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Author Topic: [LotR] Tuuli  (Read 691 times)


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« on: May 09, 2019, 02:57:06 AM »


NAME: Tuuli
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941/3019): March 4 TA 2973 (46)
RACE:  Dwarf
GENDER:  Female

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE:  A sandy blonde, it shifts from brighter yellow to more brownish depending on the light but almost always holds some of that lighter tint that, while not inherited, she is proud to share with her mother and family.
EYE COLOUR:  blue-gray.
BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT:  Slender through most of her youth, nearing her Fifties it seems to still and just be a part of her natural frame. She stands at a bit under average height for her age. At times people will attribute her slender frame to her "early hard years" though Ti knows comparatively she's always had it pretty good and that argument doesn't hold now well loved and pampered even. She's slowly building up arm strength to keep up with where her interests lie, and smithing, if plain wrought iron baskets and horseshoes more than all out blades.
OVERALL APPEARANCE:  Even before she had a reason, being around fire so much, Ti wore practical dresses without any added frills, even after her adoption and when such was an option; and either let her hair flow free or braided it back simply in either ponytail or a single braid. Many types of dresses are still a risk around forges, though, so she now has an ample stock of old breeches and boots her cousins, and mostly Friór, have passed along or even just given her before outgrowing and, even in these, enjoys deep blues and greens the most (so it's really good she borrows off Friór mostly since he tends to lean toward the same!). Given her habit of messing with iron and fire, she's almost always grubby and Dagmar has her work cut out for her to wipe her face, though she also understands.
DISTINGUISHING MARKS:  Though she doesn't let it stop her from doing such, when she grins, it's obvious her right lateral incisor tooth is a pygmy and never came in all the way and so looks like a perpetual baby-tooth, and Ti sticks her tongue slightly through it when teasing in her own personal tic.
WEAPONS:  Her mother's plan of carrying around throwing knives has always struck Ti as brilliant and she has taken to doing the same, and let Uncle Fritz (or whoever) show pointers on them and making them herself.
FACE CLAIM:  Austyn Johnson

STRENGTHS: Again, her physical strength is good enough at the moment and she's daily building that up. Emotionally strong and stable as well, and more so, one would believe Ti had been nobility all her life the way she carries herself, but not haughtily. Determined and Hard Working. Talent for smithing and some small eye for artistic detail.
WEAKNESSES:  As stubborn as any Dwarf has a right to be, she can get defensive about it even and keep the argument going if the right buttons are pushed. She knows full well how to act in social situations but has still told a fussy noble insulting her or her family to "shut it" to their face. Determination can turn to not knowing when to take No as an answer or, frustrated breaking or damaging a piece when it won't cooperate and she takes her anger out on it.
ASPIRATIONS: She’s not really sure. Her baskets are lopsided, but maybe perfect those, since to work with horseshoes she’d have to know the specifics of horses, and that’s Uncle Andar’s specialty. She can’t compensate for gait with her shoes, like he can, and will readily admit his as better horseshoes (being for horses so that being important and all) though hers have been used as well. She also just enjoys the eclectic mix of stuff there is to do with the Anliv set and has ridden ponies, or let hawks land on her leather clad arm in a flurry of giggles and feathers.
FEARS: Since she's already done it once, though she mercifully doesn't recall, the thought of loss of any of her family will threaten to overtake her sometimes. She also, on a smaller scale, fears if society's fully accepted her. Rumor can be cruel, and though she doesn't believe it, there are some of the Noble circles who still view her as like a pet-project for the would have been queen. Also, on a lighter note, Outside is a novelty she still takes her family's help with fully understanding. Ti would spend all her days inside the mountain and not feel she missed out on anything for it.
PERSONALITY:  Assured and self-confident, but not overly so, Ti can just take anything anyone has to say to her on the chin and answer back still politely. She knew her worth before she was adopted and still does, but the love and support that Dagmar and the rest have given has really helped her further blossom into who she is and was meant to be. Cheerful and Bold as Brass, Ti is anything but afraid to talk to strangers, and in fact it's how she figures out if she can trust people. She comes off more naively trusting than she is, but if she detects a problem, she will instantly back herself out of a situation/just shut down a bit and move on. If she doesn't talk to you, she doesn't like you, simple as that, and even while she does first talk to you, she's sizing you up. For all this, once you have her trust you have it for life. Loyal, hurting any of those she has claimed as her own is the worst thing you can do, even if as a Dwarfling still her powers of retribution may be limited. More than a bit reckless, especially if she feels she has a situation under control.

Tuuli's earliest memory is about Eight, though even she can't really pin down exact age from the recollection of being a toddler, but she recalls the home she lived in before with a nice enough older Dwarf woman who took care of a shifting number of other Dwarflings in need from about Ered Luin. A smaller bout of Consumption to ripple through the kingdom had apparently taken both her parents, or her birth mother dropped her off with the woman to be able to tend to her father with her out of harm's way and then...both just never came back. Ti didn't know why any of the other children were there, it wasn't an encouraged topic and especially at so young, though the ages varied of course, but it seemed the service this woman did, to find and care for kids in need until and if better came along.

Just a loose sort of adoption, perhaps, except part of the once Princess-in-Waiting Dagmar's visit, when Ti was Fifteen, had been to help see about giving the woman kingdom funds or such to help her in the service she provided, once she found out about it. Dagmar's father still being on the Council, she could ask about, she said.

That would have perhaps been service enough from one still looking to do right by her kingdom, but Tuuli, gravitating towards the woman, had shared a biscuit and complimented her iron basket she brought some blankets in. She liked the look of it, even then, and maybe good association also lodged in the Dwarfling’s subconscious. Tuuli basically just chatted up a storm perhaps, but Dagmar didn't rush her; in fact the woman had to come shoo her along, afraid she was being a nuisance and keeping the Councilor's daughter. Ti had frowned, honestly saddened at the thought that Dagmar might leave, except she hadn't! She'd instead asked Tuuli the most amazing question in the history of anywhere and received an enthused hug for it!

The only time Tuuli was perhaps honestly shy was meeting the rest of the family that hadn't gotten to make the decision, but they were instantly reassuring and she took to her cousins instantly, but especially little Friór, who was close to her age.

He was more shy than her, but less shy about going Outside the mountain, strangely enough, though there was plenty to draw him, and her, with all their uncles did Outside! He helped her with her hesitancy about Outside and she's helped him with general confidence, being half an older sister figure half a co-conspirator growing up (though all the conspiring, if any, was her end and his owl friend's)

She liked to watch Uncle Fritz forge things, and the metal go from red to cool, but was most intrigued when he or even Uncle Andi made horseshoes with smaller scraps (as they seemed) until one day, at Thirty (when dwarflings apparently decided their fates, because Fritz had also) she declared she wanted to learn to make them too! Horseshoes that was. Not so much the blades.

Though he looked a bit unsure about her seriousness, or just caught off guard by the request, Fritz showed her the process, no doubt recalling bothering smiths at a similar age. In full support even, he showed her most everything, but it was the horseshoe she had expressed interest in she was most eager to bang out herself. Though blades required shaping too, they required a lot more, and a lot more steps. Though welding some of her half bent pieces, she made little “baskets” she liked too. These becoming more actual things as her horseshoes became more actually functional.

Tuuli had fun learning the process, still the first useful set of front and hind shoes Uncle Andi got from her specifically wasn't until fairly recently.

It was Friór, picking up nicknaming from his mother's side, who first took to calling her Tulip as a nickname, and Fritz even helped her with making a wrought iron tulip shape to put in to the handles and such of her baskets in her own sort of signature (and this too has slowly become more actually identifiable for what it is).

AGE:  Old
CONTACT:  PM or Discord.
HOW DID YOU FIND US?:  My cot's just over in the corner! I dusted it off :D



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Re: Tuuli
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2019, 01:11:56 PM »

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