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Author Topic: A Step Too Far  (Read 5779 times)


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A Step Too Far
« on: June 12, 2013, 06:18:00 PM »
{Set a year before the toy thread, 2895?, so Dags is 38 (13) and Fritz 14 (5)}

In her pursuit to both avoid the sewing lessons her mother was scheduling up with the very renowned elder dwarf woman to have taught many a fine maiden, as well as any other plans her mother had, Dagmar came upon another of the side corridors perfect for hiding out for a bit.

She smiled and found a very nicely indented ledge to sir upon, thinking maybe she'd try out this theory of books holding safe adventures. She wasn't opposed to reading in general, just reading boring stuff.

From where she sat, Dagmar had a very good view of another of the corridors running along in the maze that was Ered Luin. This corridor was not all that interesting, until a group of young lads came darting by, yet not in their usual manner.

That it was some of the lads her younger brother, Fritz, had been known to play with at first caught Dagmar's attention, also her brother's absecence and the boys seeming to be unneerved, or not their usual boisterous selves.

Rising, Dags jogged after and soon enough, she caught up, through a cross path she knew, with the lads and interceded them at another juncture as they ran past.

"Woah..." she grabbed the sleeve of one, halting the group, "What's with the rush?".

A flurry of excited voices answered her, and soon Dagmar was holding her hands out to still them with a slight grimace. Ok, that wouldn't work.

"Um, Ker, what happened?". She picked the first lad, and rightly guessed his name.

Swallowing, the boy tried to answer. He was a bit ahead of Fritz in age, at Eighteen where her brother was still Fifteen, yet still a little kid all in all and it took a few swallows.

"We were Outside, tryin' ta' make a stand ta' watch fer deer like our dads do sometimes. We found some boards but...well...then there was noise. We dun' know we ran back here".

It didn't even really prove they had heard anything all too dangerous, still one major fact was missing.

"Where's Fritz?" she asked.

All the lads glanced between them, as if just as shocked as Fritz' sister to find him not there. They could only shrug hoplessly. Sighing, Dagmar weighed the options. She would hate to cause a panic if her brother just tripped outside and was behind.

Maybe...maybe she should just peek and check up first, save Fritz getting into trouble, then if further help was needed, she could come back for it. Dagmar felt she could handle herself, being pretty good with a throwing knife even this early on.

To sneak all the way back to her room for one of the one's she had in practicing would run the risk of being found out, instead, she guided the lads towards home and then snuck to the kitchen which was busier and less prone to notice a lone maiden sneaking in and out.

Dagmar grabbed a knife to borrow and return later, and then darted for the Outside. The sun was already beginning it's downward motion from the afternoon to night, but there were still plenty of afternoon hours left to find Fritz and return him home before anyone would perhaps have to know.

Tucking her knife safe in her cloth belt of the simple bright dress she wore, Dags jogged out into the sunlight and for once didn't pause to take it in, but continued on, seeking any sort of clues as to where Fritz might have gone.

She followed the way the lads had said they had been attempting their hunt stand from, and soon enough came upon Fritz's own small hammer he'd had their father make for him to pretend he helped with jobs with. Picking it up, she tried not to worry and continued on.

"Fritz" she called yet again for her brother, but got no answer. She went even further and then did think she caught something, a small cry that might have been a dwarfling inquisitively calling if that was her.

Rushing over towards where the sound came from, she was both relieved and further worried to see Fritz at the bottom of what appeared an abandoned mining location, of some other dwarf clan's no doubt. As they typically did, now not used it was just a slight hazard of rotting boards and rotting boards over openings in the ground into the shaft. This was what Fritz had apparently stepped on in his rushing home and fallen through.

Dagmar laid along the outer rim and peered down in, trying to see if she could reach and haul Fritz out with her hand, "Are you alright? Did you hurt anything?" she asked.

To her relief she found Fritz could stand as he reached for her hand as well, "Nah, my ankles a bit tight and hurts a little but i's ok", Fritz answered. He proved this as he winced a bit when stretching too far and had to lower his hand. Probably just a sprain, Dagmar thought, and not too serious so long as it didn't mean she couldn't reach her brother to get him out.

"Fritz, reach", she tried again to grab her brother's hand, but the distance was just frustratingly close yet not close enough and they both sighed exhausted after a bit.

"I'll jump!" Fritz declared in a grand idea.

"Fritz! No, you'll hurt something worse, I'll come to you". Dagmar sat up and began to see if she couldn't slide down some way to further grab Fritz' hand. She'd already strained the already broken boards though and soon the whole thing gave way, tumbling her down into the shaft as well.

"Are you ok?". It was Fritz' turn to ask as he now could reach his sister's hand and helped her up.

"Yeah" Dagmar sighed, standing and dusting herself off. She glanced about at their surroundings. "Well, we can't get out up their" she looked to the very far up hole and sighed again. The only option was seeing if there was another exit through the shaft.

And hopefully they were the only things in it.

Both if these she didn't say for fear of frightening Fritz. She just took his hand and led him on the search for the exit. Her knife and Fritz' hammer had fallen free up top though as a slight clue to where they were.

A sinking feeling came to Dagmar that they may be a bit late getting home...and the longer they searched, the worse this feeling got.

"I think it's night, Dags" Fritz told his sister as she tried yet another sealed shut door.

"I know" Dagmar told him, now letting Fritz ride on her back again to not stress his ankle,  and moving on down the mines.



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A Step Too Far
« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2013, 04:30:00 AM »
Einar is 58 (19)

The sun is just starting to set as Einar stands outside his home in Ered Luin, He is waiting for Dagmar and Fritz to come home. They were supposed to be home twenty minutes ago, and they haven’t yet. Which has Einar concerned. He lets out a soft sigh as he watches other dwarflings return home from their daily adventures. It was their family rule that they all had to be back home before night fall, and there had been very few times that this rule had gotten broken.

As he waits outside, he is getting restless and he can tell that his father Anlaf is as well. Einar walks back into his home, he lives in with his parents and five other siblings. Einar looks to his father, “ I will go out and look for Dagmar and Fritz, I am sure they got caught up in the market, you know how Fritz is when it comes to sweets.” Einar gave his father a reassuring nod and smile.  He hoped that he could just walk outside and not  go too far and see Dagmar and Fritz walking home, he knows when they do get home they won’t be welcomed by happy parents.

Einar walked over to the closet where some of his own weaponry is kept. He could feel his father’s eyes on him, and they both knew that if they weren’t at the market and that they were in the woods. Two unarmed dwarflings in the woods right when its about to get dark is not a good thing. Einar grabbed his battle axe and knife from the closet and places them on him. He closes the closet tightening his belt. He looks back to his father. “ I’m giving you an hour, if I don’t hear from you. I will call for a search party to come meet up with you.” Einar knew the serious tone in his father’s voice.

  “give me two hours and if I am not back, I will meet you at the base of the forest and the mountain.” Einar told his father as he collapsed a hand on his father shoulder and gave it a squeeze, he felt his father do the same. He moves away from his father and catches his mother’s eye and he smiled to her. “Mama, I’ll bring them home. I always do.” He walks over to her and pecks her cheek. She nods and Einar leaves his family home. Making his way towards the markets.

Einar was not even half way to the market when he could tell the market is closed as the outskirts of the market were quiet, he lets out another sigh. As he looks back and sees the forest behind him. He is about to turn when he hears a voice. “Fritz’s brother! Fritz’s brother.” Einar stops and turns to see Ker, one of Fritz’s friends. Einar sees him running towards him and he meets him half way and kneels down. “Ker calm down, what is it? Just by the look on the young lads face, he could tell that something wasn’t right. “Dagmar asked where Fritz is and I told her that we got spooked and we ran and Fritz didn’t follow, and now it’s dark and I hadn’t seen them come back from the woods.” Einar looks out towards the woods and back at Ker. “ where are they exactly Ker? With a little bit of probing Einar got the information he needed and he sent Ker on his way back home as he made his way into the woods, where his siblings currently are.

As Einar walked he could hear the animals coming alive around him, he has his battle axe in his hands as he walks, keeping an eye open. “Dagmar! Fritz!” He calls as he walks, he is following the path by the moon light. Einar uses his tracking skills to follow where the dwarflings have gone. He knows calling for them is a problem as he might attract something more than his two lost siblings. He keeps walking and come across some wood, the wood Ker had talked about. Einar looks around, thankful for the lighting of moon, as he catches something shimmering in the light. He quickly walks over seeing a knife on the ground and not too far from it a toy hammer.

 Walking closer he can see that they lay besides an old mining location. He looks down the hole and only sees darkness. “Dagmar!! Fritz!” he calls into it, but only hears his echo back.  He looks along the dirt wall and sees scrap marks like someone has fallen, He hoped that they hadn’t gone down here, but it looks like they must have. He grabs the knife and the hammer and tucks them into his belt, as he makes his way into the mining hole. He uses his battle ax and his feet he guides himself to the bottom, it does not take him long to reach it, but all he sees is darkness, and who knows what is living down here.
Einar’s heart races a bit at the fact his two siblings are down here alone with no way to protect himself, he needs to find them and find them quick.

  “ Dagmar! Fritz! If you can hear me holler back!” He calls into the never ending darkness, getting his axe ready he starts his way into the old mining shafting hoping Dagmar and Fritz are not to far ahead, becausee Einar knows that a mining shaft only gets closed for two things, a cave in or orcs.


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A Step Too Far
« Reply #2 on: June 16, 2013, 07:44:00 PM »
"No...not that one either...". Dagmar sighed. She had really expected to have found a usable exit by now. The longer they were down here and the more doors were either sealed or too collapsed to cross through, the more hopeless their situation seemed.

Worst of all, everything bad she could count off one by one was caused because she had really not handled this whole situation as she should have. Sure, she wasn't the oldest, but she also wasn't really the youngest. Dags was as perhaps close to the middle child as could be got, considering the other of her brothers to follower her was part of a twin set that put him in the more younger category.

Third oldest and oldest girl was old enough to be responsible and know better than coming out here alone to seek Fritz. Also old enough to know about moving when one was trapped. As it stood, they may have to backtrack back down the mine shaft and...Dags was not completely sure of the many twists and turns they had taken.

She once more fought tears, both of fear, but also disappointment in herself for getting both her and Fritz into this and making Fritz' situation worse.

"Dags, it's spooky around here", her brother informed her, glancing about at the many closed and dusty tunnels and dark.

Dagmar almost lost it and all control of holding back her tears at his tone, but held it together. "'s ok Fritz, we'll make it out, you know I wouldn't let you down", she took his hand and gave him a soft smile. Except that she already had... the thought barraged her.

Just then the two of them thought they heard something, a faint echo along the corridor, or such. Dags grip on her brother's hand tightened. What was that? Was something in here?!

Fritz thought he knew what it was, and his eyes widened, not in fear, but in hope. "Einar! Dags, it's Einar, he found us!". The dwarfling tugged his sister's hand, eager to rush down the corridor.

The sound had been so faint, words were hard to make out, and Dagmar still wasn't sure. "It...might be, Fritz, yes, or...", she paused, unsure.

"No! It him, I know! Come on!". Fritz tugged with more force, prying his hand from his sister's and going to stand at the turn of the corridor to carry his voice the best, "Einar! We're down here!".

"Fritz!". Dagmar stepped over and all but yankingly took her brother's hand, halting his words. She was old enough to know of some of the dangers about for her eyes to be wide in a deep fear that did halt her brother. "Don't yell that loud, we might...".

Her point was both proven and halted by a crash behind them. Wheeling about, she scanned the darkness as Fritz hid behind her. Reaching for her knife she'd brought, Dags noted it wasn't there. She must have lost it in the tumble. Score third...fourth wrong of what she'd done!

Her worst fears were confirmed too, at the foul pair of creatures that stepped out.

"Well, and what d'we have here?", the words were spoken in Black Speech by the first of the Orcs to have been using this place since slaughtering all the other miners. The words were thus not caught by the dwarflings, but tone imparted enough. Dagmar turned to rush the other way, but her arm was seized and she found herself yanked back close to the foul smelling Orc.

"Filthy Dwarf span", was the answer his friend gave before grabbing for Fritz as the young lad went to dart at and kick the Orc holding onto his sister. He darted out of the way of being grabbed though.

"Pretty young thing how they judge, I think, someone probably pay dearly at her death or ransom" the one holding Dags chuckled, and she felt a wave of repulse and fear as he ran a filthy hand along her head.

She went to wretch away so hard, she felt her own wrist protest slightly, yet kept yanking. "Let me go!". The fearful cry seemed to reverberate along the walls.

"Einar!". Fritz was without his hammer or anyway to defend his sister, and suddenly felt it, hoping she would know why he suddenly turned and bolted down the corridor as fast as he could. He had to get his oldest brother! Einar would kill them for even daring to threaten either of them, Fritz knew he would.

"Get back here!" the other Orc took chase, two dwarflings were a better either show kill or ransom than one. As he ran, Fritz suddenly saw Einar up ahead, he knew he hadn't been wrong! His face showed hope, then he frowned, "The other one has Dags! Down there!".He pointed to the filthy Orc even still chasing him, not even smart enough to pause at sight of the older dwarf and now pulling a long knife from his belt. "I'll gut you three!".

{Black Speech is a headache and nigh impossible to find online, in anyway to build a sentence anway, so hope you don't mind, I just typed it in Westron and stated they're speaking Black Speech. Kind lazy on my part :D}



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A Step Too Far
« Reply #3 on: June 17, 2013, 12:22:00 AM »
Einar was walking down the dark tunnel, his ax held up just to be ready. As he walked he kept his eyes and ears open, listening for anything and trying to spot any movement among the dark. He keeps walking making his way through the pitch black tunnels, he stops and yells for Fritz and Dagmar. He listens as his voice echoes off the walls, he listens for a yell back or for the sound of boots on the dirt ridden ground, but he did not hear anything back, so he starts to walk again. Einar can hear his heart in his ears, he is very worried about Fritz and Dagmar and he knows that he has been gone for about an hour and half, and he knows that sooner or later his father is going to be sending a search party not just for Fritz and Dagmar, but for him as well. “why can’t you too stay close to home?” He wanders aloud. It always seems that Fritz and Dagmar have a tendency to play too far away from home and usually it’s not a problem, but with the fact of orcs moving closer and closer to Ered Luin it has sent many parents and older siblings into high alert when your youngsters of their families go out and play.

Listening to his heart and the sound of his boots walking across the ground, crunching on rocks and old roots that have made their way through the dirt, he holds his ax tight and keeps walking. Once he finds his two younger siblings they are going to get an ear full from him. He can’t believe they would go down here, his anger slowly seeping his way to the surface, he lets out a sigh and calls out again for Dagmar and Fritz, but this time he hears a faint respond of his own name. As he hears his own name he picks up his pace his eyes still keeping out for his feet as well as for any movement, as he makes his way around a bend he sees Fritz, running towards him.  Einar notices the limp that Fritz has and it sends worry through his heart.

 Einar picks up his pace running towards Fritz happy to see him, but the slight happiness he felt turned to anger when he heard Fritz. “"The other one has Dags! Down there!" He looked from Fritz and saw the orcs following behind him. Einar quickly grabs Fritz with his one hand and pulls him behind him, he noticed Fritz grabbing his own long knife. “ I want you to stay behind me little brother.” he calls to him as he quickly looks back seeing the other orc.

 Einar quickly takes his ax in both hands and looks to the orc that has been following his little brother. Einar has a smile on his face. “Come here you scum, let’s see how your ugly face does against my ax.” Einar advances the orc with his ax ready, he swings his ax at the orc and the orc raises his rust sword and it makes a horrible clinging noise as the metals collide. Einar quickly moves to his right, he’s not going to allow the orc to get past him and go after his brother. “a quick one you are… young.. Easy to eat.” Einar did not understand the fowl creature as it spoke in black tongue, but he did pick up on the words young and eat.

With a quick spin Einar uses all his might as he swings his ax into the side of the orc, he heard the monster scream in pain. He pulls his ax from him and goes to attack again, when his ax met with the orcs rust sword again. Einar lets out a growl as he pulls his ax back again, he takes a step back as the orc advances on him. Einar keeps stepping back and does not see the rock behind and loses his balance, as he does he hits the ground hard keeping his ax up above him, the rusty orc blade cuts into the wooden handle of Einar’s ax, missing his left hand by inches. Einar uses his feet to kick the monster off. The orc flies backwards and Einar gets to his feet and charges at the Orc. In the fall back the Orc lost his sword and grabs his knife from his belt and he lets out a hiss. “ Fowl hairy creature!”The orc yells out and once again Einar is unsure of his saying, but doesn’t respond to it  he raises his ax over his head to attack the fallen orc. Einar doesn’t see the knife and the next thing he knew it that is being plunged into his thigh. He lets out a yell, but it doesn’t stop him as he brings his ax down onto the orcs chest. Einar hears the Orc yell in agony as he brings up his ax again and brings back down on his chest. With the second blow Einar knows that he has killed it.  He pulls his ax from the orcs dead body and he stumble backwards a bit cursing.

Einar leans against his ax as he looks down at the knife sticking out from his thigh. He takes hold of it and with one movement he pulls it out, he gritted his teeth in pain. He grabs the edge of his shirt and rips it and ties it tight around his thigh. Einar throws the knife at the dead body of the orc.“ little brother come here..” He calls to Fritz,  from Einar stands he can tell that Fritz looks worried and terrified. Once Fritz moves over to him Einar carefully kneels down so he is at his height and puts his forehead against Fritz’s. “ are you alright? That creature did not hurt you?” He asks making sure Fritz is alright and safe.

Standing up, Einar pats Fritz on the back and puts his ax over his shoulder. “Let’s go get Dagmar and quick.. lead the way little brother quietly as possible. We don’t want the ugly fowl creature seeing us to soon. Einar says with a smirk as he lets Fritz lead the way and he follows behind him, ignoring the pain that moves through his leg. He couldn’t’ think about himself, he has to get to Dagmar before the creatures hurt her.

OOC: That is perfectly fine, black speech is hard to find online. As is dwarvish as I wanted Einar to say something in dwarvish, but I couldn't find a way to make a proper sentence. Let me know if there Is anything I need to change. I am worried that I god mod Fritz. If I did I will change it.


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A Step Too Far
« Reply #4 on: June 17, 2013, 03:33:00 PM »
The pain in his ankle meant nothing as Fritz spotted his oldest brother, whom he was getting closer to reaching with every push forward. He charged on, if he could just get there before the filthy Orc caught up...

Making it, relief swept through Fritz as Einar grabbed onto him and swung him around to be behind him. This relief, and dependency on Einar, didn't mean he didn't also plan to be an aid in dealing with this filthy bit of scum and the one threatening their sister!

Fritz immediately began searching again for weapons on him he knew he didn't have. It wouldn't have mattered anyway, as Einar immediately gave a directive to stay behind him. There wasn't even time to try and argue, and oh so reluctantly, Fritz settled himself behind some rocks as the Orc pushing in backed Einar up. He would just be in the way, he knew, and hated being able to only watch helplessly, but also wouldn't make killing the filthy Orc any harder on Einar.

Hidden behind, but peering over the large rock to the side of the tunnel, Fritz watched each and every move and nuance of the fight. At first attack, both Einar's ax and the Orc's sword clashed and clang horrible in the tunnel, and Fritz winced, not so much at the sound as wondering the outcome. Neither gained a foot from it though, and it was a perfect block.

Then Einar was on the move again, darting to the side and still attempting to keep the Orc pinned in and from getting past him. His brother swung, hitting the Orc straight in the side, and Fritz bit back a cry of triumph and praise for Einar, knowing calling attention to himself would not help.

Einar backed away after that, preparing to face the Orc yet again, and elated from this first success, Fritz could hardly keep the smile off his face of just knowing this Orc is not going to stand a chance. His brother backed too far, though, and tripped. Fritz's hands flying up to block was the only thing that kept the young dwarfling from calling attention to himself., his brother was fine. With a kick, he sent the Orc flailing backwards and stood once more, rushing in. Fritz also missed the move to another weapon, yet in horrible slow motion saw the intent as the knife glinted and then Einar's cry reverberated along the walls.

That was it! Fritz didn't care what his brother had told him, Einar needed his help of any kind that could be given! The dwarfling had just moved to cross over the rock to rush to his brother's aid, when Einar returned the attack and soon the Orc lay dead to the side.

Fritz froze on his rock, unable to fully take in the helpless bend his older brother seems to have to him as he supports himself on his axe from the blow the Orc was lucky enough to give.

He...he's alright though, Fritz knows. He has to be. Nothing ever affects or hinders Einar, his brother's just...invincible. Einar finally proved this, by pulling the knife from him and tossing it to the side, even expertly wrapping his wound. Frozen from the horror of everything, Fritz didn't move, and couldn't until his brother called to him.

Then, it was like lightning to the ground, perhaps even faster, the dwarfling was over the rock and over by his brother's side in an instant. He couldn't stop his tears as Einar bent to him, and hoped it didn't mean he was weak or anything. He didn't want to be anything but anything but a strong warrior, just like Einar, just like his other brothers, but what he just witnessed was perhaps the worst few seconds of his short life!

He was able to pull himself together though, closing his eyes in relief as Einar proves he is really and truly still there by pressing his forehead nearer. "N-no", Fritz got a handle on his shaking voice and swallowing, answered stronger, "I'm fine". He wiped at the stubborn tears and composed himself.

Dagmar! Of course! Einar's words reminded Fritz of how long it's perhaps been during the battle, there's no telling what trouble his sister is in. With purpose, he turned, making his way along the corridor, yet quietly at Einar's urging.

Fritz worried a bit at being able to follow the same way back, yet from both the straight path it was in his running, and the scuff marks he can see, he soon lead the way back to where he left his sister in the hands of the filthy second Orc.

Worry was very strong for what might have happened by now, but as they rounded the corner, Dags proved some of her tenacity in that in even this long, the Orc attempting to drag her off has only been able to make it a few paces back down the corridor and the dwarfling he's now hauled fully up from around her middle to try and help his struggle, is still kicking and hitting at anywhere she can reach. It's more a lot of annoying punches then effective, but stalling has occurred.

"Let go!" Dags screamed yet again, kicking both her feet in an effort to make contact with the Orc, yet she only pounded a bit futilely on his legs. Her braids are all askew from the struggling she's already been doing, and turning her gaze in her continued flailing, she spots her brothers. "Einar!". Hope floods her face. Also to see Fritz is seemingly ok. Dags hadn't felt too betrayed when he'd taken off, only hoping he'd make it to safety.

Her pausing in hope is a distraction, though, and at the pause in her flailing, the Orc heaves a better grip on the Dwarfling, attempting to make it down the corridor with her again. At the first movement from the two dwarves at the end of the corridor, he pauses though, and pulling a knife, holds it threateningly over the little maiden.

"Stay back! I'd say I've got the upper hand here", he smirked cruelly and watches as the little dwarf maiden fights tears. These words were in Westron for the dumb dwarves benefit.

{I think I perhaps should have written this all in present tense, as present tense kept trying to come out and now I'm not sure what I've got here. Also, I have to wonder why I'm being so evil to poor Dags too! I'm sorry, here's a whole plate of cookies!}



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A Step Too Far
« Reply #5 on: June 19, 2013, 09:20:00 PM »
Einar followe Fritz as quickly as he could, he moved through he pain of his thigh. He worried more about Fritz and the slight limp he has, it wasn’t too long ago when he almost toppled off of the mountain. Einar wasn’t going to let a wound like this stop him from saving his one and only sister. As they make their way around the corner. Einar can see the orc and hear Dagmar, he is seeing red and he grips his axe tighter. He is going to kill the Orc and make it beg. How dare they touch his siblings, it made his skin crawl just thinking about it.

“you might have the upper hand, but that is all you have.” Einar spat back at the ugly monster. He is thankful that he spoke in western, as for black speech could have gotten them all in trouble.  He looks back to Fritz and makes sure that he is behind him as Einar once again puts himself infront of Fritz in protection.  He looked at Dagmar and did not lose eye connection with her. “ I will get you out of here, I promise.” Einar says with determination in his voice and his eyes. He looks back to the orc. “ now are you going to hide behind the dwarf maiden like a coward, or are you going to come out here and fight?” Einar is hoping that he can coax the monster away from Dagmar.

He could see the orc look down to Dagmar and then back to him, he notices his grip got tighter on Dagmar and knife got closer. All Einar wants to do is rip this bastard to shreds. He carefully takes another step towards the orc and Dagmar, and he watches as the Orc takes a step back. Einar wanted to prevent the orc from going back any farther into the dark tunnel. For all Einar knows is that there is an ambush right around the corner, and that is something he cannot get him and his siblings out of.

It broke Einar’s heart to see Dagmar so upset, he could see the tears in her eyes and the tracks the old ones have left behind on her cheeks. He knew that Dagmar is strong and he hated seeing her so weak and not in control of a situation. Einar moves to his left, hoping the Orc follows and he can make sure the Orc does not back peddle.  As he moves so does the Orc, “ Fritz follow my movement and stay behind me.” he calls out to him. He doesn’t want Fritz to be behind the orc as then he would have both of them. Einar keeps moving knowing full well that Fritz will follow him.

Einar takes a step towards the orc once again, and he won’t stop until he lets of Dagmar. “ you are a coward as you are still hiding. Now come on, what leverage is having a maiden? hmmm..” Einar can see the orc thinking, and processing what he said through its dimwitted mind. Einar knows if he keeps the monster talking he could have a chance to grab Dags.

“ I am no coward you hairy dwarf, I know what she is to you and I will keep her until. I get out of here, if my hearing was correct. My companion is dead.” Einar held, up his bloody axe with a smile. “ It seems he has met his end, just like you will.” It made Einar feel a little  better that it seemed there are only to be this orc and the one he killed. He takes another step towards Dags and the orc.  The orc looks at him and then looks down at dag, he quickly pushes her away and takes off running. Einar catches Dags as she is pushed.

“ are you alright? did he hurt you?” he lifts her head looking at her neck and takes her hands and looks at them and her arms. “ dags are you alright?” he asks quickly.  he did not see any harm on her so Einar quickly stands and he pulls out the kitchen knife he has in his belt and hands it to her. “ I take it this is yours.” He smirks as he looks at fritz. “ Fritz stay close with  Dagmar and stay close behind me. I have to catch the orc before he finds an exit and I don’t want to lose either of you in the process. so stay close.” Einar quickly stands and starts running towards the way they had just come and the only way they know out.


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A Step Too Far
« Reply #6 on: June 23, 2013, 10:48:00 PM »
From the first moment he had arrived upon the scene, Dagmar's whole focus was on her oldest brother who was here. Fritz had been right. Einar was here and...things were going to be ok.

She kept her gaze on him even as he reassured her with a promise that he would get her out of here. A promise she believed. One she had to, so as to not sink into despair.

Einar immediately began a try at baiting the Orc out, though hopefully he wouldn't see it as that. Amidst her own almost glazed taking in of the events, one other thing was visible to the young maiden. Fritz. Standing just beyond where Einar was and looking oh so lost it went straight through Dags, whatever she may also have been going through and feeling herself.

Instantly, Dagmar resolved not to cry, she...she couldn't. Fritz was having a hard enough time, and she knew from experience how badly any weakness from an older sibling went through one. Hers was a good decision as the Orc seemed to come to the decision that she was too valuable collateral to give up just yet, the knife coming nearer and the foul creature attempting to make further off down the tunnel with her.

She still struggled, knowing she was doomed if she didn't and it turned out to be an ambush just waiting to spring upon them all, yet struggled to keep any and all of her cries in.

Einar was on the move and try at stalling again, and as useless as her own flailing had already proven, Dags had no real choice but to trust he could accomplish his end. She kept her gaze from her youngest brother in this moment of her weakness.

Fritz still saw, though, even the valiant attempt he somehow knew was for his sake. It was the second shaking in his childish faith in the invincibility of his older siblings within the past few minutes, and it chilled the lad.

Also that he couldn't do anything about it!

He still heard Einar's command though, and put all focus of what he wished he could do to the Orc into obeying and staying behind his brother, even as he searched the ground for a rock or anything he could avenge his sister with, when she was no longer in danger of course.

He saw and wondered at how, much as Dagmar kept her gaze on their oldest brother in her faith and trust he would get her out of this, she turned her gaze aside as the Orc stated he had heard his friend had died already and Einar showed the axe.

S-surely it wasn't that she felt bad for a rotten Orc? His death meant nothing, how could she feel any sort of bad at that?

It wasn't that at all, Dags would have attempted to explain, could she. She wished to just leave and never think on or deal with these Orcs again, and took a relief in the fact that one was dead, it was just...she didn't know...just that the very real sight of blood upon Einar's axe brought up images of how dwarves be in battle too much already, all the dangers and...what they'd already been through, she knew, Moria...this...everything.

Death and bloodshed was chilling whatever the facts. Even against foes, because what if...Dags halted her thoughts before even in them she disgraced her proud kin. How un-dwarvish of her, to be squeamish at a filthy Orc death, she chastised herself.

Besides, this final ploy seemed to work, and with a swell so very hard to explain, Dags felt herself released and doubted she could have made it over to Einar quite fast enough even with the momentum. Soon as she hit him, she just clung, afraid that if she let him go he wouldn't be there and she wouldn't be free after all.

In the end, Einar had to physically set her back and force her to look at him, repeating his question. She hurriedly nodded, yes, she was fine now that she was back with them. Her wrist showed different, though, and after her relief, Dags was just beginning to feel the dull pain of the bruise there from how hard she had both been held and attempted to wrench away.

It was just a bruise, and would heal, and wasn't anything permanent, though.

Pushing her bangs that had flown free in her struggle back to the side and out of her eyes, Dagmar found a smile as Einar oh so knowingly handed back her borrowed kitchen knife. She next gathered Fritz to her even as he rushed over to hug his sister, relieved she was alright.

Yet, in all this gaze shifting, and as she glanced once more towards Einar, even as he began stating how they had to find both the Orc (to stall further trouble) and the exit, Dags noticed the make shift bandage of his tunic material, it looked like, around his leg. One that looked like it had already been stained, hinting at an injury beneath.

Oh, what had happened to him?! All on account of her! "E-Einar...", her older brother stood and began jogging towards the exit even as she went to try and ask. Dags swallowed, glancing to Fritz, who just frowned. He probably couldn't tell her either, not right now, if she were to ask.

Still completely preoccupied over this last inquiry, Dags took up her younger brother's hand and jogged after Einar. "I...I'm sorry", she managed out even as they made their way along, though, "I...I didn't do any of it right at all, I should have told you or dad instead of coming here myself".

"Me too" Fritz added, for his part even if it had been an accidental fall.



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A Step Too Far
« Reply #7 on: June 28, 2013, 06:27:00 PM »
Einar can hear Dagmar and Fritz behind him, his anger has turned into rage as he chases after this orc. All he can see red and all he wants to do is throw his axe right into the back of this monsters head. How dare it touch Dagmar and Fritz. How did this monster get so close to Ered Luin in the first place. Einar’s mind is just reeling with thought and decisions, but he keeps up his pace gaining on the Orc. Einar heard his name and glances behind him, he nods to his siblings and continues on his way. He skids to a stop when he realizes he has lost track of the orc. He lets out a growl and holds his axe up to him looking around.

Einar, Dagmar and Frtiz stand in a cross road. He must have missed it on his way through with Fritz when they were running to safe Dagmar. He spins in a slight circle looking at all the tunnels. He knows the one in front of him will lead them out and the one behind him will lead them back to where they came from, but the ones to the left and right he is not sure. He can’t remember anything about his father saying there were tunnels this far b from Ered Luin, he knows that are abounded mines, and there have been for a long time, but he did not know there are orcs in them. He lets out a frustrated sigh.

“Where is Andar when you need him? Oh I know, back home because I thought you two lost track of time. Not that you were in an abounded mining tunnel.” He shake his head, he knows he is being harsh and that is what neither Dagmar nor Fritz needed right now. He knows that sooner or later their father will be coming with a search party, because Einar told him it would only take two hours. Einar doesn’t even know how long he has  been down here, he can’t see the moon or for the sun if its daylight. He places his axe sharp side down as he looks from his siblings to the tunnels.

The warrior part of Einar is telling him to go find the Orc, there could be a huge hoard of them down here and one words gets out all of Ered Luin could be run over, but his oldest sibling part is to get his little sister and brother out of here. He is going to take the later as he looks down the tunnels once again. “ We need to get out of here, Fritz needs to be looked at as do you and I Dagmar. Lets get out of here.” Not really looking back at his siblings Einar picks up his axe and continues to walk straight from where they came in the mining tunnel. As Einar walked the pain from the wound Orcs blade moved up his leg a bit. He limped a bit more, but didn’t say anything. He tries to calm himself down. He needs to thankful he found Dags and Fritz and that nothing has happened to them. That they are both in one piece.

Einar stops walking and he turns around facing his siblings, he walks back over to them and pulls them both into a hug. He touches his fore head to each of them. “ I am sorry I bellowed at you, it was not right. I am thankful that both of you are still alive and that no real harm has come to either of you. I could not live with myself is something did.” He  huggs both of them again and looked back towards they are walking, with a small smile he looks back at them both. “ we should get going, father I am sure has a search party looking for us.”


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A Step Too Far
« Reply #8 on: July 02, 2013, 12:58:00 AM »
Dags had no illusions about her eldest brother's full intent and struggle with his decisions as they charged on. Matter of fact, she was just the slightest bit worried over them.

Not that she didn't still trust Einar implicitly, same as she did with Andar, but...well, her brother had this temper problem, it had been shown before, and nothing made it quite so bas as herself, Fritz, or any of them being in the middle of the reason for it.

Family loyalty was good and all, but a very blind type rage, she knew. All she really wanted was to get home.

Yet, then again, Orcs this close to home were a troublesome thing, and they should be dealt with, but...she glanced to Einar's own injury once more, perhaps not now, when the odds were already so stacked in the Orc's favor.

Let an army come back, her father in it if he had to be, but with many many allies so that victory was assured. Not just Einar alone, with their vigilante little brother no doubt charging in as well.

Speaking of Fritz, Dags felt him tug at her frock. He had been doing quite well all in all, bit a brave little lad, and pushing the twist in his ankle aside for the sake of not hindering and even helping if he could, but now that relief of them being all about to be ok was there, the nagging pain was worse.

"Dags...I...". She knew what he needed and with a smile, swung him up to ride supported on her back once more. It was going to get tiring after a while, but for the moment she didn't mind, and doubted she would even say she did when time did stretch on.

"Don't worry, Fritz, we're almost out", it wasn't a lie, so much as perhaps a premature statement, but one she hoped was true for all their sakes.

The crossroads looked very unsure though, and the stress of everything seemed to be very high, Einar letting out a frustrated statement in proving it.

Neither Dagmar nor Fritz had any good defense to answer their brother's very true criticism on their actions, and just glanced down guiltily, letting the moment and words pass and then silently following even as Einar seemed to decide on a path.

His other words were true, too, Dags couldn't help thinking, and of the three of them, her two brothers got the worse of it and needed to be tended to, even if Einar mentioned her in that list as well.

Their brother recanted his harsh words of before though, coming back to scoop them both into a hug they returned. Well, for the sake of any guilt caused for her sake, then, Dagmar was very grateful nothing had occurred to herself; and just all around grateful her brothers were both...going to be ok, too. Once they got out of here.

As they continued along, Dags noted very promising, familiar seeming signs in the tunnel they were taking that seemed to her to indicate this was they one they had been down before! At least she hoped it was true, mine tunnels tended to look the same in a way.

Dagmar put her focus to this, and aiding their getting out, rather than thought of if she were relieved or a bit hesitant to learn their father had a search party out for them. Relieved of course, but still...oh this was a lot of trouble they were causing.

From where he was still riding, Fritz poked his sister, thinking over this news as well, "Is Mama gonna take away desserts when we get back?".

Dags found a small laugh at this question, "No, more like mine if anyone's" she replied, liking the smile that Fritz got as he imagined this and their mother. Let is spirits lift a bit after all they'd gone through, she reasoned.

She soon jogged forward, "I...I really do think this is probably the way!" she declared hopefully to Einar, before glancing back at Fritz, "Don't those scuff marks look like ours as we were walking?". Her little brother just shrugged,, "I'd'know". Some help he was.

{Was unsure where to end it/when we wanted to bring in any temping on either of our parts of Anlaf and the search party, or if we wanted more trouble or anything. If not enough or not sure what to do in going off of it just let me know <3}



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A Step Too Far
« Reply #9 on: July 14, 2013, 02:35:00 PM »
 "I...I really do think this is probably the way!" she declared hopefully to Einar, before glancing back at Fritz, "Don't those scuff marks look like ours as we were walking?". Her little brother just shrugged,, "I'd'know". Einar is usually good with direction, and he knows that if he keeps going forward they would get them out the tunnels. Einar agrees with Dagmar  that the scuff marks are hers and Fritz. Einar leans on his axe a bit more the pain in his leg is radiating up his leg and to his abdomen. He wonders now if the knife had poison on it. He shakes his head and pulls himself together, because he needs to get his siblings out of here. “ You are right Dagmar those are yours and Fritz markings, Just when I came running threw here I did not notice the other tunnels and that has me concerned.” Einar looks down the two tunnels with a sigh. " If these tunnels are here and King Thorin does not know about them or the fact that Orc are running freely through them. It means that Ered Luin could be in trouble." Einar says looking back at Dag and Fritz. He points to his right as he continues to talk. " This tunnel to the right is the way to under the mountain I know that we have collapsed tunnels that way, but if the orc found away through that.." Einar shakes his head in concern.

As he stands in the middle of this crossroad with his siblings he feels like he can hear voices coming down from the left tunnel. Now Einar knows that the one orc got away, he looks to his left and takes a couple painful steps towards that tunnel. He carefully listens and as he strains his ears he can slightly hear the echo of black speech. Now the tunnels can play with your minds, Einar remembers hearing many stories about a mining dwarf going mad because he heard voices down in the mountain. Einar knows he isn't going mad. He takes another step and he hears the voices... voices. Einar's head screams that there is more then one orc.

Einar turns and places his axe back in its holster on his back and he quickly picks up Fritz under his arm and grabs Dag's arm and pulls her along, as he quickly moves them to the tunnel to the right, as he moves he sees a larger bolder ahead and pulls both of them behind it, he places Fritz down and pulls dag immediately in front of fritz and places himself front of both them. His heart is pounding as he watches the wounded orc along with another orc come from the left tunnel and are standing where only seconds ago Einar, Dags and Fritz stood.

" I told you the dwarf scum came through here.. I'm sure they are long gone by now" The wounded orc says to his fellow companion. Einar can only pick up every other word of that the wounded orc is saying. He watches them both, he has his throwing knives in hand ready for anything. The non wounded orc is next to speak. " If they have already left, then you bringing me here is pointless. Einar watches as the unharmed orc, pulls out his knife and finishes off the wounded orc, He holds his knives tighter in his hand and looks back at Dag and Fritz to make sure they are okay, as he peeks out again he sees the non wounded orc look down their tunnel and sniff the air. Einar quickly pushes Dags and Fritz back and uses his own body to cover both of them. " both of you shoosh. I don't want a peep coming out of either of you... whatever happens I want you two to stay here. alright.." Einar says quickly as looks back watching the non harmed orc making his way down their tunnel. Einar quietly prays to Mahal for his and his siblings safety, as well as tell their father to get here sooner.


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Re: A Step Too Far
« Reply #10 on: January 20, 2017, 04:16:28 AM »
{Anlaf just wouldn't stop! It's not so much he said a lot...he just gave so much here...but yay helping this along and Fadi finally arriving! May combine Fritz and Dags into another but Einar can go whenever he feels like ~}

It was not all that unusual to have trouble tracking down any of the kids at a given moment, but given their age they were supposed to keep a bit close atleast...

Also arguably Liv knew more about their whereabouts than Anlaf himself most days. This wasn't to say he was neglectful or anything but a loving, caring father and husband, but the Council and aiding Thorin and Balin took up a great deal of a day and he was left with perhaps too little of it to give his family's way at the end.

Ah, but it was also for them and what was he to do? Liv would be less than pleased a discussion of becoming a "Simplier Tradesman" -Anlaf smiled fondly and chucked to himself as he walked along to think of his wife's reaction and words!- and truthfully he enjoyed his work also and didn't wish to trade it off.

Still, Anlaf tried to make it up where and how he could, such as surprising his family in their own surprise of that cake making day! Being covered in flour, kissing seven cheeks, Anlaf had had one of the best days of those he could recall! He didn't even note the occasional pain in his hand as he lifted his tiniest son, Fritz, up to giggles from out of the babe.

Anlaf planned his own surprise this day! Taking off early and even stopping by the market place for sweets at least Fritz would no doubt down quickly (his older children too would help the bag lessen while denying their enthusiasm). If any of the boys were up for practice rounds or Dags simply wished to relate her day and show off some talented paintings, whatever his brood wished, Anlaf was determined to give a few more hours too than he at other times could before he and Liv shared a quiet evening where he was updated.

Yet Einar only seemed about as Anlaf arrived home, not too worrying at first, and before night fell. Liv was silently fretting and the day was spent waiting for Dags and Fritz at least to make it home also. The lad was young, but probably in the care of his sister, yet why they tarried a conundrum and as night fell...

Dagmar and Fritz were then the only missing, what could befall a young maiden still a child and small child only a few years from toddling days weighing all their minds. Liv seemed fit to demand he go find them, and Anlaf wouldn't have hesitated to comply, but Einar volunteered and Anlaf gave his oldest some freedom to try, though Liv didn't seem better pleased this plan! The lad was past his fortieth though, and very mature and responsible besides, and could handle himself and his siblings.

The front room was becoming hard to be in, though, as the moments stretched and before Liv told him all of her worries of what had become of their dear, mere children left to fend in the world alone (and one off his permission!), before he himself thought the same scenarios, Anlaf set out to look himself, as Einar had said, if he didn't come back himself.

It truly did put it into perspective that Liv, Andi and the twins were all he left in the house (that was empty by their large brood's standards!) and he reassured all four, left the boys in charge of their mother and put his wife's worries at ease as best he could before setting out, but he knew the tension of that front room even as he made off, of course grabbing both sword and axe along the way, but out of sight of his worried family as much as he could.

He told himself even that he was just letting Liv's worries get to him. The three were fine.

This assurance took a small dent as he was informed, by another along his way, that Einar had gone outside of the mountain.

And yet had not returned with his siblings.... Anlaf adjusted his axe strung along his back and exited, glancing about, the other and another of his coming with to or course help find Anlaf's lost brood. Not as much of a search party as he maybe should grab, but it would do to save time and yet be prepared.

"Einar? Dags? Fritz?", he gave a similar call to his oldest, hands cupped at his mouth, and startling off several critters as he heard from scufflings and tweets after. Nothing big, and no sound of Dwarflings. Anlaf kept on.

Luck or Mahal actually being of some aid saw him come across the very mine, but then it had aided two others besides. Down into this Anlaf and the others followed. Not knowing why. Not even Fritz would come...

This thought was stalled by two sounds that carried just right along a corner as he entered deeper in, axe now gripped in hand. Orcs at times used abandoned mines, and who knew what else besides?

It was what sounded like an Orc chortle and...what could be dismissed as a squeak of some small creature amidst these ruins, excepting that Anlaf knew that as his youngest's whimper!

Before he fully came to realize this, anger instinctually tightened his grip and he followed the next few turns he needed to face an Orc's back, quickly taking stock of the rest of the scene. Another lay dead and...he'd been correct, Einar stood facing the fiend in front of a boulder that could only shelter Dags and Fritz, Anlaf further guessed.

By Durin's Hammer this thing had the nerve to threaten three of his own!

A sort of growl at this fact drew the Orc's attention and it turned. "Hey? Well, least yer all bigger if this is a...", he didn't finish, Anlaf stalked nearer, his axe swinging down in an arch to interrupt the Orc mid speech by hacking him in two if needed! Only after contemplating that maybe, for all his anger, he should spare his children such a grizzly scene if he could help it. But if the two most sensitive, for gender and age, Dags and Fritz, were behind the rock, maybe he had some leeway.

His swing missed at any rate, the Orc just stepping aside. Anlaf raised and held it again, glowering at the thing while one of the others rushed over to see about the children. "Are you and your siblings alright?" the other dwarf asked.

"It's three to one...", Anlaf wasn't going to let Einar enter back into the fray, if he could help it, "...get away from my children before I..."

The Orc grinned with rotten teeth, "Oh? Is it?", he asked to both, and Anlaf pondered too late he may have tipped too much of his hand. But no matter! He would kill this Orc and...

Three other orcs stepped from the shadows off this slight call and some unbidden knowing of their services being needed. They'd spotted the dwarves when they first entered and met to hedge them in either way, but now added their might and steel to this more defined objective. Anlaf was forced to turn his back on his son and that Orc with him and his other companion to face these.

"It would be doubtful you'd have killed me when I was alone maybe...", Anlaf made towards these three, "But threaten my family, I'll cleave you in two thrice over!", he punctuated his threat with another swing of his axe, but the Orc's own killing instinct would do for their stupidity and the one behind charged again, a bent sword raised again and Anlaf having to turn his back on the two again to fend it off.
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Re: A Step Too Far
« Reply #11 on: February 07, 2017, 08:43:33 PM »
{Combined post again ^^}

Einar said they were going right! Said more than that actually, but Dags took what hope she could from her brother's words and tried to not focus too far on his comments over Orcs and King Thorin not knowing and what that could mean for the community as a whole. Not in true avoidance of the perhaps true concerns, a child, and in this moment where what she needed to do was be strong for Fritz, and for not making things hard on Einar, the thoughts didn't help this goal.

Einar leaned further upon his axe and Dags tried to not glance too noticeably at it for both of her brothers' sakes and not worrying Fritz further by making him notice it too, but it had her concerned.

Oh please, let them just...

Voices drew both of their attention. All three in fact. "Dags...", Fritz was trying very hard to be brave for a Dwarfling his age, but Dagmar felt his light grip around her neck, supported on her back, tighten still not too tight but in clear little kid scared emotion.

"I-it's ok...", Dags murmured, but her confidence and ability at reassuringly lying was growing thin. Einar took Fritz then, for which Dags was grateful, as well as his taking her hand. Her older brother could just exude confidence so much better, and Dags believed the Orcs might just prove to be no problem if...of course he was still not a full adult himself.

They stopped before a rock, a dead end of sorts, and yet Einar still capably did what he could with it and their dire situation, placing Fritz behind the semi-shelter of a rock  and then moving her in front of him. Dags tried to not look as scared as she was and gripped Fritz's hand. Ok, now you just...wait, Einar!, concerned, Dags watched Einar move to form a sort of a guard and defense against the Orcs and her and Fritz. But...her brother was injured...he wouldn'! This couldn't be happening, she'd gotten both her brothers into so much danger by not doing as she should have and telling Modi and Fadi when she first noticed Fritz was missing!

Dagmar curbed tears as best she could, next hearing Fritz whimper, in further guilt than her it seemed, "I sorry Dags...I...", he hiccuped and both to still him so they didn't draw further attention (though the Orcs of course knew they were there) and more so comfort, Dags turned just enough in the space to hug him, saying all she would by that alone and as Einar reminded them to be silent.

Soon there came what sounded like more scuffling noise. M-more of them?!, Dags worried.

Hey? Well, least yer all bigger if this is a...", for some reason the Orc didn't finish. Curiosity burned bright, but Dags remained hidden off Einar's directive. A Dwarf rushed into view though! Relief flooded Dagmar. "Are you and your siblings alright?", he asked of Einar.

Then even further and Best News of the day! Dags heard her father's voice!

"It's three to one...get away from my children before I..."

More relief flooded and was instantly tinged with worry though! Especially as the Orc returned back confidently. Dagmar longed to peek and feared to. The cry threatening for release out of her almost coming from Fritz if she hadn't anticipated by his breath in and stalled him. "F-". Dags clamped a gentle but firm hand, a shake of her head telling her brother not to prove the Orcs' assumption right just yet and give themselves away.

Their father went on with confident words as he fought with one of the Orcs, and hand leaving Fritz mouth with her brother still and silent now, Dags still hugged him to her behind their shield of the rock, a glance checking Einar was still near, and tried to believe that their father and the others would win this. That they could soon all go home a little wiser for their stumble.

{Alright so now Einar and Anlaf and the rescue party finish off the Orcs I guess, however far you want to take that in your post Rah and then I'll get Anlaf back in ~}



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Re: A Step Too Far
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{Alright, without Einar let's just get these kids home shall we? I kept the violence mentions pretty low here but there is some.}

Anlaf was used to this feeling, and blind panic producing a blind rage. He was known as a great warrior. Had been ever since his days on the Erebor Guard as well, and especially after his valiant efforts against the Dragon. None of them succeeded in that venture, all forced to flee, but those who didn't flee their posts (which was most), and survived (fewer) were granted a level of respect from there after; Anlaf included. In many ways, it felt like the turning point of when he was viewed as just a young upstart of a guard to someone with actual potential.

This feeling could be because he'd gained both Thorin and his father's notice, enough to guarantee his later spot on the Ered Luin Guard and then Council even, as well as Liv's own more personal notice.

And now here he stood, the fate of half of his and his dear wife's brood resting in his sweaty hands as he gripped an axe! He was not one to complain, even when the odds were severely stacked against him, but by the Maker he felt alone right now! Even with the small search party that had come along. Of course Einar would wish to be counted among that number, and not those being guarded, but...ah his boy was brave (both there were, he caught how terrified Fritz had to be, and at his age, and yet he stifled his whimpers) but he was still just that, a boy, and Anlaf would not have him in this true melee if he could help it!

And that factor was entirely up to him.

He had to defend well enough that all three of his own down here remained safe. If he didn't, no matter how many others were there, Einar would do something rash and foolish and...

These thoughts flickered past in an instant, there was, in fact, little to no time to ponder much. Already the Orcs moved forward to deal with the Dwarves in their midst. Shouting to Einar to stay back and guard his brother and sister, Anlaf brought his axe to bear, sensing more than being able to see the other two of his companions near him, as battles tended to go, and soon lost to the wave of how many he felled. It seemed the Orcs' number was increased, for after felling a dozen, Anlaf felt, the same amount seemed still to come on, but soon, like a stack of Council paperwork, only more severe (and with far more at stake!), the number dwindled.

They would make it; the thought entered Anlaf's head, and he tried to not let the hope of it distract him too much.

Then...two things seemingly happened at once. One of the last remaining number still fought with a ferocity to match his own (though not truly, since that thought would be insulting for any fine Dwarven warrior) and got in a lucky shot to his upper arm with a rusted sword...Anlaf grunted with that as he next found he'd ultimately worried over the wrong son!

"Fritz! No!", his daughter's voice called out.

Though Anlaf could see in an instant, and as he spun (dislodging the sword and killing the Orc with the move), what spurred it, it didn't really help the ultimate situation and emotions. An Orc had found its way to the other side of Dagmar and Fritz's hiding spot, and attempted an entrance in before Einar could react. So, no doubt spurred with loyal defense of his sister, and blind childish faith, his wee Fourteen year old son now tried to fend it off with naught but what looked like a sharpened bit of rock!

That blind panic/rage got worse! Beheading the other two currently squaring off with him quickly, and hardly without thinking on it, Anlaf was then moving closer, as his companions took care of the last bit of the resistance. He couldn't worry over his youngest's sensibilities at the moment and dispatched the Orc from behind. It fell to the side, and by the sounds, his companions were finishing up their battle as well.

He'd done it. They'd done it. And Einar hadn't truly needed to enter the fray.

Unfortunately, the relief of this emotion couldn't fully over-ride the panicked frenzy of before. Fritz, after wide-eyed watching the Orc drop, glanced back to his father and grinned! No doubt just relieved at it being over, and childishly innocent, Anlaf knew, but somehow his innocence of his full danger just made the warrior all the angrier.

As he knelt down, using his axe for support, and partly from the pain in his arm meaning he no longer felt like holding it up (added to aggravating the old fire wound in his hand on the other side), he meant to gather his son up into a hug, he truly did but...ah Einar probably got that similar snapping from him! He didn't jerk the lad too roughly, but he still gripped his upper arms firmly, if still loose, and his frown and tone were severe. "What do you think you were doing?! Don't you ever! Ever! Do that again, you hear me?!".

He regretted his tone the moment those small, dark eyes clouded with moisture and Fritz turned to flee back to his sister's embrace! Anlaf breathed, settling himself, and rubbed distractedly at his arm, before walking up. His companions just came up silently behind. All the Orcs now dealt with. Anlaf gave his oldest son's shoulder a squeeze that both checked up and expressed his relief, before he knelt once more before his daughter and youngest.

Moisture threatened in Dags' eyes too, but probably from relief. At any rate, as she held her brother, she gave her father a weak smile that showed she knew where his words came from. Then it fell, and because he was sure it was in some thought for him, Anlaf didn't think on why. He just went on, lower, softer. "Fritz...", he waited until those dark eyes turned to face him again, and tried for his own weak smile. "I'm sorry lad, you just scared your old father to death". He opened his arms, hoping that would be enough of a mend with the lad, and it was.

Fritz changed family members, and Anlaf held him tight. "Come here", as he beckoned his other two, and even in the midst of others of their community being there, Anlaf wasn't ashamed of how his voice broke as he held all three, gripping his boys tight and kissing his daughter's fair head a dozen times over.

"'re hurt", Dags sounded guilty as she stepped back and glanced again to his sleeve, now showing a telling crimson.

Anlaf smiled lightly, "Ah, we'll get back, get it patched, along with your brother", he'd noticed Einar's own injury (oh Liv was gonna have words for him!). Then, as Dags took Fritz's hand again, and with an arm around both her and Einar's shoulder, just in case and until his brood was truly home and safe, Anlaf led the way up and out of the mine. Their company was able to find a back entrance, now not blocked by Orcs, and so climbing back up was thankfully not required.



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