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Author Topic: Luck Turned Around?  (Read 2771 times)


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Re: Luck Turned Around?
« Reply #15 on: July 08, 2019, 07:41:11 PM »
Alanna had listened with interest as Frior and Kargach had spoken about the ponies. She had heard good things about ponies out of Ered Luin and they seemed to be in good health. She would give the ponies a look-over later since she had heard in Combe that there was an ear lice infection in town which might have spread across the area. The problem was that she had just started working with Frior and his kin and immediately checking for a specific infection might seem a little undiplomatic.

She smiled as Frior asked about her past mistakes. “I'll preface this with the fact that I was 18 and full of a lot more anger at the world in general than I am now. My parents had just been killed by raiders and I decided to go and hunt them down”. She looked down as she pondered how stupid she had been. “Of course I was on my own and not thinking things through, like the fact that I was about ten hours behind the raiders by the time that I left in pursuit, as well as the fact that I was going to be heavily outnumbered and I was heading out into one of the worst storms to hit that part of Rohan for years”.

Alanna frowned. “By the next morning, I had pneumonia and Midnight wasn't in a much better state. I was found by a caravan who were heading to Minas Tirith from Edoras. They made sure that I didn't suffer permanent ill-effects from my stupidity and I ended up being signed up as a guard for most of the trip. That was when I decided to keep on working as a guard. I've learned a lot since then about guarding caravans and a lot of other things”.

She reached back to her shorter than average hair. “I was prone to rush off without thinking. By the time I learned better I had been cut off from the caravan and ambushed by a group of orcs who nearly cut my head off after one of them grabbed me by the braid I had my hair in. I barely managed to stab him with a knife and fight the rest off before I got back to the caravan. As it was I got a large scar across my back and decided to go with a lot shorter hair from then on”.

She smiled and looked around. “I made a good few other mistakes but at least they were non-life threatening”.


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Re: Luck Turned Around?
« Reply #16 on: July 30, 2019, 01:04:28 AM »
“I'll preface this with the fact that I was 18 and full of a lot more anger at the world in general than I am now"

Alanna began her story. Friór nodded, just to show he understood the conditions hedging the story in. Though as their guide went on, Friór found he couldn't really blame that anger at the world, perhaps. Both parents killed... and probably not a lot of uncles and aunts like Friór had to then lean upon, and was not a scenario the boy found easy to grasp...or liked dwelling on even in hypothetical.

He didn't know what he would have done, but...

His own father had once admitted to being about as impulsive, and no doubt would answer back such a thing in about the same way. He could see his cousin, Ashar, also heading out on a revenge mission.

The context of this story, and saving him from having to go through similar, was not forgotten, and even if most who knew him tended to refer to Friór himself as a cautious young lad; so much so he'd been allowed this trip under Master Kargach's guardianship in the first place.

In the end the storm could have been a blessing in disguise, saving Alanna from worse had she caught up with the raiders, though Friór didn't say that of course, and wasn't close enough to the situation to judge probably.

All of this had happened within Midnight's lifetime, his too probably. He forgot how short Men's lives were and had almost converted Eighteen to a Dwarvish Eighteen and felt worse for her, but even before descriptions of her actions proved it he realized he was converting wrong. No, she would have been older than he was now, closer to Ash and Lis' ages, but still!

As they continued on, the others of course listened to this tale of Alanna's as well, and Kargach wondered if it was too much of the harsher realities of life for Friór to be hearing at this precise moment, but then...equivalent to Fourteen in Men's terms, no. His own family held worse tales and not being sheltered in was part of this trip.

As Friór went on to prove. Paying back the sharing of personal details with some of his own, and again with no fear, or typical aloofness, doing so. ”Yeah, I know adventures themselves are supposed to be learning curves, or my own father hinted at that, saying he had a bad experience at the Weather Hills, though that’s all he’ll share about it”.

Kargach gave a small smile, partly to himself, as he realized this meant Friór might know, a bit at least, why he was so nervous being left without a guide in this part of the world. Not that he expected bad to happen twice, and they weren't near the hills, but still, Fritz would think of his own bad experiences when hearing the story.

So Kargach was glad a guide gave a bit more hope to this one.

Others were listening to what Alanna said, though, and some of the other Dwarves frowned. "I hope ye got over that...habit of yours", one of the others said, meaning the wandering no doubt.

"Oh no doubt she did", Kargach jumped in amiably in their guide's defense, aiming a smile to her. "And as for...setting a life goal after a bad experience, I can relate. I think part of why I used to accompany the caravans made of my own carts, and did the job of guarding them myself for the most part, back before I went and got old", he smiled again in slight amusement at himself still denying that term, "was because my parents and I moved from the Grey Mountains to the Blue when I was only a few years younger than Friór here to take care of my aunt after her husband was killed by bandits on the road. I...promised myself even that young that I'd never let it happen to anyone under my care, cart or otherwise".

Friór gave a small smile as he realized his mentor was half talking about him being under his care now and giving part of the reason he'd worried so and agreed to hire on Alanna.

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Re: Luck Turned Around?
« Reply #17 on: August 04, 2019, 07:23:07 PM »
Alanna had listened to the dwarves in silence, noting that at least one of her fellow caravan workers was still against her being hired by Kargach in the first place. There was something about the way that most of the Dwarves acted around her that reminded her of her early days working caravans, constantly having to prove herself. On a certain level, she was looking forward to it, if nothing else it made things interesting.

She glanced at Kargach and smiled. “I grew out of my angry youth pretty early on after I left Rohan when others depended on being a professional. Besides I'm of no use to anyone if I was killed because I was a fool”.

Alanna looked down and pondered how things were going to be. “That plan didn't help two winters back when it turned out that I was the only person on a caravan out of Minas Tirith who knew to not go rushing off if some orcs approached. By the end of the day, I was only saved from about a dozen orcs when the rest of the caravan's guards returned from running off after an obvious diversion”.

She sighed. “Suffice it to say that I signed off from that caravan as soon as I got to the end of the run. The pay was good but the men in charge were fools. Thankfully, I've never had such problems with mostly dwarven caravans, there's more professionalism involved than most other caravans I've worked for”.


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Re: Luck Turned Around?
« Reply #18 on: August 07, 2019, 03:26:02 PM »
“I grew out of my angry youth pretty early on after I left Rohan when others depended on being a professional. Besides I'm of no use to anyone if I was killed because I was a fool”.

"Well, you learned your lesson earlier than me", Kargach smiled, in the interest of making up for others less savory receptions of her, sharing freely on his own end and tales as well. Though, even if he wasn't as much of an open book as Friór could be (for a kid that didn't talk much still) Karg was pretty open and amiable himself just in general.

"I think it took until shamefully recently for me to act the adult I am. Even in what would still count as my twenties, by your count, I was taking risks with exploring off in the bushes and such when I thought I heard a noise. Under the guise of guarding the caravan and making sure it wasn't Orcs and such of course", Karg grinned, showing even then he had known his "excuse" was weak and he had just always had wander lust (hence his job being travel) and too much curiosity.

Kargach then fell somber again. "Now though, and when I do less of it, I feel it's needed more than it ever was before".

He nodded in thanks to her comment on professionalism, taking it as a compliment on his caravan as well, or at the very least how he lead them. He couldn't speak for every member, especially of this current one.

If Friór was one to listen more than he spoke (a good trait) it only meant, like those who did such, he picked up on much of what went unsaid, and so he knew where his mentor's last comment went. That and Alanna's own story seemed to highlight it, given how recently all of this would have been, with Men's short age spans.

When his father and uncle had run into Orcs it was an anomaly.

"You're saying things are bad...", he told Karg, as well as the group at large, and it wasn't really a question. "That the Orcs are getting worse?".

This news wasn't new, with his grandfather still on the Ered Luin council, and Aunt Dags still keeping up conversation with Erebor where she could, he and his cousins had perhaps a better pulse of any discreet news.

Kargach sighed, "It seems that way...Darkness Growing and all that...I...I don't know really though".

"Ah, it's just Fear Mongering", Rolir spoke up, in classing Dwarvish stubbornness. "Things are exactly the same as they've always been".

While Karg was all for knowing all facts and not just spreading rumors, he didn't know that Rolir really believed this last. Rather than answer it though, he lifted a hand to study the progress of the light and as they came out on more level parts. "We can probably make camp here for the night and reach the settlement in the morning", he looked to their hired-sword for her input too as well of course.

<<Still trying to figure out travel time, but since they gained Alanna pretty close to their destination Imma say one or two days to get there?>>



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Re: Luck Turned Around?
« Reply #19 on: August 16, 2019, 09:05:39 PM »
Alanna nodded as Kargach admitted his less than salubrious youth, unable to shake the feeling that he was saying it more for her benefit than any other reason, then frowned as the Dwarves spoke of evil forces massing. She had heard similar stories and was unsure if it was true or not but if the stories had got as far as where this caravan had come from it didn't bode well. ” I've heard rumblings about dark forces massing in the last six places I've stopped at. If they are massing then it's in unusual numbers and more than one group. I know that some caravans which would be traveling at this time of year are currently staying where they are”.

She looked around as she rode, feeling more nervous than she had been, before whispering into Midnight's ear. ” Keep an eye out for trouble”. Although she was unwilling to admit it to her companions (since some of them were unsure about how professional she was already, her horse had saved her from ambushes on more than one occasion. As it was she had passed out from cold and exhaustion on the night that her parents died and she had only been found by a caravan because Midnight had carried her through the storm until she could be saved.

Alanna nodded after Kargach suggested they stop for the night. ” This looks as good a place as any”. She looked around, noting that there were no obvious ambush sites and there was a decent line-of-sight along the path both ways. With a decent number of guards during the night, it was likely that they would have little or no problem overnight.

Besides, there was another good aspect to this spot. She glanced back to Karg and Frior before calling over as she checked the fishing rod she had among her saddlebags. ” There's a stream nearby. I can go get some water and, possibly, catch some fish”.


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Re: Luck Turned Around?
« Reply #20 on: August 25, 2019, 10:33:18 PM »
Karg had told of his own youthful excursions for Alanna's sake, she was right, and he knew how transparent it perhaps was; as well as tried to rebuff too much talk of the Dark for Friór's own. Neither seemed to make it completely unnoticed.

"...I know that some caravans which would be traveling at this time of year are currently staying where they are”

Arguably what they should be doing...

Not so much in the situation they had become trapped in, but in not setting foot outside Ered Luin to begin with. Yet that didn't seem the right answer either, and Friór needed all the experience he could get while he could safely get it and...if bad was to come his way.

Karg shook this thought off. No, it was a few more Orcs, nothing more.

As if willing to further prove her worth with them (as no doubt she was) as they stopped, Alanna offered to go for water and fish. Kargach was all set to let her to both, for no other reason than to not insult her, and let her prove her worth to those of their own Company that were doubting her, but also didn't question or judge Friór one bit when the lad pipped up in his own helpfulness, and just enjoyment of being outdoors and sharing what small facts he knew, as well as getting better at them. "I'll come help, um, if you want, Miss Alanna", he offered, before glancing over to Kargach again.

Suddenly the caravan leader had to ponder if his presence in that was further insulting...and how far he trusted their guide. He felt a pretty good judge of character, but actually felt Friór even more of one. If the lad trusted her, even this short in in knowing her, he was no doubt not wrong, and everything she had shown thus far was favorable and worthy of trust.

Sure, she'd admitted to a hasty youth, but so had Kargach, and so he felt he knew growth in that area too.

He was just keenly aware of how many he would answer to about the lad's safety if anything happened, but then that was also why he had waited for a capable guide back. Kargach gave his apprentice a nod of his own approval, so long as Alanna didn't mind his company.


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