is Feld. Feldspar. Mama and his Mama are talking so we came over here", Ti informed.



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Re: Still Mastering the Game
« Reply #7 on: September 06, 2019, 02:41:50 PM »
{Anlaf surprised even me with his tiny detail slipped in}

"...I mean I really don't know where he was coming from with his insinuations", the Military General started to puff up like an over poked peacock even as he retold the tale. Anlaf, and a group of the other councilors, had gathered to give their own congratulations (in that way that mostly consisted of approving nods) to the Master of Coin for his son's promotion and recount with him the fine job he'd done.

After their...tenuous relationship, and quite a few hurt feelings both ways over things like the late Prince Fíli's engagement to Anlaf's daughter and "the strain" it would put on the coffers, Anlaf knew how important it was for him to find the old Councilman, have his congratulations duly noted and in the presence of others, and end all of this on a good note.

He knew all of this even without Liv's...reminder. And was doing such because he recognized the importance of it also...and not because his wife would also check up.

"I wouldn't worry", the newly resigned Master of Coin stated, and assured, to the Military General, "My son knows the importance of such ventures and will most certainly back it".

Part of the worry had been if the new Master of Coin would back the Military General against the other, lower, official who had insulted his proposed plan.

The poor lad, Anlaf thought around a sip of his drink, his every move was still going to be dictated by his father though he held the title. That was the tricky trouble with inheritance. At least Anlaf had been self made.

As the new, young, Master of Coin's father glanced over to him, Anlaf for a brief moment feared he'd somehow heard this thought and his smile faltered. It wasn't that of course.

It was worse, a challenge to that good will they had just left with!

Could the Dwarf not just leave well enough alone?!

"Your daughter's proposal of last week was...interesting, and allocating funds to that caregiving woman and others watching out for the orphans of our midst".

"A sad state of affairs, and sadly still around due to disease and other facts even when War is not a consideration" the Military General bobbed his head, and as if he was eager to remind it was in no way his "Department's" fault.

Anlaf could sense what was coming, and steeled himself, speaking before these pompous, self-importants could get too far. Especially to remind of recent developments which stripped some of their voice!

"Yes, I mean to bring it up with your son next meeting", Anlaf made his point clear! He would tell Liv he tried. Very hard. There were some throat clearings as the two stared each-other down slightly.

Anlaf felt it best to move on, and even if he had had slight issues with most here. He appealed to the Master of Justice, though, to ensure about other things being in order. "To that end, you still have on file what I drafted and double signed, handing off last meeting?".

"As to your daughter's adoption of the Dwarfling, yes", the other sounded a tad wearied of all the repeat, "It is duly filed and official".

It would have been a done deal with Dagmar's decision alone, as his own daughter-in-law's relationship to her brother was, but Anlaf felt better that Dagmar and Tuuli also had official backing, within their legal system, to silence naysayers.

He didn’t flex his authority often, but always for family.

Speaking of which, as he scanned about, as if for any better conversation partners now his duties were both seen to, he spotted his sweet youngest granddaughter! Over at the treat's table. He moved over, delivering his fond tease, as he knew Tuuli could take in stride like her mother, blood aside, and readily scooped the dear girl up as she offered.

As Anlaf knew who Feldspar's mother was, at Ti’s words his hazel eyes scanned the ballroom again until he caught sight of his daughter dutifully and bravely holding up in what could probably only be called a barrage. It wasn't so simple, attacks of the social kind, (as he’d just been reminding himself!) but still Anlaf planned to give his sweet daughter all the aid and advantage at his disposal, and she, Tí, or any of his family, could not “over use” that privilege!

"Well let's go greet her too, shall we?", he smiled from Ti to Feld, and knew Saga's boy had no guilt in the onslaught his mother still carried for some reason. From Early Births to Engagement Rumors and even Worth Assessment, his patience for rumor, and especially aimed at his children, had been run thin years earlier.

Still holding Tuuli, and with Feldspar in tow, Anlaf made his way over.

"And yes, Perhaps you should keep the dear girl back with one of her new uncles. She'd be horribly bored at such an adult event".

Anlaf had enough experience with social events, and had heard enough off Liv of the types of comments women could share, hiding their meaning, to know there were many layers beneath that no doubt. He thankfully missed the rest of what she'd said, though perhaps thankfully given he had the children with him. Still even his own cordiality towards the younger woman might have been stretched had he done so.

"Ah, young Lady Saga, I found this adorable scamp near the treat's table, along with my own granddaughter of course...", he gave Ti another playful hug, "...and figured I'd best return him. Horribly unfair of us stuffy Councilors to keep the Dwarflings waiting on the one important part of this whole event, aye?", he grinned, throwing out that brand of Charming Clueless older males often did, though intentionally on his part, and giving his daughter a small smile that communicated the Calvary had arrived.



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Re: Still Mastering the Game
« Reply #8 on: September 27, 2019, 02:01:04 PM »
She’d struck a nerve, Saga could tell, though Dagmar said nothing else back and it only showed in a widening of the other’s green eyes. As well as a slight shake of the still fair head, whether in denial or disbelief. Dagmar took in a breath...and still seemed to be pondering her reply. Saga just waited. She didn’t know what there was to say, she had her caught and cornered, as it were.

Maybe Dagmar herself didn’t know, and neither found out, for Anlaf’s jovial tone rang out at that moment as he came back over with Feldspar and Tuuli in tow. Saga turned cordially to the Councilor, smiling faintly, but her blue eyes set in what was perhaps her own dignified resignation as she recognized how the playing field was now leveled and perhaps stacked against her even.

It was so typical of this noble family, to close ranks and anyone, from Dagmar’s five brothers to her father and mother, ensure the blonde didn’t have to fight her own battles. Even now, Saga thought dismissively, and ignored that she would just as easily have used her own parents or one brother’s any available influence for her own advantage. Or what she got from Harfur, as she had when greeting their hostess even.

Saga gave an accommodating laugh to his jesting words, “Yes I suppose it is a bit much to ask”. She glanced between the two, “Well, I really should see where Harfur has got to; Dagmar I look forward to tea”, she smiled again, and cordially bowed out of this current battle, knowing she could just resume it once more on her own turf. "Come along!", she took Feld's hand, essentially relieving him of his duty of having to talk to the younger Dwarfling now she had gotten all she was going to be able to get out of this social event.


As she walked off, she missed Dagmar letting out a breath of a sigh, shoulders relaxing, before, with a smile, she took Tuuli back from her father's care. "Thankyou", she whispered.

Anlaf's brows furrowed concerned. "What did she say?, he asked simply, but a deep concern (and promise of more retaliation and support, whatever that looked like) steeling his hazel eyes. His daughter's gracious nature was a hindrance at times, such as now, for she shook her head that, though just beginning to show the odd dull of color, would only mute dignified, like her mother, Anlaf was sure. "Nothing much, just sniffing as ever".


Bouncing Tuuli a bit, Dagmar gave her father's arm a squeeze on her way past, "They're starting, you're going to be needed for a few words at least", she gestured to the front podium, where the still current Master of Coin stood, finally deciding to get proceeding in order.



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