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Author Topic: TAKEN: Call Liam Neeson!  (Read 1484 times)

Thorin Oakenshield

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TAKEN: Call Liam Neeson!
« on: August 01, 2014, 07:47:00 PM »
[ooc:: This thread is for Bilbo and Smaug! What happens, well, you'll just have to read, won't you? >:D I hope I left it open ended enough for you guys!]

Erebor, Erebor, Erebor, Erebor! It was all he could think about. It was all he thought about. The minute they stepped foot in Lake Town (thanks Balin’s quick thinking and Bard’s willingness) he could almost hear the cries of his ancestors echoing off the mountains, or on the breeze. They had left quickly too, after a bit of thinking on his feet Thorin had gotten them out of an unnecessary encounter with the Master. They had eaten well before they left, better than what Bard could have given them.

And now, he stood on the face of the mountain bathed in moonlight. The moon glowed upon the secret doors and it had been Bilbo, of all creatures, who had done a bit of extra thinking to get them inside just when he, Thorin Oakenshield, was about to give up. Of course, all the credit couldn’t go solely to the Hobbit. He had thought about what the map said for several minutes and only then had it dawned on him what it actually meant and the Dwarf king turned around just in time to catch the keyhole appear in the moon light and insert the key.

The smell was rancid when they entered. All the dust, decay and lack of proper care hung so close it made it difficult to breath. We will have to leave this door open and let the night air clean it out. He thought. Turning to Bilbo as Balin spoke. Someone had to go down and see if the Dragon was still alive. What would be the good of having a live dragon and a dead king Under the Mountain? Bilbo shall go. He decided, but he wanted the Hobbit to say it for himself, or someone else to suggest it. After all, the Hobbit was expendable.
What is taking him so long!?” Thorin boomed. The rest of the company, or the company that had followed him, sat outside the entrance while Thorin took up most of it. (that is not to say that he is a large Dwarf…) He was growing impatient. The Arkenstone called for him and he would do anything to have it back! Thorin glared into the darkness, his patience wearing thin. What would Balin say at this moment? Be paitent Thorin, let us not rush into this? Ha! He was one to talk. There were several things that Balin had rushed into, why should this be any different? But it was. It was completely different and the anticipated words of the elder Dwarf, his best friend, the Dwarf who had been there through it all, annoyed Thorin. The Dwarf King pursed his lips and gritted his teeth. “What is taking so long?” he repeated.

That was the end of the straw. A few more moments passed and Thorin couldn’t take it any longer. It had been too long for him, he had nearly forgotten what the majestic halls had looked like. Dragon or no Dragon he was going down. Turning from the door he marched up to the fire and removed his coat, picked up his sword and grabbed a burning stick. It would work as a torch for now. The curious gazes he got from the remaining members didn’t phase Thorin. Turning back to the door he stood before it, torch held high, the yawning blackness stretching before him. If there were protests from any of the other Dwarves, he didn’t hear them.

Thorin plunged into the darkness.
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played by Hades sig by Hades!

Bilbo Baggins

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TAKEN: Call Liam Neeson!
« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2014, 04:30:00 PM »
Just go down the deep dark tunnel that may hold a Dragon, Master Baggins, and see if he's awake. It all depends on you; oh and try not to wake him...

Easy for a group of Dwarves to say! Yes Bilbo had been through and more or less "defeated" much by now, including a vengefully driven Orc! But...Dragon? He forgot that part, and had half hoped it would be forgotten by the others as well, but of course it wasn't.

You had to find the keyhole, Bilbo...

Well, yes, he had. He couldn't just let all of it be in vain. Especially not as Kíli languished back in Lake Town all for this cause. He could never face either of the princes again if he turned and let their uncle think the keyhole had just never appeared and they were too late. It was not what a Company's Burglar did.

Apparently this was what they did, snuck and stole Dragon treasure. Down and down the corridor Bilbo crept as silently as his silent Hobbit feet could manage, and hoped to Gandalf being right in that his scent would be unknown and tread soft enough to not be detected.

So far, all seemed well, but for the rancid stench that met his nose! Ugh...Bilbo fanned it away lest a gag-reflex take effect, and tried to not think on what could make such a stench such as carcass left rotting in a Sixty year old hole!

Maybe it was dead dragon not.

It was also the stale stench of a long enclosed place, yet small wonder with all he'd heard of the Dragon not being seen for Sixty long years. A good chunk of a life-time for Dwarves and Hobbits, most of it for Men!

With every step Bilbo took, he felt the complex and conflicting elation of a fear defeated and/or still held at bay, of surviving every one of those steps forward and nothing yet happening. The conquering fear elation, as well as dread of the next few moments yet to be conquered!

Was he even remotely close? It seemed Bilbo had been walking forever, but then the slowed down sense of time fear gave would do that. He continued on past the aid of light, though most of the corridor was past the aid of light.

Was this kingdom even going to be worth rebuilding and still close to what Thorin wanted of it after a Dragon had used it as a den for half a lifetime? Maybe he should go back and discuss this piont with the hoping-soon-to-be-king. Or not...even Bilbo could detect that would push Thorin's patience didn't seem the time nor this the topic to push with.

Trying to count how many steps he had accomplished already and thereby judge the one's needed was hard, especially when he had no knowledge of this ancient kingdom! Yet, given the steps taken, surely soon enough he should...

All too soon the Hobbit felt his progress halted, yet not by a wall or Dragon, but by a peculiar falling feeling. Oh bother...was there some gash of cracked stone and now he was going to die in here before even meeting the Dragon? This problem in vague proportions was all that had time to flash past Bilbo's consciousness before the plunge, and was it just him or was it darker still than even the dark cavern had been...



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