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Author Topic: Book Borrowing 101  (Read 91 times)

Gard of Lake-town

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Book Borrowing 101
« on: May 05, 2019, 07:00:24 PM »
{I think I've made this work. Take two!}

The new arrival was making the town buzz. Then again...the town had so very little to buzz about that that made sense in a way. Someone looking to get into the Master's Hall of all things! Sofia, one of the neighbor kids, had told him about this as she rushed on, looking for a solution to the very real problem of the door being locked! Well, all things considered it was better than the Master actually being in and having found her or this odd teacher the girl described.

"G-Go on, I got it!", Gard assured, mind working quickly, and only pausing a small bit to decide such. His family was in trouble anyway it would be less hassle to possibly get in more...

And he had...half an idea...

Gard turned to dart back towards home, before pausing and turning again, confusion written large on his young face, "Wait? Did you leave him out front of the Master's Hall? What if someone finds him before...".

He then waved off her defensive answers, "Alright, alright, I got it!", he repeated, and turned to dash home. Sig didn't seem too suspicious of what he was up to now as he came tearing through the house, hardly stopping, and making all sorts of noise just by running alone up the other set of stairs to his room to rummage and almost just as quickly rush back out, yelling over his shoulder that no, he didn't need to take a snack with him or anything.

What'd she think he was going back to the woods? Gard admitted that was a fair accusation though...

Though if Sigrid had thought that, she would have actually stopped him.

The bit of twisted metal was not an actual lock-pick, Gard's family wasn't that below the law, and everything they did was to help those struggling under the Master's thumb. Gard's current action included. Never-mind how he already knew it would work...

Approaching the Master's main hall from the side and a back alley, the boy peeked and soon spotted this visitor. He took a small moment to glance him over and decide about first impressions. He liked him, he decided! "Psst...Sir...", Gard whispered, peering around just enough that the man could see him, but hopefully none of the neighbors. "Are you Mr. Altair?", it was best to check before breaking him into the Master's place...

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Re: Book Borrowing 101
« Reply #1 on: May 07, 2019, 01:36:18 AM »
The girl had just left him in the alley, supposedly to go and get a friend. Hopefully that was true, there was very little trust Altair gave to anyone in this town. It was hard enough to get in by the conventional way! Now he was resorting to sneaking about, all because the Master of Lake Town was a - well, there were no appropriate words for what he was, let’s leave it at that.

The alley the girl had left him in smelled awful! Like rotting fish, and animal feces - along with, well the usual smells of a small city. He covered his nose with his scarf, but that didn’t help. His poor scarf needed a wash, too.

Altair jumped as a cat went pelting out of the alley after a rat. He breathed in, almost regretting his decision, and exhaled a little too quickly, causing him to cough. Which caused him to try and breath in, again, and so this cycle went on for a time until he finally came to a stop. Altair seated himself on a barrel of - he hoped - fish, and leaned back against the wall that lead to the secret, and restricted, and therefore desired, library of Lake Town. Placing his hat over his eyes, he proceeded to try and take a nap.

Just about to doze when he heard someone Psst at him, which caused him to start a bit.”Are you Mr. Altair?

Altair swung around until he faced a young boy standing a little ways down the alley. He looked about him, trying to figure out where the little girl was supposed to be - perhaps a look out? But, besides the two humans in the alley, the only things that made noise was the water lapping at the wood slats, and the occasional squeak of a rat.

Yes, that would be I.” Alrair replied, tipping is hat, and stuffing his hands into the pockets of his long, dusty-red coat. Did the boy know how to get into the library without being seen? He certainly hoped so. “And you must be Sofia’s little friend she spoke of.” He added, smiling broadly, “The one who is going to get me into the library, I hope?” His fingers crossed in the pockets of his coat.

He wasn’t much on first impressions, himself, he had to admit. But, maybe if he put on a friendly air, the boy wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss him, and his quest.
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Gard of Lake-town

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Re: Book Borrowing 101
« Reply #2 on: May 08, 2019, 04:08:03 PM »
Yes, that would be I.

The man replied, tipping his hat. Yep...he definitely stuck out around here, seemed perhaps a slight bit quirky a good way! Gard decided.

And you must be Sofia’s little friend she spoke of. The one who is going to get me into the library, I hope?

It was on the tip of Gard's tongue to correct, and say she was more Tilda's friend, but that was unfair, the girl was alright all in all, hence his doing this favor. Though it was also just for the sake of it and how a visitor shouldn't be banned from honest knowledge, as he knew it was. He wouldn't condone stealing anything but...borrowing was different. Unfortunately Gard understood a difference given his experiences with this town and it's leadership.

He just nodded, but after giving a quick glance to make sure none had heard that very incriminating statement. Not that he blamed Mr. Altair. "Yes sir. I'm Gard", with another grin, he rushed up closer, and seeing the coast was clear, lead the way around to the door, pulling out his make-shift lock-pick.

He then frowned a bit unsure and glanced back to Mr. Altair. "i...I don't want you to think I'm a bad kid, I...I don't break into places...normally, but...the Master shouldn't just keep all of whatever he keeps to himself", he agreed in a whisper. "You should be able to borrow it".

To that end, and after a bit of poking, Gard got it and the door swung in. "If it's locked, the Master's not here, he gets Alfrid to watch the door when he is", he explained. Once they were inside, Gard glanced around. There was enough light from the windows to see around and it seemed most of the books were on shelves, with some on tables. Even Gard knew they weren't high reading tomes perhaps, maybe records of the Master's misdeeds and false accusations on folks, his uncle included.

In fact he reminded himself he should behave, and that this was for Mr. Altair and what he needed. Not for him to pry into what the Master might or might not have on his family...

{That being said I'm sure there's some actual book somewhere or whatever Altair needs ^^}

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